A Revised World Order

by tjasslover

Copyright© 2019 by tjasslover

Fantasy Sex Story: An unexpected decision by all the countries of the world leads to a dramatic change and position for all the women of the world returning to a time in history where women's only true purpose was to be enjoyed by boys and men

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Daughter   DomSub   Humiliation   Spanking   Torture   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Scatology   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Politics   Transformation   .

My wife Jenna, of 20 years, and I have had a decent marriage. We met when she was 18 and married a year later. I was 5 years older than her. I think she was more of a “best available option” after all my best friends had married and it was my turn. She was relatively attractive, but didn’t have particularly great tits or ass and sex was fine but certainly not exciting. She was very much of climb on top and get over with it. Oral sex came several years after we married basically by being shamed to do it by another couple. She would never swallow but got where she would suck me from time to time. In the last few years, we have almost stopped having sex as work and our involvement with our 15 year old daughter Trish had increased. Most of my spare time was spent at one of several topless clubs, often eating or fucking well used cunts.

Trish is very athletic, a varsity cheerleader and a body which is driving all the boys, especially football players crazy, not to mention her father. Daily I see her and many of her friends at our house or around our swimming pool wearing close to nothing. It is difficult to hide my excitement when I am around her and especially her good friend Amy. Amy is 16 and could easily be in Playboy magazine as her body is absolute perfection. From what I understand, she also is insatiable about sex. One of her other close friends, Eve, spends much of her free time being gangbanged by groups of black high school boys. So life was interesting, even though I had to beat off daily, or more often as the women in my life enjoyed complete freedom and often control of the boys that wanted them or more especially me.

On Thursday, December 18th, all television stations announced that at 8:00 pm, an important message was to be telecast and it was “imperative” that everyone watch. I couldn’t imagine what this could be about. It happened that Amy and Eve were over with Trish as 8:00 rolled around. I yelled upstairs for them to come down. After a few protest, they appeared but showed no interest in what was going to be on the news.

“We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for an important message”

The President of the United States was sitting at his desk, “My fellow Americans, you are fixing to listen to the Secretary General of the United Nations. For the past few months, we have been in secret discussions with leaders of every country in the world and, earlier today, signed a completely binding agreement for all countries. Pay close attention to everything that he says as these stipulations are non-negotiable and apply to every citizen of the world. Strict enforcement will be swift and exacting. Thank you and bless America and all the countries of the world.”

The screen then went to the United Nations and the Secretary General was at the podium.

“People of the World, after considerable deliberation and review of many scientific studies, every country has agreed that the following actions are absolutely required to ensure the end of fighting between countries and many of the problems in every society. Beginning immediately, all these actions are in effect, and must be fully enacted by January 1st.

One: All girls and women of the world are to return to the status that they were born to fulfil.

Two: No woman has any right to vote, to hold office or to run any company or corporation. Woman can and should be employed but only at a level that is appropriate for an animal of their status.

Three: All girls and women will be put on strict dietary restrictions as well as exercise routines to ensure that they maintain their bodies as is appropriate and appealing to men.

Four: Girls are allowed to go to school and even to college as there will remain the need for teachers and nurses to educate and take care of men. However, there will be no requirement for attendance at any level and will entirely be the decision of their fathers or owners.

Five: Girls are born with pussies and the purpose of a pussy is to satisfy a boy’s or man’s natural desires. All pussies will be shaved clean at all times, making them more appealing for men. In fact, there are laser procedures that are available now where all body hair can be permanently removed. It is recommended that all young women have this procedure, when possible.

Six: With the exception while outside in cold weather where they are allowed to wear long coats, girls and women will not be allowed to wear any clothes with the exception of shoes and panties when they are on their periods.

I looked around to see all the girls and my wife looking at each other with open mouths, but nothing was coming out of their mouths. It was like they were frozen, which really wasn’t a bad thing. My wife finally said, “Is this real?” My only response was; “shut the fuck up and listen.”

Seven: The term “rape” is being eliminated from every language. It is a boy’s or man’s right to pick and have intercourse with any girl or woman that he wants, with the following exceptions:

(a) There can be no intercourse with girls under the age of 14 due to fear of damaging their only true valuable asset, their pussies.

