Wendy Hot Wife and the Young Stud - at Home

by wendyk52

Copyright© 2019 by wendyk52

True Sex Story: You still love him and don't want it to end but you also have needs. Needs that need to be helped. And if he isn't going to do it, someone else has

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

You still love him and don’t want it to end but you also have needs. Needs that need to be helped. And if he isn’t going to do it, someone else has. You love your toys as well but you urge to feel skin on skin. It hasn’t been easy for you either since you get eye fucked all day long by these young boys. They have all of this hot teen ass they could be going for but they cannot get their eyes off you. Something about your confidence, how you hold yourself. It doesn’t hurt that you have a rockin bod and you work hard to maintain it. Everyone can see that. These 19-22 year olds with their tight bodies and insatiable appetite for sex. They just want to fuck. Who else better to fuck than the sexy woman they cant get out of their heads.

Your dirty mind has been going crazy lately now that you are working from home. You have an entire house to entertain these troubled k**s. You help them with their decisions for life. You undress them with your eyes and wonder how big their cocks are. Little do you know they undress you with their eyes and have much dirtier thoughts.

One day this one student who was having some issues asked if you could help him out. You obviously couldn’t say no because it was your job. You also couldn’t say no because this particular student and yourself have given each other flirtatious looks from day 1. Just now he is old enough to actually do something about it.

It was as normal a day as any. You dressed professional but also wore those bright red high heels that you knew he would look at, then would follow your sexy legs up and hopefully get his imagination going.

He called you earlier than you thought. You confused him by saying don’t knock on the door until the blinds up stairs are pulled to the side. You knew what you were doing but he didn’t. Once your husband left you ran upstairs with excitement. Hoping the day was going to go the way you want it to. It was only minutes after you pulled the blinds aside you heard a knock at the door. Your adrenaline was pumping and your pussy was getting wet thinking what could happen.

Answering the door you were surprised to see he wasn’t wearing a shirt. His excuse was that it was hot out, which it was. You could see the sweat on his younger body and couldn’t help but think about ripping his pants off and blowing him right there with the door open for your neighbors to see. But patience is a virtue.

You invited him in sounding a little flustered. And you asked if he wanted something to drink. He said he wasn’t thirsty but thanked you. You brought him into the living room and sat down on the couch and talked for over an hour about his choices and options. You two finally settled on what a plan for him and that was it.

You needed to figure out a way to make him stay. He had the same plan. He mentioned your pool but your husband just shocked it before he left and no one could swim in it for a few hours. You thought of a few ideas but none of them made sense. You were running out of time before he would leave. That was when he saved the day.

“You know I always thought you were so hot for a guidance counselor” he said to you.

You blushed and didn’t know what to say. Again he came to the rescue.

“Why did you want me to wait until your husband left?” he asked with a grin.

You were out of ideas. So you went for broke.

“This is why.” You said

You unbuttoned your top and exposed your tits, while leaning back and lifting up your skirt showing him your well maintained pussy with no panties to cover it up.

Without hesitation he stood up and bend down in front of you. He lapped up your pussy like a thirsty puppy. Waves and waves of pleasure came over you. You couldn’t believe this was happening let alone in your living room. You ran your fingers through his hair guiding him once again. This time it was where you wanted his tongue. He ate you out for as long as you could take before you stood up and said “your turn” with a grin.

You got on your knees and started to undo his jeans. You could feel his throbbing young cock hard as stone through his jeans. When you finally got the zipper down he fell right out and you saw his 7” cock. You couldn’t believe the size for someone his age. The girth was just as impressive. You couldn’t hold back anymore. You grabbed his cock and started blowing a teen right there in your living room. Slurping and sucking on his cock. You thought for a second that maybe you were enjoying this more than he is. Then you saw his face. He was in complete ecstasy. You took the whole cock in your mouth and before you knew it your nose was touching his stomach. You played with your tongue up and down and around. He made a couple moans like he was going to cum and you stopped immediately.

“We are just getting started. I cant have you finishing before we even start.” you told him. And grabbed his hand and guided him upstairs.

You made it up to your bedroom door, you and this young jock like stud. That’s when he grabbed your hand and shoved you up against the door a little roughly and jammed his tongue into your mouth and swirled it around and about so quick it was like you were kissing a tornado. He then grabbed ahold of both of your tits and massaged them a bit before one of the hands started to wander lower and lower. You could feel his fingers reach the bottom of your skirt and linger for a moment. With one swift movement he grips your skirt and pulls it up to expose your wet pussy. His fingers found your pussy quickly and he started fingering you while also paying attention to the clit. He was doing this while still overwhelming you with his tongue and gripping your tits with the other hand. This was a pleasant change from when he was more nervous downstairs.

This was driving you nuts and all you could think about was sitting on the long thick young cock and gyrating to find that perfect spot.

He must have read your mind because he pulled away and sat on the bed. He pulled out his cock again and stroked it a couple times.

“Undress for me.” He said eye fucking you stroking his erect cock.

You took off the jacket and exposed your lace half cup bra.

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