by tjasslover

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Fantasy Sex Story: Story is about a submissive male who has just split from his hot young wife and looks forward to being dominated and controlled by a "real" man. This turns into a nightmare for him and ultimately his wife. Moral of the story: Be careful what you ask for.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   Gay   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Spanking   Gang Bang   Black Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Scatology   Spitting   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Body Modification   .

My name is Sam Thompson and I’m 56 years old. I have been married to my second wife for 5 years. She is 27 and incredibly sexy with large natural tits and a very tasty ass, both literally and figuratively. I had lost all interest in sex with her after she had an affair in our first year of marriage which went on for some time. Additionally, I was sure there were others which she never denied. I often ask her if I could watch other men fuck her. She would say, yes, but it hasn’t happened. The only thing that interest me about her well used cunt is the idea of tasting other men’s cum running out of it. So several weeks ago, she moved out and was living with a “girlfriend” but I was sure it was a man. And since I was really only interested in being with a man or men, I really couldn’t care. I had seen men off and on for years rekindling my preteen and teen years of sucking cock and loved the feel of a man’s cock in my ass. Not sure I really liked how a cock felt in my ass as much as I loved the idea of having my ass fucked like it was a woman’s cunt.

I had been talking on line with Jay for several months. He didn’t exactly meet my needs as he was a bottom as I am, but he was much more dominate and somewhat versatile where I had become a completely submissive bottom and had no interest in a man sucking my cock. We had discussed several options on getting together which included him taking me to a bath house and “whoring” me to other men. As much as I liked the idea, I had been only once to this bath house and was not impressed with what happened there. He had also talked about me paying some homeless men to fuck me, or my licking them clean everywhere before I sucked them. As much as that idea turned me on, the fear of disease kept me from agreeing to do that. The thought of having to pay to suck a man’s cock or lick his ass was a huge rush.

One evening, I was sitting at home nude, watching porn and playing with my little 5 inch uncut cock, when I got a text from Jay saying he wanted to come over to my house and bring a friend. I asked about the friend and he said he had been homeless but was a nice looking muscular 35 y/o Hispanic top. This would never have happened if I hadn’t had my hard little cock in my hand, but without really thinking, I text him my address. I continued to play with myself but didn’t want to cum as I was looking forward to finally meeting Jay and the idea of a Hispanic top with a nice uncut cock would be incredible.

About 20 minutes later, my doorbell rang and I went to open it still completely nude. Without being asked, they both walked pass me and into my den. Jay was about 5’7” and a little chunky, but Hector was 6’3”, maybe 200 lbs. and very muscular with a scruffy beard. From the very second he walked in, it was obvious that Hector would be in charge.

“Hey Bitch, you got any beer?”

“Sure, you both want one?”

Hector grabbed me by the arm and pulled me close to him, “First thing is that you need to learn some manners. Do you understand?”

“Not really. I was going to get you both a beer.”

Hector looked down on me, “Open your cock sucking mouth Bitch.”

I did as directed and he spit in my mouth and I swallowed as I knew he wanted.

“I don’t give a fuck what you call Jay. He’s just another fag like you, but to me, you always call me Sir and never wait for me to ask you to do something, just fucking do it. Now do you understand?”

As I moved toward the kitchen to get them beer, “Yes Sir.” I was really getting turned on by the dominate aspects of Hector and it is what I had been looking for. When I returned with the beer, he sat down and ordered Jay and I to “entertain him” while he had his beer. It’s one thing to service a man but to have to perform was even more humiliating and I was moaning like a true bitch as I stripped Jay and uncovered his semi-hard 6 inch uncut cock, but went to his mouth and began to kiss and stick my tongue deep into his mouth. I noticed that Hector had both his and my phone recording the entire event.

“Hey Bitch, before you get too involved, Jay tells me you have nude pictures of your hot wife. Show them to me.”

