Meeting My Child

by Mixerman

Copyright© 2019 by Mixerman

Romantic Sex Story: I finally get to meet my daughter Andrea. Her mother named her after her father, ME. And also we hear of Amelia's tragic news.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Tear Jerker   .

The world is an illusion, with reality mixed in.

So I finally got a summer vacation, 9 days off! Only one thing on my mind, visit my daughter!

Sent an e-mail to Amelia and Julia about the time I will off. Needed to know which country I will be going to. The next morning I had a reply from them. It read:

Drew! How nice to hear from you. That week we will be in Julia country. We will meet you at the airport and have our daughter with us. We both miss you! And I miss little Drew! Let us know when you have booked your flight.

Love you and miss you

Amelia and Julia

The next day I received another E-mail. This one from Julia, It read:

Drew, please do not tell Amelia that I wrote you. Drew what I have to say is not good news. It seems that Amelia is sick. Doctors have given her maybe 2 years to live. She has a cancer. She had surgery and therapy after. All looked good. But this past winter it came back. Slowly, it is taking over her body. Your visit might be the last time you see her. Yes we should have told you earlier, but we wanted you not to worry. Once we pick you up at airport we will go to my cabin in the woods so you can make good memories of your last meeting with Amelia.

Love Julia

HOLY SHIT!!!! I had no idea that Amelia was sick. No word was EVER said to me!

This made the time go by so slow. What would she look like? Is she still the same Amelia? Will she still be full of life and energy? I have seen what cancer does to people; I do not like it at all.

Well the months passed by. We chatted thru E-mails; they sent me many pictures of Andrea. And I never let on as to what Julia told me. I sent them my flight info and got a non-stop flight from my home to theirs.

As I got off the plane and descended the stairs, I saw Julia along with Andrea.

She was even more beautiful in real life then in the pictures they sent me.

I asked Julia about Amelia, and she said we will talk in car. We went and got my luggage and then went to her car. Julia told me that Amelia was having a bad time the last few days. That she did want me to see her as she was. She lost some weight and thought that I would not like her. She has been depressed and not wanting to fight anymore. Julia said she just wants it all to end. Some days she is good with Andrea and some she wants nothing to do with her. I asked how long that she has felt that way? Julia said ever since Andrea was born, and yes she was checked out for Post-Partem Depression. But it was while she was in hospital that they found the cancer. She had a tough time recovering from the delivery and that they did some test and found it. Andrea was also checked out and is 100% healthy.

We got to Julia’s apartment. Julia told me to leave my luggage in the car. We went up to their apartment to get their luggage and Amelia. Julia was right, Amelia did lose some weight. Could see it in her face, plus she looked sad.

I went to Amelia and hugged her and kissed her. She pushed me away, saying that she was ugly and did not want to go. I put her in a bear hug and told her that she was the second best thing I saw that day, Andrea being the first.

A: Drew, you stupid fucking man!

D: What are you talking about?

A: Drew, I’m dying! And I may not see our daughters third birthday!

D: (with shocked face) What did you just say? You’re dying? Tell me more!

A: The doctors found it when I was slow to recover after childbirth. I had surgery and therapy. But it has returned! It is all over my body.

D: OK we will have time to talk about all this at Julia’s cabin and make lasting memories.

A: I don’t want to go!! I’m not going!!

D: Listen here Contessa!(my name for her) You and I are going to make some happy memories together!

A: You just want to fuck me!!!

D: NO!! I want to make love to you. And have a good time with my ‘family’.

Amelia stood there like a deer in the headlights, staring at me with her mouth open. Then the flood gate opened. She cried and cried. I held her in a tight hug and told her that I loved her. Julia loved her, and Andrea loved her. Julia joined us in the hug. So did Andrea.

Once Amelia was calmed down and ready to go, we moved luggage to the car and started off to the train station. And now for the long train ride, almost 8 hours. Once we got Andrea fed she fell asleep in her seat. I sat next to Amelia and asked her if she wanted to make out. Julia heard me and told me that that is not allowed on the train, in public, anyway. So I just gave her a kiss and wrapped my arm around her. I told her I wanted a good vacation with her, Julia and our child. Another hour and Amelia was asleep. Julia nodded her head to me and I followed. We went to the beverage car and got some coffee and found a place to sit. Julia told me that the doctors have moved her time with us shorter. I asked the doctors not to tell her. They said I had to. I told the Doctors that the father of her child was coming for a visit and that she should have some happy memories before we told her. They agreed with me.

