Retreat D'Amour

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Learning about sex and love in a professionally guided place can improve your intimate relationships, especially if practice is included. A young man feels the need and signs up.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Group Sex   Orgy   .

Brent, in his later twenties, had a history of sexual adventures ranging from one-night stands, and a few longer term intimate relationships, but felt the need for more than that self-taught pussy pounding. The Facebook ad got his attention and he filled in the form for more info. Two psychologists, the Doctors Lovey, ran multiday residential programs once a month at their retreat center out in the boonies. This one was for singles to clarify their needs and identify the right partner to meet them.

There was a very detailed survey/questionnaire that had to be sent in a week ahead of time. It made Brent think about intimate issues he’d never considered before. That was a good start and inspired confidence that they knew what they were doing.

Brent arrived on site by 9am on a Monday morning. The host Doctors gave an introduction and each person had a first-name-only tag. The basic schedule was explained. Male-female pairs would be assigned each day. They were to have lunch together, spend the afternoon talking and doing some of the many activities available at the retreat, and have dinner together and a group. They would spend the night in the same bed and sex was encouraged with condoms required for any penetration including oral. The following morning each participant would spend an hour filling out a questionnaire about their experiences and at nine the group would convene for discussions and lectures.

Night 1:

Brent was paired with Bitsy, a slightly pudgy blond a bit younger than himself. He quickly learned that her main, and maybe only, mental interest was what was happening on Facebook and what various celebrities were doing. His attempts at more serious discussions befuddled her. At bedtime she was eager for sex and he obliged but had no desire to do her again once his hornies were sated. She seemed disappointed but snuggled up with him anyway. The questionnaire and discussion were enlightening and he wondered if the Doctors had paired the least compatible couples first.

Night 2:

This time it was with Marla, a year older than himself and a quiet brunette, slim with nicely proportioned breasts from what he could tell. She loved the outdoors and pointed out quite a few things as they walked the grounds, triggering some good discussions. When he took her hand she squeezed his back. One thing they did not talk about was the previous night’s experience.

When he suggested they shower together she was delighted and said it was a new experience. Their lovemaking had an easy flow and through the night several condoms were filled. His morning questionnaire was quite different this time. They did exchange glances and discreet smiles throughout the day even when partnered with another.

Night 3:

Sally was a mid-thirties divorcee who was somewhere in between the two previous partners. She had some smarts but a somewhat neglected body. Sex with her was good since she’d had lots of experience as a single. She knew how to get him up again for a second round too.

During the discussion sessions and other group activities, he and Marla kept eyeing each other. His balls twinged thinking that she’d had another cock since he was there but he was in no position to do anything but accept it. After all, he’d been fucking too.

Night 4:

Brenda was a late-forties chatterbox. He wondered if she’d still talk with a mouthful of dick. She finally slowed down as she got over her anxiety. She had four grown, or almost, children, and wanted to get on with her life.

He listened and added his own thoughts when her subjects were of little interest. She finally shut up when his hands and mouth got her attention. Their sex was slow and gentle, satisfying in its own way.

Things were really solidifying in his mind by this time as the last questionnaire and the final discussion was held.

The finale:

At the end of the Friday wrap-up session, the doctors announced that any pairs that had made a special connection would be given a special rate to stay that night with dinner and breakfast included. Marla approached Brent with an anxious look on her face, “I’d like to stay with you.” Brent stood up and hugged her, no words being needed.

After dinner with the other couple who was staying over, Brent and Marla both commented that the “social media girl” and the shy nerdy guy were an unlikely match. Later Marla, who insisted in bareback, “so I can really feel you”, said she had to talk with him as he rested between her thighs.

“I lied on my application. I’ve been married for two years but it is a disaster so that is why I am here. We haven’t had much sex in months and even at best it wasn’t nearly as good as with you. No emotional connection since it was almost an arranged marriage. I want and need better and I may have found it with you.”

Brent took all that in and asked some questions, still embedded in her hot tight cunt. “So what did you discover about sex here?”

She tightened her legs around him, “I’d had practically none before my marriage. The multiple experiences here have opened my eyes. For example the young guy who I was with last night. He came in me three times in twenty minutes and then fell asleep, leaving me quite unsatisfied. I wished right then they you were available to take care of that.”

The fact that three other men had been in her pussy since she arrived here was brought to Brent’s full attention and he filled rapidly to begin thrusting.

Marla cooed, “Oh, I guess telling you about me having sex turns you on. I wish I had more stories.” They coupled furiously in different positions, ending in one she’d never had before, lying on her side with the top leg pulled up and Brent straddling her lower one. He could touch and suck her uppermost breast which she let him know she loved.

After they came he rolled behind her without disengaging and reached over to cup a breast. She liked the kisses he put on her neck. They coupled twice more before morning, a record for both of them.

It was agreed she’d work on gracefully exiting from her marriage. In the meantime they’d meet after work at a bar with rooms by the hour upstairs. The days would be varied and there would be no traceable communications between them although they each set up anonymous email accounts.

At the first meeting Marla seemed anxious and didn’t disrobe immediately. Brent asked and she told him her husband had insisted on sex when she returned as his “marital right”. She had struggled to show no pleasure even though memories of the recent times with Brent were triggered. She had resisted other attempts but he prevailed occasionally.

Brent simply went after her and her built-up libido took over. When they were resting she told about searching for a good attorney with little luck. Brent had a friend who did divorces and said he’d arrange a meeting.

With no children, few assets, and nearly equal incomes, the divorce went as smoothly as might be hoped. Marla stayed with a work friend after her husband was served and still met Brent at the bar. As soon as it was final she moved in with her lover.

Their sex life, now that they had full access to each other, was rollicking for a while. They got into telling stories about their activities with other partners for stimulation. While Marla’s were mostly from the retreat, Brent had his prior relationships to tell about. Those weren’t as stimulating since Marla didn’t know the other persons involved.

When they got the invitation from the retreat center for a couples-only “Introduction to sexual adventure in your relationship” session Marla was excited. Brent was less so, “I’m not sure I want other men being naked with you.”

Marla shot right back, “Well, I do. You’ve had more adventures than I have. Besides, have you noticed any damage to your penis or my vagina from the last retreat?” She sucked him hard and mounted him before she continued, “I’ve had fantasies where I am naked only from the waist down and am lying on a special padded table with a u-shaped cutout so my crotch is open and accessible, just the right height so a man can walk up and stick his dick in. My head is propped up so I can see everything that happens. I watch and feel as one man after another takes their turn, separating my pussy lips, rubbing me inside and finally spurting their hot cream. It is fascinating all the different sizes, shapes, and colors that want me. After maybe thirty I am done for that time but I will come back there again, I know.”

Brent blasted his load and didn’t know what to say except, “Would you REALLY do that?”

She grinned and squeezed his cock with her internal muscles, “Maybe. Why don’t you line up ten guys for a trial run?”

Brent just said, “OK, let’s go.”

The agenda was similar in some ways to the retreat where they’d met. Four couples and four nights. This time the couples would stay together in rotation and the level of sexual intimacy would be progressive. The other three couples were married.

Night 1:

Getting naked and touching with hands and mouth was the starting objective. Then each couple would have sex while the other watched, a first for most people. Will and Grace were about ten years older and had little premarital experience. Even though Marla went easy with her mouth on Will’s erection, he spurted and was embarrassed. Brent got his Grace off the same way and things were better. Then they shyly reciprocated. Watching/being watched was a real turn on as all discovered before one couple went back to their own bed.

Night 2:

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