Incest Abounds

by Heatheranne

Copyright© 2019 by Heatheranne

Incest Sex Story: abounds in this story of three families whose lives intertwine.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   .

At a waterfall near the Donovan family’s camping spot:

Megan Donovan stretched her arms over her head and yawned loudly.

“I won’t be much longer,” Jules Donovan, Megan’s older sister, said. “I’m about to lose the light. She had been steadily snapping pictures of the modest waterfall they’d hiked to for the better part of an hour.

Megan shifted her position on the rock where she’d been sitting so as to catch the sun’s rays at a better angle. Closing her eyes against the glare, she brushed her red, sun streaked to strawberry-blonde hair off her face. She was fifteen years old and Jules was seventeen. Of the two sisters, Megan was the more attractive. She stood five-feet four with full c-cups, a tiny waist plus a cute bubble-butt, and she wasn’t a bit shy about showing her assets.

“Ready to go?” Jules asked a minute later. She was about to store her camera in her shoulder bag.

“Yeah,” Megan said. She stood and dusted off her shorts. “I thought you were going to take some shots of me.”

“I took some candid pics,” Jules said.

“Oh, let me see,” Meagan said as she hustled to Jules’ side. “I thought you wanted me to pose or something,”

Megan lifted the digital camera and began to flit through the pictures shown on the tiny screen. “I like this one,” she said. The picture showed Megan’s face and hands as she intently tried to coax a butterfly from its perch on a twig onto her palm.

“Aww, that’s cute,” Megan said. There were a dozen more shots that showed her keeping herself amused while her sister worked. Then there was the one Jules must have shot only a minute before. It showed Megan sitting on the rock. Her back was arched and her face was toward the sun. Her long hair brushed the rock’s surface, and her boobs, encased in the tight tank top she was wearing, thrust themselves upward and outward. The curve of her ass cheek was visible thanks to her very tight and very short denim shorts. The clunky hiking boots she was wearing seemed to only enhance the curves of her calves and thighs. The pic was frankly sexy. “I like this one,” Megan said, sounding delighted.

“I thought you might,” Jules said dryly. “I’ll post all of them to you when we get back home. You know, I’m surprised Mom lets you dress like this even in the middle of a forest,” she said, gesturing to the camera’s screen as she turned it off.

“Mom has to save her parenting energy for the wonder-kid these days,” Megan said. She was referring to their youngest brother, Teddy. Teddy had been born fourteen years ago. He had been sickly as a baby and young child. Now it looked as if he’d end up being even shorter than Megan, not to mention his older brothers. The one thing Teddy had going for him was an IQ almost too high to measure. Unfortunately, he had an ego to match the size of his intelligence and a near total lack of social graces. As a result their mother had become a prime example of a helicopter mom. Currently, she was struggling to get him ready for college.

They took the short trail back to the marginally maintained fire road and began the miles long trek to their camping spot. “Why are you into photography all of a sudden?” Megan asked. She knew Jules’ camera actually belonged to their father.

“I’m not really,” Jules said. “I mean it’s interesting, but I’m doing it mostly so I can list it as a hobby on my college applications. If you want a good college and law school, you have to show what a great, well rounded person you are.”

“Mmm...” said Megan. Jules planned ahead for everything. Her ducks were always in a row, and her crap was always in a manageable pile. Her looks suffered, though. Her hair was cut in a bob that she washed and then ignored. She was tall and had had a nice figure, but hid it under unflattering clothes.

They made their way down the road that paralleled the creek below the falls. Soon, the creek began to widen into a lake. Their father was an executive for a manufacturing company. Decades before, the company had purchased thousands of acres of land as a watershed, and then dammed up the creek to make a reservoir of water for the factory. At least once a year, their father insisted that the whole family had to come here to camp.

After an hour of walking, Jules and Megan turned off the road and started across the broad clearing to their camp. It was not what anyone would call rough camping. They had a huge tarpaulin covering tables where they cooked and ate. Their tent was an equally huge military surplus affair of nylon canvas pulled over an aluminum frame.

