Biff the Bi Buddy

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Fun with the neighbor guy and my wife evolves into more participating in sex fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   Pregnancy   Water Sports   .

Part 1

Biff wasn’t a true buddy but it made the title work out well. He was a neighbor in the apartment complex my wife and I lived in while in college. I did help him discover that he was bi-sexual however.

Biff was a scrawny little guy with a chubby but small-titted blond wife Brenda. We were all not far past twenty-one and not long married. My wife is Carol, an average size brunette with C-cup tits, a pretty face, and a hot hairy twat.

Every now and then I’d treat Biff to a few beers, something his religious wife wouldn’t let him buy. It only took two before he got real tipsy and loosened up. That’s when I started having fun. I could ask him anything and he’d tell me. He liked the attention I think.

I started by inquiring about their sex life. They screwed every few days. Neither had been laid before the wedding. Just some touch-feely with some boy and girlfriends. Biff had gotten naked with another guy when they were younger and first getting erections. He admitted he enjoyed their explorations which had included some oral and anal experimentation.

When I asked him about any fantasies, he had one that popped right out. He wished he could have sex with Carol. He thought she was HOT. I agreed with him and fed it by saying that she loved to fuck and was always ready for me. He said that Brenda was raised evangelical and only did missionary position reluctantly when he begged for pussy.

Carol and I each had a bit of sexual history before we met and she was pretty open minded. Telling about our pasts was fun but we’d kind of used up the erotic potential of that. I told her about my conversations with Biff. She got the idea that we could have some fun with him.

I’d picked up that Brenda ran the marriage and Biff was rather submissive which is why I could get him to spill his thoughts. We needed to think up some sexual situations where the two of us could use Biff as a sex toy. Carol had no interest in screwing him nor was I interested in Brenda.

Carol suggested some voyeurism for starters. His wife worked evenings so that’s when we’d have some beer. The next time I got him lit Carol said she was going to take a shower. We have a clear shower curtain so I asked Biff if he’d like a peek at what I slept with every night. He was on it in a flash. I had him look through the slightly opened door. Carol turned to show all sides but never looked towards the door. I could see his crotch bulge and his hand went to rub it. I whispered, “Pull it out. I will too.”

His pecker was at least an inch shorter than my average one. He stared and pulled. When I sensed he was going to spurt I didn’t want a mess on the door or carpet so I turned him towards me and he shot on my crotch. I ordered, “You’d better GIT!”

I went into the bathroom told Carol, “Get dry quick!” and pointed to the globs of cum on my belly, pubes, and cock. She bent over the counter and I rammed my pre-lubed pecker in to the hilt. As I pumped I told her what happened and that Biff’s semen was in her now. She convulsed in a powerful orgasm and I quickly followed.

We spent the evening in bed talking about what happened. Carol mused about the first different wigglers looking for her egg since we got engaged. When we first started dating she was definitely not exclusive with me. She later confirmed I got seconds a number of times. I remarked about how she’d made Biff’s day and wondered how he was handling it. We now had a real hold on him, I figured.

I didn’t see Biff for a week. I finally made a point to find him and tell him things were OK. “Hey Biff, what happened the other day is OK. Carol thought it was funny.”


“Of course! We don’t keep secrets. What did Brenda think?”

“I CAN’T tell her! She’d kill me.”

Just as I thought. Great blackmail material. Now for the next step.

“Come on over. I just bought some beer.”

He could never resist that offer and was soon at his limit. Carol made an entrance wearing her bathrobe. She stood in front of him smiling and asked, “How’s the pecker puller tonight?”

He was in distress as he said, “I think I’d better be going.”

Carol pushed him back in the chair with, “Sit down unless you want Brenda to hear about the other day.” It dawned on his befuddled brain what the rules were now.

“Pull out that pecker that liked looking at me. It’s going to get a much closer look now. OK, that’s better. Now drop your pants altogether.”

Carol reached for the slim shaft pointing at the ceiling and had barely grasped it when it erupted. She put her messy hand to his face and snapped firmly, “Clean it off!” He stared then did it.

She dropped her robe and he just kept staring. His pecker kept pointing up too. “I heard you like to see naked women. Here’s a good look.” She walked around only feet away from his dropped jaw. She posed provocatively giving the poor guy great visuals of her tits and ass. His hand was stroking his rod faster and faster.

“Don’t you dare waste that stuff. Here, this is better!” Carol knelt down and squeezed her tits around the small shaft. A few strokes later it spewed semen on her upper chest. She pulled back so her tits got coated too. “Time to go, Biff! I want you here tomorrow.”

He pulled up his pants as he exited. Carol was already pulling my pants off. She rubbed my erection on her chest, wetting it with the fresh male juice, and guided it into a sopping snatch. No words were needed. Her intense gaze said it all as she bucked and fucked me. Then we showered and ate dinner.

Later that night she wanted me inside her again. “What do you think of your slut wife?”

“I love it! I’m looking forward to seeing what you dream up for your little sex slave next. As long as I get to watch you can do anything you want to.”

“Even fuck him?”

“That would be something to see. I’m hardly worried that he will steal you away.”

“I don’t know if I’ll go that far, but never say never.”

Brenda worked the next day so Biff was back, obviously loving the attention he was getting. Carol asked him, “Did ya get laid last night?”

He looked sheepish as he replied, “Yes. She didn’t want to as usual but I insisted and it was pretty good. She actually seemed to enjoy it a bit”

“I bet you were thinking about me, weren’t you?”

“How could I not? You are so gorgeous and sexy.”

Carol then began giving orders, telling Biff to get naked and having me tie him to the bed. She reassured him, “I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to be completely in charge.”

