How Could You?

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: New wife is a lying slut. How should he deal with that?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   .

I was really worried. She texted a long time ago that she was going out with friends after work. It wasn’t the first time but she never stayed out too late. It was three am! I’d been calling and texting but no responses.

Finally, the door opened and Lisa stumbled in, headed directly for the bathroom and threw up. Then she sat on the stool and peed. She fell asleep even before her bladder emptied. I took some toilet paper and wiped her. There was something else on it besides the pee. A familiar whitish cream. I sniffed it to confirm her pussy was dripping semen.

“Oh shit!” I almost said out loud. We hadn’t screwed in two days so it wasn’t mine. I helped her to the bedroom and stripped her as she laid on top of the covers. There were no panties and her pussy was still a bit reddened and swollen. “Double damn!”

Angry and horny, I dropped my robe and pushed her knees apart and rammed my erection into her wicked cunt. It was just a cunt now! I slammed savagely into what I thought was my exclusive special place for pleasure. She roused and began thrusting her hips hard to meet my lunges.

“Oh, honey, that’s SOOOO good! Harder! Deeper!”

That was NOT what I expected to hear! My feelings were jacked up another notch. I was trying to punish her faithless cunt and she liked it! I’d never screwed her like this! I bent down and bit her hardened nipples. She loved that too! I could tell that juices were running down over her ass so I pulled out and dropped a bit lower and began pushing into the brown hole. “I’ll show her!” I thought.

Her anal sphincter relaxed and I popped inside her poop chute. She stopped her humping and her heels went towards the ceiling. She whimpered and it was not from pain.

I ejaculated and pulled out suddenly. She moaned and fell back asleep. After washing up I slept on the couch.

It was after noon when she surfaced. I’d heard the shower already and now she was looking for coffee. I poured it wordlessly.

She sipped it cautiously, “Hangover”

I was surprised, “But you’re pregnant! Not supposed to be drinking.”

“Not now,” was all she said for a while.

We’d been married just a couple of months. It was a hurry-up ceremony after she told me she was “with child”. She wouldn’t abort or put it up for adoption. And that was after four months of dating, two of which it had taken to seduce her. I waited for an explanation. What the hell was going on with this woman?

She spoke slowly and carefully, “Yesterday mid-morning I started having bad cramps and my supervisor took me to Urgent Care. I was miscarrying. When they released me I didn’t want to go home or back to work. I felt like shit emotionally. Hell, I’d just adjusted to becoming a mother and it got ripped away.

“I called a boyfriend I was dating while you and I were and he took me to his place. I got drunk and he banged the shit out of me. To clarify, what you and I do was ‘making love’, gentle and romantic. I had an unmet need for that, which is why I went out with you. But he would ‘bang’ me. Hard and dirty, like you did to me when I got home this time. That met my slutty and raw female need.

“I needed just cathartic and animal mating and he gave me that. His roommate came home in the middle of it so they took turns until they couldn’t anymore. That’s my miserable story. Does that make things any clearer?”

I spoke up, “But I thought you were a virgin when we went to bed.”

“Hell, no! A long way from it. I’ve been fucking since I was fifteen. Pretty often and usually with more than one boyfriend at a time. I sized you up and acted innocent. You believed it. The baby I lost could have been planted by two or three guys besides you. I was faithful after the wedding, until last night, but it was a struggle.”

I was still puzzled, “If you were getting what you needed from that guy then why did you come back here?”

“When the lust and anger calmed down, I felt terrible. I’d deceived you in two ways, broken my marriage vows, and failed as a mother. I had to feel better about myself so I came to seek your forgiveness. Then I was too wiped out to deal with it last night.

“You surprised the shit out of me by banging me like I’ve always needed you to. I didn’t know you could do that. I regret going elsewhere now.”

I looked grimly at her, “I didn’t know. I’ve not bedded many girls and I always thought they wanted romance. Surprised me too. But look what it took for us both to learn something important about each other. Talk about the hard way!” After I said it I recognized the double meaning.

Lisa got my full attention before she spoke, “You’ve got another choice right now. I rinsed my pussy clean in the shower. I’m going back to our bed. If you can accept the real me as a ‘new” wife, then come make love with me. Yes, I said ‘make love”. That’s what I need right now. If you can’t, then leave for a few hours and I’ll be gone.”

She stood up, shrugged off her robe, and walked to the bedroom.

It was half an hour and she’d dozed off before her knees were pushed apart and her husband’s mouth found her love box. Tears of joy soon became cries of soft and tender passion.

The next morning before daybreak, she woke me with a persistent command, “Bang me hard this time! Maybe I love to fuck too much. I sure hope you can keep loving a woman like me because I really need it.”

She wouldn’t let me out of bed because she wanted more of my cock and she talked while she waited for me to be useful in that way again. Being a guy, it was a challenge for me to understand how women’s minds worked. It was also not easy for me to understand how she could go out and spread her legs for somebody besides her husband when she said that she loved me. I did understand that all I could do was love her and accept her and be there for her as she worked through the struggle between her inner needs and what was expected of a wife.

In the past six months Lisa has “slipped” twice, once during an afternoon and once in an evening outing. She told me right away and seemed eager to be “reclaimed”, the first with “loving” and the second with “banging”. Our communications are better now. Can’t you tell?

I’m getting turned on by her tales of her tail’s past adventures and learning the first names of some of the “star players”. Two of them were involved in her extra-marital ones, one twice, the first time and the most recent.

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