A Taboo Evening With Mom

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Incest Sex Story: Peter Boyd is having intimate feelings for his mother.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Mother   Son   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Peter Boyd loved his mother. She was a single mother that worked hard and cared for her and her son. His mother had several jobs and when she wasn’t home, Peter liked to look through her room. He knew she wouldn’t like that, but he sometimes was there for many hours by himself. It wasn’t like he was a kid, he was eighteen.

His mother loved lingerie and had so many different outfits. Some were more like costumes but most of them were very short and very sheer. Peter would often strip and smell his mother’s used panties from the laundry basket.

His mother had the nicest pussy scent that he ever had the pleasure to smell. He would sit on her bed and watch porn and jerk off. He would wrap her clean underwear in his hand around his dick and sometimes suck on her dirty underwear. It was very taboo, but it made him hot.

He’d come so much in his hand while jacking off to his mother’s pussy scent. He loved his mother so much. He really felt that the men she dated didn’t appreciate her. They were just dirtbags she met at the bar where she worked.

Mary Boyd was an attractive woman. She had a great body and a nice ass. Peter fantasized that he and his mother were intimate. Mary was a single mother.

She had many boyfriends but none of them seemed to ever make her happy. His mother was often sad and got drunk. She watched romantic stories on cable and cried. Peter never understood why she never could have lasting relationships.

Mary had several jobs which left Peter alone a lot of the time. She was a bartender and a waitress. Her last boyfriend broke up with her the other day. His mom was distraught and unhappy. Peter wanted his mother to feel good about herself. He hated seeing his mother so unhappy.

He made dinner and bought fresh flowers for her. She’d probably be tipsy or even high. His mother liked to have a good time. Peter wanted to show his mother how much he appreciated her. He cleaned the house and made a nice dinner. He knew his mother would appreciate it.

He planned on giving his mother a nice massage. She might or might not make a play for him. He was hoping she would. Lately, she was showing a lot of her body off. Peter was always aroused when his mother was around. She often would wear a robe with nothing else on. Peter often saw his mother’s tits and pussy. It was almost like she wanted her son to see her naked.

Peter planned on putting the moves on his mother. He was tired of all her flirting and nudeness around him. He’d show his mother how much he loved her. He pretty much knew she’d love what he had between his legs. She probably wouldn’t want or need another man after seeing what her son’s dick looked like. She wouldn’t need to go any further with the dickheads she fucked.

The door opened and Mary Boyd walked in.

“Peter, are you home? Something smells good.”

“Hi, mom! I made dinner for us. Go get yourself comfortable and meet me in the kitchen.”

“You’re such a good boy. I’m a little drunk. The boss splurged after work. I couldn’t pass up the champagne he was serving. I got a cab so I could partake in all the good booze.”

“It’s okay mom. Just get yourself comfortable. I made dinner and later I thought I could give you a massage.”

“A massage? How nice. I would love that. You certainly take good care of your mother.”

“I try mom. You take really good care of me.”

Mary went into her room and got undressed. Peter put the chicken on the table and poured his mother a glass of wine. He figured she’d probably want more alcohol.

His mother came out in her white silk robe. She sat down and Peter put the food into her dish. He sat down and they had idle chit chat. A few times he got a peek at her breasts. She was not wearing any clothes underneath her robe.

Peter was hard as a bat while he and his mother ate their dinner. His mother had several glasses of wine while they ate their dinner. Peter loved his mother, but she was turning him on. The sad part was, she didn’t realize that her lack of clothes around a horny teenager was not a good thing.

“Mom, why don’t you lie on your bed and I will give you a massage. Your feet are probably killing from standing all night long. I bought some massage oil that will feel great on your body.”

“That sounds amazing, Peter. I’ll go into my room.”


Peter cleaned up the dishes and grabbed the massage oil. He found his mother naked on her bed. He was so horny looking at her there. She, of course, was on her back. She wanted her son to see her tits and pussy. Most people would lie on their stomachs. Not Peter’s mother.

“Wow, you look incredible mom. What a fucking body you have!”

“Do you think so? I think I look old and wrinkly.”

“No. You look like a fucking stripper. Jesus! Mom, you have the best body. Fuck! You’re fucking gorgeous.”

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