Amelia and Julia Wedding

by Mixerman

Copyright© 2019 by Mixerman

Erotica Sex Story: A wedding between 2 of the most beautiful women in the world.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   White Male   White Female   .

It was a bright and sunny day in May when I went out to get the mail. Bill, ad for oil change, another ad and a letter from Sweden. Sweden!! I only know of one person in the whole world from Sweden. JULIA! Ran back into the house and with shaking hands, opened the letter. Inside I found a note and an invitation. I read the note first.

Dear Drew,

I hope all is well with you. It is I, Julia. The lesbian that you have lusted after since we met in Amelia’s room. I, errr, we, (Amelia and myself) wanted to write to you and let you know that we are getting married to each other. We had to include you. For it was you, that allowed us to chat. Remember you paid for me to chat with Amelia? We had many chats since then. Amelia would PM me and we would chat. While in public she kept up the appearance of not being interested. Did you know?

Anyway we will be getting married in October and would like you to be there. As you know, NO cock allowed in my vagina, but Amelia would allow you to make love to her. Does that sound interested to you?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love Amelia and Julia

HOLY SHIT!!! Two beautiful women that I have lusted after are getting married to each other. Let me check the invitation to see where and when. Reading the invitation:

Amelia and Julia
Your presence is requested
To witness the joining of two beating hearts
To become one beating heart
The ceremony will be on the beach
The town will be Sigri on the island of Levos in Greece
The date will be October 5, 2019
RSVP must be returned by June 30.

Inside the invitation was another note telling me, that when they received my RSVP another letter will follow giving me flight and hotel information.

I took the invitation and sealed it in the enclosed envelope and ran, yes ran, to the post office. At the post office I sent it out in an international rush envelope. I did not care about the cost. Now to track the letter and know they got it.

Two days later it was received by Julia. Ok, they got my letter.

The next day I received an e-mail from Julia giving me all the info I would need.

The e-mail said:

Drew, we would like for you come early to our wedding. We will be here on the first of October to set everything up. All guests will be arriving on the 4th of October. We hope you can arrive early. So we can thank you in our own way.

Amelia and myself are becoming bridezillas. All the planning, who we want to invite. Getting flights for everyone, the hotel, our gowns, bridesmaids, groomsman.

Our respective fathers are giving us away. We have giving this much thought and we want you to be the best man for us. We do hope that you will say YES, for both of us.

The flight info was enclosed for me. Local airport, to Geneva and then onto Athens. From there, a small plane to the island.

Hotel info also enclosed. Seems that they have rented a whole motel. OK, only 18 rooms. Sappho Hotel. Right on the beach. Amelia and Julia will have the ‘Bridal Suite’ Each set of parents will have rooms. I will have a room. Family and friends fill the rest.

Come on October!! Get here fast!!

The summer seemed to drag on. Got a few more e-mails from Julia. She told me that Amelia will be wearing a red wedding dress and Julia will be wearing a powder blue dress. They have decided that they will be 2 wives together. She told me to bring a dark suit for the ceremony. The rest of the time will be casual dress, and be ready to party with them.

Weather should be around 20C. Very comfortable.

Well the big day has arrived! Leaving on a jet plane going to see my 2 favorite girls. Swiss Air provided a very smooth flight to Genova. Short layover, then on to Athens. While in Athens checked my phone, 2 E-mails from Julia. Opened first one and saw Amelia in her gown. OH MY GOD!! A thing of absolute beauty. I always called her my ‘Contessa’, but seeing her in that gown. I was left speechless. It was an off shoulder gown with a plunging neckline, all the way down below her belly-button. Lace filled in the space, and gave her body mysterious look. The next E-mail showed Julia in her gown. Powder blue with long sleeves, neck line came down to the top of her breast. On the right side was a slit from the bottom of the gown all the way up to her???

Now I’m waiting for the small plane to take me to the island. Waiting for some other passengers to arrive. After an hour of waiting we were told others were delayed and to depart. I’m only one on plane. After a rough 45 minute flight we finally land on Lesbos. What I sight I see, 2 beautiful women running towards me. Amelia gives me a big kiss on my lips. Julia, one on each cheek. Getting my 2 bags we depart for the hotel.

In the taxi, the conversation is kept on a low note. How was the trip? Am I hungry? Glad to see you. Once at the motel, things changed, in a good way for me.

Amelia melted into my arms with a kiss that was absolutely from heaven. I did not want it to end. It did when Julia told us to get a room. Amelia said we have one. So Julia we can share Drew or you can stay or leave. You said that I can have Drew up till the day we get married. And it was YOUR idea to have Drew come early. Or is it ‘cum’ early? Anyway I am taking Drew right now, right here, on this bed. Julia whined that she does not have orgasms from men, only from women.

