Bad Candy

by Buster

Copyright© 2019 by Buster

Mind Control Sex Story: Cassie calls a hotline and attempts to get a refund for the stale candy she bought.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Mind Control   Fiction   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

This story was first written in 2009. It’s a short mind control scene with a charming victim. Don’t read if you’re under 18, etc. Enjoy!

“Get a move on, Winters.”

“Yeah, wait up,” I say. Jeez, just let me get my chocolate bar and I’m good. I don’t know what it is about morning classes. Oh wait, yeah I do, it’s freakin’ 8 AM! How am I supposed to stay awake for an 8 AM Chemistry course? I’m a management major, for Pete’s sake! The only way I get through them is with chocolate. It’s my favorite little sin. Just gotta hit E, then 8 for my sweet little piece of chocolate stimulation.

Wait, E-7, aw nuts. I grab the bag of generic knockoff M&Mfs and go join Molly, whofs holding the door open for me. She totally rocks, like a geek when it comes to remembering stuff, but fun when you get her to a frat party.

Me? I’m Cassie Winters, nothing more than your average everyday all American, ooh crap, the steam whistle blew already. Guess I better get to my desk huh?

Anyway, like I was saying, Chemistry sucks. Actually, it probably wouldn’t suck if it was at 3 pm and taught by a really hot adjunct prof. But it’s 8:05 AM, and I should totally be in bed. If Molly didn’t keep me from going overboard last night, I probably would still be buzzed, ‘cause there was this awesome retro-rave themed party at the Deek house last night. Who said Thursdays are boring nights? Not on this campus. Three words: Glowing Jello Shots. ‘Nuff said.

I smiled at Molly as we pulled out our notes. The Prof was already droning on; something about Avocado’s number or guacamole or something. I always say to myself, this time I’m going to take good notes, but this time seems to be just like every other time. Still, knowing Molly is taking notes that she probably won’t need puts me at ease as I munch on a handful of M& ... yuck.

I take a look down at the bag. “Min&Melters” Well, M&M’s they are not. Generic chocolates are epic fail. I sigh. I guess it would be rude to go back out and get a candy bar while Prof is talking about titration techniques. God, if I thought this was boring in High School, college is making it even worse. Is that possible?

So I’m paying like boatloads of attention when Molly whispers at me harshly.


Okay, maybe I nodded off a little right there. I pull out the GenericM’s and pop a few more into my mouth and crunch on ‘em to wake myself up. Well at least they are chocolate. Still, they taste weird, maybe stale?

I shake a few out for Molly, “Want any, I think they’re stale.”

She was about to take some then says no thanks. Guess, I shouldn’t be a salesgirl right now, huh?

Bored outta my gourd, I start reading the package. Neat, they have a money back return policy. “If you’re not 100% satisfied, take the unused portion and call 1-888...” I should call that number. Right after class, I should call it.

Mulling that plan over I eat one more just to keep awake, and fold the package closed and stick it in my overall’s front pocket. Big dorky overalls, a tight baby-T, and a baseball cap. Hey, it’s utilitarian. I get to hide my hair and be frumpy sometimes, I’m not trying to look like a sex kitten in class, you know.

I guess I kind of zoned out for a bit, cause my note page looked like this:

“9/12: ~--~--~”

Molly was turning her page over. Jeez. I look over at Molly’s paper and she scribbles on the left sheet, “TAKE NOTES!!! ~:-P”

Wow, I guess I shouldn’t be leeching off her all the time. So with some amazing willpower I totally do pay attention and take notes. I guess she just kinda woke me up a little. An hour and a half goes by, and wouldn’t you know it, I have actually taken notes and stayed awake. I even snuck on my glasses. I don’t really need ‘em but they make seeing from the back row a little easier. I feel pretty good walking out of class today.

I get back to the dorm room and start emptying out my pockets. Weird. Usually, I’m ready for a nap after class since I don’t have another section ‘till 1 and there’s no lab for me on Fridays. But I’m feeling a little wired. Maybe buzzed a little? Naw, I didn’t drink that much last night. Weird.

The candies make a little scattering rattle when I toss them to the desk absentmindedly. Oh yeah, I gotta do something. I gotta take the unused portion and, wait huh?

I pick up the package and re-read the back. The guarantee. I need to call that number. Makes total sense, they were stale as pale ale, I should get my 80 cents back.

So I call.

“Welcome to Dowling Dreams Candy Company, where we guarantee satisfaction for every taste. If you are calling about a product you were not satisfied with, please press one.”


“Enter the serial number on the back of the package below the guarantee number now.”

Okay, got it.

“If you are male press 1, if you are female press 2.”

I press 2 absently. Weird, why ask that?

“Enter your age followed by the pound key now.”

