Here's to More Interesting Sex

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Long married wife wants to try new things.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Sharing   Slut Wife   .

I was definitely surprised when Glenda, my wife for the last twenty-six years, mother of two grown children, and my only sexual partner, told me at dinner that she’d thought about having an affair.

I looked up from cutting my broccoli and said, “What brought that idea into your head?”

She looked at me seriously and said, “I’ve been reading about this Ashley Madison thing and am amazed at how many married people want to fool around. Lots of older ones too. There must be a reason.”

I responded, my broccoli still on my fork half way to my mouth, “Well, I must confess I see a good looking young thing and have a twinge of desire now and then but that’s not an affair. I’d never follow through.”

Glenda put down her eating utensils and poured more wine for herself. “I haven’t even noticed any of the cute young men around me for a while. That’s not a good sign. I’m not yet fifty and look pretty good even if you don’t tell me that. Maybe that’s what I want ... a man to get me naked and say I look sexy and get a hard on just from seeing my body. You used to do that a lot and I loved it. How long has it been since you lusted after me?’

I had to admit it only happened one a month anymore. I did like it when it happened but sex never seemed a priority.

Glenda poured another glass of wine. She took off her top and bra. Shaking her full breasts which gently sagged to lovely curves in front of me she said, “I bet there are lots of guys that would love to play with these. I’ve been reading about cougars. They are women my age that go after younger guys and teach them how to please a woman. Maybe I need to become one of those. You aren’t hot for me these days and my ego could use that.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. Bad decision.

My now agitated wife came over to my side of the table and pulled me away from my unfinished dinner. She poured me a glass of my favorite whiskey and said, “Follow me!” I figured I’d better.

She took me to her computer, opened the browser and clicked on a bookmark. All of a sudden I was watching a video of a naked woman that looked a hell of a lot like Glenda playing with a young guy. She sucked, titty fucked and then spread a hairy cunt wide open for his big cock to enter and pound. I felt my cock growing watching this older woman moaning and fucking.

It only lasted five minutes. Glenda reached for my crotch and felt the half-boner I’d managed and said, “Well I’m glad you could respond to that. You’re not dead yet. I want you to fuck me right here and now.”

She dropped her skirt and pulled my clothes off and laid on the rug, pointing her hairy pussy right at me in blatant invitation. Shit, we always had sex in our bedroom with the lights out. Could I do this?

Her mouth was on my cock for the first time in years. Then she squeezed her big tits around my now rigid rod and looked up at me as she copied what we had seen in the video. Finally, I was pulled into her juicier than usual pussy and she grabbed my buns to make me pump harder.

I have to admit that we hadn’t fucked like that in a long time. I liked it too once I got over the shock.

When we’d finished we laid, still coupled, on the floor of the den. She kissed me firmly and said, “See, you can still be a stud. It just takes some inspiration for both of us.” I had to agree. But where would this lead?

Our sex life improved by being more spontaneous and inventive. We screwed in the yard at night, in the pool, even in the back of our SUV in the driveway. But Glenda wanted more. She’d been through menopause and it seemed to set her free.

I was getting all I could handle but I sensed she wasn’t. I thought about that cougar video and did some exploring of sex sites myself. Screwing teen chicks didn’t do anything for me, but the thought of my wife becoming a “hot wife” did. I’d had a few girlfriends who I’d fucked before I met Glenda, but I was the one who took her cherry a few months before our wedding. I don’t think she’d ever fooled around. Maybe that would be good for her. I wasn’t worried about losing her. Giving her some more freedom to explore would probably only make her love me more.

I asked her to show me that cougar video again. While we were watching it I asked, “I know that looks a lot like you but is the guy any one you know?”

She was startled at the question, but replied, “Well, yes. There is a young man at the grocery store who always makes it a point to say hi and ask if he can help me. I think he wants to help with more than groceries and it gives me a little twinge. Why do you ask?”

I swallowed hard and blurted out, “Maybe you’d like to have fun with him like in the video. Would you?”

Glenda looked at me hard and said, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? That I could have sex with another guy?”

I nodded and she rushed to hug me tight. She said in my ear, “I could never be in love with them. It would just be for fun. And you know I’d be hot for you. Could you handle that?”

All I could say was, “Let’s try it and see. You can always stop.” I hoped!

It took almost a month to get consummated. They were both inexperienced at this kind of thing. He’d never been laid so she scared him a bit but she settled those jitters. She had some herself and she screwed me as we worked through them.

But one day I came home from work and Glenda met me in a robe with a drink and an announcement, “I’ve read that ‘seconds’ are pretty special so here’s your chance to find out for yourself if you want to. My ‘boyfriend’ left about a half hour ago so I’m freshly filled. I want you really bad like this but I’ll shower if you insist.”

