Lauren Loves Dad

by James_Steele

Copyright© 2019 by James_Steele

Incest Sex Story: Reunited with her divorced father, the curvaceous college coed finds a way to let her father know just how much she loves him.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   BBW   .

The phone vibrated in Del’s pocket in the middle of the staff meeting. It was just heading into the second hour of the meeting where half the management team was struggling to stay awake. It never failed. The weekly meeting every Friday after lunch took up to two hours to cover a half hour’s worth of business. Del was already thinking about taking off once the meeting was over when he slipped his phone out of his pocket to furtively check the message that just came in. The moment he saw the photo of Lauren the skin on the back of his neck went sweaty and he looked around to make sure no one else could see what was on his phone screen.

Lauren was Del’s nineteen-year-old daughter, and the selfie she just sent him wasn’t exactly risqué, but it was much more revealing of her heavily curvaceous body than she’d ever sent him before. She was sitting on her carpeted bedroom floor in front of the full-length mirror. Wearing a pair of form-hugging booty shorts, her knees were raised and slightly tilted to the side, showing off the thick, shapely undersides of her thighs. Her skin looked satin smooth and already tanned a light shade of cinnamon.

On top, Lauren was wearing a clingy, white T shirt that was cropped a couple of inches below her enormous, round boobs. The shirt was so tight and thin as to make it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Her long, light brown hair was loose and flowing down over one shoulder but pulled aside to keep the conspicuous swell of her tits in the forefront of the photo.

The girl was normally highly self-conscious of her pneumatically voluptuous body so it was a rare occurrence to see her dressed the way she was in her selfie. And it was just on the edge of being suggestive enough to make Del wonder why she would’ve sent the photo to her own father. He suspected she must have meant to send it to someone else. But who? She wasn’t going out with anyone, as usual, so she must have meant to send the shot to one of her friends.

Del furtively scanned the conference room. No one was paying any attention to the fact that he was paying more attention to his phone than anything else. Taking one more long look at his ripe, curvy daughter, he tucked the phone back in his pocket. Less than a minute later the phone vibrated again.

Checking the new message, he found another selfie from Lauren. It was almost the same as the first one, except in this one she had her finger hooked under the bottom hem of her shirt and was pulling it up just high enough to expose the smooth, round undercurves of her extravagant tits. Del’s face felt like it was burning as he stared in awe at this rare view of his luscious daughter. Her pretty face had that usual look of uncertainty as she gazed at into the camera.

The second shot made it obvious she’d meant to send the pictures to some other number. Knowing his daughter, Del realized she’d most surely die of embarrassment the second she realized her mistake.

The meeting droned on for another twenty minutes. Del spent the whole time sneaking more looks at phone, fighting the urge to let his cock go hard and deciding how to reply to the messages. Even if the pictures were meant for someone else, he couldn’t just ignore them. He’d always tried to be open and honest with his only daughter. But then again, there was the possibility she might feel better if he just pretended he never saw them.

Del hustled out of the building as soon as the meeting was over. When he got to his car, he sat in the parking lot and looked at the pictures again. He spent most of that time gazing at the second one where Lauren exposed the undersides of her magnanimous tits. With a resigned sigh, the girl’s father slipped his hands between his legs and rubbed his growing cock through his pants.

With his cock fully swollen, he rubbed the long, tube-like bulge and started wishing his daughter would send another picture where she’d pull her shirt up to her neck and expose her tits completely. But he still savored the surprising, cock-hardening views she already sent. The most he saw of his daughter’s body nowadays was when she was hanging out in the evenings after her shower in an oversized T shirt and panties. She went without a bra at such times, and the heaving sway of her enormous tits and the occasional sight of her swollen nipples always drove his pulse higher.

Lauren had unknowingly given her father countless erections. He usually excused himself and went to the bathroom to stroke out a hot load of cum while he tried to imagine the girl’s exceptional charms fully naked. And as long as he kept his dirty thoughts to himself, Del didn’t see any harm in it. He couldn’t help it. His daughter was such a pretty girl, and her body was simply outrageous, even if she’d always felt self-conscious about her size. He often wondered if other father’s with daughter’s like her went through the same frustrations.

Yet Del loved his daughter more than anyone in the world. Far more than he’d ever loved her mother. He would’ve done anything for her. At the same time, he had no control over the way her succulent body affected him. Sometimes he gazed at her in awe when she didn’t know he was looking, completely amazed his own daughter could be so hot and sensuous without having a clue.

Or did she?

With the new pictures on his phone, this was the first time he’d ever touched his cock with anything other than a mental image of his daughter in mind. Sitting in his car, his cock kept getting harder and harder, precum beginning to soak a spot into his pants.

