The Disciples of the Cult

by Marduk

Copyright© 2019 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: The story begins when two women, disciples of a new religion arrive and begin to spout their dogma after being invited into the abode of a man hostile to religion. However, as it is a new version and removes all the restrains, he asked them to fuck and suck his cock, they flee - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   .

Rick was certainly not in the best of moods when he began to sweep up the drive. He had, had a major row with one of his relatives who was critical of his attitude to various interpretations of so called ‘holy books’. This only increased his own hostility that had exploded three years before when his wife, in her belief of acceptance and toleration led to her backing the demand of the Islamic community for a Mosque to be built on vacant land a couple of streets away. That was the final straw and the marriage had dissolved into a very ugly confrontation. He had no idea or cared where she was now and time and again he had muttered ‘most likely with the local Muslims and being fucked out of her mind because she had not allowed him near her for decades, that was a sin under her belief that intimacy only existed for re-production; whether that applied to other men was something he had no intention of finding out, he really didn’t give a fuck.

Two plump and heavy breasted women were visiting homes along the street, as colleagues were doing in other areas of the neighbourhood. They belonged to a religion that had recently been approved under ‘freedom of religion’ dogma and were eagerly seeking new recruits for their leader, pastor, priest or whatever name he went on was telling these, his disciples that he was offering a more down to earth interpretation of all the ‘holy books ‘that were available for he said they were not being a representative of modern society. Rick was still fuming when they entered his drive, he spoke before they had even said ‘good morning’. “Hi ladies what can I do for you?” His tone wasn’t hostile so they introduced themselves and began to recite the rubbish they had been told to deliver. For a minute the loathing Rick had for any mythology began to rise but suddenly he viewed these two plump and heavy breasted women with a new agenda, especially one who was showing a lot of cleavage, whether that was intended or because it was reported to be a lot hotter later in the day. For seconds he let them rattle on and then suddenly invited them in and this time it was their turn to give off an utterance of surprise for this was the first invite they had been given since commencing to deliver their dogma.

“I have just baked a batch of biscuits”, he said as he invited them to sit. “Now would you like coffee or tea, I have both although I am more of a tea drinker”. Both women were so surprised at this unexpected invitation that it was seconds before they responded. “I ... I would like a coffee and Hazel would like a tea. My ... my name is Maud”, she concluded with a smile. After the eats and drinks were finished and the dishes removed he said. “Now tell me ladies what are you offering?

No such invitation had been given but now they were like a thrashing machine, there prepared speech rolled off almost without a breath. They told him how their leader had been given a new insight into the old books and he now had a modern version that took into account all the modern explanations and embraced all the interpretations. Rick smiled and gave an occasional nod and that seemed to increase their barrage of doctrine to such an extend Maud was dribbling from her lips and her tits were bobbing up and down, almost as though they had a life of their own. They paused giving him the chance to totally chain the conversation and have them struggling to answer. “I will say one thing for you Maul you do have a lovely set of tits on you and I reckon that if let to hang out they would be resting on your stomach, now which one of you will I fuck first, I gather you do fuck for what you have told me your leader believes in removing all old restrains and opening a new chapter”. With that he got up, undid and dropped his trousers and bounced his erection up and down and smiling said. “Give it a suck first”. A dead silence fell on the room, till both women gave a squawk and ran, if not galloped from the room and were still running up and out of the drive. All he did was laugh.

They ran till they reached the top of the street and were still gasping as they took advantage of a ‘rest seat’ and for some minutes all they did was pant, getting their breath back. They sat till, almost as a single thought both uttered. “What are we doing?” Maud smiled. “Here we have the opportunity to engage what a leader has been telling us, ‘throw away the old customs, the moral values, they are no longer relevant in this modern age’ “We were sprouting our doctrine and then when we had the full invitation to put the modern beliefs into practice, we fled, a fine pair of disciples we are”, she concluded. Hazel gave a nod and then they turned, retracing their steps back to the abode that had given them an invite to embrace their doctrine Rick had finished cleaning up the debris from the yesterday heavy weather and was just reading a book when the door bell sounded. He opened the door to meet again the two women who had fled half an hour go. “We ... we...” the woman he knew as Maul began to stammer but was cut short by her companion. “What Maud is trying to say is that we came back to fuck”.

“Well come in ladies”, he said. “Your desires will be given my full attention; drop your tits out, especially you Maud for I reckon they would be hanging well down your stomach”. Hazel giggled as Maud fumbled with her bra but when released all Rick did was give a gasp of appreciation they flopped well down barely inches above her navel, Hazel followed, hers were also large, also equal in size. “Bend over and shake ‘em ladies”, he said as he undressed. They did and as they swung and bounced he was on full fuck alert. “Now ladies get all your clothes off and let’s fuck” Maud struggled for, unused to an invitation that had now been offered but as she bent over and remove her rather old fashion panties Rick was faced with the most attractive backside he had come across in ages, it was large, totally smooth and the hair from her groin was inching along the inside of her thighs, it was too good to ignore; he gave his cock a quick coating of the liquid soap that was sitting on the sideboard, stepped up behind her grabbed her bum and drove his cock up to his balls in that hair covered crack. Maul shuddered and her gasp or growl of ‘Ohoooooo’ bounced around the room.

Hazel stood amazed at the reaction of Maud and at the size of the cock totally disappearing, she began to lick her lips when Rick turned and snapped. “Don’t just stand there, grab my balls, squeeze and pull them and when I empty my load up this hairy cunt I’ll fuck you as well”. Hazel didn’t need another request and this time Rick gave a moan as Hazel grabbed that hanging stack and did what had been requested, she squeezed and pulled.

As Maud responded and as her backside vibrated and if her tits that were not being held and mauled, swung back and forth the fucking reminded Rick of a similar event some two weeks previously. He had been in communication with a married but unhappy woman who told him ‘she slept with her husband, but there was no sex’. She didn’t say straight up but the messages he received gave no doubt that she wanted ‘cock’; this was reinforced in a phone call when a meeting was discussed, she had asked. ‘Rick if we meet will I be fucked?’ That deserved just one answer ‘Yes’. However a meeting was going to be difficult and he thought that only desires not action would result, but then a quick message delivered late one Tuesday evening said ‘my husband will be away all day tomorrow, could we meet’. A text back gave one answer ‘yes’ from then it was a matter of arranging a time and because of the distance, going by train was the easiest. “I’ll pick you up at the station”, she texted. As they hadn’t met he told her what he would be wearing and a rough description of his appearance.

He arrived. He was only one who came out of the station; she was driving an old Austin and called to him. “Hello Lilly”, he said. “I won’t kiss you here, maybe not too wise” he said as she squeezed his fingers. “What ... what do you want to do?” she stammered. “I think it is too early for a coffee”, he replied as he noticed the skirt she was wearing had risen well up her thigh and she wasn’t showing any evidence of altering its position. “I mentioned in the chats we have had that I would like to spend some time with you, is there a nice quiet place we can go”, he said as he gave that naked thigh a slight rub as she gave just a auditable ‘hiss’. “I ... I know just the place”, she stammered and drove out onto the main road.

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