Julia screamed a she went out the door. I asked Amelia if she was OK, should we check up on her. Amelia replied to me that she is fine. Just stressed out from all the planning. Now come and love me. And that is what we did for the next 2 hours. We did not fuck, we made love.

Julia returned to the room. She saw us still in bed and stood there looking at us and said you’re still fucking? Amelia replied to her, that we were not “fucking” and that we were making love still. There is a difference. You showed me that when we were at your camp. The first night we ‘fucked each other’, the second night we made love in front of your fireplace for hours.

Julia stood there, looking at us. She stared at Amelia and wanted to know if she was still number 1 in Amelia’s heart, or did I replace her. Amelia answered her. Julia I love you! I always will! But unlike you I am not 100 percent lesbian. I still like a man to please me. There is something that a man can do for me that you cannot. I say these words not to hurt you but it is a different way of me saying I love you.

Julia started to sob and shake. Amelia ran to her and hugged her. They kissed and Amelia brought her to the bed. Amelia looked at me and nodded to the door. I got her massage. I got out of bed, dressed and told them I was going down to the bar and get something to drink. I took a quick look at them as I left the room. They were wrapped around each other like they wanted to be inside each other.

I went to the bar and got a drink. Sitting there, nursing a beer, I wondered what Julia did waiting for Amelia and me to finish up. Finished my beer, and decided to take a walk along the shore. Small waves lapped at my feet as I walked and thought of Amelia and Julia. Wondered if Julia was as good in bed, as Amelia was. The answer to that was that I would probably never find out. I stopped walking and looked around. Where the hell was I and how far did I walk? And how did I miss those two bronze skinned beauties lying on the beach? I nodded to them and started walking back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, I got another drink from the bar and sat down. Looking at the clock I noticed that more than 2 hours went by. Wonder what is going on up there in their room. I took my drink and went to my room to finally unpack. Well that went fast. Decided to take a shower and wash off the ocean.

Showered and shaved I decided it was time to eat. Went to the restaurant and heard my name being called. Julia and Amelia were there sitting at a table, along with an empty bottle of wine and the lack of any food. They told me they were waiting for me to get there to eat together. I, as a man, had to ask if everything was Ok between them. NEVER BETTER they answered at the same time. Their laughter boiled over to side splitting laughter, with Amelia falling to the floor in a fit of laughter.

Amelia got up, composing herself, told me their love was never stronger. That they had a long talk and ‘made-up’ as only 2 women can. Afterwards we went looking for you. Checked the bar, your room, we split up and look around the grounds, but could not find you. Julia and I came in here, hoping that you would be here soon. We are so relieved that you are back.

We ordered food, and another bottle of wine. We enjoyed the meal together. But I felt there was something else to be told. I did not press the issue at this time.

We left the restaurant and went to our rooms, said our goodnights.

The next morning, I woke and showered. Got dressed and met the girls for breakfast. We enjoyed breakfast very much. Julia and Amelia looked very much in love to me. The way they looked at each other, the way they smiled that shy smile to each other. Amelia stood and announced that she had some shopping to do in town. I noticed a look between them as she left. Now I had talked with Julia before online and knew a bit about her background. Her broken heart, how it happened. I will not revile it here. It is personal. We sat for a bit in an awkward silence. Not something I liked.

I asked Julia if everything was truly OK between them. Julia sighed and told me that when she walked in on Amelia and me, she felt her heart jump in her chest and was wondering if allowing Amelia to be intimate with me was a mistake. She continued, seeing the look of pure pleasure on Amelia’s face hurt. And, yes, they did have a long talk. Amelia did admit that while I could give her massive orgasms, she still missed a hard cock. The heat of it, the texture of it, how it feels in her mouth and deep inside her, the feel of cum. I confessed to her that, I, also do have a need for a cock about twice a year. It scratches an itch that does build up inside of me. Back home, I do have a fuck buddy for that. We talked and came to an agreement. If we told each other before hand, we could go looking for a cock to scratch our itches. We had also talked about having a threesome with you. Yes, many times I have told you that you can play with my tits, lick me, front and back but that you can never finger me or be inside me.

Yes Julia, I remember those talks all too painfully well.

Why me? Why do I get to be recipient of your generosity?

Drew, we wanted to thank you in a way that you would remember what we said in our e-mail to you, about wanting you here early to thank you. Amelia started yesterday, and I am supposed to thank you today. This has been part of the problem. How do I, as a lesbian, thank you, a man. Amelia and I have discussed this many times. What am I to do? Spread my legs for you? Suck you? Jerk you off? Amelia said that I did have another option. Letting you have my ass. So, do you want to fuck some Swedish ass?

Julia, are you doing this out of love or out of some kind of need that you have to thank me? If it is out of love, than yes I would. But if this is out of a need, than no I will not. It is like Amelia is throwing you to me. That is not what I want from you. What I want from both of you is nothing more and nothing less than love. Do you understand me?

