Still in Vegas

by Just24Fun

Copyright© 2019 by Just24Fun

Fantasy Sex Story: Mary & Joe are still having fun in the Sin City. This time, Mary goes all out in her fantasies...

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Swinging   Interracial   Black Male   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Size   .

Once back at the hotel, Mary and Joe talked about the possibility of heading out to the bar again. They recalled the great time they had the other night there, and also how Mary had teased the hell out of the three big black men. It had really gotten pretty raunchy the last time. Joe remembered how Mary had let the huge men explore her body tattoos, showing them intimate parts of her tiny sexy body. She danced with Marvin, allowing him to feel her tight body up. Also how she had allowed two of them to cum on her panty covered pussy, and even had one of them cum in her ass through her lace panties from behind as she sat on a stool. She just loved the power she had over them with her sexy body and pretty little pussy and ass.

And now she had just teased the hell out of even more big black basketball players at the final game. At least half the team got crotch shots of the little white woman causing huge hard-ons with the black men. How many of them would be at the dance club was unknown to Mary or Joe. But they assumed Marvin would tell the players what a hot foxy lady Mary was and how the other players and himself had the close encounters with her at the club the other night. She was one horny white woman!

It was all innocent play, but very sensual and a huge turn on for all of them. And as long as Mary felt safe and knew she would have Joe’s protection if they tried to go beyond her limits, why not have some Vegas fun? And Mary really got turned on by the way the black men reacted to her. She was a woman in heat, and they all knew it! And being a white woman made it even more naughty and sexy. “Power of the Poon”, as they called it.

When, or where else could the usually very conservative couple have such fun? Certainly not back at home in their own community. And who knew if they would ever be back in Vegas, the City of Sin again? They were both in their ‘senior’ years, and as good as they both looked, there might not be a better time to have fun like this just once. So why not have some fun and let loose, especially at their ages. Ten years from now, it would be a totally different story for them as age set in, things drooped more, and body’s gave out. They were at their peak right now. Still sexy as hell, and with wisdom and drive to excite.

With a very definite ‘yes’ between them, they both agreed to head to the club as invited by Marvin.

With excitement, they got ready for another night of Vegas fun out on the town. By this point, Joe let Mary decide what she wanted to wear herself. She had to be comfortable with what she picked out, and not forced to wear what Joe thought was appropriate. She always surprised Joe with her outfits. She was one sexy woman, and knew what to wear to bring out her best assets. Her transformation from the normal life of small town living to the sexy, mischievous and sassy woman of the night always surprised Joe.

So as Joe got dressed in the large hotel room, Mary went into the bathroom with her suitcase. She would pick out what she wanted to wear, going through her bag of tricks and also exited to see Joe’s face when she stepped out.

It usually took the beautiful lady a lot longer to get ready than Joe. But he never complained. He knew it was always well worth the wait.

And tonight, when she finally came out, he would not be disappointed!

Mary was radiant! The stunning woman was dressed very classy, but her sexuality shown through like a beacon. Joe stared wide-eyed at the gorgeous woman before him. His cock stirred in his pants making a tent showing his excitement, as she stood in the doorway smiling at his obvious approval.

Mary had on the pretty red dress she had just bought before the trip. The front was cut very low showing off her ample breasts and the small tattoo on the inside of her deep cleavage. She obviously did not wear a bra, her nipples sticking out through the soft fabric at attention. The hem was very short, much shorter than any other dress she had worn so far in Vegas. Her shapely toned legs looked terrific! She also had on white, sheer thigh-high stockings that just barely covered the lacy tops just under the short hem. Mary turned around slowly on the 4” stiletto heels, letting Joe take in her little sexy body. When she turned her ass towards Joe, he saw the slit in the short dress that was just below her small tight ass cheeks. The slit just barely reached the bottom of her soft globes, showing a peek of the thigh-high’s lacy tops.

Topped of by some earrings, a necklace, and neck choker, Mary looked absolutely beautiful! She had the body that would make any 20 year old envious. And Joe’s growing cock proved she could turn any mans head, and was the sexiest woman he had ever known. Her face glowed with a smile that lit the room, and Joe knew she was his lady forever!

“I put some more tattoo’s on baby”, she said with a wicked smile.

“All I see is the butterfly between your breasts babe”, Joe exclaimed a little puzzled.

“You’ll just have to wait to see the rest later baby”, she chirped back.