I moved my computer over to Hector, opened it and went to my pictures. I probably had over a hundred of her nude in various positions. It never crossed my mind that my e-mail account was also opened and Hector would use it.

“Now what’s the slut’s name?”


“Wow, the slut has a set of tits on her. Are they real?”

“Yes, they are.”

“OK, you fags get back to work and you better understand what I want to see. I’m going to check your videos to see what you have there.”

I hadn’t thought about the 2 videos I had of Maria. One where she just strips and plays with herself and the other of her sucking on my cock and swallowing a load, but figured it didn’t hurt him seeing that either.

Jay lay down on the floor and I crawled over him and began to suck his cock. After a couple of minutes, he raised his legs and I eagerly put my tongue to work licking on his ass, finally spreading his ass cheeks and sticking my tongue in as far as I could get it. Nothing turns me on more than licking a man’s ass. I guess it has something to do with being submissive and knowing how “wrong” it is to lick anyone’s ass. So I spent maybe 20 minutes just licking and sucking on his cock and ass before he finally exploded into my mouth. I lay back, thinking Jay would return the favor, even though receiving a blow job was rather unimportant. I was so turned on by the humiliation that I needed to get off.

“Jay, don’t you dare touch that bitches’ tiny cock. Bitch, crawl over here and take off my clothes. And as you crawl over, say your name and what you are.”

Looking right into the camera, “I’m Sam and I’m a faggot.” Getting so turned on by this.

“No faggot, your full name and address.”

I hesitated just a minute then realized I needed and craved this humiliation, “I’m Sam Thompson and I live at 2324 Wallflower lane in Houston, Texas.”

“And your e-mail and phone number. And you might as well include your wife’s e-mail and phone number?”

Like a complete idiot, I gave him everything he wanted which he recorded as well as writting down.

“Now, do your job Bitch.” So I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his dirty jeans then pulled them off. As I reached for his almost brown underwear, I almost threw up from the smell but pulled them down exposing the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. He was semi-hard and still must have been 8 inches or more, beautiful uncut with a nice bush around it and his big hanging balls. I was having a hard time breathing, knowing I was fixing to suck this beautiful cock, then he lifted his legs with the phone pointed a few inches from my face.

“Bitch, you have any idea how long It’s been since I had a shower?”

“No Sir, but I’m guessing a while.”

“At least a week or two, so uses your faggot tongue and make sure my nasty ass is spit clean when you finish.”

I had never seen any ass so nasty but knew that I had no choice, so began licking and sucking on his nasty harry ass. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever done. He grabbed me by the back of my head and began to rub my face all over his ass. “Look at me Bitch.” I raised my head looking right into the camera. “What’s that brown stuff on your face Pig?”

“I’m guessing your shit, Sir.”

“I’m guessing your right. Now put my cock in your mouth and get ready for some recycled beer.”

I opened wide as his huge cock entered my mouth and begin to fill me up with his nasty bitter piss. I swallowed as best I could but much of it ran down my face and onto the floor. Tears were running down my face as I swallowed many mouths full of his bitter piss. Finally the last drops dripped off his cock into my mouth. I began to lick up and down the shaft and over his big harry balls. I loved that he was recording the scene as I had never seen myself sucking a man. In fact, the closest I came to my cinema debut was when Maria was sucking me and you could see my tiny cock in her mouth. He sat there looking down on me, like I was worthless trash as I sucked on his very nasty cock, never able to get more than half of it in my mouth.

“You ain’t much of a cock sucker are you Bitch?”

“I try Sir.”

“Well, you ain’t trying hard enough. Jay, give the bitch a hand.”

I assumed Jay would be joining me in sucking Hector but instead, he got behind me and began to force my head further and further down on his huge beautiful uncut cock. I began to gag and fight to get away but that just made Jay push harder as Hector forced his hips up pushing his cock deeper into my throat. I knew what was about to happen but couldn’t stop it and the bile from my stomach forced its way up my throat, into my mouth and all around and over Hector’s cock and onto the floor. Not surprisingly Jay didn’t allow me to remove my mouth from this huge cock as I continued to gag and puke. Finally my head was pulled off his cock.

