A Nudist Family

by islandic

Copyright© 2019 by islandic

Erotica Sex Story: The Lifestyle brings us closer together

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   .

Chapter 1: At Home

We are all nudists in this house and the usual thing to do as soon as we get home and inside is to go to our rooms and strip off then rejoin the family. So it was no surprise to wake up and walk out to breakfast in the nude. Now for a bit of background I’m Ted my daughter is Alice and my wife is Amy. Alice is quite smart for her age and was advanced a year in grade school making her the youngest in her graduating class.

Both of my girls are blond and have the similar body shape. They’re very fit due to sports and the long runs they enjoy together each morning. That’s why they are already up when I’m only just going for my morning coffee. I have seen them on their runs and they could both be mistaken for two college girls out for a run. They are about the same weight and height and dress in tight running shorts, sports bras and tank tops. To see them jogging with their pony tails swinging is mesmerising. I have mistaken them for each other before this and this morning was to be no different.

Walking down the hall towards the kitchen I saw my wife leaning across the bench and reaching up to a cupboard to get something. She stretched up on her toes so the muscles in her long legs were defined and looked exquisite. I walked up behind her and kneeling slightly pushed my morning wood between her legs finding a nice warm spot for the head of my cock just at the entrance of her pussy.

She squeaked when I put my arms around her waist and hugged her close. It was then that I realised I had my daughter in my arms and not my wife. I stepped back with a silly grin on my face and hung my head saying. “Sorry I thought you were Mom.”

She turned around to face me and hugged me back squashing my rod between us, the head resting across her stomach. “That’s OK Dad, I love your hugs. Mom is in the family room but thank you for the hug.” Then, with a cheeky grin on her face, she held my cock, pointing it straight up out of harm’s way. “Now go, I have to get some breakfast.” ‘Giggle’. Without letting go of me she said, “Mom. “Dad needs a little something taken care of.” she said giggling and giving my cock a squeeze.

“Can you take care of it darling? I’m a bit tired up here for the moment.” Amy yelled back.

My daughter and I both looked at each other with wide eyes and both of us laughed but Alice hadn’t released my cock from her grip this whole time and now held and stroked it playfully.

I lowered my head and said to her just near her ear, “I don’t know that your Mom means to literally take care of me.” I smiled. “You’d better let go or you’ll get a hand full very soon.” I whispered into her ear and chuckled.

“Well I don’t know, were pretty liberal in this household and I always do exactly what my parents tell me to do.” She then got a twinkle in her eye and quickly swiped her finger across the butter on her toast and returned her hand to my now raging wood.

What with the warm butter, hot hand and her slowly increasing pace I felt the stirrings in my balls. With a sigh of contentment I held her. We were both lost in the moment.

I had thought of this scenario in my fantasies of course many times, but only there. The taboo element of it all was only increasing my hardness. We had come close to but never crossed that line until now. Her warm touch and her fresh morning scent of a just showered girl were all too much she had my cock poking her bare tummy when I shot my load again and again across it. I had both my hands resting on her shoulders and pulled her to me for a tighter hug. “That was wonderful and gratefully appreciated.” I said.

She was spreading my Jizz across her tummy, rubbing the evidence into her skin when she said, “you’re welcome. “Just don’t expect it every morning but if Mom asks to help you out again, well maybe we’ll see. Now go and sit down and I’ll bring your coffee over naughty Daddy.”

So I composed myself and sat as instructed and watched Alice wander around fixing the coffee’s for us. The view did nothing but bring my cock back to a very firm chubby and I absently gave it a stroke and a squeeze.

We were a very close family and being nude around each other every day just brought us closer. We’d often joke about body sizes and pinch and pat those parts but never with the thought of having sex with that family member. Yes I’d wank off to the images of my wife and daughter getting it on, but what guy doesn’t dream of some girl on girl action.

Amy came and sat with us at the table and over toast and coffee we chatted about the various things we were all going to do. After she got back from tennis Amy was going to finish making and hanging the curtains in the family room and that I was to help with the wall fittings. Alice got up to wash her plate she wanted to work on her tan in the backyard and to do some serious laps in the pool. She left giving us both a kiss on the cheek.

Amy and I sat at the table until she said “You don’t have to say anything. I think I know my husband well enough to know that he wakes up with a hard on every morning and that when Alice said that you needed a hand I had to hold back a laugh. I just hope she was able to fix your not so little problem.”

I sat there in silence, slightly red in the face.

“Did you mistake her for me again and run up and give her a hug?” She saw my expression on my face as if she had read my mind and went on to say. “Ahh I thought so we’re going to have to die our hair different colours so you can tell the difference?”