(b) The term “oral sex” will also be dropped as it has been determined that it is not sex, so that can happen with any boy or girl at any age.

© Girls and women that have a red collar on have been claimed for breeding purpose and are exclusive during their breeding period. However, once they are pregnant, there is no such restriction as they can be used by any boy or man.

Eight: To further stress Item number 7, no girl or woman not otherwise exempted in #7, can refuse intercourse with any boy or man of any age at any time or place. The penalty for refusal will be public flogging until the offended male is satisfied, both emotionally and physically. If the woman were to succumb to her injuries from the beating, that is simply the result of their own decision.

Nine: All males in prison or jail for the following offenses will be immediately released and exonerated for their supposed crimes. These include: Rape, physical or sexual assault of a woman, murder of a woman, human trafficking, incest and prostitution.

Ten: Men are allowed to be nude in public if they so desire, but are under no requirement to do so. Additionally, public sex is not necessarily encouraged, but is acceptable if desired by any boy or man.

Eleven: International travel will be allowed without Visas, other than passports for identification, to be able to enjoy the pussies of women of different cultures and to produce off-springs in different countries and cultures. This is a long term plan to have an open homogenous worldwide society.

And Twelve: Several countries have already begun mass production of horse, dog and other animal cum to become commercially available everywhere by January 1st for the use in all food prepared for women. Many of the finer restaurants will hire teen boys to provide fresh cum for the food, but even all, and I stress the word “all “home foods consumed by women must contain cum.

“Thank you all for your attention to this. Remember this goes into effect this very minute worldwide.”

“Now we return you to your local stations where newscasters will further discuss this mandate. I was on channel 8 which had several very attractive newscasters. Some man, possibly the news director was standing with his back to the camera while he was talking to the two females on stage. Both stood up and one began to strip. Dominique was the first to remove her top and expose her, often speculated, big fake tits. When she stepped out of her skirt, I was amused at the black spade to the side of her harry pussy indicating her interest in only black cock. The other woman was protesting, but you could hear the man say; “do it or quit. I don’t give a fuck.” She then started taking off her top. Once she got to her bra, you could see how padded it was giving the impression that she had large tits. Instead, very small, likely A cup tits appeared. Her flat chest was in great contrast to her beautiful wide hips. I couldn’t wait to meet her on the street and demand she bend over and watch that fine ass while I pulled on her nipples, since that was all that was there to grab.

Dominique started by saying: “As you all heard, all girls and women are now to be nude at all times and available for sex with any man that wants us. We no longer have any rights to...” She was stopped mid-sentence as a large black man moved into the picture, pulled Dominique up and bent her over the desk and you could tell he was unzipping his pants. The other lady just sat there with her mouth wide open watching what was happening a few feet from her.

My daughter finally broke the silence: “I can’t believe this. This can’t be real.”

“Well, it is very real, so all of you take off all of your fucking clothes now. And Amy, get your slut ass in the bedroom and spread your legs. I will be there in a minute.”

“Dad. Now stop it.”

I stood up, grabbed Trish by the hair, pulled her up and slapped her. I then ripped her blouse open and pulled it off her shoulders. “Get your fucking clothes off. You no longer have any rights as a human being. You are redefined as an “animal” and I intend to treat each of you that way. Now all of you take off your fucking clothes and that includes you Jenna.” Amy was the first to take off her clothes and was as incredible as I anticipated. Her large big pale white tits that sagged just a bit because of the size, her thin waist and wide hips were to die for. But I no longer had to “die for” them; they were mine for the taking. I looked down at her puffy pussy lips and the way that her legs didn’t come together near her pussy. What a perfect body for fucking.

“So Amy, do you have any idea how many different cocks have been in your shaved cunt?”

Eve spoke up as she dropped the last of her clothes. “Amy actually keeps a list of every guy, including how big their cock is, whether he is cut or uncut, and whether he eats her pussy. We all love reading her list to find out how big the boys are. You know Jimmy, QB!, he has a little 4 inch uncut cock.”

After the laughter died down, “So Amy, what’s the number?”

“24, but most of them many more times than once, unless they have a tiny cock that can’t satisfy me or aren’t willing to lick my pussy.”

“So how old were you when you first fucked?”

