A Different Kind of a Valentine's Day

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Max loves Valentine's day and has an interesting evening planned out for his wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   .

Most women love Valentine’s Day. Their lovers buy them flowers and chocolates. Some go out to dinner and receive sexy lingerie. Some men write poems and songs for their loved ones. For Katie Smalls, her husband is really into sex.

During the year, he doesn’t bother Katie for doing crazy sex things. Katie is a bit timid and only likes to do the missionary style of lovemaking. Her husband Max is fine with that, except on Valentine’s day. On Valentine’s Day, Max likes her to masturbate with toys while he watches. He likes to paint her body in chocolate and lick it all off.

He loves lingerie and always picks out something that makes her body look amazing. He also encourages her to wear sexy heels that show off her long legs and amazing ass.

He gives her a rose-petal bubble bath and always has champagne chilling for the two of them. This Valentine’s Day will have all those things but something a little extra too. Max has ordered two escorts to join him and his wife with their lovemaking. First, he was going to just get a woman, but the thought of his timid wife with a well-hung Adonis was more pleasing to him.

Max had been preparing his wife for the festivities. She knows there will be something very kinky that will be happening. She doesn’t exactly know what but knows her husband and his outrageous imagination. She does exactly what he prepares, because it’s the one day she’ll do whatever he pleases.

Katie had a strange upbringing. Religion was the golden rule and her father made her feel shameful about her body and her virginity. Katie was a virgin when they were married. Bringing another man might be a little uneasy for her. This fantasy is what Max wants for Valentine’s Day.

It was Valentine’s evening. Katie just finished up at her office. Max had sent one dozen yellow roses and one red rose to her. She left the roses at her office and drove home. She knew it was going to be a sex-filled evening.

She just had no idea what was in store for her. This was the one day that she let her husband do whatever he liked sexually. She always gave him sex, but only in the missionary position. Max was fine with that. Sex is sex but not on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is hot lovemaking with no boundaries.

Max was already home. Katie parked the car and proceeded to the front door. Max opened the door and had several wrapped boxes in his hand.

“Darling, I’ve been waiting for you. You look scrumptious, my darling.”

Katie gave her husband a kiss on his mouth which really got him going. Katie liked to kiss. Max liked kissing his pretty wife.

“A little something for you. Open it!”

“You’re much too kind. I loved the roses you sent.”

“Nothing is too good for my wife. Open your presents. I know you’ll just adore them.”

Katie opened the two boxes. The first one was a lacy red bra with matching crotchless panties. The second box was a pair of sexy stilettos.

“Thank you for the gifts. I suppose you want me to wear them tonight?”

“Yes. After we have a bath and I give you a sexy massage you can put your gifts on. I want you to look amazing for the next half of the surprise. Why don’t you go upstairs and undress and slip inside of your rose-petal bath with glorious bubbles? I will give you a neck massage and wash your hair.”

“You do spoil me.”

“You’re an amazing wife. I love you, my darling.”

Katie went upstairs to her room. She undressed and went into the bathroom. Max had lit candles and soft music was playing. He had a flute of champagne on the side of the jacuzzi.

Katie slipped into the warm water and turned the jets on. The bubbles felt amazing on her skin. She drank the champagne and closed her eyes. Max eventually came into the bathroom.

“Shall I wash your hair?”

“Yes, that would be amazing.”

Max wet Katie’s hair and scrubbed her hair with some coconut shampoo. He gave his wife a scalp massage. He rinsed her hair and poured conditioner into her scalp. He made sure to get it evenly in her hair. He reached down and gave her neck a nice neck massage while waiting for the conditioner to be washed out. Katie was relaxed and enjoying Max’s strong hands.

After a while, he rinsed her hair and washed her body with a soft sponge. He rinsed his wife off and when she was ready, he toweled her body.

“I want to touch up your makeup and dry your hair. Put your sexy lingerie and shoes on. I’m hard and want to see you in your gifts.”


Katie toweled herself dry and put on her bra and the crotchless panties. She rolled her thigh-highs up her legs and put on her shoes. She walked over to a chair that was in front of her mirror that was hung on the wall.

Max touched up her makeup and dried her hair. He sprayed her hair with hair spray.

“You look gorgeous. I left a new vibrator on the table. I want you to masturbate for me now. Afterwards, I’ll lick your pussy.”

Max was in a pair of black silk boxers. Katie could see how hard he was. She knew that the masturbating would drive him cuckoo. Katie walked over to the table and grabbed the toy. She didn’t usually masturbate, unless Max wanted to see her. She was very timid and shy. Sex was the last thing on her mind.

The vibrator was very long and thick. He left a bottle of KY Jelly there too. She poured the jelly into her palm and wiped it on her pussy. She got comfortable on the bed and opened her legs wide.

She pushed the vibrator into her pussy and fucked herself wildly. Max pulled down his boxers and played with his cock. Max was quite endowed. He kept his groin area quite smooth. He worked his hands up and down his shaft while watching Katie masturbate.

“Fuck that pussy hard! Make your kitty come! Daddy wants to lick her! Fuck kitty puss!”

Max always referred to himself as “daddy” when they had sex together. It really turned him on. Katie was always very embarrassed but knew it excited her husband. She fucked her pussy in and out and made herself cum several times. When Katie orgasmed, white thick pussy cream came pouring out of her pussy and down her legs. It was egg-like and quite thick.

“Pull that vibrator out! Daddy wants to lick that kitty!”

Katie didn’t like how vulgar Max was. She allowed him to talk this way only on Valentine’s Day. Max loved sex and loved giving her pleasure. She gave him sex every day, but only in the missionary position. Max didn’t care. Pussy was pussy. However she wanted to give it was fine with him. He fucked her every day and came in her pussy daily. On Valentine’s Day, he could do other fucked-up shit and she allowed it.