“Truck’s here, van’s here, canoe’s gone,” Jules said. She meant that their brothers were probably somewhere around, and that their parents were most likely still off somewhere on the lake in the family’s canoe. Fifty yards across the clearing, Sammy, Megan’s twin, emerged from the tent and threw a pair of swim trunks across the clothesline that had been rigged for that purpose. He was completely naked. His hard cock waved around in the air in front of his six-pack abs.

“Did you see... ?” said Jules.

“I sure did,” Megan said.

“Did you know... ?” Jules said.

“I had no idea,” Meagan said. They heard a deep, sharp bark of laughter from the tent. That would be their oldest brother, Robert.

“What in the hell could they be doing in there?” Jules whispered.

Megan gave her sister a huge ‘how would I know’ shrug.

“But we have to find out.” Jules said.

“Damn right we do,” Megan said. The clearing was bounded by the lake on one side, but there was a wooded area on the other. Megan and Jules turned sharply into the woods and then stealthily made their way toward the tent.

The tent had two large flaps on the front that were currently tied open for ventilation. The girls stopped on either side of a large oak tree. They could peer into the boy’s side of the tent with a reasonable expectation of not being seen. The guys were standing amidst the jumble of their sleeping bags, clothing and towels. It looked as if they’d been swimming and were now participating in something truly weird. Robert was facing Sammy and Teddy. All three were standing there naked and hard.

“Alright, Teddy,” said Sammy, as he slowly stroked his cock, “Who’s bigger?”

Sammy was the competitor in the family and he was always eager to compare himself to his oldest brother, even though at nineteen, Robert was four years older. Robert was also taller, and while he didn’t have Sammy’s muscular build, he had broad shoulders and little body fat.

Teddy’s head moved from one side to the other as he eyed his brothers’ huge dicks. “It’s very close,” he said, “but I’m going to have to say Robert’s is bigger.”

“No way,” cried Sammy. “You just like him better.”

Teddy shrugged. “If you’re not going to abide with my decision, then you shouldn’t have asked for it. If you want a more objective answer, we can use a belt or something and do some measuring.”

“No, fuck no,” Sammy said. “No one’s touching my cock. Okay ... uh ... let’s see who makes the most cum.”

“What? You’re kidding,” said Robert.

“Oh come on,” said Sammy. “It’s not as if we weren’t all going to do it in private anyway. Might as well lose our loads here where’s it’s comfortable. Look, Teddy’s drooling already.”

A long syrupy drip of clear pre-cum was leaking from Teddy’s cock. He snatched up a towel that had been lying at his feet and wiped the juice from his dick. Teddy’s cock was proportionate to his size. Unfortunately, he was a small guy. Three of his cocks wouldn’t be a match for either of the monsters his brothers owned. None of the brothers actually agreed to a jack-off contest, but it was on. All three began to beat their meat in earnest.

Megan knew she should be disgusted by her brother’s sex play, but she couldn’t look away.

Robert and Sammy stroked their cocks in the same manner. They didn’t even try to encircle their wide shafts and flaring cock-heads, instead they cupped their palms and stroked from tip to about halfway down the shaft.

Megan felt her heart pound and her face warm. She could feel heaviness in her pussy and her bra was suddenly tighter. Fuck, she hadn’t been this aroused in a while. Could she? Did she dare? She leaned back and turned her head enough to look at Jules. Jules had not only dared, she was doing it. Her left hand was in the waistband of her shorts, holding it open. Her right hand was in her shorts obviously groping at her clit. Her eyes were riveted to the obscenely erotic display her brothers had created.

Megan unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. They too tight to fall off her shapely ass, but it freed them up enough so that she could easily get at her clit. A jolt ran through her pussy as her finger rubbed the hood of her clit across the swollen nubbin. She did it again and again as the waves of pressure built. Her eyes locked on her twin, Sammy. He had such a hot, ripped body, and he was so handsome. Of course he was. He had the masculine version of her facial features. And his cock. No wonder he acted as if he was the center of the universe from time to time. With that symbol of male power swinging between his legs, how could he not?

