Peters Wife

by islandic

Copyright© 2019 by islandic

Erotica Sex Story: Peter's wife thought he was having an affair with his secretary at work. Well he was but that was beside the point. She started to flirt and flash their nephew that was staying with them while he finished his degree.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   Nephew   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

“I’m late.” I yelled. I grabbed my travel mug. I kissed my wife and headed out the door. It was an hour’s drive to work depending on the traffic. I hate being late it’s a good thing I’m the boss. I parked in my spot and took the elevator up to the third floor. My office was at the other end of the floor and I said good morning to staff as I passed. I was just about to enter my rooms when my personnel officer stopped me.

“You’ve got a new secretary this morning. She’s been vetted and just needs to get the basic knowledge of the company’s way of doing things. Her name is Sandra.

‘Dam.’ I thought. I always get saddled with the new ones it was thought that if they started with me they would get a better overall view of the company. sigh Id just get used to one and woosh she’d be gone.

I continued on and reached my outer offices. I smelled her perfume before I saw her. She was bending over to pick up a stack of papers she’d dropped on the ground in front of her desk. ‘Nice legs’ was the first thing I thought. Hey I’m a guy after all. We do that.

She straightened up and blushing introduced her self.

“Hi, I’m Sandra.” She said holding out her hand. We shook hands.

“Hello. “ I said and walked to my desk. She followed me into my office telling me all about my day and pointing to the files that I needed to look at this morning. Again I was assaulted by her scent and the view I was getting at her huge rack in the low cut top she was wearing.

As the months passed we became friends and we got touchy feely. She’d sit at her desk in the outer office knowing that I could see up her skirt and move her knees back and forth giving me flashes of her always white panties. She knew that I was married of course and had spoken to my wife often, but we both enjoyed our flirting. She liked the idea that I had gotten hard for her and I liked to take every opportunity to show her the bulge in my pants. I would ask her to come in and take some notes for me. She’d sit in the chair opposite my desk and hike up her skirt before sitting showing the crutch of her panties. I would walk around while talking and stand beside her with an obvious tent in my pants not six inches from her head. If she asked me a question she’d look at the tent. This went on for weeks and then one day when I had a lot of work to do she offered to get some lunch for us as she was going down to the café anyway. On return she handed me my coffee and I fumbled it into my lap. It was so hot all I could think of was dropping my pants to get away from the scalding heat.

I stood and fumbled with my belt until cooler heads took over and she undid my belt and had my pants off and pooling around my ankles. Unfortunately she had also taken down my briefs and I stood before her with my cock out.

“Stay there until I can get you dried off.” She said and left, coming back with some paper towels. I stood there like a dummy and she started to dry my lower tummy and pubes and then concentrated on my cock and balls. By the time she was finished I had a hard on pointed right at her face as she knelt on the floor in front of me. I started to leak Precum and she dabbed it up. I took a quick look at the closed office door and pulled her head towards my cock. I didn’t force her. I didn’t know if she were willing to go this far. She opened her mouth and took in the first few inches. I groaned and put both hands on the back of her head and pulled her closer. She took this as permission and proceeded to give me maybe the best blow job ever.

We never did anything like that again but still flirted and flashed. She’d sometimes ask what I thought of the skirt she was wearing that day and twirl around whipping up the hem and flashing me with her white panties and trying to get a rise out of me. It always worked.

My wife and I had fallen into the marriage rut where I would work long hours and she would try to entertain herself either at home or shopping. Not that sex was off the table, we had a good sex life but getting the time to do anything was getting less. Her favorite lately was the Gym getting herself trim and taught and if I was to be honest, she looked younger too.

Tonight when I got home she was in a particularly good mood.

“Honey I spoke to my sister about David staying with us and she said that he will be here next Saturday. I’ve made up the spare room and cleaned out the closet. I can’t wait to see him it’s been ages.”

David was going to be attending the Uni in town and would stay with us until he graduated as his parents were living across the country on the East Coast. He was a nice kid and had gotten a scholarship. When I had seen him last he was tall and slow to interact with others and preferred his own company.

The day David was to arrive we drove out to the airport and waited. The flight had been delayed and I went for coffee leaving my wife there to wait. When I got back there was this tall muscle guy chatting up my wife. My Fiona. I stood there with two cups of coffee in my hands and watched as he chattered away and to my surprise she was chatting right back. This couldn’t be David, could it?

I walked up to them and my wife turned and said. “Oh there you are Peter. This is David.” We shook hands and I was amazed at how much change had occurred since I’d last seen him. He had filled out and grown inches taller and with this he had gained confidence. He had always been a good looking kid but his features now lent him a chiseled look.