Julia sat there looking at me with a blank look on her face. She started to say something. It caught in her throat. She composed herself and spoke. Drew, do you remember that you proposed to me once and that I said no to you. I went on to explain that how I became lesbian and that I had a bad experience with a man and how the person that I loved left me for a man and the hurt that I suffered from that? Yes Julia I remember all of that. Amelia admitted to me that after the first time that we got together that she hooked up with a man, just to see if she was correct in her feelings about me. She told me that both were delightful and all so different, and that she could continue to love me. Women to women. I was overjoyed with her reply to me. I had found love! As we became more and more involved and talked about our future together and decided to get married and how we would live together.

This brings us to the here and now. Julia, I will ask you again are you offering your ass to me out of a “love” you have for me or is it because Amelia said for you to do it?

Drew, I want to thank you for what you have done, bring Amelia and myself together. Would you or could you accept me as a long term friend? Could you wait for the three of us to be together before we do anything together?

I replied to Julia, that shows me that you love Amelia and do not want to throw yourself at me just to give me a thrill. For that I love you more.

We talked for a few more hours about each other and how the ceremony will go. Julia led me down to the beach and showed me where the ceremony will take place. Then we went up to the restaurant and got some food as it was past noon and we had not had a bite to eat yet. Sitting in the restaurant, Amelia joined us. She and Julia talked a bit. I excused myself to let them have a few moments together. When I returned, they were laughing smiling so I guess all was good.

We left the restaurant and walked along the beach. Very calm water and a clear sky would give us a great view of the sunset. We all talked and laughed at our jokes. When the sun was starting to set we went up on a sand dune to watch it better. Julia and Amelia stood together as I took a seat on the front of the sand dune. They were behind me. I noticed the 2 women I saw the other day walking by. They waved towards us. I waved back to them. They pointed at me. And I guess I gave a confused look back. They were waving and pointing franticly now. Making a spinning motion with their fingers, I turned around and saw Amelia and Julia locked in a tight kiss together. Lips to lips, breast to breast, pelvic area to pelvic area. It was the most beautiful thing I saw that day. I sat there and watched them do what they were doing. And being a man, of course I got hard and tented my pants. When I reached down to adjust myself, Amelia saw me and said Drew, do you like Julia and me kissing. Judging by your pants, I would say yes. Julia looked down at me also. They both sat down next to me and started giving me kisses on each side of my face. While I knew I would get kisses from Amelia, the kisses from Julia were a big surprise to me. I turned and looked at Julia, then at Amelia. They both started to speak at the same time. Julia continued speaking. Drew we talked and Amelia will give you whatever it is that you want blowjob, ‘making love’, kisses. From me I will go so far as to kiss you and jerk you off and have you cum on Amelia. No form of oral, giving or receiving from me. ALSO, no penetration in me! I asked if this was a mutual agreement between them. They both nodded yes. Julia then whispered in my ear that she might let me play with her tits. They are very nice tits! I can attest to that.

We sat there on the dune and watched the sun go down. Me, with a breast from each of them in my hands, and Amelia’s hand on my cock. Julia had her hands between her legs, rubbing herself. Amelia leaned over and kissed me with great passion. Julia leaned over and whispered in my ear, if I wanted to watch them together in bed.

Did I say that I was a male?

What man could pass that up? We got up and started walking back to the motel.

Back at the motel they led me to their room. Julia pointed to a chair. Told me to strip and sit there. If my ass left that chair the show would end. Never to happen in my presence again! Unless, they called me over to the bed.

No fool here. I wanted to see this show!

So I sat my ass on the chair and watched these two beautiful women commence with the Sapphic erotic dance that they would do for me. Amelia took Julia’s hand and led her to the bed. Before she stepped away she gave Julia a kiss that even I could feel from across the room. Amelia danced away from Julia in this most hypnotic, body movement. One I had seen her do before. I have read that some men had orgasms from watching her move. Slowly, she took off her top with her back to us. I knew she had no bra on from earlier. She turned towards us and teasingly bared her breast to us. Julia was playing with her breast over her top. Amelia glided over to Julia and seductively remover Julia’s top. Now both were topless. Amelia continued to dance seductively around the room. She turned and started to lower her pants leaving a pair of tiny, just barely covering a less than a quarter of her ass, in place. Her movements, over to Julia were more of a seductive glide, than dance. I watched her remove Julia’s pants and underwear. Amelia did this movement with her hips that drew Julia to her. Julia removed Amelia’s panties and tossed them to me. Now both nude, Amelia laid on the bed with Julia and they began to kiss. First soft and tender, then with an urgent passion.

Hands from both were touching each other’s breast, lips were all over each other’s faces. Amelia looked at me with a smile and started moving down towards Julia’s breast. I heard and saw how she gave each breast a complete going over. Julia was very vocal now.