With that he placed a deep kiss on her inviting red lips. Their passion grew every time they became intimate. The vibes between them was obvious to anyone who saw them together. Family, friends and even strangers complimented them on their love and youthfulness. And this exciting ‘let loose’ vacation was just what they needed to express their deep love of each other.

Joe had already poured a shot of Fireball for them to toast to another expected great night together. With a quick ringing of the crystal glasses, they gulped the sweet liquor down in one shot.

As they walked through the hotel, Joe noticed the strained necks looking at the sexy woman by his side. And rightfully so!

And Mary knew she turned heads, in an innocent manner though. The hint of innocence showed through all the sexy clothing and toned body she possessed. It actually added to her classy style and charms.

Her red dress clung to her shapely body like a glove. And as she walked, the glimpse of her white lace thigh-highs peeked just under the short hem and slit in her revealing dress. Joe knew if she bent over, the high cut slit would probably also show her ass below too. Or definitely the soft protruding pussy just hidden under the hem. Joe wondered about what panties she wore, or where the tattoos were placed. All this did was get him more excited, and difficult to walk at the same time. His hard cock still made a slight tent in his trousers, and he held his hands in front to help hid what Mary brought on naturally.

He could see the sly smile on her red lips knowing the effect she was having on the intrigued men and her lover besides her.

She knew exactly what she was doing, and loved every second of it! As noted before, the power of the poon was strong tonight! And she was going to take full advantage of her natural charms to make these silly men drool like babies.

The short car ride to the bar had Joe trying to pull Mary’s skirt higher to see underneath. But she would have nothing of the manner. “You will just have to wait big boy”, she teased him. Which only made the excited tent even more pronounced between his legs. It became a cat and mouse game between them all the way to the bar.

Once at the longe, Joe escorted his sexy woman into the dimly lit dance hall. The music was already playing filling the hall with vibrant rhythm and blues music. The best to dance to by far. Plus it always seemed to bring in a much older crowd more their own ages. Tonight it was a well known DJ from the Vegas area. Of course they had never heard of him, but from the posters welcoming them into the lounge, he was pretty special. As long as good danceable music was played, they could not care if Santa Claus was the DJ.

As they made their way into the crowed room, they noticed Marvin and some other very tall black men at the bar. Marvin waved them over, his eyes glued to the lovely white woman. Joe could see Marvins approval as they approached the group, his eyes taking in Mary’s full sexy body with wide eyes. His ear to ear smile said it all as he looked down her open cleavage. The other black men took notice as the tiny white woman approached them too. Low whistles accentuated their approval as they formed a semi circle around the much shorter white couple. And Mary loved it! These men were smitten with her beauty and sexy toned body. She knew how to play the innocent part as Marvin introduced each man one by one. And just as quickly as each man’s name was told, it was forgotten by the couple. It was just a formality, and only became a gesture to welcome them into the group. Joe looked around as each man was introduced. He remembered them from the basketball game and locker room. He had to admit, each man was indeed much larger this close than he remembered. And much darker skinned too it seemed in the dim lights of the bar. He also remembered, though he could not put a face to it, that they were also mostly naked. And their black tools were very impressive as he recalled. And he knew Mary had seen them also, affirming his notion as she clasped tightly onto his hand in the huge mens presence. Joe noticed her trying to innocently look at their crotches, maybe for a sign she was having an effect on them. He dared not look, but knew she must have noticed something as her hand kept squeezing his as introductions were made with each black man. Joe figured there were at least six of them, plus Marvin there from the basketball team. They ranged from about 6’4” to about 6’9” tall, towering over the shorter white couple. But everyone was in a good mood, and ready to celebrate the final victory. Drinks were quickly handed to Mary and Joe and a toast proposed by Marvin to the tournament champions. Joe was surprised Marvin had remembered what their preferences were in liquor as the right drinks were handed to them by the bartender. Cheers were given all around as the strong drinks started out the nights fun.

Marvin had stools brought over for the couple as they joined the group. There were regular chairs they could have used, but Marvin insisted on the higher stools. ‘So you can see the crowd better’, he mused as the couple sat in the higher stools. They did not have backs on them either, so being able to turn freely around to view the room was easy to do.

The big black men were very friendly to the white couple, especially the sexy short haired woman they drooled over. Joe knew they were safe in the crowded bar, and everyone was having a great time. The music was also very danceable, with a dimly lit large dance floor. He would keep an eye on Mary, being her protector as the night progressed. He knew she had teased the shit out of these men just this afternoon, and figured they were there to hopefully see a lot more of the sexy little white woman. And the way Mary was dressed, she was by far the sexiest and prettiest lady there. Joe was proud to be with such a hot woman!