“Younger than the new law allows.” (which, of course is 14)

“So Eve, how many nigger cocks have been in your cunt?”

Trish chimed in: “way too many to count.”

I responded with: “So Trish, how many nigger cocks have been in your cunt?”


“Bull shit. Everyone knows you fucked Andy. He showed everyone the video of you stripping, then begging for his black cock from your knees. He said he came in you three times in that nasty motel when you told your parents that you were at Kim’s. He also said he made you lick his black ass. Jenna, I know you have seen that film. My mom told me she watched it with you.”

I laughed and shook my head at Jenna. “So Trish, how many different cocks have been in you?”

“Dad. I’m not saying.”

Amy and Eve started naming boy’s names and couldn’t think of any more after 7, but I guess that wasn’t bad for two years of fucking.

“Ok, while I fuck Amy, Jenna, you take Trish and Eve in the bathroom and shave their fucking cunts and yours too. I will admit that blond hair over Eve’s cunt looks pretty fucking good, but the law is the law. You know, you should get one of those black spades beside your cunt to show your preference for nigger cock. In fact, after I fuck your cunt after I fuck Amy, I am going to take you to get one.”

Amy grabbed my hand and we went into the bedroom and I assume Jenna did as I instructed, or she would be fucked up when I finished with Amy. Amy unzipped my pants and pulled them down as I took my shirt off, then grabbed my underwear and pulled them down. My little 6 inches uncut cock was standing straight out and it immediately went into her beautiful pink lips with those big blue eyes and that angelic face looking up at me. I was actually afraid I would cum in about 10 seconds so pushed her back. “Tell me what you are?”

“What do you mean?”

I slapped her twice across the face, then grabbed her big beautiful tits and began to squeeze and twist them. “Tell me what you are?”

With tears running down her face, “I’m a slut.”

“You are more than a slut. You are just a nasty cum dump. Aren’t you?”

“Yes Mr. Stone, I am.”

“Just address me as Sir. So do you prefer cum in your cunt or asshole?”

“My pussy Sir.”

“You no longer have a pussy. You have a cunt. So has anyone cum in your asshole.”

“Yes Sir a lot but I don’t know how many. Guys like to cum in my ass then make me suck my own shit off their cocks.”

I looked deep into her perfect face, slapped her as hard as I could, “You love that too, don’t you Cum Dump?”

“Yes Sir. The six of us girls made a pack over a year ago that we would lick the ass of any boy that fucked us. We are known all over school for that. I remember seeing a picture of Trish with Josh’s shit all over her face.”

I laid down on the bed, thinking of Trish licking shit out of a guy’s ass. I was proud that my daughter was knows as a true pig. I told Amy to sit on my cock where I could watch those huge tits bounce up and down while she fucked me. It was the most amazing fuck I had ever had, mainly because of the view. This absolute perfect 16 year old beauty was bouncing up and down on my little cock, with her tits flying about and it wasn’t costing me a penny. Life had just gotten wonderful. I held out as long as I could, but finally released my cum into her slut cunt, moaning so loud, I suspect our neighbors could hear. Then without asking she got off and began to lick the cum and her ample juice off my cock. I was looking at her ass and couldn’t resist. I pulled her down on me and put my tongue as deep into her asshole as I could. I was in heaven licking her ass, her perfect bubble butt ass, my tongue, where dozens of cocks had been, and I planned to make mine the next one. I told her to go get everyone, put on your shoes and a coat and we were going out. I then went into the storage room and found what I remembered was there, a red dog collar.

When everyone appeared down stairs as directed, I took the dog collar and placed it around Amy’s neck, “I claim Amy for breeding purposes. As of today, you are my property.”

Both Jenna and Trish looked at me and said “what?” at the same time.

“Shut the fuck up and get in the car.”


“It nice that this will work now. Because I said so.”

We got into the car and drove downtown to this tattoo parlor that I knew about. We were able to park right outside and there were two guys inside and no apparent customers. When we walked in, I told the women to put their coats in the chairs and all 4 were standing there nude with these two guys looking on. One was a big black man and the other an overly tattooed older white man: “What’s this man? We can get closed down if the cops see nude women in here.”