We talked for a while longer then went back with fresh drinks. Julia asked me if it was weird to see the sun up at 11PM.

It’s 11PM!! Wow! I had no idea it was that late. I should be tired but with everything happening, I’m not.

We finally arrived at our stop and picked up our luggage. We walked out of the station and Julia led us to a car. Yes, it is mine and I had a friend bring it here for me. Big 4 wheel drive Suburban. This is one of the ways we travel around here.

Julia drove us to the cabin. Along the way I only saw 2 other houses. It is so peaceful here. And if you like trees, well good, because that is all you see.

We arrived at the cabin and Julia said tomorrow will give you the grand tour. Right now we need to get everyone some sleep, it is Midnight now. So that is what we did. Andrea had her bed in a small loft over the kitchen. Julia and Amelia bed was in a separate room, and I got a couch for now. Once I lay down, I was out!

Something smells good! Bacon and coffee; my favorites. I got good morning kisses from them and asked Julia where the little boy’s room was. She pointed to the outhouse. So off I went. When I returned, Andrea was up and eating sitting on Amelia’s lap. I took several pictures of them.

READER ... have I said I loved them???? Well I do!!

After we ate and got dressed for the day. Julia took me on a tour of the property.

The main cabin, over to the sauna (OH, the stories I heard about it), the generator shed, the garage with work bench and tools. She also had a shooting range set up. Up here you are food to the bears, so DO NOT, wander off without a rifle! We only kill for defense. If we do kill, we use the entire animal.

As we walked back to the cabin, we saw Amelia and Andrea coming from the sauna, naked! Julia explained the bathing area was in there. Which reminds me, you mister could use a shower! Come on, I’ll join you. She walked to the sauna, as she took off her top.

NOW reader ... I have only seen Julia naked 3 times before. Still she is a beauty!

In the sauna, there were tubs of water. One was hot from the fire the other was cold. Wash with hot water. Rinse with cold water. So that is what I did. I asked Julia if she wanted me to do her back. The look she gave me could kill! Then she told me to jerk-off and lose that erection before I went back to the cabin!

So that is what I did.

Hard to not get and erection looking at Julia’s naked body! She has a 38C chest with a tight, firm ass. She is also shaved.

When I was leaving the sauna, I noticed my clothes were missing. I called out to the girls and they said come and get them. So, I had no choice but to walk naked back to the cabin. Inside all three were still naked. Amelia was reading to Andrea and Julia was cleaning the kitchen. Inside I was nervous about being naked around Andrea. I asked what the plans were for the day. Julia said she had to thank her friend, Liam. Amelia was going to rest up from the trip and Andrea would just be herself.

Julia left to see Liam and Amelia put Andrea down for a nap. She went to her bed and called me to join her. As I entered the bedroom, her arms were outstretched for me. I joined her on the bed and we fell into a cuddle.

A: Drew so you know, Julia will let Liam fuck her in the ass for him doing what he did. Are you jealous?

D: Maybe? Always wanted a turn with her, but she is 99.99% lesbian. She had told me that she has ‘fuck buddies’.

A: Yes she visits him twice a year, when we come up here. He stocks the cabin with food, plows the snow for us, and delivers the car to the train station.

D: Have you ever been with him?

A: Only once. He was ... let me say ... a fast lover ... in-out a few times and it was over. But that is enough for Julia to ... errrrr ... scratch her itch.

D: Amelia, this is so cozy being here with you now in this setting, I want to make love to you.

A: Drew, I know you do! I want to also! But I need to rest a bit.

With that she fell asleep. Guess she is getting weaker and weaker. I laid there thinking about us, when I hear ‘mama’. I got up, put on some shorts and got Andrea out of bed. Here was my child and I knew nothing about her. So I decided to get to know her. We played on the floor, we colored, and I read her stories. I showed her pictures of me at home. She enjoyed all that. Soon I heard Amelia stir and she came out. She grabbed some water and went outside and sat in the sun. She seemed so lifeless to me. I wanted to do something for her, but did not know what.