The music played on as the drinks went down smoother than both Mary and Joe believed. In no time, empty glasses were replaced by fresh ones, and the party continued.

Joe knew they had to hit the dance floor soon, before the drinks caught them off guard. Mary’s limit was already reached with the second drink, and if he did not get her out moving around, she would most likely not be able to later.

Grabbing her hand, Joe led his lovely woman out to the dance floor. It was the perfect slow song, and they melted in each others arms as they swayed to the music. Joe held her tight, feeling her breath on his neck. He returned the favor and sent shivers up her spine as his hot breath caressed her naked skin. Mary began to push harder into Joe, her crotch smashing into his semi-hard cock. He began to rub her ass cheeks in his rough hands, massaging the fleshy globes just under her short skirt. He tried to feel for her panties, but could not feel any panty lines. But she did usually wear very sheer panties that were undetectable under her clothing. ‘No panty lines’, she would say. Looking over her back he noticed the rose placed on her lower shoulder blade. Thats two he thought. He believed she said she had put eight on, but was not sure. He was curious where the other ones were.

As they danced, Joe became more and more excited as Mary rubbed into his crotch. His cock was rock hard by now, and he began to move his hands under her short skirt. He felt the thigh-highs, the lacy tops, and finally the bikini panties firmly placed between her pussy lips. He was glad the dance floor was very crowded as he grouped under her short skirt. Mary’s breathing quickened as he began to rub her pouting pussy lips with his fingertips.

“I want to fuck you, NOW”, Mary gasped in his ear.

“Here, now”?, Joe asked in surprise.

“Look in that corner, its so dark there, no one will see us baby”, she replied.

Mary began to guide them towards the dark corner. Joe looked over the unsuspecting crowd, his eyes catching Marvins, still at the bar. The black men were so tall, he could easily see him watching the white couple moving into the shadows. A big smile came over the huge black mans face, knowing where they were headed.

As they reached the dark corner, Mary frantically began pulling Joe’s zipper down. His cock sprang into the open, fully erect. Mary grabbed onto his hard cock and guided him into her wet pussy with a loud moan. In one thrust, Joe was buried to his balls. Mary clung onto his back for support as she spread her thighs wide apart for him. In less than a dozen thrusts, Mary began to explode. “I’m cumming!”, she gasped in his ear. He could feel her tight pussy pull his cock in a tight grasp as her juices coated his cock and balls. In a flash she had cum. The soonest he could ever remember. It was obvious her teasing of the men had also brought her a lot of pleasure too. He let her slip off his hard cock to her knees where she began to suck lightly on his rigid cock. Within seconds he erupted between her red lips down her throat. He was surprised not in how fast he also came, but on how Mary took all of his cock easily down her throat. She rarely took all of him orally, and it usually took a longer time and a lot of coaxing on Joe’s part. But tonight, she sucked his fully erect cock down her throat to his balls in one mighty stroke.

With a kiss on his shrinking cock-head, Mary stood up with a wicked grin on her face. “You like?”, is all she said.

Joe did not to answer, it was written all over his face he enjoyed it immensely.

Turning back towards the dance floor, they were greeted by the black basket ball players who all gave them silent ‘thumbs-up’!

Mary just licked her lips, as Joe’s face became a little redder. Who could blame him for knocking off a quick piece?

They all watched Mary as she swayed through the dancing crowd back to the bar again. Joe and the tall black men followed, slaps being felt on Joe’s back for a job well done!

When they returned to the bar, Mary had already ordered a round of drinks. After all, they had not paid for any up to this point, and it just seemed fitting to return the favor. Glasses were dispersed to everyone and cheers followed as they lifted them up.

The dance floor had expanded from the over-crowed bar, and people began to bump into their chairs. They all decided to move to the far side of the bar, away from the dance floor where it was less crowded. And of course, a high stool was reserved for Mary. Joe knew what the big men were up to and just went with the flow. He did not think Mary grasped their intentions as she sat on the high stool. Her short red dress rode up on her toned legs exposing her white lacy thigh-high tops. The big black men looked on in admiration and excitement as the small woman innocently showed off her sexy legs and thighs. As they all talked back and forth, Joe began to notice the men talking to Mary in lower voices so she had to lean into them to hear better. As she did this, her breasts became more visible under the low cut top. Her tattoo became very visible to the mens stares too. Joe also noticed as the men leaned in to talk to Mary, they began to bump into her knees, trying to get her to spread her legs apart too. And being a good innocent tease, Mary obliged them by ever so slightly opening her legs up a little each time to their hungry eyes. But Joe knew she had to keep dancing or the booze would shut her down.

