Jackie's New Mans Best Friend

by Marti

Copyright© 2019 by Marti

Erotica Sex Story: A weekend of dog sitting turns out to be much more than what Jackie bargained for

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Zoophilia   Sharing   Wife Watching   Rough   Bestiality   BBW   .

Being a bit of a perv and enjoying chatting about my wife and sharing pics of her etc, I often hook up with guys on the internet. A few months ago I met a guy and we got chatting, we exchanged e-mails and discussed some of our exploites and fantasies. When I mentioned my kink of watching her with other guys and couples, (we’de dabbled on the scene for a bit) he surprised me by asking, completely out of the blue, had I ever seen her mounted by a dog! Well actually he used the term K9. I was a bit phased at first but, my dick twitched and my mind raced, and I told him, no, but that it was a big fantasy of mine, (I’d written stories about her that included that scenario). Anyway he said that he had seen it and knew a lot of women who liked that sort of thing. Anyway we had a chat and a mutual wank as he told me some stories and he suggested things that might happen to Jackie, I shared some pics of her and he said she’d be perfect, a good looking, sturdy woman with a nice big arse and accomodating cunt! At 52 she was still very attractive, curvy size 16 with full pendulous 38dd breasts, and an aura that attracted the attention of men. His suggestions and exploits were great, he really got me going and I blew my load over the PC! We chatted on and off for a week or so and then he suggested we skype as he had a proposition for me ... Intrigued I agreed.

He was a nice bloke, quite a small geezer, and a bit plump, not ugly, but not attractive, short hair, thick rimmmed glasses, clean shaven, his name was Jon. He had a slight Norfolk accent. So we chatted on skype for a while mostly about J and then he said he wanted to show me something ... I expected him to get his cock out, but he called out, and to my surprise a large black and brown dog walked slowly into camera. Now, he was a big handsome cur, he looked a bit like an alsation, hence the colouring, long nose and pointy ears, but his body was stockier and his tail less hairy, infact he was quite short coated, bright inteligent eyes and a long slavering tongue. He jumped up resting his paws on Jons lap, fuck he was huge! ‘His name is Bruce’, Jon told me, he was an Alsation cross, his dad was a bay retreiver. ‘And’, he said, being all dramatic... ‘ He has a thing for fucking women!’ ‘Really!’ I exclaimed, ‘is he yours?’ I asked, and Jon confirmed that he was, he’d had him from a pup and had trained him for the very purpose and he’d turned out to be a pro. Jon said that in the past, he had met a few people, wives and husbands who wanted to experience such a thing and so he’d decided to make it happen and 6 years ago he’d got Bruce ... seeing his potential, and about 4 years ago, he’d had his first fuck and hadn’t looked back. Jon said only mature people, ‘our age’ he said, no fuss, people who know what they want, and mostly couples, he’d done a few special shows and stuff but kept things very close to his chest ... for obvious reasons. As he was chatting, jon stroked the big old dog, he seemed soft as butter, he’s a lovely old thing he said, and Bruce nudged him for more fussing, as he did the camera dropped a little and I saw the dogs midrif, there was his sheath and within what looked like a good size cock and a set of huge doggie balls! ‘Blimey’! I exclaimed he is a big lad! Jon laughed, ‘yes’ he said ‘I can guarantee he never disapoints and can fuck for hours and repeats too’. The dog jumped down and wandered out of view as he went, I watched those balls jiggle, they seemed even bigger! And his sheath swung heavily as he disapeared.

When Bruce had gone, Jon took on a lacivious look, ‘so’, he said, ‘you think Jackie would like to try old Brucie then?’ ‘Fuck!’ I said,’ I’d love to watch that, but I don’t think she’d be up for It’. Jon laughed... ‘you’d be surprised’ he said. I said, ‘that if I asked her about it, she’d be libal to go berserk!’ Jon laughed again, ‘yes’ he said ‘she probably would, so whay ask? Maybe its better to let it happen naturally’. I fround... ‘How?’ I asked.