That is when we heard Julia coming back. She parked and went to Amelia, stripping as she did. They shared a kiss. Julia then came inside, took Andrea in her arms and put her in her chair and gave her lunch. She waved to me and we went into their room.

J: What happened while I was gone?

D: Nothing! She said she was tired and wanted a nap.

J: You made no move on her! She wanted you to love her!

D: I asked her if she wanted to make love, but she wanted to rest.

J: Yes, she has been the same way with me, no longer interested in sex with me.

D: You know her better than me, what can we do to help her?

J: Today we let her rest. Tomorrow we make her have and enjoy sex.

D: How will we do that?

J: Leave it to me. (and with that shook her tits at me. Those amazing 38C tits)

We had dinner. Played with Andrea and soon turned in for sleep.

... Reader do you know how hard it is to sleep with the sun up?...

The next morning, I heard moans of pleasure coming from there room. Julia was working her magic on Amelia. Andrea woke and I got her. We did morning routines and fixed breakfast together. The ladies soon emerged and they went and did their routines. Back at the table we ate and Julia said she had to go to town and was taking Andrea with her (she winked at me). They soon left and said they would be about 6 hours. (town was an hour away)

I took Amelia outside and laid her on the lounge chair and gave her a massage. Starting with her toes and working my way up her legs. Her legs still seemed good and full of meat. Her ass was a bit smaller, but still firm. Her back was still the same to me. As she rolled over, I moved back towards her feet. I worked my way up her legs, advoiding her pussy and her belly button. (she is very ticklish there) Her tits did seem smaller in my hands, but still delightful. I leaned over and kissed her, with a long, slow lover’s kiss. She responded in kind. All we did for several minutes was kiss, as we remained wrapped up in each other. She reached down and grabbed my cock and slowly moved her hand up and down. When she did this I played with her breast. Rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Then I pinched it and as she jumped I inserted my cock to its home, warm, wet and tight, just as I remembered it to be. She moved in her sultry way to give us both pleasure. When I came in side of her, she yelled out and her body shook. She blacked out. As she came to she looked at me and said Thank You Drew! You made me feel loved and alive. That is something that has been missing in me for a long time.

We got up from the lounge chair and went to clean up. After we sat and had a chat.

D: Why did you not tell me?

A: We did not want to worry you. We know how hard it is for you get here.

D: For my girls I would drop anything for you.

A: We know! That is why we wanted to wait till you were here.

D: Well DAM IT! I should have been told earlier!

A: I told Julia not to tell you. You would have been torn apart with worry.

D: Well I was! Julia did tell me! SHIT!!! I was not to tell you that.

A: Drew, please, please, my Count, do not let this tear you up. I Love You! All three of us do.

D: What have you told Andrea about me? Or what will you tell her?

A: Now she is only 15 months old. We will tell her that you are her daddy and that she was made from love.

I sat there and all I could think of was: I Love You. I told her that and kissed her.

A: Julia and I have discussed this many times. We want her to know that she was born from love and was raised with love.

D: So do you want a few pictures of me? To also show her in her as she gets older in life?

A: We have a lot from the wedding, but adding some now will also be good.

D: We shall do that when they get back. Until then let’s have a replay.

A: I should be mad at you, Drew! But you make me feel so alive when we make love.

D: Let us then make love!

So that is what we did. I slid my cock into her and just moved slowly inside of her. Enjoying the wetness, the warmth, the way she constricted herself around me. We continued to make love outside. THEN ... we heard a horn. Julia and Andrea were back. We had maybe 15 seconds to finish or stop. I Pounded Her! HARD! I shot off inside her, not caring if she came or not. And then I laid next to her before the truck came into view. Amelia laid there with fresh cum leaking from her. Julia and Andrea came by; Julia winked at me, and went inside. Amelia still laid there before she called to me.

A: Drew, please help me get cleaned up. You really took a lot out of me today. I have not had that much sex in a long time. You have done something to me that even Julia could not do, made me feel like a woman. For that I will never forget you.

D: Amelia, you did not get that feeling from Julia?

A: Ever since I was diagnosed with this cancer, Julia has been there for me. But she was always to nice. I missed the times when she would use me for pleasure, as I would use her for mine.

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