“Want to dance baby?”, he asked her.

“Yea, dance for us”, the black men chimed in.

It was not what Joe intended, but Mary seemed to enjoy the invitation. Looking behind her in the low light, she saw a support pole in the middle of the bar. It was mostly in the dark, almost hidden by the low light. Joe had a hard time even seeing the pole at first. But Mary jumped off her stool and began to sway to the music as she reached for the metal pole.

Joe knew she had never ‘pole danced’ before, but she was having so much fun he let her go ahead. It was just dancing anyway, right?

As Mary grasped the pole in her tiny hands, she moved around it acting like a stripper to the black mens encouragements. She gyrated her hips towards the metal pole moving in sexy little circles. Holding onto the pole with one hand, she began to slide her short dress up her toned legs even higher. Over the white thigh-highs until a wisp of white panties came into view. Joe could see another tattoo just between her toned legs, just below her panties on her inner thigh. It was another butterfly, about the same size as the one between her breasts. Higher the red dress went, showing off her white pantied crotch to all the big black mens delight. Her pussy mound was puffy from her excitement, and damp from her love juices where Joe has just fucked her. Joe could also see her fine pussy hair pushing through the panties. She had on crotch-less panties! Thats how he had penetrated her so easily before. And maybe why she had not done the ‘Sharon Stone’ as much as she had before for the men. If she spread her legs wide enough, the men could see right into her pussy! He knew how Mary opened up slightly, especially just after she was fucked. The view was sexy as hell to Joe. And could only imagine what would happen if these big black men saw it too.

Mary was now humping against the metal pole like she was fucking it. Grinding her panty covered pussy against the cold metal as she moved up and down its hard surface. She looked back at the group watching her sexy moves, noticing everyone holding onto their hard cocks. Victoriously she stepped away from the metal pipe, heading back to the bar again. She loved the power she held with just a little look at her toned sexy body. These men were so excited to fuck her, and hard as the metal pole she just left with some of her juices still coating the cold steel. She slammed the rest of her drink, just in time for Marvin to pull her towards the dance floor.

A quick “Mind?” to Joe, and he was off with the little sexy white woman before Joe could answer him. But Mary looked back at Joe with a big smile letting him know she would be OK. He always worried about Mary, hoping she did not get into something she could not talk her way out of. But then, she was a grown woman, with a college degree, and a lot of years of personal growth behind her. She knew people, their reactions, and when to throw the towel in. And they were having so much fun in Vegas, Joe did not want to put restraints on her or try to control what she did. As long as she did not get hurt, Joe would let her have fun.

Her watch the interracial couple move to the far side of the dance floor, just barely within he watchful eye. They made a strange couple together. Marvin was so tall, standing almost a foot and a half over the tiny white woman. And his black skin color looked even darker alongside the small white woman, even with her dark tanned body besides him. The contrast was actually very sexy looking.

Joe watched the dancing couple from across the busy dance floor. It was a semi-slow song, and as they danced, their bodies touched every now and then to the beat of the music. Mary was a pretty good dancer, and Marvin showed off his best moves as most black men did. They all seemed to have great rhythm for dancing. As they swayed togged, Joe noticed the big black man holding Marys waist and letting his hands wander even lower to her hips. Slowly, he seemed to be lifting her skirt even higher as they danced. Soon the white lacy tops of her thigh-high stocking were visible. He was whispering something into her ear, and saw Mary blush a little from his remarks. But soon her own hands reached for the big mans groin area, appearing like she was pulling his zipper down. Joe did not know why, but the actions of his beautiful woman playing with mother man, especially a black man exited him. Probably because he knew Mary was also excited too.

Marvin pulled the tiny white woman closer to his body as Mary fumbled within his pants. Her eyes became glassed over as she reached deeper into his open pants fly. In amazement, Joe saw her pull out the huge black mans dark cock. Its size fit his tall body, and it seemed so large in the small woman hands. He had to be a good 8” long, and very thick, his heavy cock arching downwards towards her belly. Mary began to stroke his black cock, feeling it grow within her tiny hands. As she squeezed the thick veined penis, as he continued to grow longer and thicker. Marvin was now holding Mary close to his large body, his own hands busy between her thighs as he massaged her damp pussy. She was getting wetter by the second, his big black hands and fingers roaming freely over her hard clit. He worked the little button between his huge fingers, making Mary moan into his chest. Her red dress continued up her toned legs, even higher exposing her white lacy panties and crotch.

