A Princess in Abyss

by DidoL

Copyright© 2019 by DidoL

Mystery Sex Story: A young lady was running in some riven mountains at night,then met a crazy sex.

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Royalty   .

It’s dark.

Luckily there’s still some moonlight.

In the riven mountains wrapped by a pea-soup fog, a young lady in fancy dress was running, as if being chased by some nightmare. Suddenly she fell down. Alas! Such a pity! The expensive dress got partly stained by dirt, and somehow torn up a little bit. Never mind. It’s still a fine dress. Gorgeous, in fact. It’s a perfect dress for princess, showing her charming figure flattering.

Her breath was soft as a feather and sweet like a lily. Her cheeks were fresh as roses. Her eyes were pure as diamonds, and shining.

Shining from fresh tears.

She had been crying badly. Even now, tears were still lingering on her face, like dews on flowers’ pedals, waiting for comfort.

She was made do deserve a comfort.

Who should help this pretty but sad princess? Anybody?

She stumbled.

It’s so dark, but out of her eye’s corner, she could still see, or feel something, or someone, who was staring her boldly ... bolder than anybody she had met in her life, she should say ... then suddenly appeared from nowhere, walking to her on all fours.

“What brings you here?” A coarse voice came from this shadow, somehow more like a human being than a monster.

standing there still, she didn’t answer. What’s the meaning of explaining her trouble under this condition?

This condition ... was kind of like truth or dare.

She refused truth, so only one choice is left.

“Take you dress off!” This creature ordered she in a coarse voice, vibrating some unclaimed molecules in the air, pressing its audience to obey.

After a few seconds silence, instead of obeying this sound, she cringed. In one sense, she was way too startled and afraid to do as he said. But the truth maybe she was just too shy to do that. Anyway, she also didn’t reject. Somehow a small voice inside her suggested her to wait and see, so she followed.

And so, he boldly helped himself.

Taking a slow breath, he grabbed her around her waist and held her to do a twirl so big that her chiffon skirt took a swirl with a mass of white and grey under the moonlight. She felt dizzy while being made laying down on a patch of moss, hair messed up. This gesture was far from graceful, especially for a princess, but she was too occupied by wondering what will happen next, to care about the question of gracefulness.

Now she could feel her dress is lifted up, making her literally stunned, and tried to slap him on his face, only getting her hands fixed above her hear. The dress shuffled happily as it came off, showing her killer body. Her lace pink panties now could also be seen at the end of the thin legs.

Obviously enjoyed what he saw, he ran his fingers along her lags, bended her over a rock, and asked her to get on her hands and knees, so he could kisses her buttocks for a couple of minutes, making her horny, before he peeled off the pair of sweet panties, on which a wet spot had already formed. He could not help but biting it a little bit, enjoying the inviting smell.

That’s really some improper movements. But she was so well served, that forgot to protest. Anyway, it’s either him or going back to her ... which no, thank you. She moaned, enjoying immensely, when his erects cock touched her pussy.

Fog had failed. Now she was bending naked in the silver starlight, itching to be penetrated by something. Maybe him. Maybe something from him.

Always had been feeling like an outsider, now finally could be linked with someone, she was reluctant to call it a bad change. Slowly, she closed her eyes, as he stroked from her bare thighs to the buttocks, pushed her pussy toward him, and bended to lick the hot mound between her legs.

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