Mother Gone Wild

by Dsimp

Copyright© 2019 by Dsimp

Incest Sex Story: Robert thinks that his world has been shattered when he finds out that his father shares his mother, but the discovery of a huge cache of her home made videos turns his disgust into curiosity, and finally obsession.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Blackmail   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Rough   Gang Bang   White Male   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

At 16 Robert had a relatively great set up. His parents had wanted a study, he’d wanted more privacy, and a quick move into the garage later everyone was happy. The garage shared a wall with the house but no door, so if they wanted to come bother him they had to make it through a deadbolted door. Not that they made a habit of that; if anything it felt like he was bothering them more than the other way around.

As usual before heading over to his friend’s house for the evening he’d shot them a quick text, but this time he forgot to text them that he’d be coming home early. He regretted that once he heard loud noises coming from inside the house.

“Take it you whore,” a muffled male voice yelled. Oh god. He’d thought he had heard them having sex before but this was much louder and more intense. There were loud thumping noises and a few slaps.

“Choke on it, choke on it,” another male voice called out. Robert’s eyes shot open. Another voice? Who was here? Were either of the voices his fathers? He ran to the door and opened it and saw that both of their cars were home. He closed the door again, trying to slam it so they would hear but failing to overcome their noises. He heard his mother making cries of either pleasure or pain, or both, and more thumping.

“Cum on her face,” the first voice said. He was pretty sure it was his father’s. The other voice groaned and then Robert heard a loud slap, then more slurping noises. “Look at the camera. Now take mine.”. He heard more whining noises from his mother and then it stopped.

“Good shit Mia,” the unknown voice said. “Good shit.” Robert sat in silence and didn’t hear anything else for a few minutes. The visitor left and then he heard the door open again.

“Oh fuck,” his dad said, slamming the door and running back to his wife. “Robert’s car is here.”

“Oh god, do you think he heard?” his mother said. Robert could hear everything.

“I know he heard. I just wonder how much...” They went to a different part of the house where he couldn’t hear and Robert just sat on his bed silently. A while later there was a knock on his door. He hadn’t locked it and his dad walked in.

“Hey buddy,” he said, very embarrassed. “Came home early huh?”

“Yeah,” Robert said flatly.

“Did you, ah, hear anything?” Robert nodded, avoiding eye contact. “I guess it’s time we had a talk.”

“Dad, I definitely don’t need the talk.” His dad forced a little laugh.

“Not that talk. More about, well, I guess you’d call them nontraditional relationships.”

“Oh god, no,” Robert groaned.

“Well you already know something. I think not knowing everything will make it worse.” Robert didn’t say anything. “Your mom and I, well, we’ve had a sort of open relationship for a while now. A long time actually. We still love each other just like any other couple.”

“It didn’t sound like it,” Robert said, upset. His dad sat and thought.

“Well Robert, when we’re engaging in that sort of thing, sometimes we like to act out something that isn’t real. I might say things I don’t really mean, and your mother knows that. She might do the same thing. I don’t really think of her as my wife when we’re with someone else, and she doesn’t think of me as her husband.”

“It’s that easy huh?” Robert said.

“It took a long time to build our relationship. No, it wasn’t easy, not all the time. There were rough patches. But we’re stable, and we know what we can and can’t do. Everything is ok.” Robert didn’t say anything. “Why don’t you come in and have dinner? We ordered pizza.”

Eating with his parents was the last thing on the planet he wanted to do at that moment but he was staving, and his garage didn’t have any sort of food besides some junk. Reluctantly he got up and headed inside, followed closely by his father.

He had a hard time looking his mother in the eye. She was trying to act like nothing had happened, but Robert could hear her voice crying out as she was fucked by two men. She attempted some small talk, but Robert shrugged her off while he ate. As soon as he was done he disappeared back into his room to sulk.

That night Robert couldn’t sleep. The idea of his mother being used like a whore disturbed him. He got up twice and masturbated to some porn to try and give his mind something else to focus on but once he laid back down there were the images again.

And the images wouldn’t have been unappealing if they didn’t include his mother. She was in her late 30s and looked great for her age. She was fit, with shoulder length straight dark hair and perky breasts. Her skin was tan and she had dark brown eyes and big lips.

Due to what he’d heard and his lack of sleep Robert had a tough time focusing at school the next day and was relieved when it was over. Just as he pulled into his parking spot he saw his mother’s taillights headed away from the house. A note in the kitchen let him know she was off grocery shopping. Robert looked at the clock; his father wouldn’t be home for at least an hour and a half.