Inside the tent, Teddy jacked his tiny cock at a furious pace. He loved to masturbate, but he hadn’t indulged while they’d been camping. Now he wanted to come more than anything, and if watching his brothers play with their hard-ons spurred him on, so much the better. His orgasm rushed at him. He held up the towel he had in his hand and four weak spurts of cum flowed from the tip of his dick onto the towel. Seconds later Sammy cupped his hand in front of his cock and his hips bucked as he filled his palm with cum. Robert, who’d had his eyes closed, lost in his own world of sexual fantasy, did the same.

Sammy and Robert sheepishly showed one another their results. Teddy eagerly held up the towel to show what he’d done. Robert smiled at him and said, “Good effort,” as he slapped Teddy on the shoulder with his cum filled hand.

“Yeah, good job,” Sammy said. With a splat, he hit Teddy’s other shoulder with his load.

“Oh, gross you guys,” Teddy cried out. He wiped at what had suddenly become disgusting body lotion.

“Hey,” said Sammy. “Is that my towel?”

“Well, I wouldn’t use mine, would I?” Teddy said.

“Give me yours then,” Sammy said.

“Don’t touch my towel,” Teddy screamed.

Megan’s finger whipped back and forth across her clit. It was hard to believe that simply watching Sammy masturbate was so hot. She wanted desperately to come when he did. She was almost there. When she saw his hand come up and cup the end of his dick, she knew it was time. When his hips thrust about in orgasm she came. She doubled over as the waves of sexual release made her pussy spasm. It was all she could do not to cry out.

By the time Teddy began to scream in frustration, she had zipped and buttoned her shorts. She wiped the wetness from her fingers in what she hoped was an inconspicuous spot. She looked at Jules who tilted her head backwards to indicate they should leave. They backed away, careful to keep the big oak between them and the tent. When they had achieved enough cover, they turned and made their way back to the clearing.

“Can you believe that just happened?” Megan said.

“We are so sick and depraved,” Jules said. They looked at one another and giggled. “Those penises...”

“I know,” said Megan. “Those are like something you see on the Internet and go, ‘Is that real? Is it the camera angle? Is it just a good Photoshop job?’”

“And then they get some skinny five-foot nothing girl to suck it and sit on it to make it look even bigger,” Jules said. Her voice turned posh. “Of course that’s only what I hear. I would never view such a thing myself.”

Sounding aristocratic Megan said, “Of course darling, one must have standards, you know.”

The girls were still giggling as they reached the clearing once more. There was a distant rumble of thunder. They lifted their gaze at the sound and saw back clouds over the lake. “Looks like were just in time,” Jules said as she picked up the pace toward their camp.

“Let’s hope those idiots are dressed,” Megan said.

The idiots in question were indeed dressed. Robert and Sammy emerged from the tent. They must have heard the thunder because they went under the tarp and began to stow away loose items into plastic bins. The girls pitched in, and then everyone went inside the tent as the wind picked up and the rain started to pour down.

“What’s wrong with Teddy?” Jules said. Teddy lay curled into a fetal position on top of his sleeping bag. He was wrapped around his e-reader. He was motionless except for a forefinger that flicked the screen for the next page from time to time.

“Nothing,” Sammy said.

“We were horsing around,” said Robert. “I guess we went a step too far. The storm isn’t helping.” He winced as lightening lit up the interior of the tent.

“Hmm,” said Jules. She hoped the sight of his brothers masturbating hadn’t traumatized their sensitive genius. Careful not to touch him, Jules bent over Teddy and softly said, “Megan and I are back. Let us know if you need anything.” He could be in this state for minutes or hours.

The thunderstorm moved on but the heavy clouds and rain remained. It had been well into the afternoon when the girls had returned, and now there was no chance for evening twilight. Eventually, Teddy unwound enough to state, “I’m hungry. Where’s Mama?”

“Not here,” said Jules. She peered into the gloom outside the tent. “And from the look of things they might not be back tonight.”

“Think they’re in trouble?” said Megan.

“No. I think the rain may have delayed them for so long, they decided to wait until dawn to travel,” Jules said.

“It’ll give Dad a chance to use The Pack, He’s probably having the time of his life,” Robert said, making a stab at sounding reassuring.