Yet he couldn’t just sit there in the company parking lot jerking off to pictures of his daughter so he finally put down his phone and drove away. He thought about going to the gym to work out his frustrations, but he’d already been there three times that week. His hard on was also being extremely stubborn since he couldn’t get the images of Lauren out of his mind. On the way to his house, he pulled into the city park and pulled over in a well-shaded, secluded spot.

Holding his phone in one hand, Del unzipped his pants and fished out his hard cock with the other. He flipped back and forth between both pictures as he stroked his shaft. It came to him that maybe he wanted his daughter so much because he couldn’t have her. But it didn’t really matter. He just wanted her, and he wanted her badly. He just needed to keep his feelings hidden.

With the second picture that showed the bottoms of her tits on his screen, Del stared and pumped his cock furiously until his cum was spurting all over his steering wheel and the front of his shirt. It was the most intense orgasm he’d had in couple of weeks. As he sat there half dazed behind the wheel of his car he could barely believe what he’d just done.

After putting his cock back in his pants, Del used his tie to wipe his cum off the steering wheel. He figured he had the rest of his drive home to think of something to tell his daughter about sending the pictures to the wrong number, but then his phone buzzed before he could start the car. It was another message from Lauren, but there was no picture this time.

Omg, Dad, I’m so sorry! Meant to send those to Roxanne! We went shopping today.

Don’t worry, sweetheart, he wrote back. I was pretty sure you had the wrong number, haha.

I’m so so sorry. So embarrassed now.

Don’t be, honey. You look amazing in them.


Definitely. Can I save them?



K, she wrote back, including a blushing little smiley face.

You could send me pictures anytime. I always love to see my pretty baby girl.

Omg, Dad, I’m not pretty. I’m so fat!

You’re seriously beautiful, sweetheart. Just trust me on that.

Of course you’d say that. You’re my dad.

Del just sent her a smile emoji, trying to be cautious about saying more than he should. For some reason, it was easier to text a conversation like this than have it face to face. Having to look into his daughter’s deep, brown eyes always turned him into mush.

After a minute or so of no messages, he finally texted: Father or not, trust me, baby, you’re seriously hot.

The second he sent the message he regretted telling his daughter she was hot. He should have just said she was beautiful. That would have been a better word for a father to use about his own daughter. Lauren sent back another blushing smiley, with another text a few seconds later.

There does happen to be one more, but I don’t think I should send it.


It’s bad. It was Roxanne’s whole idea.

Maybe you should let me see, then. I can tell you if it’s bad.

The conversation went silent for a couple of minutes. Del was sure he went over the edge trying to encourage his daughter to send a picture she thought was “bad”. He tried to decide if he should call her or just start the car and drive home, but his phone buzzed again before he could. The third picture was similar to the others, but in this one she’d pulled the bottom edge of her top just high enough to expose her nipples. Her nubs were thick and hard, set at the center of large, caramel colored areolas. There were inverted V-shaped tan lines gracing her big, lush tits hinting at a bikini her father had never seen her wear in front of him.

Despite the cum from his orgasm still being wet on his shirt, Del’s cock was already stirring with new sensation while he stared at Lauren’s latest picture. The sight of her swollen nipples was nothing short of mouth-watering and the longer he stared at them the more he was aching to suck and taste them. He wanted to run his tongue all over the smooth flesh of her prominent orbs and listen to the sound of her loving sighs and moans. Already rubbing his cock through his pants again, he found himself trying to imagine what kind of sounds his daughter uttered when she was aroused.

He almost wished he hadn’t encouraged Lauren to send the last picture. It only made him want her more and more by the second, and the more he wanted her the more impossible it seemed to be able to stop. He was even beginning to feel like he was entitled to her. She was his daughter. Why shouldn’t she naturally belong to him? It seemed downright profane that anyone else should ever be able to savor his own girl’s sumptuous body.

He squeezed his cock and stared at his daughter’s monumental tits, forgetting how much time was slipping by. Then his phone buzzed again. Another message from Lauren.

I’m sorry. I knew that would be too much.

Del plugged in his earbuds and quickly hit his daughter’s number, realizing he should’ve replied faster. Her phone was still ringing by the time he swiped back to her third picture, and he was admiring her bared nipples once again when she answered.

“Oh my god, Dad, I’m sorry,” she said without even saying hello.

Del sighed. He didn’t even begin to know what he should say.

“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart,” he told her. “You’re ... just ... so beautiful.” It wasn’t like he could just come out and tell his own daughter she had huge, gorgeous tits that he was dying to slap around his cock.

“Really, Dad?”

“Most definitely.”

“It wasn’t too weird?”

“Surprising. Kind of shocking even. But not weird, sweetie. I, um, feel really glad you shared that with me. Just because you’re my daughter doesn’t change the fact that you’re a very beautiful girl.”

“Really? I can’t even tell you how nervous I was.”

“I can imagine, honey. You know your first two pictures came in while I was in the weekly meeting.”

