Wife or Slave?

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Desi second wife is abused and unhappy. Who will save her?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Reluctant   Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Gang Bang   Indian Male   Indian Female   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Water Sports   Indian Erotica   .

Tanaju became a second wife, something not uncommon in her part of India. Her parents were very poor and being able to get her out of the house without a dowry was a blessing to them. Because of all that she got little respect. Her virginity was roughly and painfully taken on her wedding night. Her much older husband did not take her again in any romantic way but just occasionally when he needed some quick release and the first wife was not available. She would be loaned as a bed companion to visitors and that was the best sex that she got. She had a supply of herbs that her mother had given her with instructions on how to prevent her from quickening with child.

The first wife did not like her in the household and gave her the nastiest jobs to do. She even had to sleep in the servant’s quarters unless her husband or a visitor was using her body.

Desperate for some good attention, she made friends with a male servant named Layak who was indentured and also badly treated. The first wife had a teenage son who’d didn’t care for women so he fucked Layak’s ass and forced blow-jobs from the servant.

Late one night, when she had been badly used by several visitors, she was sobbing on her little pallet when Layak heard her and laid down beside her, asking what was wrong. While she told him he consoled her and as they hugged she felt his lingam filling. She reached for it and pulling up her nightdress, guided him inside even though she was still wet with the visitors’ fluids. He didn’t seem to either notice or mind and she felt a deep pleasure from an affectionate use of her body. From then on they frequently got together late at night when no one could see them.

One morning at the toilet hole, she was squatted down ready to pee when Layak entered. She sat back with her yoni above the hole and thighs framing it on the other two sides. “Here, make your water on this,” she requested as she pointed to the black hair above her parts.

Layak asked, “Why would I do that?”

“Other men do it and seem to like it. I want you to enjoy it more than anyone.” She told him it tickled when the hot liquid struck her sensitive tissues and then dribbled down into the hole

She released her urine at the same time as Layak sprayed her. As they walked back to their sleeping pallets, Layak asked her what kind of things do other men do.

Tanaju explained that the men that her husband sent to her pallet, and her husband’s son, would just push and shoot their seed into her whenever they wished. Many times she was not wet and it would hurt. If one had been in her already it was much better because their seed would lubricate it for the next. What hurt the most was when they put it in her back hole and it would be sore for a long time afterwards. They would make her suck the seed out of their lingams and swallow it to but at least that did not hurt or make her with child.

One day the first wife caught her son fucking Layak. Seeing his big cock gave her ideas and she began to use him herself whenever her husband was away. He hated it because she was not nice even when he was pleasuring her. Her breasts were not nearly as nice as Tanaju’s either.

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