The Pack was something of a family institution. Their father had taken a huge old backpack from his youth and filled it with emergency supplies. There was food, water, hand-cranked radios and lights. There were emergency blankets plus a multipurpose knife and a wire saw. And that was only the beginning. The thing weighed in at over twenty pounds. It usually stayed in the family van, but it went in the canoe when they took it out during a camping trip.

“Who’s cooking then,” Teddy demanded.

Jules saw that all eyes were on her. “What?” she said. “Because I’m the oldest female?”

“As a matter fact, yes,” said Robert. “But it’s spaghetti night. I suppose I can manage that.”

“I’ll help,” Jules said with a sigh. “You might scorch the water. Megan, Sammy come set the table in a few minutes, please. And Teddy, you be sure to stay in here warm and dry.” Teddy, who was once again engrossed in his e-reader, either ignored, or more likely, failed to notice the sarcasm in her voice.

Preparing, eating and cleaning up after dinner took them into the nighttime hours. Teddy had his own nightly bedtime ritual and was soon asleep. Megan and Sammy watched a movie on a battery powered DVD player and then went to their sleeping bags. Robert and Jules played cards.

“Listen, I think it’s stopped raining,” Robert said as he gathered up the cards from their last hand. Plops of water still fell from the leaves above the tent, but there was no sound of steady rain. “Think I’ll go down to the lake.”

“I’ll go with you,” Jules said. They dressed in jackets and caps. Carrying a battery powered lantern, they made their way through the pitch black night to the lake’s edge. After peering into the darkness for a minute she said, “You don’t really think they’re on the lake, do you?”

“No ... maybe? I don’t know. Damn, I hate playing the grownup,” he said in exasperation.

Jules laughed. “Well, we can’t stand here all night. Put the lantern on its lowest setting and leave it here. If they’re in the canoe, which I very much doubt, it’ll give them something to home in on.”

“Okay,” Robert said. He hung the lantern over the stump of a tree limb. He turned and said, “Now to get back without breaking a leg.”

They could see the distant glow of lantern light filtered through the tent’s walls. However, the ground between the lake and the tent was a minefield of rocks and tree roots. Jules put her hand on her brother’s shoulder and they moved slowly, testing their footing with each step. Nevertheless, they both stumbled here and there.

“I’ve changed my mind, go back and get the lantern,” Jules said. That got a laugh from Robert because they were already halfway to the tent. Two steps later, she stumbled heavily and started to go down. In reflex, Robert wrapped his arms around her chest and pulled her upright.

“All right?” he asked.

Jules felt herself pinned against Robert’s chest. “I’m fine,” she said. “Uh ... you seem to have grabbed me by the boobs.”

“Oh,” he said. His hands lingered another couple of seconds before they moved. “You have quite the handful there. I’d never know it by the way you dress.”

Jules turned and stood so closely to her brother that her outthrust breasts touched his chest. Her eyes had adjusted to the dark enough so that she could see a ghostly image of his face. “I suppose you want me to dress like Megan?” she said.

“Megan dresses like a little sexpot. You’re too tall to get away with that, and besides it’s not your style,” Robert said.

“And pray tell, just what in the name of Donna Karan should be my style?” she said.

“Hmm,” he said, ignoring the sarcasm in her voice. “First, you should let your hair grow out and try combing it on a regular basis. I’ve had to tell people who saw you from a distance that you’re my sister, not my brother.”

Jules gasped.

“You should let the world know that you have these,” he said.

Jules could feel his fingertips dimpling her boobs.

“And I happen to know you have great legs. As the saying goes, they go all the way up. You should show more of them and more often.”

Jules was exasperated. He was always doing something like this, taking snide little shots out of the blue while sounding all so innocent and helpful. And when she fired back she could usually manage to sound only flustered and petulant. Tonight was no exception. “You ... you’re not so great yourself. I saw you guys jerking off earlier ... all three of you ... Megan saw it too.” The words didn’t so much slip out of her mouth as explode.

Now it was his turn to sound flustered. “No, no...” he stammered. “I mean ... I mean you didn’t really see anything. Teddy said something, didn’t he? That little snitch; we’re going to have words.”