Then Jon explained, he knows a couple, the husband just like me and she was probably just like Jackie, he wanted to see if his missus would go for it, but knew that if he suggested it, she’d do her nut, so Jon lent him Bruce for a week and before they knew what was what, she was getting it three times a day from young Bruce and hubby was wanking himself silly watching! Jon quiped, ‘we could make up some excuse why you needed to dog sit and and then see what happens, leave Bruce to do his thing’. ‘But how?’ I asked, ‘she wouldn’t just let him fuck her, I could guarantee that’. Jon chuckled, ‘that’s true’ he said ‘but there are little tricks here’. Jon explained, look Bruce is fine around other dogs and is well socialised, and he loves people, and he’s very charasmatic, she will love him as soon as she see’s him and he is very obedient too, does as he is told. ‘Bu’t I said, ‘she’d go mad if he tried to hump her, as soon as he walked in the door!’ ‘But he won’t’ said Jon,’ trust me’. Jon explained further, ‘he will behave pefectly normal, unless she is on her period, or her pussy is wet and horny, he will pick up on that and zero in for the sweet stuff. And again he will be fine until he see’s her naked or see’s her naked lower half ... He has never fucked an actual bitch, and only knows women, but clothed they are just people who make a fuss of him, but a naked woman or a naked female arse will trigger a response, it means sex to him and he’l make every effort to get his way!’ Jon, continued, making it sound very plausable, ‘so all you will need to do is orchestrate a suitable opportunity’. ‘The guy, I said about, accidentally’ let Brucie upstairs just as his wife got out the shower, just as he told her he was going out to the bookies! He snuck back in, after ½ an hour and lets just say ... he wasn’t disapointed, and nor was she!’ ‘I don’t know’, I mumbled, but already my wicked mind was working up a plan. ‘I bet your miles away’ I said, ‘I’m in Bath’ Jon replied ... Crickey I though, I could be there and back in an afternoon. But I was still causious, ‘so whats the catch? whats in this for you?’ I asked. Jon grinned, ‘all I ask is that if things work out well and maybe you can get some photo’s or some film, I get to see, and if she wants more ... I get to meet her and if she is up for it, I get to watch too’. My mind was racing, her Saturday morning bath, the dog let in the bedroom as she dried and dressed ... Would it work? But I said nothing. Jon broke the silence, ‘so what do you say? At the very least, you have to dog sit for a couple of day, but think on the positives’.

I hesitated for a second, ‘Ok’ I said,’ lets do it!’ ‘Good man!’ Jon was grinning,’ I have a good feeling about it, so when you want old Brucie then?’ ‘How about I pick him up Thursday and drop him back on the following Monday?’ ‘Christ!’ Retorted Jon, ‘your keen! But ok, make it after 2pm, ring me when you get to Bath and I’ll give you more details, oh and I have a tiny remote ‘spy camera’ you can borrow will link to your PC with Bluetooth, you could if you felt daring try and record it?’ ‘In for a penny in for a pound’ I said, ‘your on!’ I told Jackie that a work colleague had asked if someone could dog sit for them while they had a short weekend break as their usual dog sitter had let them down, I said I’d voluntered and I hope she didn’t mind. I said it was a very good dog, very obedient and wouldn’t be any trouble. She took it very well and said it would be fine, then she said, we could walk it on the beach, be nice to walk a dog on the beach again, I agreed and said I will pick him up on Thursday, give him Friday to settle in before his owners fly out that evening Jackie would be at work, Friday, but I said I’d work from home Friday to keep him company, fine she said. So that was that.

I hatched my plan, over the rest of the week and I finished work at noon on Thursday, Jon and I met up without a hitch and I picked Bruce up with no problems, he seemed very comfortable with me and didn’t seem bothered about leaving Jon. He’s an old hand Jon said, he laughed, he’s used to it, he’s something of a sex tourist. Jon gave me food and instructions on feeding, a lead and his bed, a big soft cushion oh and the tiny ‘stealth camera’. Before I left I had to ask, what about? You know? What if, is there anything I need to do. Jon just smiled, no he said, just let nature take its course, if it does come to that, they will sort it out. My advice he said would be to keep a very low profile, for the 1st time at least, and don’t get your hopes to high ... I thanked him and said see you Monday, fingers crossed, I called, and headed for home.