He wasn’t sure what possessed him to start snooping around. Some part of him felt like it had to see how bad this all really was, but some other part of him just wanted to see it. He’d heard his father refer to a camera so he knew there had to be video somewhere.

He dug through their room looking for tapes, but came up empty. He assumed they wouldn’t leave it laying around in the living room so he turned his attention to the desktop he never used. It took him two guesses to get in to his father’s account and he quickly hit pay dirt; the SD card from their digital camera was still in the computer. He raced to his room and grabbed the largest capacity thumb drives he could find.

His heart racing he transferred everything on the SD card over without even looking at it. He then started poking around their files. Nothing in videos, nothing in documents. He decided to search for his mother’s name, Mia, and found out why they had needed him to install a larger hard drive a couple years back.

There were dozens of folders and each one held multiple videos along with some pictures. He started copying them over but ran out of room. He rushed the drives back to his room and dumped everything on to his laptop, then raced back. He had to repeat this twice, and by the last time he knew his father would be home soon but he had to get it all. He got the computer closed and got back into his room just before the car pulled into the driveway.

Robert didn’t look at the videos immediately. He went through an adrenaline dump and wanted to take a nap but instead worked on homework. He wanted some uninterrupted time this evening. Best of all it was Friday; he cancelled plans with some friends for a day trip Saturday.

He took his dinner back to his room so that he could finish off the homework. Considering the previous day his parents didn’t protest. Finally it was over and he turned his attention to his computer.

The first thing that shocked him was how far back the videos went. He knew his parents had started dating when his mother was 16 and his father was 20. The dates that his father had put on some of the videos when he had digitized them made it clear they’d started documenting their relationship right away.

Robert wasn’t sure where to start in the hundreds of video files before him so he decided to go to the beginning, the very first file. It started with his mother, wearing a yellow sweater and looking very young and a little awkward, smiling.

“You’ll get in trouble if they find this you know,” she said. He heard his father laugh.

“Come on babe, don’t you want to be able to look back on your first time?” She shrugged.

“I figure you’ll be looking back at this more than me.” She started to take off her sweater and Robert paused the video. There was no going back if he kept going; he’d have watched his mom and dad having sex. He looked at her on the screen. She looked so young; she was his age. She didn’t really look like his mother. He hit play.

Mia completed the taking off of her sweater. She hadn’t been wearing anything underneath. Her body looked different than now; she was skinnier with less muscle, smaller hips and smaller breasts. Robert subconsciously started touching himself. The camera panned down to a cock that he knew was his father’s, but not seeing the face helped. His mother got on her knees and took it in her mouth.

“I’m not a virgin anymore,” she giggled.

“This doesn’t count,” he answered, laughing. She started to suck on him in earnest. “You want to go all the way, right?” His mother took the cock out of her mouth and nodded. His father sat the camera down on something that had a view of the bed and his mother pulled off her jeans. It was tough to watch his dad walk into the frame but he kept his eyes on his mom as she laid back on the bed.

The angle wasn’t the best but Robert watched the entirety of his mother losing her virginity. She moaned and called out “Danny,” his father’s name, a few times but was mostly quiet. Once he finished his dad took the camera and shot a close up of the cum coming out of her pussy, then a close up of her smiling face.

“There, NOW I’m not a virgin anymore,” she said.

“No you’re not,” his dad said, and the video closed.

Robert looked down. He was rock hard. He looked at the next few videos. They were a variety of his dad fucking or getting head from his mom and were labeled as such. One, from when she was 17, was named ‘first facial.’ Robert decided to open it.

It was pretty short, and started after the blowjob had already gotten going. She had gotten more confident in her abilities and was going much deeper than she had her first time.

“Let me cum on your face,” his dad’s voice said breathlessly from behind the camera. His mom looked up and made a face at him, shaking her head. “Come on, it’ll be fine. And you won’t have to taste it!”

“Fine,” she said, taking the cock out of her mouth for a moment. “But not in my hair.”

“Of course babe, of course.” She returned to sucking and after a minute one of his dad’s hands reached down and pushed her head back. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth and a load of cum shot out all over her face and chest.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” she said, disgusted but laughing. “It’s so warm!”

“What’d you expect?” he said with a laugh. He panned the camera up and down her head and body.

“I need a towel! Quick!” His dad tossed her one and she cleaned off as best she could. “I can’t believe I did that!” she said, laughing again, “I feel like a porn star!”

