Tunnel of Love

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Janet Lynch was sweet sixteen and itching to learn more about the things her older sister told her was the best thing that could ever happen to her. Now it was time to do her own investigating. The perfect place to get some answers was the "Tunnel of Love".

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Size   Small Breasts   .

If there was one thing that Janet Lynch was certain about, it was that she had absolutely no desire to ride into the stupid experience called “The Tunnel of Love” with a gaping black hole that had pairs of young people riding inside with the look of excitement in their infantile eyes and at the same time she didn’t see any cars coming out with happy smiling faces.

Janet was a naturally suspicious sixteen year old girl with all the makings of a real potential ball-buster when she grew up and finally had high-valued boobs like her older sister Patricia. Her older sister was prone to bragging about how much the boys loved to touch them, kiss them and even lick her oversexed nipples.

She didn’t particularly want boys or even girls to do anything to her nipples but she was willing to offer them up for any boy to play with if it meant getting a date to a movie or someplace that she might possibly get to actually dig down inside and hold a real live cock in her hot little hands and make it hard as a rock for some boy’s pleasure.

Janet felt like she was long overdue at sweet sixteen and if she didn’t do something now she might wind up an old maid like her auntie Maisie with her cats and her butterfly collection that looked so sad and ugly on all four walls of her sitting room.

Patricia had told her all she needed to know.

“You wrap your pretty little fingers all the way around the long part. If your fingertips don’t meet, that is even better because it means he is one of the big ones with enough meat to make a girl really squeal with way it will stretch their naughty little snatches.”

“Yes, yes, I understand all that, Sis, but how fast should I tug the thing to get it started?”

Her sister looked at her like she had just crawled out from under a rock.

“Don’t sweat it, you little twerp. All you have to do is follow his lead. Most guys will tell right out they want it faster or slower and all you have to do is follow orders. Watch their eyes. Their eyes get all funny looking and you know that their stuff is ready to start pumping out with a lot of sticky goo that you can catch in your hankie if you get it over the end quick enough. If you don’t get it there in time, just pretend like it is the most wonderful miracle you have ever seen and clean the mess up like a good little girl.”

She was standing there all alone because there was no way she was going to go inside that mystery hole all by her lonesome.

The next one on the platform was the Davis boy from the other side of the tracks. He was a mixed blood seventeen year old with a look of a football player about him. Still, he was pretty good in things like math and science and she knew that half the cheerleading team had bragged about sucking his dick because the darker-skinned boys had a reputation of sporting much bigger cocks than your average white dude.

“Hi, Janet, are you waiting for someone or just for the next car?”

She looked up at the tall boy and confessed her date was a no-show and she was just getting ready to head for the fairgrounds to play some video games.

He threw his huge arm around her shoulders and told her in a stage whisper,

“Come on, it can’t be that bad. I don’t think they have lost anyone yet.”

They stumbled into the floating car and went down the waterway slightly dampened by the water spray that helped to cool the hot summer breezes from the Gulf.

As their car approached the entrance to the black void, she could feel the coolness of the much cooler air from inside wash over her like the air conditioning from a summer movie theater so cold that you had to have a sweater just to sit down inside.

Tony had not removed his arm from her bare shoulders yet but Janet didn’t really mind because the touch of skin against skin was just what the doctor ordered to get her deep down inside feminine core all stirred up with the thought of possible carnal playtime in the very near future.

She was a little frightened of Tony because of his reputation for having a huge man-tool and her with very little experience in that department. He would have been perfect for her big-bosomed older sister but she felt a bit outclassed sexually by his size and his charming personality.

They were inside now and Janet became aware that not only was their skin touching like familiar strangers in the overwhelming darkness, but her bare knew was rubbing on Tony’s muscular thigh like they were actually doing something like grown-ups do when they are in the fooling around mood and lock the bedroom door.

She trailed her hand in the wetness of the moving water and realized that Tony’s hand was resting softly right on one of her nipples like it belonged there and she was in no hurry to push it away. It was a little embarrassing because she could feel her nipples start to stir with passion and they got hard as little pebbles under her thin summer dress.

Janet never wore a bra because her upper body development was so slight there was really no need but she never anticipated the touch of a teenaged boy’s finger on her nipple would cause her to react in such a slutty manner.

“Janet, would you mind if I kissed you? That is what people are supposed to do in the “Tunnel of Love” and we want to blend in with all the others.”

She giggled and nodded her head in the affirmative almost frightened that if she said a single word it would erase the magic of the moment.

Tony’s lips descended on her eager mouth like a diver entering the water from a great height. She instinctively opened her soft teenaged lips and took his searching tongue inside her mouth like one of those naughty girls in the soft porn films her brother hid under his bed. Her pulse was beating rapidly now because she knew without being told that this was the point when most boys would start taking liberties with her nipples and her boobs, even as small as small as they were for an almost fully grown girl. She suspected that Tony wanted desperately to slide his hand under her slightly dampened panties and she was uncertain if that was a thing that she actually wanted or if she wanted him to go slow so she could enjoy it even more.

It was right about the point that Tony’s wet and wonderful tongue was exploring all the corners of her previously virginal mouth that she started hearing the voice that caught her attention big time.

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