I made good time and was home before Jackie, Bruce settled in, he was a big strong lad but as gentle and submissive as a lamb, he wandered a round abit then settled on his bed by the radiator. When Jackie came in, he jumped up and greeted her as if he had always known her. His tail wagging he jumped up a little, and Jackie gave him a fuss, she was used to dogs and when she told him ‘down’ he complied as if Jackie was his owner, she fussed him some more and then said she would put the kettle on. There’s still plenty of day-light she called from the kitchen, can we take him to the beach for half an hour? Great I replied, we can get a takeaway, save cooking.

We ate in the livingroom on food on our knees, watched a bit of tv and went to bed, Bruce, went out in the garden for 5 mins and then he settled down. As we went up to bed, Jackie looked at him, ‘awww’ she sighed,’ its nice having a dog about the place again’.

Jackie was up and away early Friday morning, she made a big fuss of Bruce before she went and said she’d be home as quick as she could, so they could go down to the beach again. As she got a bit of breakfast and made coffee to go, she chatted to him and he followed her about, his tail wagging. I was so excited, my plan was working, there seemed to be a connection forming! But I had to stay focus, tomorrow was the big day. Once Jackie had left, I kept my pretence of working from home, but I got to work figuring out the camera and where I would secrete it, I already new a perfect spot, tucked in amongst the leaves of a trailing plant in our bedroom, and when I linked it to my pc I was amazed at how good the picture was. There streamed in front of me was our bed and the big wide space infront, I walked in with the laptop and there I was on the screen! As clear as day, I changed the angle a bit so the door to the en-suite was just visible and moved a chair a little to give a better view of the bed and floor space. I checked the sound and then made sure that the tiny camera was suitably hidden from view ... Perfect the stage was set.

That afternoon, when Jackie got home from work, we went to the beach, she threw a ball for Bruce and he happily retrieved it, she gave him cuddles and stroked his big head, telling him he was such a good boy and such a lovely man! I actually wondered if Bruce really was all Jon had said he was. That evening, as we curled up on the sofa, Bruce sat at her feet, Jackie said she was worn out, such a nice walk on the beach, again she chatted about how nice it was having a dog again. Gets us out of the house she said, and its nice to get a bit of excersise. And, she said, it would be a bit of company when you are away for work. I of course, agreed. And then I sprang the first phase of my plan.

I said that I had to pop out for an hour or two tomorrow morning, to wrap up some business at work, I said ‘Bruce will keep you company, and besides, I said you’l lounge in the bath best part of the morning’. She giggled, ‘its my only luxury, it will be lovely after all that walking!’ ‘What time will you be leaving?’ ‘about ten’ I said,’ that’s ok’, she replied,’ but don’t be gone too long’.

Saturday I got up early, fed Bruce as Jon had instructed and gave him a walk round the block and let him run and do his business in some woods behind our house. I got back and jackie was still in bed, I gave Bruce a rub down and cleaned his feet and paws. Then made some tea, when I went up Jackie was running her bath in the en-suite, the smell of bubblebath filling the room. I left her tea and went back down stairs.

I gave her ten minutes to get comfortable in her bath then went up to say I was off ... But, I purposely left the kitchen door open and quetly called Bruce to follow me up the stairs. As I entered the bathroom, calling out im off now love!, Bruce bussled in behind me. ‘hey’ I cried’ your not supposed to be up here’! Jackie laughed,’ its ok’ she said,’we can allow it as he is a guest’. Bruce stuck his head over the bath rim and lapped at the bath water ... and then licked Jackie’s foot and calf, which were resting on the tap. ‘Hello’, I quiped, ‘you can get him to do your back!’ Jackie dropped her leg back into the water and I gently shewed Bruce out of the door, Bruce leapt straight on the duvey. ‘Hey get off the bed’ I shouted, but Jackie shouted, ‘leave him there for now, I’ll have to change the sheets later anyway’. Perfect I thought! Bruce laydown on the bed and I closed the en-suit door. I ruffled Bruces head, good boy I whispered. I quickly turned on the camera, Jon said it would record for about 2 and a half hours on a charge. I then went down stairs and set my PC to record. I called up the stairs, that I was off and would see her later. And then I headed out leaving her and her new friend alone in the house ... The rest would be up to Bruce.