In no time we had David settled into his room and his gear unpacked. He left to talk to the people at the Uni and my wife and I had a chance to talk.

Hasn’t he grown?” my wife said and filled out. “You know he can bench his own weight.” She went on and on and I’m pretty sure she was trying to get a rise out of me. “It’ll be nice to have a young man around here to help out.” She looked at me out of the corner of the eye and winked.

Months went by and David seemed to settle in to his new environment and we felt more comfortable around him. He could walk to Uni as it was only two blocks away. I on the other hand I had to drive across town to the industrial complex that was my company.

It was Saturday and I woke slowly and made my way to the bathroom. I noticed that Fiona had left her bras and panties hanging on the shower rail again. I told her that it would probably embarrass David to have to move these to have a shower. Finished I went into the hall.

Fiona was just coming back up the hall from turning on the kettle and starting the coffee. She was wearing just a pair of brief panties and her breasts were on full view as she passed David’s room. David had the habit of sleeping with his door open and as she passed she looked in and gave a brief good morning and wave. She loved to tease him and he would spend a whole conversation just talking to her boobs.

This morning as I was leaving the bedroom I happened to see this display and just stood there in the hall with my mouth hanging open. I could not believe that she would flaunt herself like that. She just smiled at me and said “Coffees on.” She walked on and closed the bedroom door.

I went straight in to ask her what she thought she was doing.

She had taken off her panties and stood there naked and smiling. “Did you see his face? Ha. I love the look on his face when He’s totally lost for words.” she said.

“Well I’m totally lost for words. What was that all about and how long has this been going on?”

“Oh don’t be like that It’s totally innocent. And we’ve been doing this for months now just casual flirting now and then, much like you and that secretary of yours.” She eyed me seeing if I would deny that. When I didn’t she went on. “We girls talk and I know all the girls at your work. I know that that last one you had was bad news and I’m glad she left.” She walked up to me and pressed herself up against me running her hands through my hair. I know your only human and just a man and you see pretty girl and can’t help but get excited well we girls like to flirt and that is all I’m doing with David.” She stood up on tiptoes and kissed my lips.

“Now come and fuck me I get so horny when I flirt.” It was another hour before I got my coffee.

David it seemed was not totally innocent when it came to flirting. I came into the kitchen at one point and found David pressing his hips up against my wife’s rear while trying to assist her in getting something down from the top cupboard. As brief as the contact was Fiona was flushed and wouldn’t make eye contact with me. Another time he had just finished his shower and asked if someone could bring him a towel. Fiona knocked on the door and said she’d brought one. The door opened and she stood there in shock. David had to walk up to her to get the towel from her hand that had fallen to her side. He was totally naked and dripping wet. Fiona was looking at what was maybe a ten inch cock. He thanked her and slowly closed the door. Fiona came running into the kitchen and practically dragged me to the bedroom.

I had to laugh at the look on her face. I was happy that I was getting the benefits of their flirting, very happy.

It had been a year now and David was seen more as a brother than a nephew. We shared a beer together and shared the household chores. He went on the occasional date and went to a party or two. He never got too drunk that he couldn’t find his way home but drunk enough that he got real chatty.

He was just back from a night with the boys and was tipsy to say the least. Fiona was asleep and I was just finished up tidying up when he plonk’d himself down on the lounge and belched. “Sorry.” he said. “It was a dam good party.” I sat and we talked about his friends and the girls in his life. He confessed that there wasn’t really any one girl, lots of girls that were fiends but no girlfriends. “You’re so lucky to have such a hottie to sleep with perfect tits ‘Hic’ and cute arse.” He started to drift off and I helped him to his room. He’d been checking Fiona out.

On one of these nights he got home late and we had to pore him into bed. His cloths reeked of stale beer and tobacco smoke. Fiona said “He’s too big to shower so he can sleep like that. We’ll have to get his clothes off they stink.” We rolled him from side to side to take off his shirt and tugged down his pants and briefs. He must have been thinking about his date because he had a raging bona.

“Go get the cloths basket from the laundry please. We can put these stinking cloths in it.” asked Fiona.

I eventually found the basket out the back on the outside table by the pool. When I got back I thought I heard a grown so I slowed my pace and crept up the hall. There was Fiona with a wet cloth from the bathroom and giving David a sponge bath. The grown came from David because Fiona was cleaning his cock with the soapy cloth, again and again. As I watched through the door jamb Fiona paused and looked towards the door then took the cloth away and started to stroke his cock in earnest. I saw it swell and before you could say ‘cheating wife’ she had his cock in her mouth and by the look on his face she was getting a mouth full of his cream.