“No, don’t you make this about Teddy,” Jules said. “I saw you. If I didn’t, then how do I know you have a cock the size of my forearm?” She reached between their bodies and immediately found the wide shaft of his dick. She pressed her hand along its growing length. It became wider and harder at her touch.

Robert didn’t block her hand or lean away, but he did say, “Okay Jules, I give. Stop teasing me.”

“Who’s teasing?” Jules said quietly. She found the buckle on the belt of his jeans, and soon she was pulling down his briefs and dragging his cock into the open. “Damn, you’re big,” she said as she moved so that she could use both hands to stroke his big shaft. Within a minute, her palms were covered in pre-cum.

Robert’s hand slid along her shoulder, rubbed her back and cupped her ass cheek. “I’m not complaining, but why?” he asked in a husky voice.

Jules had to think on that. Finally she said, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I can’t see you in this dark. Maybe because I’m worried about Mom and Dad. Hell, maybe I’m just bored with playing cards. Want me to stop?”

“No ... no ... that’s okay,” he said. He began to rock his hips in time with her strokes. “Yes, yes,” he said in a strained whisper. “Faster, harder,” he said a few seconds later.

Jules raced her hands up down his cock, bumping into the bulbous head until her arms ached. Then his cock jumped repeatedly in her hands, and she heard the splatter of his cum as it landed on the leaves at their feet.

Jules waited as her brother’s breathing returned to normal. In the near complete darkness, she heard him put away his magnificent cock and get his pants in order. She felt his hand bump into her shoulder and then move to her breast, which he gently squeezed. “What can I do for you?” he said.

Jules patted his hand and pulled it from her breast. “I’m good,” she said. “Let’s see if we can really make it back to the tent this time.”

The next morning dawned clear and chilly. Robert arose and performed the chores his father usually did when they camped. He chopped wood and began a cheery fire that everyone appreciated in the cool mornings next to the lake. He put a kettle of water on one of their camp stoves and cranked up the flame. They needed hot water for tea, cocoa, instant coffee plus oatmeal and instant grits. When the water was hot enough, he turned down the heat and made a double portion of cocoa for himself. Walking down to the lake, he was half certain that he would see his parents making a beeline for the camp. But they weren’t.

A few minutes later, Jules joined him. She was carrying a mug of the bitter instant coffee their father insisted on bringing. “Where the hell are they?” she said. “They never told you where their secret camp is?”

“No,” he said, “I’m pretty sure they didn’t want to take a chance on one or more of us kids finding them humping away in the woods.”

“Robert,” she said disapprovingly.

“Come on,” he said. “They always take that huge picnic blanket and a big ol’ bottle of wine. What else would they be doing?”

Jules giggled and said, “I guess you’re right. It must be the mountain air that makes us Donovans so horny.”

“Mmm,” Robert said in agreement. They turned at the sound of footsteps. Meagan joined them. She had her hands buried in the pockets of a pink hoodie. She looked cold. Little wonder, her tanned legs were bare from her ankles practically to her crotch.

“Are they back yet?” Meagan asked.

“Do you see them?” Jules said with a roll of her eyes.

“We should do something,” Megan said, glaring at her sister.

“What...” started Jules.

“I’ll go up to the phone booth and call Mr. Thomas,” Robert said. Aaron Thomas was not only their father’s boss and owner of the lake; he was a good friend of the family.

“Shouldn’t we call the cops?” Megan said.

“If Mr. Thomas thinks it’s necessary, he can get them moving faster than I can,” Robert said. He cut off further discussion by striding away from his sisters. He took the truck about three miles up the gravel road that led back to town. There wasn’t really a phone booth on the road. It was what they called a dead tree next to the road that marked the spot where one could first get a cellphone signal.

“Your parents are resourceful people,” Aaron Thomas said once Robert had explained the reason for his call. “I’m sure there’s no reason for concern. Tell you what though, there’re a couple of security people on their way up there to do a sweep. I’ll radio them and tell them to check in with you. Okay?”

“That would be great,” Robert said. They passed a few pleasantries back and forth, and then Robert headed the truck back to camp. He felt better about the situation. People from his father’s company were on their way. Despite about a thousand signs around the area surrounding the lake declaring it to be private property, people still sneaked onto the land to hunt, fish and camp. Company security people swept the area on a regular basis in an effort to keep them at bay.