I watched spellbound as she rubbed her tits on various parts of his body then straddled his waist. As she lowered her pussy towards his erection laying on his belly I wondered if she was going to fuck him. No, she just rubbed her labia along the shaft a couple of times then moved towards his head. She asked if he ate Brenda’s pussy and he shook his head. I knew what was coming next.

He was really inexperienced so it was fascinating to watch her teach Biff what to do with this tongue and lips. She came and he was proud of himself. I thought his pecker was going to spurt a couple of times. Finally, she moved back down to his waist and laid her pussy on his cock again. It didn’t take many slider strokes before I saw the white jets shoot out on his belly. Looking at me she moved her pussy to the creamy globs and rubbed it in them then up to his mouth again. “Clean up your mess!”

He left and we fucked, real hard.

It was two nights later that Brenda worked and Biff came over as ordered. He and I just stripped and started on our beer. Carol was joining us now but she always started in her robe. Biff had a question for Carol. “How can I get to eat Brenda? I tried on our honeymoon and she said it was perverted.”

Carol thought for a minute and suggested he start by really paying attention to her nipples because they seemed to be “wired” to pussies. She advised, “Then start kissing her all over. If she objects tell her that a Christian magazine article said that you should love your spouse “all over”. Kiss her down the outside of her legs and on her knees and toes then come back up the inside. When you get to her pussy just go for it. I don’t know of any woman that will stop you once you are there. Good luck!”

Biff got up to take a piss and Carol ordered him, “Hold it for a bit.” When we finished the beer we were on she took us to the bathroom and told Biff to sit in the tub and asked me to follow her lead.

She got in the tub and stood over Biff. Her fingers went to her crotch and a yellow stream shot out aimed at Biff’s pecker. She had good aim and soaked his whole crotch. She told me to join in but only use half. I was too hard to aim properly or release the flow. When she was empty, Carol put her pussy on Biff’s mouth and he cleaned it up.

She stepped out of the tub and told me to get in and sit across from Biff. We were told that we had to get rid of our erections for the next activity so Biff was to kneel in front of me and jack off onto my cock. It was wild to feel the hot globs landing on it. Then he had to suck me off! We both looked at her and she said, “Biff said he did that with the kid next door so it’s nothing new.” I have to admit it felt good and I blew a nice load down his throat.

With our peckers becoming more flexible, Carol laid down in the tub and told us to pee on her tits and pussy. I got her tits first then we switched targets. She spread her legs wide so I could really hit her clit and she climaxed.

We all rinsed off and Biff left. I was still sort of in shock as she led me to bed, still turned on. She sucked me hard and jumped on for a ride.

As we were waiting for Biff to show up the next time Carol asked me, “What do you think of our activities so far?”

I replied, “You keep surprising me, that’s for sure. It’s damn interesting and Biff doesn’t seem to be complaining either.”

“Good, I’ve always wanted to be wicked and I’m glad you’re going along with it.”

This time our leader, Carol, took us to the marital bed. She’d found out from Biff that Brenda had decided that carpet munching was a gift from God and wanted it every night. Then he could “cleave to his wife” as the Bible recommended.

Carol had herself and me lie down on the bed on our backs. Biff was to orally pleasure both of us to a state of arousal. My wife then mounted me reverse cowgirl and Biff licked out joined parts as she rose and fell on my rod. His reward was a blowjob which was culminated by ejaculating on her pussy while it was filled with my pecker. As he watched, we then finished our screw with his semen as lubricant. Rolling on to her back, Carol ordered her sex slave to clean both of us. When he finished she gave him a big open mouth kiss followed by one to me. Session done for Biff, but not for us! We romped again after he left.

The next night, we were told, would be the final one for at least a while and would be special. Carol had me buy a pack of small condoms on my way home. We guys were really curious about the agenda.

It started much like the night before except that I was told to watch. Carol explained, “My husband has heard about my sex experiences before we met but, of course, has never seen what I have done. Tonight is show time.

After the usual oral warm up, she rolled a condom on his small shaft and, as I watched closely, had me hold it upright so her pussy could lower upon it. I watched as her labia spread and took it in. She took my hand and had me feel where they joined. Then she ordered Biff to tell her if he was getting ready to blow, since she might not feel it with the wrapper. My hot wife lavished oral attention on my rigid rod as she rode Biff’s small one. When Biff gave her the warning she pulled off him, stripped off the condom, and took his load in her mouth. She turned around and gave me oral “sloppy seconds” as I quickly blasted a much larger cum shot to join his in her mouth. Biff got a French kiss and swallowed the combined collection of semen.

She rinsed her mouth with a beer and we all recharged. This “wicked woman” I didn’t know I had married told us that there was one more act in the play, but we needed our manly abilities restored. She told Biff that if he could figure out a way, she’d talk with Brenda about a wider range of activities in their bedroom. Biff was already eternally grateful for the improvements so far.

When we’d drunk, rested, and peed, Carol invited us back to bed. After oiling Biff’s pecker and her nether parts, she mounted me cowgirl style and told Biff that there was another hole back there that a cock could fit into. She’d never done that with me, nor even mentioned it before. After easing him inside her ass, it was wild to feel his cock moving so near mine. She laid still, just letting him stroke until he groaned and put a shot of cum in her rectum.

She pushed him off and dismounted me, rolling onto her back. Putting her legs way up, she guided my cock into her opened and now well lubed asshole. It didn’t take me long in that tight place, with fresh strange semen coating my dick, to blast mine in there too. When I pulled out Biff was right there to clean up and give her a finale with his tongue.

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