She didn’t stop till he finally deflated and she pulled the sheet up and over him. I snuck back down the hall and made a noise. Just then she came out of the bedroom and closed the door. “He’ll want some Aspirin in the morning that’s for sure.” And she laughed.

Again the sex between us was great and we finished up doing it doggy style and I filled her up from this end too. She fell asleep with a contented smile on her face following multi orgasms.

I lay there in the dark and came to the conclusion that we were still good and I went to sleep with the knowledge that we were now even in experimenting department.

The next morning David didn’t show himself till after lunch and looked like death. The story went that he was talked into a game of Beer Pong and kept winning till he couldn’t see the cups at the other end of the table. Fiona told him that his cloths were in the laundry and that it was his turn to do it.

He asked shyly how he got in bed naked, and before Fiona could answer I said. “That was me and let me tell you, you can get a little affectionate when your drunk.” and blew him a kiss. Fiona cracked up and had to leave the table. David looked at me and then at Fiona doubled up on the lounge and realized we were having a go at him.

From then on we would be casual around each other. On hot days we would swim in the pool and at night it was clothing optional. It was the same for the hot tub.

It had now been two years since David had first started staying with us and they still flirted with each other. Fiona had gotten so casual around him that they often passed each other in the hall coming and going from the shower, both naked. David and I would stay up late and have a few drinks and watch the game. The three of us became close. Often when I’d leave for work the two of them were still in their rooms sleeping. I’d dress and then kiss Fiona before quietly closing the bedroom door and heading off.

Fiona’s point of view

I knew he was having an affair with his secretary at work I just knew it. I often had lunch with the girls from the office and they were all gossips. I heard that the latest secretary to be assigned to Peter was a bit of a slut to hear the girls talk. I could smell the woman on him when he came home. All the talk was that they were flirting and hadn’t done the deed. Francine who was the biggest gossip said that she was sure that nothing had happened just harmless office stuff.

I thought I’d talk with my sister about the situation and see what she thought. She said that Peter loved me and that I should count on that. She felt that knowing Peter for so many years she was sure that he wasn’t the type to go around fucking office skank’s. I had to laugh at my sisters’ frank talk. We got onto talk about her little boy and how much they appreciated us helping them out with accommodation. I said anything for family. She gave me all the details of his flight and about the Scholarship he had gotten that would pay for everything except food and clothing.

He was due to arrive next Saturday so I tided up the spare room and moved some stuff that was in the closet and did some shopping.

On Saturday we drove to the Airport and waited. Peter went off to get us some coffee and while he was away David showed up. He’d changed, but in a good way. Wow. He had filled out and grown taller. We hugged and I could feel his muscled arms were like ropes.

“How are you David?

“Tired after a long trip.”

“You’re looking good. Do you work out?”

“That’s kind of you to say. I go to the Gym three times a week and I swim in the pool.”

“Well it shows Aunt Fiona you look younger than your younger sister Mom.”

“Oh please just call me Fiona. You’ll make me feel old.”

Just then Peter arrived and after introductions we left for home.

Months went by and David seemed to settle in. We would all laugh and joke and we became more comfortable around each other. We girls love to flirt and so I wore a thin top without a bra one day just to get a reaction and boy did I. That boy was packin. In no time at all he had a tent in his shorts and made an excuse to go to his room.

Another time I sat down on the lounge after a big dinner. Peter wasn’t home as yet but should be here shortly. I was wearing some short shorts that I had trimmed to show more of my butt. I sat Indian style on the lounge and took little glances at David as we watched the TV. He had to adjust himself twice and finally said he was tired and left in a hurry. One point for Fiona.

On a Saturday morning when we were all home, I’d heard David get up and use the bathroom so I waited for my turn and hoped out of bed being sure not to wake Peter I was just in my panties and nothing else. I went down the hall to the kitchen noting that David was awake and standing in his room wearing nothing but boxers and sorting through his backpack. After starting the coffee I walked back and stopped in David’s doorway and waved. He turned and started to say something but was lost for words. I smiled and walked on. Another point for Fiona.

That same weekend I had moved the towels out of the bathroom to do a wash. I liked to wash the fluffy stuff together. I was sitting down on the lounge with Peter when I heard David call for a towel. I went to the linen cupboard and got one and knocked at the bathroom door expecting him to reach out around the door for the towel instead he opened the door wide and stood there in his glory. His muscles bulged and the water made them seem to move on their own. His cock was so long it seemed to hang down to mid thigh. He stepped closer and I froze. He bent down and took the towel from my hand and slowly turned. Oh he must work on his glutes. They were magnificent. And wet. Point for David.