“That may help but you must know that it’s a huge complement to look at you both and think of you as twins.”

“Thank you, it is and I think I’ll keep my colour.”

She held my hand under the table and said. “This was not unexpected and I’m not upset in fact it’s a little exciting to be sharing you. With our lifestyle it was inevitable that we would grow closer together in a physical way and an emotional way as well and I’m glad. If you remember we did speak about this very scenario when we thought of this lifestyle for our family.”

“Yes we did and I love our family all the more for the bond we have because of the lifestyle we are living.” I said and we kissed.

“I can’t stay I have so much to do today.” she said. “I’ll grab some lunch at the club. Buy.” and she went on down the hall to our room to change. She gave her hips a shake as she reached the bedroom door and laughed.

With a sigh I thought ‘I love that woman’. I followed her and we had a quickie up against the shower wall.

A half hour later Amy had left and I walked out to the pool area to find Alice lying on the decking sunning herself. Nude of course and glistening from a fine covering of sun screen. She waved and said. “I see that you took care of your little problem from this morning, then.”

“Little problem? Ha. Ha. It’s just above average I’ll have you know. And yes Mom found an answer to the problem.” I said smiling. “Now pass the sunscreen.”

We stayed out by the pool for most of the day. Sunning ourselves and mucking about in the pool. Alice it seems is always horny and comes out with some funny and racy things at times. Hinting at this or that and getting quite touchy and then cuddly, saying how much she loves me and giving me little kisses on whatever body part of mine would be close.

So I had a chubby most of the morning, growing to a full on 7” cock in the pool when we bumped into each other. She kept me on edge. Laughing and giggling. Till finally, as she turned her back to me and backed into me in the shallow end of the pool. She slotted my cock down between her legs, with the head of it nudging her entrance.

“Poor Daddy is that problems back. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

Playfully she held my knob with both of her hands running her fingers around and pushing it up against her clit and making it painfully hard. I was panting and said. “I’m going to cum.” She lent her head back and whispered. “Do it Daddy.” and slotted the head into the entrance of her pussy. I humped and pushed another inch up her and sprayed all that I had pent up inside me from all the frolicking we had done.

“Ahh.” She sighed as I flooded her insides. We stayed like that, cuddled together, until my cock had shrunk, and slipped out. She turned in my arms and planted a kiss on my lips. “I’ve wondered if this would ever happen. We’ve come close on a few occasions but stopped and I’ve had to go and give myself some relief. This is way better.”

I had to agree. This brought up some things that we’d need to talk about but I wasn’t too worried. I’d heard talk from people in the nudist community that sex between family members was common in some nudist camps and while not openly displayed was seen as the usual thing that happens to close families in an environment that had every member seeing a variety of naked people every day.

Having a house nudity rule made for some interesting family movie nights with my wife and daughter sitting on either side of me to watch a movie and with their hips touching mine I would usually crack a horn bringing giggles from my daughter and a sigh from my wife who would casually place a pillow in my lap but not before wrapping her hand around my shaft. Sometimes Alice would get up with the pretence of getting something from her room to give her mother and me some time to fix my little problem and sometimes she would move off the couch to lie on her stomach in front of the TV. Swigging her legs up and down as only girls can do properly. She’d pretend to watch the show until not hearing any sounds coming from the couch behind her, would come back up and cuddle to both of us.

Later that afternoon after Amy had returned and found the two of us by the pool. “Mom can you put some suntan lotion on my back.”

“No darling I’ll get oil on my hands and I have to be handling the curtain material in a minute.” Grinning from ear to ear she said, “Get Daddy to do it. I don’t think he’ll mind.” She said and fondled my cock as I sat at the outside table in the shade. “Just you two behave I’ll be in the family room. Oh and Dad, bring the ladder in when you finish.”

I swung around on the chair and Alice stood between my knees with her back to me, at this height looking down all I could see was her perfect heart shaped arse. She passed me the oil and pulled her ponytail out of the way. I started to apply the oil to her shoulders and back and she made a humming noise that I took to indicate that she liked what I was doing. She moved back slightly rubbing her arse up against my slowly growing cock.

“I can feel you against my bum Dad and you feel so hot down there. Do you think Mom would want me to help you out again?”

“Hmmm. No I think your Mom is getting far too much enjoyment from teasing me. She guessed what we did this morning you know and even though she wasn’t upset and I would love an encore I think I will pass this time.” She kissed me and skipped over and into the pool. I wiped my hands on her towel and went in to see what Amy needed help with. On the way I got the ladder out of the garage.

