Skin Deep

by Mark Cane

Copyright© 2019 by Mark Cane

Erotica Sex Story: 15 year old Scott wakes up in hospital after an accident. He is surprised to discover that his nurse is a famous actress from Twilight. Further surprises are in store for Scott which make his stay in hospital very memorable indeed. He learns a lot about life and love. Just a little sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Workplace   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Doctor/Nurse   Teacher/Student   .

Just ten minutes to go before school was due to start and Scott Riley pedalled furiously, trying against the odds to make it on time. Already this week he had chalked up one demerit for being late. One more demerit and it would mean a detention. His mum had called him in plenty of time but Scott at 15 years old had raging hormones and had woken up with a stiffy that just had to be dealt with. Scott could make up some time on the downhill stretch just past Tesco. Scott must have been doing over 30 when someone began to push a kid’s buggy across the road. The bike heeled over as Scott frantically applied his brakes and swerved to one side. The lorry approaching on the other side of the road clipped the bike and Scott took off, flying spectacularly over the handlebars.

Everything was black. Scott sensed he was laying on his back. He experimentally wiggled his toes and fingers. He knew something had happened but didn’t know what. Scott recalled being on his way to school but then, nothing. “He’s coming round.” The voice was female and was close by but Scott could see nothing. Someone took hold of his hand. “Hi Scott, you’re OK. Nothing to worry about.” The voice was bright and cheerfully reassuring. “Are you in any pain?”

“Huh! No not really. I’m kinda numb. I can’t feel much. I can’t see. Everything is dark.”

“That’s alright Scott. You’ve got a bandage over your eyes. It’s just a precaution. You’ve had an accident but it’s nothing serious. We are doing some tests and before you know it you’ll be going home. Someone is contacting your parents and I am sure your mom will be here soon.”

Scott slowly computed the information. “So, I’ve had an accident. I had a prang on my bike and now I’m in hospital. Right?” The hand that was holding his gave him a little squeeze. “That’s it Scott. My name is Katie and I’m your nurse. I’m going to be looking after you. The doctor will be coming to see you soon, then if she says it’s OK then we’ll see about a nice cup of tea.”

“Thank you,” responded the still dazed Scott. Katie had a nice kind voice and she smelled nice. She was wearing a soothing perfume. What was it? Something familiar that reminded him of something in the garden at home. Oh yes, that’s it, Lavender. It was a gentle, comforting smell. He tried to squeeze Katie’s hand back. Katie felt his feeble effort. “That’s good Scott. You’re being very brave.” Scott didn’t feel very brave but he was happy that Katie thought so.

“Dr Grayson is coming over now. I’ll stay with you while she sees you.”

“Hello Scott, I’m Susan Grayson. I’m going to check your notes. Mmm let’s see, your temperature has been up a bit but it’s coming down again. Your blood pressure and heartbeat it pretty well back to normal. You have had a nasty bang on your head, but the X-Rays don’t indicate any fractures. The neurologist will have a look at you then we will need to keep an eye on you for a day or two.”

Just after Dr Grayson had finished her assessment, Mrs Riley arrived. “Oh, my goodness what have you done Scott?”

“I’m not sure Mum. I think I came off my bike”

Mrs Riley turned to Dr Grayson. “He will be alright won’t he doctor? Why is his head bandaged like that?”

“He’s had a nasty knock Mrs Riley, but don’t worry there are no signs of any serious damage. The specialists want to carry out some more tests then we should be able to remove it. Let’s go over to the office Mrs Riley.” Susan Grayson took Mrs Riley’s arm an led her to the office at the end of the ward. Once they were in the office Dr Grayson confided with Scott’s anxious mother. “Scott is doing really well and everything seems to be alright. There are no broken bones or any internal injuries. But the scans show some unusual activity in the region of the optic nerve. We are not sure why but we have asked for advice from The John Radcliffe Hospital. They have a specialist eye facility and they are assessing our scans now. It is so easy these days on the computer.”

“Oh my gosh. He’s not going blind, is he?” Mrs Riley’s face was sick with worry.

“Oh no Mrs Riley, I’m sure that’s not the case. If you come back tomorrow at visiting time, I’m sure we will have the complete picture for you.”

Mrs Riley went back to her son’s bedside. “I’m leaving you a bunch of grapes and a bottle of Lucozade.” She gave her son a kiss on his forehead just above the bandage.

“Thanks Mom. Can you bring me some Snickers when you visit tomorrow?”

Scott was a small lad for his age with delicate, almost feminine features. He was less well developed than his peers and to his shame and embarrassment he was the last boy in his class to grow pubic hair. In the gym changing room and showers he tried to conceal his inadequate private parts but he still came in for some ribbing from the other boys. They spoke of their sexual prowess in graphic terms. Josh Stoddard was especially vocal about his conquests. “I fingered Alice Ashby last night. We were snogging outside her house. She had her tongue in my mouth so I thought let’s go for gold. I got my hand up her skirt and into her knickers. I’m not kidding, her quim was soaking wet. She was fucking gagging for it.”

“Didn’t you shag her?”

“Not last night, her dad shouted for her to go in, otherwise I would have slipped her a length. I’m seeing her again tomorrow. I must remember to get a packet of Johnnies.”

