A Very Special Education

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Teacher provides a vital service to young men in need.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   First   .

Cora’s husband got a new big bucks job. The money was good but there was a one drawback as far as she was concerned. He was sent on large overseas projects for months at a time. Usually three gone and then a month off. She was a junior high teacher but now a stay-at-home. They had no kids so she got bored and horny. Even taking on some volunteer work didn’t help those very much, and especially the second part.

There was another still active teacher who she had become good friends with and they would get together for coffee or sometimes drinks. One Friday they were sharing a glass of wine when her girlfriend Amy complained about the aggressive girls who were after her nice-looking 16-year-old son. She and his father had tried to supplement the sex ed that he was given at school but knew that he was curious and would someday succumb even if only to find out what it was really like.

This wasn’t the first time the Cora had heard about that issue. She had enjoyed tutoring kids in the regular classroom so maybe she could become a sex tutor! That could be a lot of fun for her to and help with her hornies.

Her husband was just back from his assignment and they spent quite a bit of time in bed the first couple of days catching up. Wanting to get the subject going, she asked him how the men on the project dealt with their sexual needs. Did they use prostitutes? Did they try to bed local women?

He explained that where they were in the Middle East right now was difficult for either of those things to be done because of the culture. There were a few women on the project and several of them made it known that they would “help out” with those needs for a modest fee. The company actually encouraged that for morale. Yes, he’d been tempted.

Cora’s response to that was, “I’ve been tempted too. Perhaps you should avail yourself since it would just be sex and not really an affair. What would you think of me if I had a sex-buddy, as I think they called them now?”

He wasn’t sure but then he realized the double standard that still hung on. They didn’t talk about it again until he was leaving for his next project time. Cora told him to try it and email how it worked out. She promised to let him know before she tried anything.

Her husband emailed a week later that he had made an arrangement with a married woman who looked a lot like her. She had a counseling background so knew how to make it satisfying without too much emotional involvement. She even suggested calling her Cora when they were screwing.

Cora wrote back that she was glad he was getting taken care of and it sounded like a good arrangement. She then outlined the very basics of what she wanted to do. Because of the age difference there was little chance of emotional entanglement and even the sexual involvement would be time-limited since her goal would be to graduate them when they’d reached the right skill level. How many lessons that would take she had no idea.

Her husband wrote back that he had jacked off when reading her email. He hadn’t expected she could be so inventive and had shared it with his own fuck-buddy. That woman thought it was a good idea and she had done a couple of them herself so had some suggestions that he would pass along. One question though, would she only give her lessons while he was gone?

She responded that she thought that was the idea, that it would fulfill her sexual needs in his absence and that she would want to focus on him when he was available. In her thoughts she wondered if it would turn him on. Would he want to watch her fucking a young man? That would be pretty wild!

Starting with the suggestions from Emma, the work woman her husband was fucking, she developed a curriculum as she had done when she was teaching. Training was similar enough and, besides the practical work, she wanted to be sure that their prior sex ed had included all the topics she thought were important so there would be a review session as part of the program.

When she told her girlfriend Amy what she was setting up, the woman was ecstatic and also suggested that her son be given some tasks to do around the house that husbands-in-residence normally took care of. That would be his tuition and also good training for the future. They both decided that starting with those tasks would give him a way to get to know Cora before they got into the much more personal stuff.

It worked well and it didn’t take too many of the three-times-a-week sessions before Jimmy was getting naked with his trainer and learning about the mysterious female body. Although it was difficult, Cora held back from just jumping on his nice hard bone until the proper time in the program. Her fingers and dildo got plenty of exercise after each of the classes. That happened even more when they got into teaching about foreplay, although getting each other off orally was a big relief for both parties.

When they finally got down to fucking, Cora was amazed at his energy, something her husband hadn’t displayed at that level maybe ever. They worked on Jimmy’s endurance but his wiener didn’t wilt much even after he blew his wad and it hardened up quickly when stimulated by almost anything although he preferred to just leave it in that wonderful wet place to rejuvenate. She finally had to make him stop because the lesson time was over and her pussy was getting a bit sore. That was something new as well, but she was not complaining.

As they moved to different positions they were both having a great time and neither wanted the sessions to end. Jimmy always came up with new questions which would necessitate another get together and Cora accepted any flimsy excuse to continue the training.

Finally it was time for her husband to return and things were going to have to change. As a special graduation treat, she had Jimmy spend the night although she was concerned that her pussy would be tender for her husband when he undoubtedly jumped on it the next day.

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