I heard Peter snicker from the lounge. He must have seen the whole thing. I was hot. I needed cock. I ran and grabbed Peters hand and took him up the hall to our room. The sex was great, best ever.

David could walk to Uni it was just two blocks away so he was in no hurry to get up and go. He would stay in bed as long as he could and then wander out for some coffee and cereal. Every morning lately we haven’t bothered to change before going to breakfast. Peter had already gone. It was just us. Today I was in a short crop top and lace panties and David in some briefs. I made the coffee and got him a cup. He walked up behind me and reached around me to get the cup in the process brushed against my boobs and then pressed his cock against my rear. As he moved away I gripped the counter and sighed. Point to David.

On another day when he didn’t have classes we went to the Gym together and worked out. He looked terrific in a muscle shirt and Gym shorts. I smiled knowingly at the other girls as we left for home. At home I showered and I put on my bikini and went to the pool. The water was cool and just what I needed for sore muscles. David came out wearing a white Speedo and jumped into the pool. We did some laps. He challenged me to keep up with him. He won.

I hopped out and lay in the sun. It was really too warm to stay long. I looked over in time to see David climb out of the pool. His white Speedos and gone transparent and his cock was plain to see. I wonder if he is aware. He walked toward me and stood just in front of me. He was wet again and making me wet.

“Do you want any sun cream on you? He asked

“Yes ... That would be nice” I stammered.

His cock was circumcised and the head of it was like a large mushroom. He had it pushed to the side so that it would fit in the swimmers. As I watched it seemed to grow and grow. It was now tenting the Swimmers.

“I’ll go get some then.” And he turned and left. Nice bum I thought.

He returned with the sun cream and I rolled onto my front. He started with my back and quickly went down to my arse where he needed it making sure to cover everything. He spent considerable time on my upper thighs and inner thighs, getting close to my honey pot but not touching. I was breathing heavy and my mouth was dry. Point to David.

“He said do you want me to do your front?”

“No I can manage that. It’s your turn anyway.”

He lay down on the other lounger on his back and smiled up at me. I knelt down beside the lounge and oiled up my hands and smiled down at him. I started with his shoulders. His muscles rippled as I moved to his chest and Abs. I ran my hand along the top of his Speedos slowly and watched his cock grow till it was just starting to poke over the waist line. I was tempted to touch it, to oil it up and jack it off, to watch it fountain up expelling his sperm for me. But I didn’t. I moved down to his legs and thighs and stroked close to his huge ball sack but not touching.

Showing more control than I knew I had I said “Well that’s enough of the sun cream then. I’d better start getting the fixings ready for dinner.” I then hopped up and went to my room but not before taking one last look at the Adonis in my back yard. He had his cock out and was stroking it. I stayed until he let out a groan and sprayed on to his chest. I ran down the hall and closed the door. I was naked in seconds and coming shortly after that. Points all round.

The night he came home drunk was the culmination of all the teasing. We had got him to his room and stripped him of his stinking cloths. He still smelled and had a huge Bonner. I sent Peter off to get the laundry basket and had gotten a washer and hot water to wash what I could reach. I had gotten it all except for his cock. God is this test. I started gently to wash and stroke it and before you know it there was only stroking. It felt powerful to hold it and watch it move and grow under my hands. Precum was leaking over the head and I spread this over his mushroom knob. He was getting close and I saw his balls rise up. I quickly took the head into my mouth and felt the powerful blasts inside as I swallowed and swallowed. Eventually it stopped and started to shrink. I let it fall from my mouth with a sense of loss

I heard a sound and quickly covered him up with the sheet and closed his door.

Peter and I made love that night and it was wonderful.

Months later David and Peter were great mates. We would kid around all the time and tease of course. On Friday last David and I had just returned from a session at the Gym and were all sweaty. I went in and got a cool drink from the fridge and David went straight for the shower. I heard the shower go on and it sounded load. I walked down the hall and found the bathroom door open and David just visible behind the shower screen. I said “did you forget to close the door?”

“No it is too hot to have all this steam making me even hotter.” He pulled the shower curtain back and said, “There’s room for two if you want?” Ha. “Then we’d both get too hot.” I said.

I walked down the hall and stripped of my sweaty Gym gear and looked in the mirror. I had gotten tight in all the right places. I looked good.

I went back down the hall to the bathroom and asked.”That offer still on the table?”

He slid the curtain back and I stepped in. We soaped each other up not being shy in touching any part that struck our fancy and rinsed off. I put both my hands flat on his chest and said, “thank you for the closeness, this feels right.” He kissed me on the head and we stepped out and dried off. He was very hard and it looked painful. “If I do this it can’t go any further. OK”.

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