Back at the camp, Robert was halfway through his bowl of oatmeal when an old Jeep began to bounce its way across the clearing. He met it as the Jeep’s doors opened. A short, elderly man emerged from the driver’s side. A black man with graying hair stepped from the passenger’s side. “You must be Robert,” said the older man extending his hand. “I’m Don and this is Michael.”

“Hi,” said Robert. The other Donovans walked up at that point, so introductions were made all around.

“Aaron told me,” said Don, “that your parents were out all night in that storm?”

“Yeah,” Robert said, “they went for a picnic in our canoe yesterday and we haven’t seen them since.”

“Where did they go?” Michael asked.

Jules said quickly, “That’s just it. We don’t know. It was ... kind of their secret.”

“Okay,” Don said, drawing out the word as he rubbed his chin with his fingertips. “Tell you what; I’ll open both gates to the fire road. We’ll go one way around the lake, and some of you take your truck the other way. We should be able to find them.”

“I’m going,” Teddy announced loudly.

“Me too,” Sammy said.

“Someone has to stay in case they come back.” Robert said.

Jules sighed. “I’ll stay. I hate to ride in that monster anyway.” She looked pointedly at Meagan.

“Yes, I’ll stay too,” she said.

A minute later, Robert drove the enormous old Ford truck through the southern gate of the fire road. The Ford had a crew cab and Teddy had claimed the rear driver’s side seat so he could get the best view of the lake. Sammy rode shotgun.

The road rose above the lake, past the trail to the waterfall that the girls had visited the previous day, and then plunged downward back to the lake. Robert put the truck in low gear and drove at a walking pace. The mountainous terrain made the road veer up, down, right and left as it mostly followed the lake shore. Sometimes they could see halfway across the body of water, other times it was hidden by trees.

“There’s a lot we can’t see,” Teddy whined.

“We’ll look until we find them,” Robert said. “No one said we get only one pass at this.”

Time crawled as the boys made their way along the rutted road. They strained to catch a glimpse of anything manmade or out of place. Eventually they reached an earthen dam that was regarded as the halfway point of the road. A few minutes later Teddy said, “You should speed up.”

“Why?” Robert asked.

“Because I can’t believe those guys are going slower than we are. If they hadn’t stopped for something we’d have met them by now,” Teddy said.

“You have a point,” Robert said, “but keep your eyes open anyway.”

He sped the truck to a jogging pace. Only a few turns later, they saw the Jeep parked in the road. Michael was leaning on the hood with his head down. At the sound of the truck, he began to walk toward it slowly waving his hands in front of his chest as if the boys actually needed a sign to stop. His face was devoid of emotion as he came to the driver’s side window. “Gentlemen, I’m afraid it’s bad news. It looks as if lightning struck your parents. They’re gone. I’m so sorry, but they’re gone. We radioed the emergency services. They’re on their way. You should wait here. You don’t want to see this.”

Teddy groaned; Robert and Sammy were stunned into silence. “I think I have to see them,” Robert said in a flat tone.

Michael shrugged and moved aside as Robert opened his door. He was about to step out when the rear door swung open violently and Teddy leapt out. With a surprising turn of speed, he began to run toward a copse of trees that hid the lake.

“No, wait ... no, Teddy,” Robert yelled as he began to tumble down the slope after his little brother.

Sammy emerged from the truck. Michael moved to block his way. “Look, son. I saw men killed in combat and their images haunt me still. Believe me; you don’t want to remember your parents the way they look right now.” Sammy hesitated and then he leaned against the hood of the truck. His eyes closed against the tears that streamed down his cheeks.

Minutes passed. The county’s rescue team arrived. As they pulled out the gear necessary to recover the bodies, Robert and Teddy could be seen trudging up the slope. Robert had Teddy by the hand. He wasn’t pulling Teddy, but simply guiding him along. Teddy was howling out in grief. He sounded more like a wounded animal than a boy. Robert was deathly pale. They had almost reached the road when Robert stopped, doubled over and retched.