“You didn’t see the news cast? Well, you best find a TV because the world we once knew is gone and things have become as they always were. You know in ancient Egypt, virtually all women were nude and available at all times. That is now the way it is around the world, so I want some tattoos on these cunts.”

Amy was the first to sit down and I had the older white man put “Cum Dump” over and left of her pussy. Eve was with the black man. I had two black spades put on her, one by her cunt and one on the inside of her left tit. Eve’s tits were average and because she was very blond, unlike Amy who was “dirty blond”, her skin was very pale. Her nipples were very small and light pink with rock hard nipples. I thought the black spades would stand out nicely and advertise what she wanted. I also thought how wonderful a big black cock would look going into that very white body.

As he was finishing on her tit, the black artist asked if she knew what the spades stood for. Eve looked up at him and said, “I didn’t until tonight, but it is definitely the right thing to put on me.”

“So you say that we can openly fuck now?”

“That is absolutely what was said. And women have NO say in that and refusal will result in severe public beatings.”

“That’s great. OK Blondie, get this black snake wet then assume the position.” Eve eagerly did as instructed and sucked on his huge thick black cock, then bent over the chair as the guy began to pound her pussy with low screams coming from her mouth.

“Hey man, what’s this red collar about?” the white guy asked.

“Part of the UN dictate was that any girl over 14 or woman was available for any man upon demand. Any girl or woman claimed for breeding are to wear a red collar indicating that they are some man’s property. During that time, no other man can fuck her. If they don’t have a red collar, then they are all fair game.”

“That’s incredible. So you claimed this “cum dump” as yours?”

“Yes and isn’t she a fine piece of ass?”

“Maybe the best I have ever seen.” He excused himself for a minute and came back and asked who was next. I gave him Trish and said to give her a Tramp Stamp that said PIG and under it I wanted a pink tongue with brown on the tip.

“I love that man. Nothing better than a nasty ass licking slut. So who are all these girls?”

“Well, the one you are fixing to tattoo is my 15 year old daughter. The other two are her friends.”

After the black guy filled Eve’s nigger loving cunt with his cum, he asked: “So what are you thinking for this one?” pointing to my wife.

“I was thinking “worthless “over her cunt. What do you think?”

“How would I know? How do you know her?”

“She was my wife. Now she is just, I don’t know, maybe an animal is the correct term.”

“Well, you should know. So Worthless it is.”

“Please Jim. Be nice.”

“First Jenna my name is SIR and secondly, be nice? You should have thought of that when I asked you to swap with our friends and you were disgusted or when I tried to get you to go topless on the beach in Greece and you refused, or to go to a swinger’s club, or to fuck those two Canadian guys when we were skiing. Fuck, you have never even swallowed my cum yet your teen daughter is a fucking ass licking Pig and has been that for years.”

The black guys said: “So let’s see if it’s worthless. Get my cock wet bitch then I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” He pulled her head down to his semi-hard cock which was still dripping from his cum and Eve’s juice. She tried to pull away and he threw her to the floor. “You mind Sir?”

“Fuck no. you have the right to beat the shit out of her if she refuses to fuck you.”

“I like the sound of that. I love hurting sluts, especially white sluts. I love that a lot.”

She looked up at his big black cock, then sat up on her knees and slowly took his cock in her mouth with a look of complete disgust on her face. He grabbed her hair and pushed her away then slapped her hard across the face. She fell to the floor and he stood over her and kicked her several times. “Ready now Bitch?”

She was almost hysterically crying and just shook her head. He grabbed her leg and drug her across the floor eventually slinging her into the glass front. Two cops, one male and one female looked in and stood looking on in shock then finally ran in screaming “Stop Police.” The woman cop walked over to Jenna and bent down to comfort her.

“What the fuck is going on in here? I am going to arrest all of you for nudity and abuse and no telling what else.”

“Sir, I’m Dr. Stone. You must not have seen the UN and American dictates of changes in the status of women. So the first thing I need to tell you is that your partner is breaking the law by having clothes on. So tell her to strip and then you need to assist us in providing the public flogging for this slut who is refusing sex with this man. That is an unlawful offense punishable by public flogging until the man is satisfied.”

“Sir, you are either drunk or crazy or both, but everyone is under arrest.”

“My suggestion is that you call your supervisor and check it out.”

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