The Short Conversation

by Marduk

Copyright© 2019 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A phone call from a woman is met by a puzzled thought till the penny drops and two women are remembered from a previous encounter, but the surprise was when he was coming up to fuck them for on the previous encounter any form or suggestion of a sexual nature was met with horror. The invite is accepted but the question remains what turned them? - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Harem   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   Hairy   .

Rick had just finished lunch when his mobile rang; he wasn’t expecting any calls. “Rick Martin”, he said after clicking the phone to the answering icon. Seconds past and then an exciting female voice that was accompanied by a giggle in the background answered “Rick this is Karen”. A silence followed as he search for any of his contacts named Karen for most would have had their names displayed, this caller only had numbers. “Karen who?” he asked. Again he heard the giggling in the background and he caught the muffled comment. ‘He doesn’t remember’. He was about to agree when she cut him off before his thoughts could be put into words. “You took me and Cathy out for lunch some months back and you wanted to take us to a motel”. Then the penny dropped for he had deleted both the women from his mobile for they had made it clear that a sexual arrangement of any kind was off the books. ‘We don’t do such a thing’ he remembered both the women replying when he had suggested the motel. “Sorry”, he replied. “I had deleted you both from my phone for I didn’t think I would be hearing from you again for we didn’t part in the best circumstances”. There was a silence and then came the reply that was almost going to shock him to the core. “We were wondering when you were going to come us and fuck us both”, the only comment he could think of was “Pardon”.

Again he heard the chuckling and then Karen’s was back on the attack. “You don’t remember, now Rick I don’t believe that, you wanted to take us to a motel and what sit around and talk, you wanted to fuck us didn’t you, stick your big cock up our cunts but I bet before that you wanted a nice suck job, put your cock in our mouths and work our head like a fucking pump till we emptied your balls. Didn’t you?” her last words were an angry snarl. His mind raced for he hadn’t come across such an invitation before, especially from women who had been and appeared so conservative the day he met them, but he had to respond in the same mode of erotic conversation. “Don’t blame me Karen”, he replied. “If I recall when I touched you on the leg during a gear change you were quick to pull away and even when I helped you over a gash in the road you quickly broke contact once you were on level ground, you gave all the indication that any form of intimacy was a no, no. So what has changed your mind and yes I would not hesitate in fucking you both, especially you Karen for out of the two of you, you had the best set of tits”.

A few seconds passed and then she was back on the line. “Like my tits, like my photo?” Seconds passed and then a full nude appeared and he gave a gulp for Karen had been a bit plump but this photo showed a woman almost obese, her tits hung almost to her navel, great melons of flesh with a large almost purple nipple surrounded with a lighter circle but the same colour. Her stomach was large and hung like a large sack of potatoes almost covering the hairy forest at her groin; her legs were fat and no doubt equal in weight to hold the mass above upright. Although he was attracted to plump and heavy breasted women, Karen was almost obscene and the question that bombarded his brain was ‘what had happened to her in the six months since he had taken her and Cathy out for dinner’. His hesitation in answering her question made her snap. “Well come on do you like my tits and do you like me?” a question that had to be answered. “Well Karen I hadn’t been around when you were naked, but yes your tits are great but ... but you do seem to have put on weight”. There was a hiss and then in a tone, laced with venom. “Well fuck you none of the men that have serviced me or Cathy have worried about our weight and they grunt like wild beasts as they ram their cock up us or down our throats till we are almost swallowing their balls”

“Don’t get your panties in a knot, of course I would visit you and yes fucking you was always on my mind and what about Cathy does she take nude photos as well”. Again he heard muttering sounds and then another picture appeared, again nude, but this time is was Cathy but she too was well over weight, whereas when he met them she was a little slimmer than Karen who for her size was about right in the weight line. Cathy’s tits hung as well, great melons of flesh, her stomach was also round and large, one could be excused for thinking she was well up the duff, but both the women were well into their sixties. However, the next photo showed Cathy doggie positon on a bed and the expression on her face with dribbles of saliva coming from her mouth as a bloke was servicing her from behind, showed a woman really enjoying herself. He had no intention of refusing the invite and when that was confirmed and their address given Karen’s voice took on a more mild tone as she said both she and Cathy would give him an experience that he hadn’t had before.

To meet the women he had to fly for their abode was a thousand miles north of where he lived and as the plane flew he tried to think of a reason these two very conservative and quite plain in appearance women who had expressed horror at the thought of even a mild kiss had totally reversed their attitude and were now, very overweight, quite unattractive and could be termed ‘tarts’.

The taxi dropped him off at the address, the house was weatherboard and by the style of brick work on the chimney it had been built around the early 50’s. The front door was concealed behind a trellis where a very attractive vine climbed over. The doorbell must have registered inside for there was no sound when he pressed it. Second passed and then the door opened. Although her face was fatter he recognized her from the photo. She was wearing a coat that was just tied around the waste, the top was fully open revealing the sagging melons that were her tits and as she welcomed him inside, the gown opened revealing her nudity under it. “Sit down Rick”, she said. “Would you like a drink we have any array of beers, wines or just coffee or tea”.

“Tea would be fine Karen”, he replied. “Is Cathy here?” she stopped what she was doing and beckoned him to follow her, she opened a door leading off the hall way. His only comment was ‘Oh! My’. Cathy was on her stomach, her backside at high mask to cater for the bloke behind who was giving her a doggie root. There was no recognizing from her that she was being observed but when her rooter gave an extra hard thrust, she rose, her tits swung back and forth and saliva dribbled from her mouth and her cry or grunt echoed around the room. She was then pushed down, almost being buried into the pillow as the bloke continued to ram away. Karen then gave a nod and closed the door.

“What happened Karen?” he asked as he put down his cup. “When I met you both you made it clear any form of sexual approach, even a peck on the cheek was not on”. She gave a sigh and for seconds said nothing.

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