“Mmm, you’d make a great one babe,”

“Well, in a year anyway.” She stuck her tongue out and climbed to her feet.

“Was it bad? Would you do it again?”

“Sure, I guess,” she said, toweling off some more. The video ended.

Robert was concentrating on not orgasming, figuring he would have to deal with some emotions once that happened and wanting to put that off as long as possible. He flipped through more video titles and found one from when his mother was 21, so about a year before she had married his dad. It was labeled “Mia’s 3rd Cock.” He hit play.

She was already nude and looked older than in the other videos. Her body had filled out a little bit, although still not as much as now. She also looked a little distraught.

“Well, are you ready?” his father’s voice said, sounding agitated.

“Danny, are you sure about this? I don’t think it’s going to help.”

“You’re obviously capable of emotionless sex. I want to see it.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, looking more upset. “Please, let’s not do this.” Another man that Robert didn’t recognize walked onto the screen, nude.

“Fuck him or we’re through,” his dad said coldly. “Fuck him like you fucked that college boy.” The guy looked older and didn’t seem to mind at all that Mia wasn’t into this. Slowly Mia spread her legs and leaned back. The man quickly got into position and started fucking her. His dad picked up the camera and got a close up of the man’s cock entering her pussy, hard and fast. He then got a close up shot of her face. She didn’t seem to be enjoying this at all.

“Maybe I should’ve let you get drunk first,” he said, keeping the camera on her face. “Guess that’s how you usually take other guys’ cocks.”

“It was one time. One guy,” she cried.

“Couldn’t let me be your only one huh?” He put his hand in her face, not really slapping her but pushing it around to make sure she knew who was in control. He then set the camera on something that had a view. Robert thought he could hear him crying from somewhere else in the room. The man finished inside Mia and picked up the camera himself, getting a shot of her pussy and tear-stained face. Then the camera was switched off, and there were no more videos for a few months.

Robert sat back, stunned. Was this what the sharing was? Punishment for a drunken fling years and years ago? Was she being practically raped in most of the hundreds of videos that lay before him?

He looked at the clock; it was after midnight He was still rock hard, the longest continuous erection of his life. He went back to an earlier video, one of the first few, when his mother had been the youngest, and finished himself off to his teenage mother giving his father head. The edging had caused more cum to build up than normal and he shot it all over his table. More than a little proud of himself he wiped it off, closed his laptop and passed out, exhausted in every way.

A dream about his mother, back in her teenage years, giving him head caused him to wake up in the middle of the night. Feeling rejuvenated enough and having no reason to wake up early the next morning anyway he started where he’d left off. The first video after the months long gap looked to be just the two of them but Robert watched it anyway to see what their emotional state had been after what he’d just seen.

The framing was different than the other videos; it looked like the camera might’ve been hidden. He saw his mother walk into the frame, sit on the bed next to his father and put her head on his shoulder.

“I’m glad you called,” she said. “I hated how things ended.”

“It was my fault,” he replied.

“We both had something to do with it.” They were silent for a few moments. “So how have you been, really?”

“Lonely. Sad.” More silence.

“Have you been seeing anyone?” she asked.

“No. I mean, not really. A few dates, nothing serious.”

“Same.” A longer silence.

“I love you,” he finally said.

“Oh thank god,” his mother said, smiling and jumping up into his lap. She kissed him deeply. “I can’t stand this. I can’t stand being without you.”

“Me either,” he said, kissing her back and pushing her down onto the bed. “These last few months have been hell.” The kissing intensified and the clothing flew off. Soon they were having wild sex, going from position to position in a blur, rediscovering each other’s bodies. It went on for a half hour before they collapsed in each other’s arms in the bed. The audio was tough to make out but Robert turned up the volume as far as it would go.

“This might be a weird time to ask this,” his father asked, “but were you with any other guys while we were apart?”

“Would you be mad if I was?” Mia asked, guardedly.

“Kind of the opposite, really.”

“Yes.” Her voice was quiet and she seemed a little nervous.

“How many?”

“I really don’t want you to freak out.”

“I won’t, I promise.” Mia held up five fingers on one hand, then two on the other. “Seven! Wow!” Danny exclaimed. Then he laughed. “Please, don’t take that the wrong way. I’m ... happy. I like it.”

“You like that I slept with a bunch of guys?” she asked, turning toward him.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Most of the time,” Mia answered. Robert could see that his dad was hard again.

“I have to tell you, since we broke up, it’s something I’ve fantasized about. You with other guys. I mean, not like last time, something we both enjoy.” Mia nodded and slid her body down Danny’s until her face was resting on his erect cock.