Lauren giggled. Del was happy to hear her relax a little. “Sorry,” she finally said, “I hope it wasn’t too distracting.”

It was Del’s turn to laugh. “Are you kidding? That was the best part of my whole day.”

Then it got quiet on his daughter’s end. “Really?”

“Definitely,” he told her. “Um, sweetheart, has anyone else seen these pictures?”

“No, Dad. Just you.”

“Me and Roxanne, you mean, right?”

There was a pause. “Oh shit. Um, no, Dad. You’re the only one.”

“I thought Roxanne was the one who got you to take them.”

“Well she did, kind of. We went shopping for all this new stuff today and she was needling me to take some hot selfies to send this guy she thinks I should go out with.”

Del listened to her voice and gazed at her picture at the same time. He couldn’t resist resting his free hand over his cock and rubbing as it was already beginning to grow thick again. A hot wave of jealousy suddenly came over him when he thought of her friend trying to get her interested in some guy who could never love her the way he did.

“So you took those to show some guy Roxanne wants to set you up with?”

“Oh my god, no! I don’t even like him. I just ... um...”

“What, sweetheart?”

He could hear her take a deep breath. “I just wanted to show them to you. I lied about sending them to the wrong number.”

Del’s cock surged with heat as that started to sink in.

“You mean you meant to send them to me all along?”

“Yeah, Dad. Kind of. Do you think I’m a total freak now?”

“Oh, no, sweetie. That would be hypocritical.”

“It would?”

“Yeah. Since I really like them. All of them.”

“Oh. Wow.”

“Yeah, sweetie. Maybe we should have this conversation in person,” he suggested.

“Oh god, I think I’d die.”

“I don’t think so, sweetheart,” he chuckled. “Why don’t you put on one of the new outfits you got today and I’ll take you out to dinner?”

“Um, Dad, that might not be appropriate.”

“Neither were those pictures, but they’re beautiful and you’re amazing. So make your old man happy and dress up really nice and we can talk this over at dinner. It’s not every day I get to go out with such a luscious young lady. I’ll take you somewhere stupidly overpriced and show you off.”

Del disconnected the call before the girl had a chance to refuse. He then made a quick call to make a reservation at the restaurant where his company sometimes wined and dined important clients. He almost didn’t get a table that late in the day, but when he mentioned the company’s name they gave him a table without a second thought. After that he set the phone aside and drove toward his house.

The driveway went along the side of the house to the parking lot behind. He didn’t bother putting the car in the garage since he was planning to go back out before long and just walked across the backyard and into the rear door leading into the kitchen.

He called out for Lauren but didn’t get a reply. If he hadn’t known better he would have thought the house was deserted.

Del and the girl’s mother had split up a few months before she started her first year of college. Now that the academic year was over, this was the first time Lauren had spent more than a weekend or holiday at her father’s new house, yet she’d chosen to spend the summer with him instead of her mother. The girl’s choice had made him happy, but he never imagined what it was going to be like to have a voluptuous nineteen-year-old college girl on his hands all summer.

He went upstairs to his room quickly, wanting to get his cum-stained shirt changed before his daughter saw it. Her bedroom door was closed, and he was sure she was in there and avoiding him as long as she could.

Del took off his shirt and tie, tossing the shirt into the laundry hamper in his bathroom. The tie would have to be dry cleaned after he used it to wipe up all the cum he’d spurted in the car. But then he just tossed the tie into the waste basket. It was time to go out and get some new ones anyway. He finally put on a dark, short-sleeved jersey and a light grey linen suit. Putting on a suit right after work, especially on a Friday, wasn’t what he normally wanted to do, but he had a special place in mind for dinner with Lauren.

When he went back into the hallway, the girl’s bedroom door was still closed. Del stood there listening a few moments and couldn’t hear a sound. He finally gave a soft knock.

“Lauren?” he called. “You’re not going to stand me up for our dinner date, are you?”

A moment passed before the girl replied. “I don’t think I can go anywhere like this. Especially with you.” She spoke so quietly her father had to strain to hear her.

“It’s only me, baby girl. Your dad, who loves you no matter what.”

“That’s kind of the problem.” Her words were practically muffled this time and Del wasn’t even sure he heard her right.

“I’m coming in, sweetheart,” he warned as he turned the doorknob.

Lauren started to protest but her father had the door open before she could say another word. She’d been sitting on the edge of her bed but stood up as he went in. Del was momentarily paralyzed when he saw his daughter dressed like he’d never seen before. The dress she had on was better suited to a night at a club than dinner at an expensive restaurant. It was skin tight and very low cut with a viciously short hem. The material was a pale turquoise that set off the girl’s tan and stretched around her curves like a second skin.