Three weeks later:

Sammy winced as the lightning lit up his room making everyday objects throw off frightening shadows. He used to like thunderstorms in the night. He’d snuggle in his bed and count the seconds between the flash and the boom, trying to determine if the storm was getting nearer or withdrawing. But that was before his parents had been electrocuted. Now his stomach was tied in knots and he shuddered at the booming thunder. He knew the weird old house they lived in was solid brick and all but completely impervious to any sort of weather. That didn’t mean he was going to sleep anytime soon though.

The door to his room opened and, in the glow from the hallway nightlight, Sammy saw Meagan standing there with her arms wrapped tightly beneath her breasts. She was wearing a pair of loose fitting runner’s shorts and a tank-top that left her midriff bare.

“Can I sleep with you?” she asked. She sounded as nervous and worried as he felt.

“Sure,” he said. He turned on his right side and scooted over to make room. He felt the sheet lift and then Meagan snuggled in close. She had crawled into his bed many a night when they were smaller and he’d barely known she was there. But now the narrow single mattress could only marginally accommodate their near adult bodies. He could feel her breath on his neck. Her breasts pressed into his back. From the waist down, he could feel every inch of her warm skin. Lightning flashed and thunder rattled the glass in the windows. Meagan wrapped her arm over his waist and pulled their bodies closer.

Sammy felt his cock begin to stiffen. It was a hell of a time to get a hard-on. He thought it must be due to some odd mixture of fear and the very feminine feel of his sister’s body. He willed his erection to die, but he was fifteen years of age; that wasn’t going to happen. His cock-head inched up his groin, burrowed under the loose waist of the old nylon shorts he’d worn to bed and came to rest above his navel.

Lightning flashed and an instant later the thunder was a pressure wave of sound beating against their bodies. Meagan’s hand jerked and landed squarely on Sammy’s cock-head. Her fingers lingered for a second and then moved away. “Was that your... ?” she asked.

“Yes,” it was,” he said.

She giggled and said, “It’s bigger than I remember.”

“I should hope so,” he said. “I bet it’s been ten years since you saw me naked.”

“Not true,” Meagan said. “Jules and I saw you guys whacking off in the tent.”

“Oh, you’re kidding me,” he said.

“Nope. You and Robert, a couple of hung studs, jerking off in front of your little brother with his tiny dick. Shame on you,” she said.

“Teddy was into it,” he said with a snort. “That was a onetime thing. Probably the gayest thing I’ll ever do, and now I know that my sisters were watching. Gee, thanks for that image.” He turned over so that his face was inches from Meagan’s. “And Teddy isn’t all that small. I think he’s doing okay for his age.”

Meagan reached between their bodies, ran her fingers around his bloated cock-head, and then slid her hand along the length of his dick. “Mmm ... I bet you were twice as big at his age as he is now,” she said.

As his twin sister was fondling his privates, it took Sammy a few seconds to parse what she’d said. “Probably ... I guess,” he said in a husky voice. The storm, which had seemed to be receding, returned with a vengeance. Lightning lit the room like a strobe and thunder rattled the windows once more.

“Fuck me,” Meagan said in a voice that left no doubt of her intent.

“Wha... ?” said Sammy. He couldn’t believe he’d heard her correctly.

“Quick. During the storm,” she said.

“You can’t be serious,” Sammy said.

Meagan was nearly frantic as she pulled the sheet from their bodies and thumbed her panties down her legs. She found his hand in the darkness and pulled it between her legs. “See? My pussy’s soaking wet,” she hissed. “Come on, do it.”

Sammy’s mind said he mustn’t. Sammy’s dick quivered and ached in anticipation. He wasn’t repulsed by the idea. Meagan was a babe. He knew that if she left right this second, he’d have to jerk off once, probably twice, before he could sleep. All the while, he’d be replaying this encounter endlessly in his mind.

He groaned and rolled between his sisters hot thighs. She pushed at his shorts until they were around his knees. Taking his cock in hand she guided its swollen head between her vaginal lips. “Oh shit, Sammy,” she moaned. “You feel as big as a fucking softball bat.”