When I went into the family room Amy had a huge length of curtain material laid out across the floor and was busy measuring and cutting. She had a talent for decorating and worked freelance with a decorating firm in town that specialised in hotels and function rooms.

“Don’t step on the curtain.” She said as I deftly sidestepped the area.

“Could you take down the old fittings and put up these new ones” she said handing me a bag full of various attachments and screws. It was then that she looked up and saw my semi hard cock. “Get a little excited while putting on the lotion did we?” and laughed.

“I told Alice that you were getting far too much pleasure out of this situation ‘I joked, maybe we could join Alice out by the pool when we finished.”

“Well maybe you can but I’ll have to finish this by 4 so I can prepare dinner. I invited Carol from next door over for some of my Five-spice chicken.”

“Yum Carol will love that. Be sure to make heaps, as it’s one of my favourites too.” I said as I climbed up the ladder to remove the old curtain wall mounts.

The morning went by fast with only the occasionally cock grab from my wife as I was up the top of the ladder this had the effect of maintaining my semi hard cock all afternoon. I was getting very frustrated by dinner time but we did finish and the result was very nice. Amy went off preparing her signature dish and I headed out to the pool for a quick dip before lunch.

Alice was slowly swimming up and down the length of the pool as I dove in and waved me over. “Dad I’ve done some serious laps this morning and I’m in need of a massage, you up for that?”

“Of course babe probably after dinner as Mom has Carol coming over in a short while to join us for some chicken.”

Amy got out and dried off slowly glancing my way and catching me admiring her trim figure and tight bum. Laughing at me getting caught she headed into the house. I felt glad in a way that I was able to make my girl laugh even if it was at my own embarrassment but now I needed to do a few laps and cooled off.

Carol was divorced and in her late 30’s. She has a son Todd who lives with his father as the Uni is closer to him than her. He lived with his Mom all through high school until Uni started and now Carol found she had loads of spare time on her hands. Amy and Todd grew up living next door to each other but used to hang different crowds.

I dried off and went in for dinner and inside I saw Carol sitting at the kitchen table totally nude. “Well hello” I said. I see Amy has talked you into being a nudist again.”

Carol was talking to me but had her eyes looking straight my cock that was growing slowly with all the attention.

“I’ve been over here so often Ted that being naked is second nature to me now. Next I’ll be joining you lot when you go to the nudist resorts.”

“I’ve mentioned it before that you’d be more that welcome to join us but the resorts only let couples in to discourage any inappropriate behaviour.”

“Do you have to be a married couple? Because Todd has hinted that he would be into the lifestyle given the chance and this might be just the chance he was thinking about.”

“Well ask him. Were not planning a trip yet as we haven’t decided on the dates with the resort. But we could go during his and Alice’s school break.”

“Oh that would be lovely. I’ll ask him when I go back home tonight. Thanks.”

“Thanks for what?” Amy asked as she brought out the dinners.

“Carol and Todd want to come with us when we go to the resort next time. When we get his holiday dates I’ll make the booking.”

“Sounds great there’s loads of great shopping at the little town down the road from the resort and the beach at the resort is 5 stars with beach bungalows scattered about.” Amy and Carol got into a detailed conversation about every aspect of the resort and club. Alice and I added to the conversation as and when we could get a word in.

Chapter 2: At The Resort

We all travelled up in my Escalade as we didn’t have a lot to pack we had plenty of room. Tod who we hadn’t seen in a while had grown and was the typical young guy attending Uni keeping Alice entertained the whole trip.

On arrival we signed at the gate and confirmed our bookings at the resort desk. Our rooms were on the top floor and beside each other with an interconnecting door.

The resort was large and had several sections from total nudity to casual dress like the resort dining room. The beach was totally private and dress was as much as you wanted to take off.

We stripped off and waited for carol and Todd to join us. Carol knocked and entered; she was totally naked and was dragging equally naked Todd With her. We all applauded his joining the world of naturism. Amy assured him that he had nothing to be ashamed of, in fact could feel right prod of what he was packing. Todd blushed down to his toes but had the presents of mind to take that as a compliment.

He was built for his age and had a chiselled physique from sports. He also had a long cock that must have been 6” slack and growing more as we watched. He stepped sideways and manoeuvred himself behind his Mom.

We all knew that it would be difficult for him on his first day and made our excuses to meet him down on the beach. Carol seeing the problem agreed. After waiting for some time for them Amy decide to pop up and bring them down, thinking Todd had had second thoughts.

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