“Now look what you have done Bitch. So, don’t just sit there, lick my cock clean then finish your job.”

I took a few breaths then began to lick the nasty puke off his cock and his balls, finally going back to sucking him without the assistance of Jay. It took a good ten minutes before the nastiest tasting cum I had ever had filled my mouth.

“Say Thank you Sir.”

Completely out of breath and needing to beat off, I managed to say: “thank you Sir.”

“Jay, take this nasty bitch into the bathroom and shave every bit of hair off his body. I like my faggots hairless like the cunts I fuck. In fact, just like the hairless cunt his wife has. Maria, that’s the whore’s name? Right?”

“Yes Sir. But I really don’t want my head shaved but Jay can shave my crotch.”

He looked down on me for maybe a minute then slapped me hard across my face. “Fag, you will never tell me no again. Do you understand? Now get him in there and make sure I can’t find a hair on his body anywhere and also make sure he doesn’t play with that little cock of his. Now go.”

I followed Jay into the bathroom and, as instructed handing him the shaving cream and razor. He asked for scissors to make it easier to shave my head, so I got him a pair but remembered we had electric clippers, so gave him those too. I sat in the chair crying as he took the clippers and began to cut most of the hair from my head. The more he shaved, the harder his cock got. With most of my hair lying on the floor, he sat up on the vanity with his cock right in my face while he finished. Of course I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck on him. I loved the demeaning things that had been done to me, but was really concerned as the “game” had gotten a bit out of hand with my head shaving. I didn’t mind my body shaved, but the head was a huge surprise. How would I explain that to the people I worked for? But for now, I had this nice cock in my mouth, something I had thought about for months and now it was happening. I began to moan as I knew he was getting close then reached under his ass and forced a finger into his willing asshole. Just as it went in all the way, Jay exploded and filled my mouth with his sweet tasting cum, then watched as I sucked his shit off my index finger. He then took the shaving cream and began to clean all the stubble off my head. He then went to my underarms, my arms, my legs and my “cunt hair” and balls. Several times he nicked my balls but was unconcerned by the little blood that was dripping onto the floor. Finally after about an hour, he had me get on my hands and knees, spread my legs and shaved my ass. I wiped all the shaving cream off me and couldn’t believe what I saw as I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Oh fuck, I missed something.” And with that, he put shaving cream on my eyebrows and shaved them too. I truly looked like a weird freak now.

We went back into the den where Hector was busy at work on the computer. “Now that’s a lot better. That’s what a fucking fag should look like. Dance for me. Make that little cock bounce up and down.”

I tried but was feeling completely stupid and wondered if the evening was coming to an end and I could finally beat off.

“Bitch, come look what I accomplished while you two were playing in there.”

I looked at the computer and he was on some porn site. The first thing I saw was: “Sam Thompson. Houston’s Ass licking faggot.” I looked in complete shock as under the title, it listed my home address, my e-mail and my phone number. As he hit play, I watched in disbelief as it showed me crawling over, saying my name, my wife’s name and finally going after his ass. The worst was when I sat up with his shit on my face before he pissed in my mouth. “Hector, you have to take this down.”

“Take it down? Fuck no. I already have this on three different porn sites, but there’s a lot more.”

“What do you mean more?”

“Well, there is the video of you and the fag Jay getting after it. It was the first I posted and there are already a number of hits on it. And then there are the two of your slut wife. I made sure all her information was on there too.”

“You Can’t do that. You didn’t really do that. Did you?”

“Of course. And I uploaded all her pictures to “Expose my Slut Wife” and put her full name and all her contact information there. How big are her tits? I wanted to put that there too. And by the way, I e-mailed her link to all the videos. Well, actually you did.” He broke out in a huge laugh at that. “I have no idea how many people in your contact list that I have sent links to all the videos and her pictures to. It must have been a hundred. You have gotten a few replies, but you can answer those later.”