Her nipples were erect, and the dress stretched so thin over her tits that her areolas were faintly visible through the fabric. It was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. It wasn’t the kind of dress a girl would wear a bra with anyway, and despite the size and heft of Lauren’s tits she didn’t need one. She stood there nervously, unable to look her father in the eye for more than a couple of seconds at a time as he gazed at her in awe.

“You look amazing, sweetheart,” Del told her when he was finally able to catch his breath.

She blushed and smiled happily, but still looked down at the floor. “Look, Dad,” she said, “I know you wanted to see what else I got today, but there’s no way I can go out in this. Definitely not to some really nice restaurant.”

Del stepped closer. Lauren looked so ripe and voluptuous his hands were practically trembling when he reached up to place them on her shoulders. He was dying to run his hands all over her extravagant curves but he was already in danger of sprouting another hard on. It was bad enough just to be standing that close to her with her lush, shapely tits straining the front of her dress.

“Baby, you look more perfect than anything I’ve ever seen. Let’s just try it this once. Besides, we’ve got a lot to talk about, don’t we?”

“If you say so,” she said, still looking down and blushing bright crimson.

He kissed her cheek, daringly close to the corner of her mouth, considering that she was his own daughter. And he gave her a not so brief hug, mashing his body into the warm swell of her tits with his hands barely grazing the upper edge of her ass. She hugged him back tightly, but he broke it off before he ended up going hard against her. He just took her by the hand and led her downstairs and out to the car where he opened the door and didn’t take his eyes off her while she got into her seat.

The ride to the restaurant was mostly silent, with both of them knowing they’d already crossed some kind of hazy line but not knowing how to begin talking about it. They made a little bit of small talk but even that had a distracted quality about it.

Del’s pulse started racing as soon as they got out of the car to go into the restaurant. Leading Lauren toward the door in a dress that could easily be considered slutwear, he could hardly believe he was about to march her through a Friday night crowd of affluent diners.

When they got inside, there were a lot of good looking, well dressed women of all ages, but none were nearly as striking or curvy as Lauren. As they were led to their table, Del felt a strange mixture of excited pride and fatherly protectiveness. Part of him knew a father’s natural instinct should be to make his daughter cover her obvious sexual attributes – especially a girl built like Lauren. The other part felt like any man would to see so many people turn their heads to get a look at the desirable vixen who was there for him.

Del had never thought too much about showing off women he’d gone out with. Not that he’d never been pleased about going somewhere with a beautiful girl who turned a few heads, but Lauren was quickly changing the way he thought about a lot of things. He realized he how proud of her he really was, and showing her off to a roomful of strangers was getting to him more than he expected. There was also the fact that she was so self-conscious, even embarrassed, of going into public dressed the way she was.

By the time they reached their table, Del’s cock was already feeling hotter and thicker. It was a relief to slide into the booth seat where the growing bulge in his pants was well hidden from view. Lauren slid in with him at the same time, and the two ended up sitting side by side.

They spent some time looking at the menu, but Del could barely concentrate. He finally set it aside and watched his daughter study hers, wondering if she was feeling as distracted as he. He studied her face, taking in the lines of her prettiness that never failed to get to him. Then his eyes drifted, settling on the plunging front of her dress where her full, shapely tits were nearly falling out of it.

Del gave his cock a squeeze under the table and admired his daughter’s tits without a second thought. Lauren took a deep breath, pushing her boobs out further, but her father didn’t miss the blush that was covering her face.

“Dad,” she whispered without looking at him. “You’re staring at my boobs.”

She was blushing to the point her eyes were welling up, but the look on her face betrayed the pleasure her father’s attention was giving her.

“I have news for you, sweetheart,” he replied quietly. “So is everyone else. I’ve been staring at them pretty much constantly since my afternoon meeting. They’re amazing. Besides, I got the idea you don’t mind me looking.”

“God, Dad, if you don’t stop looking at them like that my nipples are gonna pop.”


Lauren’s blush deepened while a smile formed on her supple lips. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said in a hushed tone.

“Neither can I, but I’m really glad we are.”

Lauren slid closer to him in the booth, which only gave her father a better view down the well stretched top of her dress. When the waiter came back to take their order he couldn’t keep his eyes off the voluptuous coed snuggling up to her father. She barely looked at him while Del felt a mixture of jealousy and pride all at once. As a father, he wanted to jump up and grab the guy for staring at his daughter’s half exposed tits. But as a man, he was proud and enamored with the girl he was with.

By the time the waiter left them alone, Del’s cock was beginning to heat up with excitement, but he was also consumed with curiosity. “So that whole thing about Roxanne telling you to send your pictures to some guy was just an excuse?” he asked carefully.

Lauren blushed and wouldn’t look him in the eye. “Not exactly,” she mumbled.

This only made her father even more curious. “So let me see if I understand,” he said. “She teased you into taking the pictures, but then there wasn’t a guy she thought you’d should send them to?”

“Also not exactly.”

“Hmmm. Then there was a guy.”

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