“Then how about I tell you a story?” Danny nodded. “It happened just a couple weeks ago.” She licked his cock a little between sentences. “I’m working at an internship, and there’s this guy named Julio.” Danny nodded while she played with him some more. “After work one day he invited me out for drinks. I told him no thank you, that I don’t date married men.” She sucked on him. “So you know what he asked? He asked if I’d fuck a married man.”

“Oh god Mia,” Danny said, moaning.

“I told him I hadn’t before, but if he stuck around after everyone left the office maybe we could work something out.” She sucked on him longer this time. “So after everyone left I snuck over to his office and we locked the door. I stripped for him and he took off his pants.” She licked his balls. “I got down on the my knees for him, Danny. I got down on my knees and sucked his married cock, right there in his office.”

“Holy shit Mia, don’t stop,” Danny cried.

“A couple days later while we were at work I went to his office. I picked a time I didn’t think anyone would notice, around lunch, but there were other people around.”

“Oh god, you did it again?” Mia nodded while she bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

“This time I didn’t suck him. This time he bent me over his desk, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and fucked me. He came in me Danny, all in my pussy.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“I’m his little work whore now. Every few days he’ll come signal for me, or I’ll just stop by. Sometimes I’m under his desk, sometimes face down on top of it.” She went down deep on his cock. “I could fuck him tomorrow if you want.”

“Oh god!” Danny yelled, shooting one of the hardest orgasms he had ever had deep down Mia’s throat. “Holy shit! You are not the same girl you were a few months ago, huh?” Mia giggled.

“I could be. Or I could not be.”

“And yes. I want you to fuck him tomorrow. And tell me all about it.” Mia looked a little surprised.

“I thought that was just dirty talk. You really want me to fuck him?”

“Absolutely. I meant everything I said about you with other guys. I don’t know, I guess I developed a fetish for it.”

“Guess that’s my fault,” Mia said, sitting up. Robert couldn’t take his eyes off of how perky her breasts were. “Alright, fine. I’ll fuck him tomorrow. But, like, what are we?” Robert sat up next to her.

“Move in with me.” Mia’s eyes went wide. “Mia I fucking love you, move in with me.”

“Shit, yeah, ok,” she said, shaking her head in astonishment. “Sure. I’ll stay tonight and we can start moving my stuff tomorrow.

“I’m going to marry you someday, I promise.” Mia smiled. The video ended, presumably due to the battery running out since nobody had been around to press the button, but it had looked like they might’ve been gearing up for an impressive round 3.

Robert was flabbergasted. He had no idea his parents had broken up for a while. Granted that was small potatoes compared to everything else he’d learned in the last 24 hours but still. The next video was just called ‘Julio.’ He hit play.

“So your boyfriend wants to watch you? And me?” a voice asked as the camera jumbled around.

“Yes. It’s kind of his thing now.”

“I didn’t even know you were seeing somebody. Promise this isn’t an HR sting?” the man, presumably Julio, said with a laugh.

“Cross my heart! It’s a pretty good deal though, right? I suck you, all you have to do is hold a camera.”

“Yeah, for sure,” Julio said, taking the camera and pointing it toward Mia. Robert watched his mother unbutton her blouse and take off her bra. He’d seen her body several times now but it still mesmerized him. “What’s your boyfriend’s name?” he asked as Mia dropped to her knees.

“Danny.” She took the head of Julio’s cock and twirled it with her tongue.

“Well Danny,” Julio said into the camera, “I guess I’d like to say thank you. And that you’re a lucky man. And thank you.” He laughed and put one hand on the back of Mia’s head, setting the pace a little faster. “Think he wants to see you get fucked?” Julio asked after a while.

“I hope so.” Mia rose to her feet and pulled down her pants. She hopped up onto his desk on her back, legs spread. Julio held the camera up as best he could and started fucking her. She was soaking wet.

“Fuck yeah,” Julio said, pounding her. “Does Robert know about you and Rodgers?” Mia’s eyes shot open.

“Well guess he does now!” she said with a laugh.

“Your girlfriend is pretty popular in this office, best intern we’ve ever had” Julio said to the camera, continuing to fuck Mia.

“Just you two!” Mia said with a laugh.

“Such a naughty girl, fucking a married man and your boss.” Julio kept pounding and after a few minutes pulled out and came on her face and chest. Mia didn’t seem phased; she’d had quite a bit of experience at this over the last few months. Julio took the camera to a close up of her face.