Once again Amelia looked at me and continued to tongue her way down Julia’s body. I saw how she made love to her navel. Continuing her downward movement, The sudden expulsion of air from Julia told me that Amelia was now at her honeypot. I could hear Julia shouting out to Amelia “YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD AMELIA I WILL BE CUMMING ALL OVER YOU! MORE! MORE! MY CLIT SUCK IT! BITE IT! OH MY GOD Immmmmm CUuuummmmmiiinnngggg ... YES! YES! OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia arched her back and fell right back on the bed. It looked like she passed out! Amelia looked at me, licking her lips. She was a tigress on the hunt and I was going to be her dinner. Amelia crawled across the bed and looked at me. She called me with her finger. I was now under her spell. She rose to her knees and gave me a kiss. I could see Julia’s juice all over her face. She rubbed her face on mine, marking me.

Drew that was a warm up for me, now, I need your cock in me. No making love, just FUCKING! FUCK ME DREW!!! HARDER!! PUNISH MY PUSSY!! OH GOD DREW!! I’MMM GOING TO CUUuuuuummmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Julia woke up from Amelia’s cries of pleasure. Julia looked at Amelia, and then looked at me. She asked what happened to her. I told her that I fucked her till she passed out. Julia went to Amelia and held her in her arms and peppered her face with butterfly kisses till Amelia came around. Amelia smiled at Julia, looked at me and smiled.

Amelia spoke, Drew thank you for that. While Julia gives me great orgasms, I also need to know what a hard pounding can do for me. Now Drew would you like to give Julia a hard pounding in her ass. If I know my soon to be wife she wants it. She needs it. She is craving it. Amelia looked at Julia and with her eyes told her to do it!

Amelia prepared Julia’s ass for me with her tongue. Amelia then told me to pound her ass. I know you love ass. Many a time you have complimented me on mine. Now get your cock in there and pound her ass! Julia rolled onto her stomach and spread her ass for me. I slowly went in. And as I did she kept clinching and relaxing her ass. Dam did that feel good. Soon I started to pound her ass. Amelia was spanking her ass. Julia was wailing loudly.

All too soon for me, I felt ready to cum and after the events of today I knew it would be a big load. Amelia saw my face and told me to fill her wife’s ass full of my cum. Julia shot up and yelled for Amelia. When Amelia got close to her, Julia raped her mouth with her tongue. I yelled and came deep in Julia’s ass. Julia crawled away from me and continued to make out with Amelia. I went back to the chair and immediately fell asleep. Do not know how long I was out, but when I woke up they were in the scissor position making out with each other. Julia was very vocal about it. Amelia was quite, maybe because she had a breast in her mouth. All Amelia could get out was muffled moans of pleasure.

I decided that I was worn out and left for my room. When I got to my room, I then realized I was still naked and left my clothes in their room. Oh well, Shit happens!!


On the day before everyone was to arrive, Julia was a mess. A big bridezilla mess! Amelia was also a bit nervous about things, but not like Julia. Julia was running around worrying about everything. The ceremony site, the reception hall, the rooms, the food. She was falling apart. I could not help her; Amelia tried to get her to calm down. Nothing worked. Amelia went to Julia and gave her a toe curling kiss to get her to relax. She led her away from everything and back to her room. Amelia waved for me to follow them.

Wondering what I could do to calm a lesbian down? So I followed. Amelia pushed Julia into the room and waved for me to also come in. I entered and closed the door. Amelia took hold of Julia’s shoulders and shook her then kissed her to get her to calm down. Amelia spoke and said ... Julia all will be good. Calm down and relax. This is not the person I want to be with. If mistakes happen they will make the memories better. Maybe what you need is Drew’s hard cock in you to make you come to your senses. Let him give you a load of cum inside you. This shocked Julia into conciseness. She looked at Amelia with a look I have never seen. Confusing, worry, fear, all in one look. She started to sob and asked Amelia not to do that to her. No man is allowed there! Julia!! Amelia yelled. You are back. You were being such a, a, oh yea, a bridezilla. I had to do something to get you back. Now stop all this worrying! And I mean it, or Drew will Fuck you and cum in you. Drew, would you do that for me if she turns into a bridezilla bitch again?

Eeerr ... How do I answer that question? Well here I go walking into the fires of hell. Yes! Yes I would do that for you, I told them. Amelia smiled and Julia wanted to kill me. I stood there and just looked at the floor. Noticed my clothes there and thought that could give an escape.

Errrr ... ladies, excuse me as I return these clothes back to my room. Amelia said to me, Drew we will see you at lunch in a bit. But if ‘Bridezilla bitch’ comes back you will be seeing Julia sooner. And you, Julia do NOT look at me like that. Drew may not fuck you in your pussy, but I will have him spank your ass! Do you understand me!?! Julia looked at Amelia and replied ‘yes’, in a whisper.

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