I fell to my knees and couldn’t get a rational thought formed. “You must take all that down and then leave. This is no longer fun.”

“Leave! Fuck that. I ain’t going nowhere. I brought my bags and you are my full time bitch so get used to it. You got any short shorts?”

“No, this was fun, but you have to leave. You can’t stay here.”

Hector stood up, looking down at me and pulled me up, then slugged me in the face and stomach. I fell to the floor, writhing in pain. He then kicked me in the side and stood over me.

“Now listen to me Bitch and I don’t intend to repeat myself. I own your fag ass and I will do anything I want to you, including throw your dead naked ass in the ditch behind your house. Your house is mine, your car is mine, your money is mine and your ass is mine. And if you don’t say “yes sir” to that right now, I will end it for you. So?”

I lay there in pain, realizing that I had made the biggest mistake of my life, but understanding that he was serious and I really had no choice, at least for now, so: “Yes Sir.”

“Now that we have that clear. Jay, go find some of his jeans to make into some fag shorts.”

He came back a few minutes later with some of my older jeans and got a pair of scissors. Hector told him to cut them off like “you fags like to wear”, so Jay went to work on my jeans or rather my fag shorts while I lay on the ground trying to figure out what to do. Sadly, Hector had an idea.

“While we wait, you might as well earn your keep. Get on your hands and knees and spread your ass cheeks where I can put my cock in you.”

I did as he said, then Jay was told to suck him hard and get my asshole wet, which he did then went back to work on my jeans. I figured he wouldn’t be gentle but was really not prepared for what was about to happen.

“Bitch, if it wasn’t for your mouth and asshole, you would be completely worthless. You are trash and nothing more. I want to hear you oink like the pig you are. Jay, get the phone. We need to add this to his videos and don’t’ get my face.”

I sat on my hands and knees making oinking sounds as Jay brought the camera close to my face. As Hector pressed his monster cock against my asshole, I kept saying “oink oink”. This was something that earlier in the evening, I was craving but now dreading. And I was right to dread it. He grabbed me by the hips and forced his cock deep into my ass. I let out a scream and tears started running down my face, but he insisted that I “keep oinking like the nasty fag pig I was.” So between screams, I tried to make my oinking sounds. Hector was pulling most of his ten inch cock out of my ass and slamming it back in, slapping my ass and calling me the nastiest names. After a few minutes, the pain was less but still there and finally after what seemed several hours, he came deep inside of my ass.

“Look into the camera pig and tell your wife how much you love my cum deep in your ass. And don’t forget to say her name.”

Trying to catch my breath, I managed to say: “Maria, I love it when a real man cums in my ass like you won’t let me do to you.”

Hector pulled his softening cock out of my ass and presented it to me with dark brown cum dripping off of it and covered in darker streaks. Of course, I put the nasty thing in my mouth and sucked it clean while the camera caught it all. Then I was told to put on my new clothes. Jay handed me the shorts and I couldn’t believe how little material was left. In fact, it was more a skirt than shorts because he had cut the material in the crotch out. In the back, there was almost nothing and way too short in the front. I knew that even my little cock would hang below the material and my request for underwear was met with laughter. Jay also got one of my white t-shirts and cut it to just under my nipples, so I was dressed and ready for a night out. I was told to go get my billfold which Hector took position of and we walked out to Jay’s car. I was fortunate that none of my neighbors were out to see me and my near nakedness. Hector told Jay where to drive and we ended up at an adult video store to buy some “supplies”. Needless to say, I got plenty of looks from the others that were in the store. Hector picked out a locking dog collar, a rather large butt plug with a tail and a “cage” for my cock. While we were checking out with my credit card, two young, maybe 18 y/o girls entered and went to where stripper clothes were hanging. Hector took me over to them.

“Hey ladies, you want a good laugh.”

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