Power Corrupts

by Sgt1952

Copyright© 2019 by Sgt1952

Romantic Sex Story: Monica is a high powered successful attorney. Her husband was a former VP made unnecessary during the financial crisis. Monica left him and their marriage behind.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Cheating   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Squirting   Foot Fetish   Leg Fetish   .

Chapter 1

I was watching my wife walk across the parking lot to her car. I had shown up at her office to take her to lunch but as I drove into the lot, I found that she had already had a lunch date as they walked to her car. I didn’t recognize the guy but it was obvious they were more than friendly as they held hands. That’s when, I thought ... why not? I drove over to where she was unlocking her car and stopped. I rolled down my window and said “Hi, Honey, I was going to take you to lunch but I see you already have a better offer. Don’t let me hold you up.” I drove off leaving her with that “deer in the headlights look” wondering how do I handle this. You see, my wife is a very smart woman, a Senior Partner in a prestigious law firm. She hobnobs with all the “whose who” in town and the filthy rich assholes who have led us to a more than comfortable life with their legal issues.

By the way, I’m Jason Hart, married to Monica Hart, a 42 year old, black haired, blue eyed Goddess. We’ve been married for 24 years. As I previously stated, Monica is an attorney. I’m a former bank Vice President who became redundant during the financial crisis. So, I dabble a little in the stock market to keep myself occupied, making some good scores from time to time. Other than that, with Stephanie out of the house and Monica doing her best to impress, it gets pretty lonely. We have no love life or home life. If Monica is home, she’s studying how to make her next conquest and buck for the firm. I have pretty much been factored out of her life. Excuse me, my cell is ringing, oh it’s Monica. I’m sure she’s going to tell me, I should have called first, it was just a business lunch ... blah, blah, blah. You know, all the stuff she would like me to believe. Oh, did I mention, I’m fairly intelligent also so we will discuss the little scenario I witnessed when I’m ready to talk about it. I just let it ring. I doubled back around in about 15 minutes and noticed her car had not left the parking lot. I’m such a spoil sport, sour grapes, wet blanket, you know all that. Screwed her plans for the boy toy all to hell. I decided to listen to the voicemail she left after she tried calling a dozen times. She said, “Honey, I’m sorry you didn’t stay. Jay and I had a business lunch planned and would have been happy for you to join us. You would have been bored.” I texted her back saying, oh, I don’t think so Monica, I’m not into sharing or threesomes with uhhhh ... Jay, is it? Please use protection and don’t bring anything home Mr. Clean won’t wash off. The handholding on the way to your car for your “business meeting” was a nice touch. Can’t remember when the last time you held my hand, smiling like that. I’ll see ya when I see ya, Wife, using the term loosely.”

She texted back, “Jason, please, it’s not what you think. I’ve done nothing with anyone. I’m sorry, it was just a friendly hand holding thing. Nothing to be concerned about. You scared Jay off by showing up like that. We just had a sandwich in the building.” My response? “BULLSHIT”.

I was sitting in the den reading the WSJ when she came in. We just stared at each other. She sat her purse down and just sat in a chair looking at me. Finally, I said, “Monica, unless it’s the truth, don’t bother saying anything. Can’t say I would believe anything you say right now anyway. I’m hurt and pissed off. 24 years... 24 fucking years, Monica. I guess the logical question would be how long have you been stepping out on me? Is Stephanie mine or was one of your lovers along the way to the top, the sperm donor.” She said, Jason, how could you say such a thing. I have always been faithful to you. I have never had an affair with anyone and YES! Stephanie is YOURS!” You want honesty ... ok ... here’s honesty. Yes, today was the day that I was going to test the boundaries of our marriage. Jay had been hitting on me for awhile. He’s younger, handsome, virile and has a respected job. He says all the things a woman wants to hear. I was going to fuck his brains out ... THAT what you want to hear, Jason. I was going to let him eat my pussy and spew his young semen deep inside the pussy that only you have been in for 24 years. I was going to ride his young cock til he couldn’t get it up again and my pussy wouldn’t hold any more cum. I get hit on all the time, Jason. I have always turned them down because of our vows to each other.