Scott found it hard to believe that Alice Ashby, the head girl and the most beautiful creature in the school would fall for an oaf like Josh Stoddard. He had voiced his disbelief to his friend, Jason Perry who said. “She probably just likes a bit of rough. Some posh girls like that.” Despite his doubts the mental image of Alice being fingered was good to Jack off to for several days.

Nurse Katie Sinclair drew the screens around Scott’s bed the she stood at one side of the bed as Dr Susan Grayson stood at the other. “Right Scott, we’re going to remove the bandage now. Things may look a bit blurred at first but your normal vision should return in a short while.”

The bandage was removed and Scott slowly opened his eyes. Everything looked white. Then his brain decoded the information it was receiving and told Scott that he was focusing on the ceiling. He lowered his gaze and saw, albeit a bit blurred, the pretty face of his nurse. “Bella! Bella Swan! What are you doing here?” I must be dreaming thought Scott. Why would Bella from Twilight be here by his bed? Dr Swan looked quizzically at Katie, who blushed at the comment.

“It’s OK Dr Grayson. A lot of people comment on how I look a lot like Kristen Stewart who plays Bella in Twilight. It’s an American TV show she added helpfully.”

“It’s me Scott, your nurse. I’m afraid Kristen Stewart is a lot prettier than me, but I will take it as a compliment. This lady is Dr Grayson.”

“Susan,” corrected Dr Grayson.

Scott turned his head and focused on Susan Grayson and turned back to Katie. “Why are you both naked.” Susan and Katie looked at each other. Surprise and confusion on their faces.

“Er, we’ll be back in a moment, Scott. You just rest for a moment. You’ve had a lot to take in.”

Dr Grayson and Nurse Sinclair walked slowly back to the office as Scott admired their bare behinds, swaying deliciously as they made their way to the end of the ward. “I wasn’t expecting that,” exclaimed Dr Grayson. “The poor lad is evidently hallucinating. Perhaps he has injured himself more than we thought.”

Scott lay on his bed trying to make sense of the situation. He had had an accident and was now in hospital. They had taken the bandage off his eyes and thankfully he could see. That much was clear. But why were Dr Grayson and Katie walking around in the nude? It’s a wonder his mum didn’t comment. Weird.

“You okay kid?”

Scott looked round. The gruff voice had come from a man in the next bed. He was about 25 and both his arms and one leg were in plaster casts. Otherwise he was stark naked.

“Oh! I’m alright I suppose.” He thought it unwise and impolite to ask the man why he was laying there, stark bollock naked. “I fell off my bike. I was unconscious but I’m alright now, I think.”

“Me too kid. I came off my motorbike. Broke both arms and a leg. Helpless as a baby. Can’t even take a leak without help. I have to ask nurse Katie to hold my old todger for me.”

Scott tried to visualise the scene that his new friend had described. “Oh, dear that’s unfortunate.”

“Unfortunate!” snorted the man in the next bed. ‘Unfortunate? Are you kidding? She can hold my John Thomas whenever she likes. I’m Andy by the way. What’s your name?” Scott introduced himself. “I’d shake your hand Scott, but I’m a bit handicapped right now. Hey, here they come again. The best looking two women in the hospital.” Sure enough, Dr Grayson and Nurse Sinclair emerged from the office and headed towards Scott and Andy at the end of the ward.

Scott recalled a conversation at school when he and some others were discussing a recent episode of Twilight, called Vampires Suck. Josh had remarked that he would risk getting a vampire bite for a suck-off from a sexy vampire. Someone added that they fancied Bella and Josh bragged that he had seen her tits in another film. “She was wearing a posh bra made out of bits of tape and stuff. It looked like a pony bridle. Her tits stuck out through the straps. My dad said it probably cost a fortune. Two quids worth of material and two hundred quid in entertainment tax.” Josh had guffawed with laughter at his own joke.

Well, Scott thought, I’m one up on Josh now. He admired Bella’s bare breasts as she walked towards him. Her companion, Susan had bare breasts too, a little fuller than Bella’s. Both had stethoscopes around their necks and a nurse’s fob watch dangled impossibly over Bella’s bare left breast, hiding the nipple from view. He glanced down, noting that Bella was totally hairless. He wondered whether she had a little pink lady shaver like his older sister, Lily or whether she waxed. Dr Grayson had neatly trimmed her pubes into a narrow “landing strip.”

“Scott,” Dr Grayson announced. “We are going to run a little test to make sure your thought processes are functioning. It’s word association. I’ll say a word and you say the first word that comes into your head. Okay? Right here we go. Bat.”

“Ball.” The test went on for several minutes. Finally, Dr Grayson seemed satisfied. The two young women stood up and sashayed back to the office, bare asses swaying deliciously.

“Well he appears to be thinking rationally. I think him imagining we’re naked is probably down to teenage fantasies brought about though a surge of adolescent hormones.”

“I’m sure you’re right Dr Grayson. No doubt the poor lad would love to see us nude. Any way if you’re happy with Scott, I think I will go and give Andy his bed bath.”

Katie Pulled the screens around Andy’s bed and fetched a basin of water and soap and towel. Katie disappeared behind the screen, except she didn’t disappear. Logically she should have been out of sight, yet Scott could still see her as plain as day. It was then that Scott had his Eureka moment. He had acquired X-Ray vision. He could see through all sorts of material including, it would seem, the material from which the bed screens were made.

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