I decided to drive to the office, it was a good hour round trip and that would keep me away for a while, it was hard, I was so excited, I wanted to turn round and go see what might befall. I tried to find things to do, but my mind wasn’t on work. I rang Jon and told him that Jackie had taken to Bruce and I explained my scheme, that I hoped he was still on the bed and that when she left the bathroom the fireworks would start. I told him that I hoped his little camera would record the show. Jon said it was as good a plan as any and he hoped it would work he said he was looking forward to seeing the result ... God! ‘Fuck! What have I done I’ said. Jon laughed,’ its ok’ he said, ‘if she wants it, it will happen, if she don’t it won’t, either way she will be ok, she might even thank you. See you Monday’ he said and rang off.

I adhered to the speed limit all the way home, and as I pulled into our drive it was an hour and forty five minutes since I’d left. I let myself in ... almost shaking with anticipation. The house was quiet, not a sound, I called out my hello’s but no response. When I enterd the lounge Bruce got up and greeted me, his tail wagging, he had been lying on his bed, My heart sank, oh well I thought, it was worth a try. I went up stairs, quietly, the bedroom door was open, I put my head around the door. Jackie was sound asleep curled up in the duvet, her hair, a mess, stuck to her face and a tangled mass, there was a towel on the floor and her dressing gown lay dishevelled in her chair. The room, smelt sour and a lttle fishy, like sweaty pussy, my cock twitched at the aroma. At the bottom of the bed, where Jackie had pulled the duvet up, were two very large wet patches and some silvery stains were splashed over the undersheet. Fuck! I thought, can it be? Did she? Did Bruce? I tiptoed to the camera, it was off, I retreived it and quietly left the bedroom, my heart pounding, my cock tingling! Had the camera worked, had it run out of charge before ... Before...

I went out to my car and stashed the camera ... then eagerly dashed back and opened my laptop. As it came ready, the small icon for the camera program flashed, I opened it, a message flashed’recording end, memory full’.

I clicked the file icon and a box opened, ‘open with media player or vsl player?’ I clicked media player, it opened...

And this is what I saw.

Bruce was on the bed, and there I was, leaving the bedroom. The room when still, I turned the sound up, I could hear quiet gentle splashing, Jackie was still in the bath. I watched for a further 5 minutes, nothing just bruce on the bed. Then the bathroom door opened, and Jackie came out, she was wearing her red satin dressing gown. Bruces ears pricked, she quickly walked to her bed side cabinet, took something out, it was her lelo, her fabulous little vibe, it was waterproof. Then she hurried back to the en-suite and closed the door. Bruce jumped off the bed and sniffed at the closed door, then he clambered back onto the bed and lay down. It all went quiet again and nothing happened ... I turned the sound up as high as it would go, I thought I could hear Jackie sighing and groaning ... But to be honest it was probably my imagination. I ran the film on five minutes and then another five minutes, I restarted just as Jackie left the bath room. Again clad in her red dressing gown and with a towel on her hair, she returned her vibe to the drawer. She then went to her dresser and checked her face in the mirror, she looked gorgeous as ever. Bruce sat up, his ears pricked, he watched her intently. She towel dried her hair and dropped the towel at her feet, she combed her hair and applied creams to her face arms and chest, giving me a nice flash of boob, which was very titalating to watch. She picked up her pot of cream and went to the chair by the window, she sat down, this meant her back was slightly to the camera, but I could see her face in profile and the right sideof her body and her right leg. Bruce climbed of the bed, and walked over and sat in front of Jackie watching her intently. His tail wagging, I could hear the thump, thump as it hit the rug.

Jackie looked at him, ‘hello boy’ she said, she chuckled,’ look at you, quiet the voyeur’. Then she started to put cream on her legs, her gown parted and I could see her naked legs, and ... Yes a tantalising glimps of breast and nipple. Bruce stood up, she sat forward, her right leg up, her calf balanced on her left knee and she appliedthe cream. Bruce whined and whimpered, his tail wagging faster, he leaned forward and his nose began to twitch, Jackie looked at him, with her dry hand she stroked his head... ‘good boy’ she said. Then as she put her leg back down, bruce lunged between her thighs, and attempted to sniff and lick at her sex. ‘Hey!’ Shouted Jackie, she pushed him away, ‘cut that out you cheeky boy’, she chuckled, ‘there’s nothing there for you’! Bruce, shook himself, licked his chops and sat down again, Jackie then applied cream to her left leg, but now she was looking at Bruce rather quizically. Once she’d finished applying her cream, she put her leg down again ... Bruce stood up again his tail wagging, his nose twitching. ‘Oi’, Jackie said, ‘don’t you dare’. Then without getting off the chair she leaned to her side stretching out and grabbed the towel, she had thrown down earlier, as she did her legs splayed to stop the chair from topperling and as she did, Bruce made his move, he dived between her thighs and got his nose and I assume tongue on her minge. Jackie yelped, but off balance she took a moment to regain her position, and so naughty Bruce had some time to do what ever it was he did! As she regained control Jackie shouted,’ Bruce no!’ and she pushed him away ... Fuck it I though, that will put paid to that. But as she pushed Bruce away, he simply sat down and yapped at her, just once, he looked at her and whined his tail still wagging... ‘Bruce!’ she said, ‘you are a bad boy’, but there was no anger in her voice. And then, without any further word or command she simply slipped down a little in the chair and opened her thighs wide.