When you drove up, the lust, the excitement, the expectation of doing something forbidden just disappeared. I knew I was about to blow up my marriage if I already haven’t. I can’t even tell you why for sure. I think I have grown arrogant and entitled. You lost your job, and I think I lost respect for you when that occurred through no fault of your own. I have totally shut you out of my life, personally and professionally. I’m going places, meeting high profile people, traveling to exotic international places and loving it.” I’m being noticed by men, not only for my looks but for my abilities too. This is the life I dreamed about.”

I held up my hand. “Stop for a moment, Monica. Let me speak. Do you think I haven’t noticed your indifference toward me since I was laid off? We haven’t made love in over a year. I can’t remember you ever inviting me along on your trips or introducing me to your colleagues since I had so much time on my hands. You are embarrassed to be seen with me, let alone, married to me, aren’t you, Monica? Its like, You’re so above me now, that you won’t nothing to do with me except to be your door mat. Well, My Love and Yes, you still are, my love, you won’t have to deal with this ne’er-do-well any longer. I’m packed, and I will be gone when we finish our talk.” She had the decency to look a little surprised and hurt, well Fuck her! I said,” you can fuck your boy toy til his dick falls off. The only reason it didn’t happen today is Karma, fate and your husband got in the way. I will see an attorney and get a legal separation rolling until I see where I stand. I will call Stephanie and let her know that I will be relocating.” Monica said, “ relocating? I said, “yes Monica, I’m leaving the state. I can’t be around and see you out and about while you’re fucking everything with a pulse and a dick to get to the top. I’m sorry I wasn’t man enough for you. I’ll let you know where to send the divorce paperwork when you’re ready to file.” She was crying now ... no, she was sobbing. The reality of what she has done is setting in. She said, “please don’t leave, Jason. I love you, I really do. I know my actions haven’t reflected that love for a long time but I do.” I said, “Monica, I think you love your job and the lifestyle you can have without me as baggage more. I need someone that wants me more than anything. We used to have that before your job and social status robbed us of it. The job won’t keep you warm at night but you can always find a boy toy to help you out with that.”

I put my bags in my car and walked into my house for the last time. I picked up my brief case and laptop and walked over to her with tears in my eyes. I said, “Monica, thank you for the wonderful 23 years you gave me. You were a great wife and mother before you became this person I don’t recognize anymore. I will always love you ... I kissed her on the cheek and walked out the door. She dropped to her knees in the doorway as I drove away.

Have I done the right thing? I don’t know? Did I see her fucking anyone, no, but I don’t know if she did or not. I know what I saw, the hand holding, the laughing, the smiles she was giving him that I haven’t seen in a long time, all those are intimate actions that did not pass the husband test. I moved into a residence hotel for a few days until I could see a lawyer and determine my options. What Monica never bothered to ask or find out was that my day trader business had netted me several million dollars so I was not hurting for money. I had not decided where I was going to relocate yet. I was in no hurry. I knew I couldn’t stay here and watch her climb the social ladder using the body that had been mine for 24 years.

He’s gone. What’s wrong with me? Was I so wrapped up in myself that I forgot what was important. After he walked out the door, I sat there in the floor knowing that he had been right. I lost respect for him when he lost his job even though there was nothing he could have done to save it. I became the all important bread winner and the fact that I had social status and class only exacerbated my swelling head. I had not been entirely truthful with him about my indiscretion. No, I had not had intercourse with Jay but we had done just about everything else.

Two weeks earlier, he had taken me to his apartment before we went to lunch. Jay was getting some folders he had forgotten. I was drinking a glass of wine, sitting on his sofa. He came in and sat down beside me and stroked my hair. Then he kissed me. He watched me as I laid back on his sofa. I put my feet on his lap. He slipped off one of my heels and began massaging my silk stocking covered toes. I have always hated pantyhose even though I have to wear them occasionally so I wear stay up thigh highs or garter belt stockings. Much cooler, they don’t roll up on you, I.love the feel and they are easier in the bathroom to deal with. That day I had worn my nude silk stockings. I watched him as he gently kneaded my glossy red toes, running his fingers over my toenails and brought them to his lips where he put them in his mouth. I gasped as the sensation took my breath away. Jay took my other heel off and placed my foot in his lap. He unzipped his fly and pulled his semi erect penis out. He rubbed the oozing glans along my toes and foot. I could feel the wetness of his precum as it soaked into my stocking. He brought my other foot down and rubbed his now rock hard penis between them. I was mesmerized. The words “I can’t do this” weren’t able to escape my lips. I closed my eyes, just feeling the sensation. He was jacking himself off with my stocking clad toes. My panties were wet and my pussy was sticky. I was soooo aroused by what Jay was doing. I was into it now, rubbing my toes underneath the head and over the oozing slit. My toes were soaked. My fingers were inside my panties buried in my sticky hole. It was all I could do to keep from mounting him on the sofa. Suddenly he groaned, globs of thick white semen erupted from the tip and flowed all over my toes and feet. He just kept cumming until his dick was only dribbling semen. My clit couldn’t stand the pressure any longer, I arched my back and came with him, soaking my panties. Jay picked up my shoes and slipped them back on my feet. I could feel his warm sticky cum on my toes inside my shoes. His dick was still erect and proud. I wrapped my fingers around it and stroked it a few times. I big glob of white cum oozed out the tip. I wrapped my lips around the head and licked it off. Jay groaned as I put his spent penis back in his pants. As I walked out to the car, I could feel his cum soaking my toes and feet. Hmmm. Ok that was fun then the guilt hit. No, he hadn’t fucked me but I had still been in an intimate encounter with another man. Cheated on my husband of 24 years. I was disgusted with myself.