Katie pulled out the vibrator and opened her thighs. Katie looked amazing in her bra and panties. He loved that her pussy was creamy and what it trickled down her legs. He kissed her legs all over and blew on her hot pussy. He kissed the insides of her thighs and moved slowly over her pussy lips. Her pussy was creamy and wet, which further excited him. He pushed his tongue into her tight cunt and tongue fucked her.

Katie held the sheets tightly in her hands. She moaned and slithered on the bed. He licked her and sucked on her clitoris. He slipped his index finger into her pussy and fucked her fast with it. Her pussy exploded several times while he gave her pleasure. He licked her pussy every which way and sucked on her pussy lips until she sprayed all her love juices on his face. His wife, when she was excited, was able to squirt. Pussy licking really helped bring that on.

He moved up next to his wife and kissed her passionately on the mouth. He unhooked her bra and played with her melons. Katie had a nice set of tits. They were round with erect nipples. He twisted them while passionately kissing her. She moaned while he lay on top of her. He pushed his cock into her pussy and thrust in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was extremely tight and soaking wet from eating her out.

He lay on top of her and fucked her hard. Her tits shook to the left and to the right. He loved fucking his wife hard. She moaned and purred like a sweet kitten. It was very hot fucking her.

“I want you to ride me! I want you to play with your breasts. Do it!”

Max went on his back and Katie sat on top of him. She pushed his cock into her pussy and rocked back and forth. She pushed her breasts together and licked at her nipples.

“Fuck! That is so hot. Suck those tits and ride my dick!”

Katie sucked on her nipples and moved her pussy all over his cock. He rubbed her clit and spanked her buttocks while she fucked him hard on the bed. She was playing with her glorious jugs while he moaned and shot a shitload of cum into her pussy.

“Fuck! Baby, you’re so fucking hot. Now change into a pair of white panties and a sexy white bra. We have guests coming over.”


“Yup. I have a couple coming over to fuck you, baby. This is going to be the best Valentine’s Day ever. I’ll be taping the whole thing. It will be the hottest film ever made. Don’t worry, baby; they are both good looking. I made sure the guy is hung. He will be hot for your pussy. Get ready, baby; lots of tongues will be licking that hot cunt.”

“A man and a woman?”

“Yes, baby. I got a well-hung man to fuck you. A little pussy and a dong for my hot wife.”

Katie swallowed hard and looked a little nervous. She drank more champagne and smiled at her husband. She wasn’t sure about his proposal. She had never been with another man nor a woman. She hoped her husband wouldn’t want her to eat pussy. She was straight and didn’t think she could go down on a woman.

“What’s wrong? You look a bit queasy. Don’t worry; if you don’t want to eat pussy it’s fine. She’ll eat yours until you scream for her to stop. Oh, baby, this will be so fucking hot!”

“Okay. Not sure I want to eat pussy though!”

“If you did eat her pussy, it would really turn me on. Fuck! I could watch you lick pussy and jerk off, baby. I want you to try to lick her kitten. Please! Please lick her cunt.”

Katie looked amazing in her white panties and white bra. Max fixed her makeup and arranged her hair. He had her put on a white silk robe and the couple went downstairs to wait for the escorts.

Max told his wife they were a couple. They didn’t know each other, and both were escorts. He didn’t want his wife to know that he paid for them to have sex with them. He wanted professionals.

After a long while, the doorbell rang, and it was the woman. He told the man to come over later in the evening. He wanted his wife to have her experience first with the woman.

Max and Katie answered the door.

“Hi. I’m Violet.”

“Come in, Violet. I’m Max and this is my wife, Katie. Let me take your coat. Please sit and I’ll get you some champagne.”

“Thank you so much.”

Violet was gorgeous. She had black long hair and the bluest eyes. She had an amazing body. She had a nice set of tits and a round ass. She was wearing a sheer white dress. She looked quite sexy. Katie looked like she was going to shit a brick. This beauty didn’t wear a bra or panties. She was showing right through the sheerness of her dress.

Max poured Violet some champagne and filled Katie’s flute too.

“Just want to remind you, I will be taping the entire evening.”

“Yes. I’m aware of that.”

“Great. Maybe you and Katie can get acquainted with each other.”

“You got it.”

Violet moved towards Katie. She sat next to her and softly kissed her mouth. Katie sat very still while the beauty kissed her passionately. They were exchanging more than spit. Max could tell that Katie was turned on. The one thing about her, she really liked to kiss. Violet seemed to do very well in that department.

Violet pulled Katie to stand up where she continued to kiss her. Her fingers started to untie Katie’s robe. Katie looked amazing in her white lacy bra and panties. Violet unclasped her bra and released her glorious globes. She held her breasts in her hands while they continued kissing.

Violet slipped her hands in Katie’s panties and played with her bare pussy. Violet stopped kissing her and commented that Katie was quite wet.

“Should we go upstairs to your bedroom, or can I eat her on the dining room table?”

“The table sounds hot. Why don’t you ladies go in there?”


Violet took Katie by the hand and they walked to the dining room table. Violet pulled Katie’s panties down her legs and put the silk to her nose and smelled her scent.

“Your pussy smells delicious.”

Katie didn’t say anything. Violet helped her onto the table. Katie was just nude with her stilettos on. Violet removed her dress and sat on the chair. She pulled Katie’s legs closer to where she was sitting. Max was taping the event on his video camera. He was erect and hard in his boxers.

Violet kissed Katie’s legs and blew on her pussy. Katie was quite still on the table. Her nipples were hard and sticking straight out. Violet sucked on her clitoris and pushed her fingers into Katie’s snatch. She was moaning while Violet explored her pussy. Katie’s legs were shaking while the gorgeous beauty ate her cunt.

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