Joe remembered she had on crotchless panties, and her pussy was basically unprotected from his groping fingers. And Marvin had huge hands too, with very big black fingers Joe remembered when he had shook his hand. From the expression on Mary’s face, he had to have a finger or two probing into her wet pussy. Her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth slightly open as she continued to pull on the hard black shaft in her trembling hands.

Marvin slowly took her hands off his rigid cock, raising them over her head as he pulled her even closer to his huge body. He held her arms up as he began to slowly thrust towards the sexy white woman. Their bodies seemed to sway to the music, but Mary felt the hot black cock as it began to slide between her toned thighs. He was trying to dry hump her, right there on the crowded dance floor. It was so naughty, sexy, and erotic, it sent shivers up her spine as she felt the thick veined cock move higher into her crotch. Was he trying to fuck her right there on the dance floor? She was far too small for him to get the right angle for any type of penetration, but the huge weapon still rubbed between her parting thighs. Mary loved the feeling of his wide black cock as it rubbed against her exposed clit. Her own juices began to flow freely from her excited pussy coating the sliding cock as it urgently moved through her white legs. She was really turned on, feeling her orgasm build deep within her belly. The wide head of Marvins black penis banged into her sensitive little bud, making the tiny woman squirm against the huge black man. Almost there, so close ... her eyes flew open ready to explode onto the thrusting cock against her wet pussy lips.

Just then the music stopped. The dance had ended, and everyone began to clear the dance floor. The two parted, Mary adjusting her dress and Marvin pulling his huge black snake back into his pants, with much difficulty. They walked hand in hand back to the bar where the rest of the small group greeted them with low whistles. The bulge in Marvin’s pants looked like a huge salami hanging down his leg, the big hard cock very noticeable.

“Great rhythm and beat, huh?”, one of the other black men asked with a smirk on his face. Mary just smiled back, another man fell prey to her sexy body and charms. She sat back up on the tall bar stool, her dress somewhat crooked from the heated dance. She looked at Joe with loving eyes. She really liked the male attention, making her wet from just the raw actions and how every man there wanted to probably fuck her. The white woman’s power was strong, making the mightiest male fall to her knees.

“Are you ok baby?”, Joe whispered to her.

“Yes, I love this. I love the attention and how horny I can make these young men, even at my age”, she replied with a sexy smile.

She was having a blast. She knew it excited Joe to see her flirting with the big black men. There was no harm it it. Just a little teasing. As long as Joe kept a close eye on her, what was the harm?

Mary sat on the tall barstool which had no back to it. And she began to spread her toned legs apart, continuing her teasing of the big black men standing around her. Her thigh-high stocking tops came into view again for all the men to see. Her legs were in great shape, tanned from the Vegas sun, and sexy as hell. She watched as the tall black basketball players formed a circle around her, trying to casually get a peek under her short red dress.

“Hey, do you still have your tattoo’s?”, Marvin asked her. Joe knew where he was headed with his question. It was a way to see more of the tiny white woman’s body, and test her innocence.

But Mary was not afraid to show off her tats, just like the previous night to the big black men. She was actually proud of where she had placed them tonight, and she knew Joe had not seen them yet either besides the one on the inside of her breasts. As the men gathered around, somewhat blocking her from the rest of the patrons, Mary began to pull her dress higher to the men’s delight. As her toned thighs came into view, so did the tops of her white lacy stockings. And just above the ringed tops, there was another small butterfly on the inside of her shapely thigh. It was played very high, and only a few inched from the crotch of her panties. Her crotchless panties, Joe observed. Her fine pussy hair, still damp from the fucking he had given her earlier, was visible through the small slit in her white panties. The fine whips of darker brown pussy hair was trimmed fairly short, but long enough to be seen in her open crotch. Mary covered her pussy up, teasing the black men as she spread her legs wider apart showing of the colorful tat. But as she covered her pussy up, her fingers danced through her crotch, playing with her clit ever so softly, bringing a soft moan from her pouting lips. He loved the attention, and she had still not cum, remembering the sexy dance she and Marvin had.

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