Chapter 2

I was still in town while the separation paperwork was in process. I decided to visit one of our old bars and chill a bit. I was sitting at the dark end of the bar when they walked in. I watched my soon to be ex wife shoulder to shoulder with a middle aged man. I decided to move to a booth on the other side of the partition to see if I could hear any of their conversation.

I heard him say, “Monica, you did a great job in court today. She said, “Thanks, Don. I’m so sad, I’m surprised I got through it. I was served with the Separation Agreement yesterday. I guess he’s really going through with it.” He said “Have you tried to talk to him?” Monica replied, that she had tried to call but he won’t pick up. Don, I treated him so damn bad over the past couple of years, it’s a wonder he doesn’t burn me at the stake.” Don said, “well, you really didn’t have sex with anyone.” She said, “ Bill Clinton’s definition or everyone else’s definition? I did more than I told him about and I’m ashamed. I don’t want to be labeled as a cheater. It seems that my desire to go outside my marriage for some casual sex died in that parking lot that day.”

Don said, “Monica, you are a beautiful woman.” I thought, uh oh, here it comes. He said, “when your free, I would love to take you to dinner and get to know each other better. I’m very attracted to you. I think our desires and aspirations in life are compatible. I would like that opportunity”

She said, “ Don, you’re a sweet man but I’m still in love with Jason. I’m pretty sure I always will be whether he ever lets me back in his life or not. We had over 20 great years and a daughter together, before I let this job and my ego fuck it up. If I get past this at some point, I’ll let you know. Right now, I want my husband back and I have no idea how to do it.”

Don said, “Monica, in a month, I’m going on a 30 day cruise. I would be honored if you would accompany me. Since I’m the boss, I have stroke and can grant you the time, he said laughing.”

“I dunno, Don, I appreciate the offer but that’s a long time away and I have a lot of issues to work out. If he divorces me, I’ll let you know.”

They got up and left, leaving me with a lot of questions. Do I believe what she’s telling Don about us and what exactly DID she do with her boy toy that she didn’t tell me about. Lots to contemplate. I know I had no right to follow her around but after her words to Don, I really wanted to know if she is as devoted to me and our marriage as she says. Did she really want me back? How do you take someone back that says they lost respect for you?

Don’s offer is very tempting. I think a cruise would be a lot of fun. I’m assuming sex would be expected also. He’s not a bad looking man. My inner self is yelling You Dumb Bitch, Shit, Monica, what are you doing. Do you want your husband back or not. Going on a cruise with another man is not the route to reconciliation with Jason. You are separated, not divorced. Jason already told you that you will have to file if you want a divorce. Separation does not give you a free pass from your marriage to fuck around. Still, it’s something to consider.

As I was driving home to my lonely house, my cell rang. I grabbed it, hoping it was Jason but it was Jay. Jay was fun to be with but he wasn’t Jason. He said, hey you, wanna grab something to eat tonight and maybe hit a dance hall or two. Your soon to be ex isn’t gonna show up is he? I said, Jay, shut up, if it wasn’t for my selfishness with you, I would still be at least married.” He said I’m sorry. I said, me too but ok, I need to get out for awhile and get some alcohol in my system. I said no funny business, Jay. That comment went in one ear and out the other.”

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