“Love you Danny,” she said with a smile and large quantity of cum on her face. Julio kept the camera running and picked up her panties.

“Let me keep these,” he said. Mia shrugged and nodded. “You get your keepsake, I get mine,” he said with a smile before turning the camera off.

His mother’s transition from a mostly innocent girl to an office slut failed to shock Robert after everything else he’d seen that night. Then Robert noticed the video hadn’t ended, the screen was just black. He heard some slurping noises.

“You know Mia, you’re the first paid intern we’ve had here,” an older male voice said. More slurping noises. “It took quite a bit to convince HR.”

“Hope I’m worth it,” Mia’s voice said seductively. The man sighed happily as she got back to work. After a while Robert heard a groan and then his mother asking the man if she could use his bathroom to clean up. There were sounds of movement and then bright light until the camera readjusted. His mother was on the screen, fully dressed but with a load of cum on her face.

“Hey honey,” she whispered. “Hope you really were into this!” She started to wipe off the cum. “Funny thing, I didn’t even ask them to pay me. Rodgers offered it after the first time.” She finished cleaning up and smiled one last time into the camera. “Love you!” The video ended, for real this time.

Well, Robert’s fears about his mother being an unwilling participant seemed unfounded. She seemed extremely eager, at least in what he’d just seen. Time would tell if that would always be the case, but a glance at the time told Robert he needed to go back to sleep.

When he woke up the next day Robert headed into the house to scrounge up some food. He noticed his father’s car wasn’t in the driveway. He was making a sandwich in the kitchen when his mother walked in, looking a little nervous. It was the first time they’d been alone since Robert had overheard her, and though she didn’t know it Robert had watched, and masturbated to, Mia having sex the night before.

“Hey Robby,” she said, forcing a smile. “I made breakfast earlier, there’s leftovers in the fridge. I would’ve come and gotten you but...”

“It’s ok mom,” Robert said, changing course and going for the bacon instead. Mia sat down at the table with her son but didn’t say anything for a while.

“Do you enjoy it?” Robert finally asked, keeping his eyes low. His mother seemed surprised.

“Enjoy what sweetie?”

“The things you do with dad. And other guys.” He stared straight into the table. His mother took some time to formulate an answer.

“Is that something you really want to talk about?” she finally asked. Robert nodded. “Well, yes. It is something I enjoy.”

“When did you all start?”

“Robby, this isn’t really something I feel comfortable talking about with you,” Mia said, shaking nervously. “It’s not really appropriate.” Robert nodded silently and Mia sighed. “I get it though, I understand you being curious. You want to know if we’re stable, right? Well, don’t worry about that at all. We’ve been doing this for years, it’s not going to cause any problems for the family.” Robert nodded again. “But if you want us to stop, you’re the most important thing, our family is the most important thing...”

“Mom, I don’t want you to stop,” Robert said, interrupting her increasingly frantic speech.

“Oh, good,” she said. Robert finally looked up. His mom was wearing yoga pants and a purple tank top. He would need to stay seated until she left the room. “We won’t be doing it here anymore though. Just to be safe.”

“Right.” Mia got up and started picking up around the kitchen. She bent over a table to pick up a dish and Robert could just see a younger version of her bent over an office desk, taking it from some guy she barely knew. He didn’t try to flush the image from his head and after a moment Mia caught him staring. Her face turned red with embarrassment.

“Well, I’m going to get in the shower,” she said, as if that might help. She disappeared and a relieved Robert finally made his way back to his garage. He was nourished and it was time to continue his saga.

The next few videos seemed to be more workplace escapades and solo videos of Robert’s mother with another guy at what looked like his house. Robert made a mental note of these for later; he felt more comfortable masturbating to videos his father wasn’t in. He’d now made it up to a video entitled “Engagement Party.”

The video started with a close shot of his mother’s ring and some giggling. “I’m going to be Mrs. Andrews,” she said, smiling.

“And I’m going to have the sluttiest wife in the state,” his dad’s voice said from behind the camera. Mia’s stuck her tongue out. “Sorry honey, in the world.” Robert noticed some murmuring in the background of the video. “Come on babe, let Zach have the first go at your engaged pussy. It’ll be so kinky!” Mia shook her head no.

“I want my fiancé to be the first one to fuck me. Come on,” she let a hand fall down to her lap and started touching herself. “Don’t make me beg.” She sounded a little drunk.

“They’ll notice if we’re both gone for that long...”

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