A Game of Twister

by Rodav

Copyright© 2019 by Rodav

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Nudist families playing a game of twister. This is a fan fiction story of Nick Scipio's Summer camp Universe. Thanks to Nick for allowing me to write this fan fiction side story.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Humor   Incest   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Nudism   .

Author’s note: Though this story could be a stand alone, the author recommends to read the “Summer camp” to appreciate this story better. For the readers that have not read any of the Summer camp stories. The families are nudist.

Thanks to taz40 for helping to edit this story.

The Hughes and the Coulter families, are having a game of twister one weekend in the Coulter residence in Atlanta. They were able to acquire a much bigger twister mat and fixed it on top of cushions.

There’s a few modifications to the rules. With more people included, more than one person could be in one color at the same time to make it more interesting.

The game begun with the first spin. Right hand red, the second spin was left foot yellow. The game went on and on until finally, the compromising positions has started. With right and left hands on green and left and right feet on yellow, spread the person apart naturally.

While in the middle of the game with their bodies entwined. One scene, had Paul’s face happened to be behind and under Beth’s spread legs as she tried to reach her foot on one of the yellow spot on the mat.

Elizabeth’s face was also close to Paul’s and she saw him glanced up at his mother’s parted pussy lips. When Paul glanced at Elizabeth, she arced her eyebrows at him. She whispered to Paul, “that’s where you came out of into this world.” She smiled at Paul, then she raised her face up and sniffed Beth’s parted pussy. Then softly said to Paul, “go ahead and sniff it.”

When Paul raised his face up and sniffed his mother’s pussy, Beth felt something tickling between her legs and glanced down and noticed her son with his nose touching her pubic hairs as he breathe on her aroma.

Beth exclaimed and quite embarrassed. “Oh my gosh Paul! don’t do that! don’t breathe!”

Elizabeth grinned and said to Paul, “You also smelled quite musky when you came out of that pussy.”

“Hmmm, I love and adore my Mom’s musk.” Paul answered and grinned back at Elizabeth.

Beth had heard it and she just rolled her eyes and said, “You two are being silly!”

Then after a while and a few more spin, more movement and more entanglement, Paul’s dick happened to be touching Elizabeth’s inner thighs. And it started to grow and became hard. With a few more movements, his dick was almost touching her pussy.

Paul warned Elizabeth not to move farther or his cock might slip inside her pussy.

“So?” Elizabeth said arching her eyebrow. “What’s the big deal if your dick will slip inside me?” She grinned. “It’s, as if it has not been inside me before huh!”

Then when they finally has have to move, Paul’s cock slipped in almost balls deep inside Elizabeth.

“Ohh!” Paul groaned at the sensation.

“Ohhh, that feels so nice!” Elizabeth moaned in pleasure. “See that? It’s no big deal, isn’t it?” Elizabeth said as she grinned at Paul.

Paul was wide eyed, could not say a thing but groaned at the sensation that enveloped his cock.

“You’re too worried you’ll slip inside me as if you don’t really like it. But the looks on your face, I can see that you’re enjoying it.” Elizabeth said continued smiling.

Elizabeth felt Paul’s cock twitched inside her. She responded by flexing her inner muscle.

Paul groaned when he felt Elizabeth’s pussy gripping his cock.

Leah and Erin saw it first and Leah exclaimed, “Look at that ... that’s so cool!” As the rest of them looked and glued at the connected genitals of Paul’s and Elizabeth’s. Then they started to giggle and laugh.

Gina with feigned seriousness said to Paul, “Do you realize that your dick is inside your girlfriends mother?” Still trying to suppress her smile and tried to look serious as she gazed at Paul’s eyes, “And you know that’s not appropriate, isn’t it?

“Not to mention that his dick is inside my wife’s!” Chris added with a smirk and with pretend disappointment at Paul.

With all the swinging with them together with their families, Paul knew that Gina and her dad were not serious and was just playing with him. So he also played their game. “Well ... this is just an accident. And your mom seems to enjoy it the most.” Paul responded to Gina. Then he started to try to disengaged his cock from Elizabeth.

“Don’t you dare take it out of me Paul!” Elizabeth said with mock warning. “Not until the next move. Just leave it in me for now and let us enjoy the nice feeling.” She said to Paul with a teasing grin.

“See that?” Paul pointed out to Gina. “Your mom wants my dick to stay inside her much longer than it should.”

“Mom! You’re being bad! Gina said looking at her mom with a grinning and teasing smile.

Leah noticed that Paul’s cock was not fully inside Elizabeth’s pussy and there’s an inch more gap. So she said “Paul why don’t you push your hips more forward and a bit upwards so you will be fully buried deep in Mom’s pussy?”

“Good advice honey!” Elizabeth said and thank her daughter.

Beth noticed that Paul don’t have much leverage and needs help. So she was able to reach her hands in pushing Paul’s behind and pushed it forward and a bit upwards to meet Elizabeth’s hips.

“Ohhh Mom!” Paul groaned as he felt himself fully deep inside Elizabeth. Then looked at his mom shyly but did not say a thing.

“You’re welcome honey!” Beth smiled lovingly at her son. “I’m just happy to help!”

“Ok, thanks Mom, I guess.” Paul finally said quite awkwardly as he thought he was quite slow because his mom already said “you’re welcome” before he could say “thank you.”

“Mmmm, that’s really nice!” Elizabeth softly moaned as she felt Paul’s cock fully inside her.

Susan got her Polaroid camera and took a picture of that exciting moment.

After another move, Paul’s cock slipped off Elizabeth’s pussy. And the twister game continued with some more moving around the mat and some more entanglements. This time Erin’s pussy brushed for a briefed moment on her dad’s face, specially his lips as she moved and stretched her legs wide to get her foot to the next green spot. And that scene did not go unnoticed, because it causes some teasing comments from others. Beth with one eyebrow raised gave a teasing smile at her husband when he tilted his head sideways to look her way.

Erin seemed to enjoy the feelings because she tried to stay and move so slowly to keep her pussy a bit longer on her dad’s face. And for her dad to have a close up view of her parted pink inner lips

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