The Invitation

by Marduk

Copyright© 2019 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A married man, in a hopeless relationship scans dating/chat sites in the hope of connecting with an obliging woman. He does, not very attractive, rather plump and with tits almost to her navel, they chat, they meet, they fuck, boy do they fuck and she covered all his desires but the distance to reach her is a pain - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Orgy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   Hairy   Size   .

Sam flipped through the array of contact sites that he was interested in; there were not many profiles that he was really taken by for many showed no picture or gave far too much information. However there were a few that gave the computer image and so little information that he was intrigued, these he did click on for they had that element of mystery about them.

Although married there had been no intimacy with his wife in years, they existed together and that was all and it was these sites that supplied him with that ‘closeness’ that he missed. There was one who called herself smiley, but without a face he had no idea why she called herself that, she did give her age as 58, which was in the age he indicated interest. He gave a brief introduction and mentioned as she didn’t give much information he didn’t have a subject to commence a line of communication on and sent it off.

Although he had been on the ‘contact’ agenda for a number of weeks the results were not encouraging, despite many of the profiles he had attempted to engage. ‘A waste of fucking time’, he muttered to himself as he got up and made himself an ice cream soda. He returned and immediately a message flashed onto the screen ‘Smiley liked you and is added to your contacts’. He opened the connection. There was no photo but the contents were encouraging. ‘I read your profile Sam and I liked your photo. My name is Cathy, I am 58 years old. I live alone although I have a dog, called ‘mutt’ and I would like to chat with you and I am online in the evenings – Cathy.

She must have sent it and then went off-line, however, he replied that he would be delighted to engage her and thanked her for telling him her name and hit the send button. He did read the limited information on her profile and noticed that she was a distance away but not that impossible to not reach in a day. He also noticed she was saying ‘a bit overweight’. For the rest of the day he didn’t bother much with the internet for he had other items on his agenda and he didn’t go onto the computer in a serious mode till later in the evening. The same time Cathy said she was on line. It was nearly eight when he opened the site, a green dot of recognization told him she was on line as a couple of other women he had chattered to were as well, those women were well distant but were very good at conversation but the hope of a physical connection he didn’t think was possible. However, Cathy was closer, although some hours distance. So he opened – ‘Evening Cathy are you on line?’ Seconds passed then the symbol of a pen writing appeared. “Yes Sam I am on. Thank you for replying. “What attracted you to contact me?” he typed. A pause before the pen again moved. ‘You said you liked plump and heavy breasted women. I think I would qualify for you give the impression of being a tit man’. He didn’t hesitate in replying. ‘Yes I am but without a photo I have to take your word for your description’, he hit the send button. A slight pause and then the pen moved. ‘Would you like me to show you my tits? That comment just needed one word ‘Yes’. Within seconds a photo appeared and his comment was ‘Fuck they are magnificent’, even though her face wouldn’t qualify her for a modelling career. He paused before replying although she certainly wasn’t the sort of woman that would attract much attention for she wasn’t exactly ugly but not pretty either, he didn’t want to push her away with a frank response, however, she had offered to drop out her tit so he typed. ‘They are great Cathy so I gather you will fuck’. Again seconds passed and then the pen began to move ‘Fuck – absolutely’

From then on it was message after message, even more erotic pictures of her and a couple of himself, finally a full nude and this time her plumpness was very evident for her stomach hung low, almost covering the growth of hair at her groin, but she was a woman and she said that she would not only suck his cock but welcome his cock even if he wanted to shove it up her bum; apart from her facial appearance she was his ideal woman so now it was ‘when do we meet?’

His idea of a neutral setting for that first meeting was not welcome; she didn’t go into details but made it clear that they met at her home, he didn’t argue for the tone of her reply was on the abyss of being hostile. He asked for her address and this time she apologized for she could not pick him up for she didn’t have a car.

Her address was a small unit, set among a number of trees, the garden was not great and evidence of lack of interest was very evident. ‘I’m not here to admire the garden’, he muttered as he knocked. ‘I’m here to fuck’. The door opened, she was wearing a rather shabby gown. Her hair was a mess, definitely hadn’t been combed but her smile was very genuine. “Sam!” she excitedly cried. “I’m ... I’m so glad you came. I ... I was ... Oh! It doesn’t matter, you are here” and with that gave a lingering kiss that enable him to slip under the folds of the gown and feel the softness of her enormous tit and realise that under the gown she was nude. “Would ... would you like a cup of tea or have you something else in mind?” she asked with a grin. The invitation was obvious. “A cup of tea would be great Cathy”, he replied. “The other would need a lot of attention and a lot more time”. She just smiled but made no attempt to close the gown that now showed almost her entire nudity and it was desirable.

The snack was over now as she washed the dishes he came up behind her, gripped those hanging melons, squeezed and pulled the nipples that hardened with each touch and then moved to her groin, rubbing her up, pulling the hair and then working his fingers between the lips of her sex; while she began to pant and offer little grunts of enjoyment. Suddenly she turned and planted kissed on him that took his breath away but it was when she grabbed his groin that he winched but when she whispered without letting go of his hardened cock “Get it out and shove it up me”, that any doubts about his visit vanished like the mirage they really were.

They fucked, boy did they fuck. She was like a minor earth tremor, she shuddered and bucked, locking him with her plump and heavy legs one minute and spreading them wide the next. He buried his face between those mountains of flesh, dragging her saliva covered nipples into his mouth or gripping the tit and massaging or mauling it while between her grunts and gasps she would drag his face towards hers and snap. ‘Don’t stop. Keep pumping, just keep pumping”. Finally it came; that thrust that exploded his balls and her backside rose and her cry of satisfaction echoed around that rather shabby room. Slowly he pulled out and rolled beside her as she still panted and her tits still vibrated from the ravishing she had just received.

They must have dozed for it was after three in the afternoon when she stirred. She smiled as she gripped his now exhausted cock. “Oh! It is so limp and soft Sam I hope that it won’t stay like that. I don’t like this cock. I like it hard, thick and very long” He smiled as he lifted himself up and spread his legs a bit. “Well if you put your mouth around it I’m sure you desires would be met. You are one very randy cunt, Cathy”, he said as she began to squeeze and pull his now slightly hardening prick. “I don’t like the word ‘cunt’ Sam”, she said. “Generally they say ‘pussy’ I do think that is a bit ridiculous, I am not a fucking cat”. They were her last audible words as her mouth began the motion that always drove him over the edge. She sucked and sucked and when he pulled her head into his groin and pushed his groin upwards not a fraction of cock was out of her mouth and he held her in that position till she had drained him. She pulled away, cum and saliva dribbling from her lips. She gave her mouth a quick wipe. “I think a shower would be in order”, she grinned and then helped him up.

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