Amelia's Baby

by Mixerman

Copyright© 2019 by Mixerman

Romantic Sex Story: This is a continuation of my story with Amelia and Julia.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Lesbian   Fiction   .

Baby Time

Well, life continues on its endless path. Thanksgiving has come and gone. December rolls around and with it Christmas. Christmas is on a Wednesday. Work 2 days then a day off, and then work 2 more days. Just like any other day in my lifetime.

Here it is December 9th, a Monday, to dam cold this early in the season. Home from work, I stop and get the mail. Sales fliers, a bill, some Christmas cards from friends. I’ll look at them later; need to get warmed up and out of these work clothes.

Ok, let’s see what we got in the mail. A bill from the Dr.’s office. Let’s see who sent cards? Friend from Florida, Friend from Puerto Rico, Friend from Upstate, and one from ... HOLYSHIT!! ... Sweden. Julia and Amelia! SHIT! I thought they were living in Amelia’s country. Better sit down as I open this. A card and a letter from them; wearing long sweaters and a small dog between them on the cover. Inside it said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love Amelia and Julia.

I read the letter.

Drew, how are you doing? We are enjoying married life together. I never realized how much fun it is to be with a woman. We are in in Julia’s country, for the Month of December. Remember how she told us of the sauna and of then jumping into the snow? First time was a shock to me! From very hot room to very cold outside. But she was correct about jumping in snow. You do not feel the cold, only when you get out of snow and make your way back to sauna. Then we dress and go to main house. Fire has the house warm. And the blankets are very warm. The rug In front of fireplace will have to be cleaned or replaced. We made love there every day!! Someday we will take pictures and send to you.

Between Christmas and New Year’s we will be traveling. We have something very important to ask you. Can you call 011-40-2??-???-????. That is my number. Please Drew it is something very important to us.

Hugs and Kisses Amelia and Julia.

December seemed to drag along, very slowly. New Year’s came and went. Waited till the weekend and made my call. Called around noon, my time, so that was 7PM their time. Dialed and got an answering machine. OK, will try in an hour. Called again at 1PM and got the machine again. Called at 2PM and got a voice of an angel. AMELIA!! Our chat went like this: A: Hello D: Hello Amelia. It is Drew calling from USA!

A: DREW!!!! How good to hear from you! (in the background I hear another loud voice ... of course Julia) D: good to hear you to. How were your holidays?

A: All was good. Did so many things, saw many days without any sun. Saw the Aurora Borealis. We went to Julia’s cabin in the woods and spent a week away from civilization. It was so relaxing to be with just my wife.

D: That is good, so everything Julia told us was true?

A: Yes and more so! She will take me there in the summer so I can have a 24 hour sun.

A: Drew as you know we are both considered each other’s wives, correct?

D: Yes I know that. I was there for the wedding.

A: I know that! And Julia and I were thinking of starting a family. But we need something from you.

D: And that is?

A: Your sperm! We want you to be the male donor to us. We have thought of adopting, but we want a blood child. Besides, our biological clocks are ticking.

D: Our?? You mean you and Julia both want to have babies?

A: Err ... No Drew. We both talked about this at length and it will be only me having a child.

HOLY SHIT!! Amelia wants to have a baby and have me be the donor!

D: You are saying you want me to have sex with you and get you pregnant?

A: Correct Drew and ... I interrupted her...

D: What about Julia? What does she think?

A: We have talked about it and felt this would be the most loving way we could have a child.

D: Can you put Julia on the phone please?

I hear Amelia calling Julia to the phone. Amelia tells me that she is dressed in nothing now. Totally naked, from head to toe. Just what I need in my mind as I talk with her.

J: Hello Drew! How are you doing over there?

D: Julia I am fine. And I hear that you two are getting along very well together.

Julia, about what Amelia said? Will you be happy with me as the father of Amelia’s child?

J: Drew, we have had many a long talks about this. Yes, we both want this. This time we will be coming to you. Will the springtime be good for you?

D: Let me know when and I will arrange it to happen.

J: OK we have some Vacation time coming up in May. Will that work for you and will the weather be warm?

D: Yes, weather in May will be warm. Julia can you put Amelia back on phone please?

J: That means that she will have to stop sucking on my breast. But for our ‘Daddy’, I will.

D: Amelia do you need any info from me now?

A: Yes, going to need name of local airport so we know where to fly to?

D: OK airport code is*** Got that? And Norwegian Air flies in here several times a week. Easiest airport to access. In fact you will fly right over my home!

A: OK Drew we will talk later. Right now I have several itches that need to be scratched!

And with that the call ended.

January and February both dragged on with snow and cold. March had one very bright day. An e-mail from Amelia. She told me that they booked a flight. It was to arrive on May 9th and that they will be here for a week. They will both be here and Amelia will be in her fertile time then. Yes, as a man, just what you want to hear and have a hard-on for 2 months.

God it’s only April. Easter has come and gone. When will May get here?

Finally May 9th is here. About fucking time!!

OK their flight lands at 7:00PM. At 6:45 I am outside watching the plane fly overhead. Yes, I live right on the flight path. OK they will have landed by the time it took me to walk to my car. A 25 minute car ride to the airport. And now to wait with a bouquet of flowers, for each of them, behind my back. Sitting there on that padded bench was hard.


Finally people are coming down the stairs and getting luggage. Waiting ... Waiting. Waiting ... I see Amelia and she is looking behind her. Then I see Julia. Down the stairs they come. I’m at the bottom waiting for both of them. A group hug and many kisses, many stares from other passengers. Plus a thumbs up from some guy! We walk over to the carousel and get their luggage.


Being that it was after 8PM when we left the airport I asked if they were hungry or wanted a drink. “HUNGRY!!” Was the reply I got from both of them. I knew of a nice place and being that it was a warm night, we could eat outside.

We arrived at the restaurant. Amelia told me that that this was too expensive of a restaurant. I told no it’s not. Medium low prices. Some restaurants around here will be over $250 for the 3 of us. Her eyes got big. Hey, remember, you are in my country now. Things cost more and stores are different here. You will see later in the week. We will go out to some stores so you can see. We ordered a family platter which had many things on it. We all had some wine.

After dinner we proceeded to my home. Once there we unloaded and went inside. “Welcome to my home. Hope you enjoy you stay” I told them. All they wanted was a hot shower. So I showed them to the shower and I left them alone so they could shower in peace. Later 2 happy women came out and told me that they were going to bed, as it had been a long day. I sat on my couch and told them ‘Good Night’. Amelia looked at me asked if I was coming to bed. I told her that they could have the bed and I will sleep here on the couch. Amelia said ‘No come with us. All we want is sleep tonight. So I went to bed with 2 beautiful women. Amelia was in the middle with Julia on her right and me on her left. They were out quickly.

The next morning I awoke alone in bed, but could smell coffee in the air. I went to do my morning duties and then joined them in the kitchen. Coffee, eggs and toast.

A: Morning Drew D: Morning Amelia. Morning Julia. Are you feeling better after some sleep?

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