I’d been reading about “hot wives” and the special pleasures of fucking them right after another man had done his thing in their pussy, so I wanted her just the way he left her.

Without any words I took off her robe and laid her on it on the kitchen floor. My pants were off in a flash and my already hard pecker slipped easily into this freshly fucked twat that was now forever different. I pounded hard and she squealed in delight.

Her cunt was silkier feeling than I ever remembered. I thought of millions of strange sperm coating my cock and her pussy and I had to work to hold back adding mine too soon. I kissed the mouth and tits that another had recently pillaged. My wife was wiggling and thrusting under me, sounds I don’t remember ever hearing issuing from her mouth, as she reveled in the lusty wickedness for taking on a second cock in such a short time.

We slept very intermittently that night. It was almost like having a new woman for me. She was now different and sexy. I’m not sure exactly what her feelings were but she was certainly turned on.

Of course nothing ever matches a “first time’, but we were always hot for each other after the infrequent times she could hook up with her young man.

After a few months the novelty began to wear off for me. Glenda sensed that and asked if I was ready to watch her being inseminated. I’d begun to think of that and nodded. She thought Derick would have trouble performing for an audience so suggested I come home a bit early. They usually screwed when he got off work and finished up not long before I arrived. I got fresh seconds that way too.

I was installed naked in our walk-in closet and she’d make sure that was not in her paramour’s field of vision. My erection demanded an occasional tug even before the show started.

Soon I saw her lead a tall skinny young man into our bedroom. They stripped quickly and Glenda knelt down to lick and suck a young cock that was perhaps a bit longer and thinner than mine. What was notable was the outsized mushroom shaped head on that slim shaft. Glenda had told me that she could feel exactly where it was in her vagina as it went in and out. That sight made mine twitch.

She laid him on our bed on his back and I heard her say, “This time I want to show you ‘reverse cowgirl’”. That was exciting. She was in charge. When we screwed she usually followed my lead. Then my wife straddled him facing his feet and me, since the closet was only a few feet from the end of the bed. She stared at the mostly closed door which I had cracked enough to see through. Her smile grew wider as she rubbed his big cock head along her pussy slot and then slowly sank down in it.

A few ups and down and her pussy hair was touching his balls. I had a pair of opera glasses and got a close up look at this invasion of my wife’s body. She began moving up and down. I could see his shaft shiny with her juices as she began moaning with each posting. Her tits flopped just like in the porn videos and I couldn’t keep my hand off my own hard pecker.

When his nuts tightened and he groaned loudly, her eyes popped open and she pointed to her pussy. The shiny cock coating turned to creamy as her riding went on a little longer and she clenched and shivered in her own finale.

I closed the closet door while she told him to make a quick exit since it was getting late. When she returned from walking him naked to the door, his semen was running down her thighs. I used to fill her with juice like that when I was young, but no more.

Putting me on my back, she mounted her second cock of the session, this time facing her man. Taking my hand, she rubbed my fingertips on her messy clit for a moment then put them in her mouth. I’d built up such tension that I exploded in her wicked box. She didn’t need another cum so just laid down on top of me and we snoozed.

I awoke to her gentle kisses and her whispered words, “I love you so much for being good with all this. It was so special to share with you today too. I feel more like a woman than I have for years and I think you are getting some benefits too.”

I had erected again and thrust into her sodden snatch as she lay on top of me. We both enjoyed a leisurely coupling to climax. That gave her an answer I hoped.

Fast forward another month. My sweetie casually said to me at breakfast, her favorite time to drop bombs on me, “My boyfriend now knows that I’m a hotwife, not a cheating one. I’ve got him real curious about threesomes. How do you feel about them?”

I barely avoided spitting coffee on the French toast. After a pause I replied, “I’ve seen videos of them and read a few erotic stories about our wife sharing situation. Wives seem to like it, of course, but what do I get out of it? I’ve already seen you screw him and I’ve had lots of ‘seconds’.”

Glenda was ready for that question I guess, “Honey, I’d like you to try it once for me. If you do you might find some new kinds of fun for our marriage. I promise you’ll get rewarded too.”

Her pussy got me to agree, as usual, and her boyfriend was invited over for Sunday afternoon dinner. I knew what dessert was on the menu and I was sure Glenda’s prayers at church were all about this going well.

Glenna tried to explain it to me, “Maybe it’s different for guys, but I get hot thinking about being stimulated in more ways at once than a single guy can do. Like having a hard cock in my mouth and inside my pussy at the same time. Or a mouth on each nipple sucking away.

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