Hindi Hotel Hooking

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Desperate Desi wife tries offering her yoni to male guests. She enjoys it a lot more than she expected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   Pregnancy   Indian Erotica   Prostitution   .

Meena was at her wits end. She worked hard as a hotel maid in one of the upscale ones near where she lived but just didn’t make enough money to help her husband go to university and get a job with a good income. He had looked and looked for work but none was to be found so he stayed home with their two-year-old girl child while she made what income she could.

When a client at the hotel offered her money for sex, she was seriously tempted. She liked sex and got it frequently from her husband. The government clinic had encouraged her to get birth control after her child was born so that would not be a concern. Her religion stayed wisely quiet on the subject of sex, leaving it up to individuals to make their own moral decisions.

She had no other man between her legs until her marriage but now, after four years, she was curious after hearing the stories that the other hotel maids would tell. She knew it was not uncommon for them to accept money when doing housekeeping in a room for a bit of time naked with the hotel guest. It seemed to be worth a try, considering that one man could double her daily wage.

She was an attractive wench, having kept her shape after the baby and it was actually enhanced with her breasts enlarged from the nursing. Thus it was not surprising when an older man inquired about “special services”. She had determined the going price from the other maids and he happily accepted it.

She was quite nervous, undressing in front of a man she did not know at all, but when he began touching her, and she had her hand on his substantial lund, primordial passion took over. He copulated with her twice, something that did not happen with her husband, and she received a substantial tip. As she reflected later, it had been more enjoyable than she expected. She put the money away in a special place.

The next inquiry went even easier, even though his lingam was not the size of her husband’s. He did know how to use it, however, and she got a great deal of pleasure from the encounter. When her husband showed interest in coupling that evening, she had to simulate her great pleasure since she had already had a good deal of it earlier. She noted that he was completely unaware of what her yoni had been doing.

The first man was still there the next morning so she happily disrobed for him. Since she was more relaxed, it was even more enjoyable and he said he would return in a month or so and hoped she would service his room. She said he should request “Meena”.

Management soon became aware of her new role thanks to the guests’ compliments. They encouraged anything that brought business but insisted on a weekly “helping” of what she was providing, nominally to check on quality.

It so happened that a couple of months into her career her husband was speaking to an acquaintance who mentioned that he was staying at a nearby hotel which had excellent amenities, especially one named “Meena”. Further questioning made it clear that it was his wife who was offering the sex services. He did not reveal his connection but waited for her to return from work.

“I was speaking with a Mr. Mowgli today. He stays at your hotel and raved about the personal services he receives there. There is one maid named Meena who he especially enjoys.” Then he stopped and looked at her.

She was frozen in fear for a moment and broke into racking sobs. “I did it for you,” was all he could understand.

“How can that be?” he demanded roughly, grabbing her wrist then pulling her garments off. As she stood naked and trembling before him he asked again, “I thought you loved me so how could you become a whore?”

She walked to her hiding place and pulled out a wad of rupees and dollars. “Here is your tuition for university. That is what I did it for.”

He was shocked as he counted the money and then meekly apologized for his anger. “I didn’t understand.” She put her arms around him and said softly, “I can understand your anger but I could not ask you first and was afraid to as it went on. Do you still love me?”

Sinjab hugged her back and began touching her naked body. It escalated into a wild copulation, each burning off lots of emotions. When it calmed, Sinjab had questions like “How did this start and how long ago? How many men have had you? How recently?”

She parried before she answered his questions, “Have you noticed any fault with our lovemaking, either in how often or how good?” He admitted that it seemed better the last few months. She smiled, “I have learned some things.”

When she revealed that she had “entertained” two men earlier that day he took her again and she squealed in delight. “You are better than both of them together,” she said, knowing that he needed that ego boost. Most of her clients were quite pleasurable but there was no love to boost the satisfaction to a higher plane.

After that her husband asked no questions about her days but took her often when she returned, many times feeling the silky and slippery texture of a recently fucked yoni. He buckled down at school, determined to finish quickly so he could have his wife all to himself again.

When he graduated they took a trip to the seashore in celebration. As they lounged in the hotel bed he had to ask, “Now that I have income, I would expect you to stay at home. Are you ready for another child?”

The question caught her unawares but she had to consider it. Their girl was approaching five so the timing was good. But in the back of her mind were other thoughts. She had developed some friendships with clients who were at the hotel on a regular basis. Those feelings enhanced the sex she enjoyed with them. She would miss them. How to deal with that?

A day later she told her husband that when he got through the probationary period at work she would resign the hotel. She did NOT say she’d stop fucking her friends though. To the select three she wished to keep connected with she explained the situation and they would have to use condoms for a while. They all understood.

One of them, Saleem, was married and surprised her by having his wife in the room when she arrived. He explained, “She wants to meet you as we have no secrets and I told her how I deal with my need for sex when we are apart. May she watch us have sex?” Meena smiled, it would be exciting for her too.

Raina wanted to do more than watch, it turned out. Her hands and mouth explored Meena’s body as she was being fucked, and she sucked her husband’s cream from where it had been deposited. Meena reciprocated as the wife rode her husband for her satisfaction. That was repeated two days later as well. At the time Raina asked if Meena’s husband knew of these activities. When Meena asserted he did, Raina asked if she might enjoy him herself.

Meena laughed, “I have no problem with it but he is rather shy. You will have to seduce him.” Raina took that as a challenge and her husband laughed too.

Although he resisted a bit, Sinjab agreed to a holiday visit to the hotel they had stayed at before. Seema informed him that a couple she knew from the hotel would meet them there. Being a couple, her husband would not suspect it was also one of her clients.

As planned, there was a “mixup” in the booking so the two couples had to share a room which had two beds. After an oceanside dinner and a walk along the seashore the couples headed back to the hotel. Raina had made it a point to walk close to Sinjab and engage him in conversation. Meena noted his frequent glances at his companions ample and lightly covered bosom, much larger that his wife’s. She brushed them against him as often as she could manage.

The lights in the room were turned out as all undressed for bed but some illumination from outside filtered in. By deliberate “mistake”, Raina got in Sinjab’s bed and clutched him to her ample body. When he attempted to protest, she silenced him with her tongue almost down his throat and ha firm grip on his rapidly hardening lund. She whispered, “Your wife has fucked my husband many times so you must make it up to me.” The other couple were watching as this seduction played out and put their parts together when Raina began riding her “victim” with big tits bouncing in his hands.

As soon as all parties had signaled their orgasms the women switched beds. Meena went to taste her husband’s multi-flavored cock and ensure its resurrection so she could ride it too. He was silent, stunned as her silky snatch coated his shaft with another man’s cream, urging him to add his own. Both men awoke some hours later by the “other woman” seeking more coupling and the dawn found them that way. Showering as switched couples, the women announced that they wished to have substitute spouses for the rest of the day. It would be fun, they figured.

So it went as they explored the area and after lunch some “afternoon delight” was requested by the insatiable women. In the light of day, the curious couples took turns watching the action and a few pictures and short videos were taken.

The role-playing continued until midnight when the wives returned to their legal spouse and that triggered yet another copulation.

It had been a wonderful getaway and Meena was now ready to try for motherhood again. Coupling these times created different feeling in the spouses with a new outcome as a goal. Even though they wore condoms, fucking her favorite client friends was different too and she always had a small but stimulating anxiety about a condom breaking or slipping off.

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