Right, I can do that. They probably need that for tracking ... something. Whatever.

“Please hold and a customer care agent will be on the line.”

Okay, guess this is going to take a bit. I plop down on the chair and kick up my feet, tucking the phone in my neck and relaxing. Maybe another bite...

“Hi, this is Gary with Dowling Dreams Candy Company; I understand you got a bad bag of Mind Melters.”

Mind Melters? “Hey, yeah, got some from the vending machine, and they taste funky, I think they’re stale.”

“Can I have your name?”

“Cassandra Winters.”

“Can you take a few out for me and look at them for me?”

“Okay, sure.”

“Are any of them discolored or do they look spotted?”

“Nope. They look normal I guess.”

“Can you try one now, and tell me how it tastes?”

“Okay, it tastes, weird, like kind of stale.”

“Let it melt in your mouth.”

“Ohknay, mmm...”

“Put a few more in your mouth.”

“Mmm. ‘ner in my mouf now.”

“Let them melt and breathe in their scent.”

Hmm ... This is kind of weird. I guess they don’t taste as bad now. And they smell kind of ... nice. I stifle a little giggle. Actually, maybe I’m a little buzzy. Feels like little butterfly’s are flitting around my head. Kinda tingly.

“Let them melt and breathe in their scent.”

Mmmm, smells like chocolate. I love chocolate, it’s my favorite sin.

“How are you feeling right now Ms. Winters?”

“Mmmmgood,” oops, wow, I think I moaned that. I hope he doesn’t think I’m drunk. I can’t drink yet, hehe, even though I do.

“That’s good, youfre being very helpful. Mind Melters are best when you can smell them and breathe them in just like that.”

I nod stupidly. God, I’m being kind of dumb, he can’t see me. Hehe, oops, almost drooled on myself.

“Cassie, are you with me?”


“Good Cassie, I want you to take your finger and rub some of that melted chocolate on your lips and think about how it tastes.”

I can do that, ‘cause it is chocolate. It’s ooey gooey, and my lips are tingly and buzzy. My whole head is feeling kind of light. It’s nice. I’m feeling a little gooey too. But I don’t tell him that. That’s naughty.

“Cassie, make sure you get that all over your lips.”

I nod again. I’m making a little mess out of myself, but it feels kind of nice.

“Cassie, now that you’ve got that over your lips you might find it’s a little messy, and you don’t want to get your clothes messy.” I nod again, why do I keep doing that? “Go find yourself a nice private place where no one can see you and take off all your clothes so they don’t get dirty.”

Well that makes sense. It’s so nice of them to think for me and tell me to do that. Oh, I hadn’t noticed some dripped on my overalls. Oops. Oh well, I guess I need to unhook those. I put the phone down and pull off my baby-T and unhook my bra too. I shimmy the overalls down while sittin’ put in the chair and just let them pool around my ankles. Wait what was I doing? Oh, I swallowed the chocolate. I need some more. Yeah, I need to melt some more chocolate.

I make an uncoordinated reach and get hold of the Min&Melters. Who was I talking to? Oh yeah, the phone guy!

“Hi, phone guy,” I sing-song back to him. Wow, I’m such a little lush. Such a horny little lush. I can’t help it, he sounds so cute.

“Are you naked now?”

“Yuppers,” I’m in such a giggly mood. God, I’d like to fuck - wait where’d that come from?

“Do you have any more candy left?”


“Just to see if it is good, I want you to melt the rest in your mouth and smell it.”

This again? Well what’s the harm, I’m naked now so it won’t mess up my clothes. He’s so patient listening to me while I turn those silly little candies into that delicious goo. He doesn’t even need to tell me to rub it around my lips. My horny little fingers want to go elsewhere, though.

“Good Cassie, I want to ask you a question, are you satisfied?”

Huh? Am I satisfied, I think so, right? It’s kind of hard to think right now with that gooey chocolaty smell filling my brains. “Mmmyeah.”

“Now Cassie, I want you to think, you called this number. You called because you weren’t satisfied. Since you are talking to me you must not be satisfied right?”


“Good girl. When people aren’t satisfied it’s because they want something more, right?”


“You aren’t satisfied. You need more. You need more of that delicious smell.”

I nod even though he didn’t ask me anything. It is true, I do want more.

“You want it all over your body. You feel a craving for that smell filling you up.”

Oh god, he’s right. I didn’t even realize my gooey chocolate fingers were already hovering over my right breast. Now that he’s mentioned it, I can’t help but think about how I’d feel teasing my nipples. And they are so hard already. Thank god, I’m in my room.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try a little - ooooooh. Oh wow. My nipple feels so good. Like a little shock of pure chocolaty pleasure sparking and shooting through me.

“You’re touching yourself now.”

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