Sammy was seized by the obscene vision of his twin pushing the end of the hot pink bat she owned into her pussy. The vision vanished when the end of his dick was engulfed by sultry, smooth wetness. It was his first pussy and it was a feeling beyond wonderful.

“Easy, take it easy, stud,” Meagan said. She brought him in inch by excruciatingly pleasurable inch until he could go no farther. “Damn, I can’t believe I took the whole thing.”

Sammy could wait no longer. He withdrew his cock and plunged it back into his sister’s tight cunt. The maddening tingle in the tip of his cock was intoxicating. He wanted more. No matter how fast he drove his cock into his sister’s cunt, he wanted to drive it faster. Somewhere, at a far level of awareness, his sister was moaning, groaning and even saying things. But he couldn’t be bothered. He had to relieve the pressure in his dick or die trying. When he came the sensation was beyond anything he thought it could be. His swollen cock-head was a bundle of naked nerves. He couldn’t bear to move it and he couldn’t bear not to. His whole body shuddered with the effort to fill Meagan’s pussy with cum. When Sammy came back to Earth, he rolled onto his side, his leg over hers. His rapidly diminishing cock lay across her hip. There was a rumble of thunder in the distance.

“We sort of forgot to be scared of the storm,” Meagan said in a satisfied sigh.

“Yeah,” agreed Sammy. “Listen, I was kind of quick there. Did you ... you know?”

“Twice,” she said with a giggle. “Something I thought I made pretty clear.”

“Sorry, I was kind of lost in my own head,” he said.

“I noticed,” she said. “Was that your first time?”

He wanted to sound all cool and act experienced, but what was the point? Meagan would know better. “Yeah,” he said, “You?”

“Not really,” she said. “Back in the spring, when I went to the beach with Mary? We hooked up with a couple of college guys one afternoon. They were good looking, and it was all kind of exciting, but not really satisfying. I mean, I was pretty nervous. We were all revving up for round two, when Mary let slip how old we really were. They couldn’t get us out of their room fast enough”

Sammy laughed. His hand found the mound of her breast, still covered by her top. “These kind of make you look older,” he said.

“Mary’s bigger than I am,” she said.

“Mary’s kind of hefty too,” Sammy said. “Your figure’s sexy.”

“Thanks,” she said.

They lay in silence for a minute. “You know it’s incest,” he said.

“So what?” Meagan said. “It’s just some fun. We deserve it. Don’t you want to do it again?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Sammy said. If she could be all nonchalant about it, then he could too. “When?” he challenged. He was pretty sure she’d let herself off the hook by naming some nebulous future date.

In the darkness, her hand found his wilted cock. “I understand it takes fifteen or twenty minutes?”

He laughed and slid his hand under her tank top so he could enjoy the warmth of her skin and the fullness of her breast. “Maybe less,” he said.

Two weeks later:

Judge Malcom Wainwright sat at the head of the table in a meeting room of the local courthouse. Wainwright was a thin man approaching retirement age. He had immensely bushy eyebrows of pure white. It was impossible to see his eyes as he looked down at the file of papers spread on the table. Also at the table, were the five Donavan children plus Jackson Entwistle, their family lawyer.

Wainwright cleared his throat and said, “First of all, let me offer my deepest condolences on the death of your parents. Very tragic. I never met them, but Jackson has spoken very highly of them ... indeed, all of you.” He shuffled papers until he found the one he wanted. Peering through reading glasses he said, “I thought we’d keep this informal. Jackson, your clients have petitioned to have Robert declared legal guardian of his siblings. Care to summarize?” “Yes, Your Honor,” Entwistle said. “The Donovans have, individually and as a group, expressed to me that they want to stay together, and are willing to go forward with Robert as their legal guardian. They are the beneficiaries of a generous payment from their parent’s insurance company. It should be enough to pay off the mortgage on their home, pay their living expenses as well as put everyone through college.”

“Theodore,” said Wainwright, “I understand that college expenses won’t be an issue for you. You have a full academic scholarship to Druxham University. Is that right?”

Teddy seemed to have to drag his mind away from wherever it had gone. “Yes,” he said at last.

“A very prestigious school,” the Judge said. “Tell me about this program you’re entering.”

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