Bruce looked at her, and stood up, his tail wagging slower now, he stepped forward and gently pressed his snout between her thighs, I could’t see what was happening but Jackie just gasped. Then Bruces head began to move up and down slightly and from side to side. Jackie took a sharp intake of breath and put her hands over her mouth, ‘Oh my’, she whispered. She moved her hands from her face, placed one on her tummy and the other on Bruce’s head... ‘Christ, Brucie’ she croaked, ‘where did you learn to do that, Oooooooh, yessss, Oh, God!’ But then she pushed him away,’ no no’, she snapped and I thought that was that, but she stood up, Bruce jumped back,’ I need to be more comfortable’ she said, she let the robe slip from her shoulders, into the chair, and completely naked she stepped over to our big kingsize bed. She sat on the end, just off centre, she pushed the duvet, a way behind her, ‘come here boy’ she called softly, and laid back and opened her thighs luridly and imediately Bruce returned to her hot wet pungent pussy - and all this perfectly in-line with the camera! As Bruce began to lick her again, Jackie gripped her own large breasts and pinched her hard, dark nipples, groaning in her lust.

‘Oh my god boy’ she crooned, Bruce, licked her fat juicy cunt his Long pink tongue, lashed over her, parting her labia and slashing across her clit, which swelled and stood out from her sex, but Bruce wanted more, he jumped his front paws on the bed and began to burrow his long snout deep between her lips, forcing his nose inside her, ‘Oh Fuck!’, Jackie cried, ‘your tongue Brucie, inside oh god yes!’ She lifted her knees and pulled them towards her shoulders, allowing Bruce more penetration, a dark wet stain began to grow on the bedsheet below her arse. But Bruce pulled back and licked her little puckered brown arse hole and her wet pussy lips, right up to her clit ... making jackie moan long and loud. Then he pushed his nose back inside, between jackies wet and swollen lips forcing his long expert tongue deep inside her again. And that’s when she came for the first time! I watched as her nipples hardened and her chest flushed. And then her orgasm hit... ‘Ooooooooooooh, Fuck yesssssss’ she wailed and her body shook with the intensity of her pleasure. Then without a thought for Bruce, she rolled over onto her tummy, Bruce pulled back from her resting his front paws back on the floorr, but as soon as Jackie settled, she again opened her legs to expose her sex to him, without further invitation he lept onto the bed and eagerly began to lick, arching his strong powerful neck so as to access her sweet wet pussy, he lapped up her juices which by now were flowing copiously. Now Jackie began to moan and grunt again, as his tongue did things inside her which I could only imagine. He pressed his snout against her bum hole and his tongue tip pressed against her, ‘Ooooooh’ she keened, then he licked her with his thick rasping tongue making her shiver and moan. He pushed his nose deep into her wet sloppy cunt from behind and she wailed as he licked, then she gasped, ‘Nhuh Owww, Brucie!’ she cried, ‘no teeth! Oooh Oooow, Ooooh’. She wriggled her bum secuctively, causing Bruce to stop, he must have been nipping her gently, just enough to excite, because shequickly cried, ‘No No don’t stop!’ And she luridly lifted her hips pushing her sex up to meet his tongue and mouth. It wasn’t long before Brucie had again brought her deftly to another powerful climax. But he just kept on licking, he must have loved the taste of pussy juice, and he was getting plenty, his jowels were drooling with juice and saliva, it was the dirtiest, sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

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