Michelle's First Black Cock

by Slutbane

Copyright© 2019 by Slutbane

Coming of Age Sex Story: How a young teacher discovered interracial ecstasy.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Exhibitionism   First   .

The slutty times started for Michelle when she was going to college. She had a part-time office job at the same time. She loved to dress sexy at her job and tease the guys, and sometimes accepted invitations to go drinking with them after work, even though we were dating. One night at a bar, the guys talked her into volunteering to model lingerie for a charity fund raiser to fill in for another girl that had chickened out. She had been drinking and was feeling brave and thought it was no big deal since she would wear bra and thong under the lingerie. The bar was dark and she thought it would be sexy and fun, and could do it without showing too much. I was not there so she called me to discuss it. I begged her not to do it but she said I was just jealous and should be more proud of her. With much reluctance, and some favors promised, I finally consented.

Afterwards I heard the details. Apparently, modeling the first outfit was going as expected, but when one of her co-workers offered $100 to the charity if she modeled the other outfits without the under garments, she gave in to pressure from the crowd and agreed to lose the bra and thong for the next outfit. While modeling the 2nd outfit the bar owner turned on spot lights that shined up from underneath and behind. She said it made the lingerie appear almost totally transparent and it was as if she was completely naked on stage in front of a room full of cheering men. She described feeling like a stripper, and felt both fear and excitement as she continued to parade and turn exposing herself to 6 guys from her work and a room full of strangers ... some of them black. Turns out they did not want her to change into other outfits for fear she might cover up so they talked her into wearing that outfit serving drinks behind the bar as a guest bartender for the next 2 hours. Working the bar was just as revealing. Behind the bar there were also lights that shined just right to expose her completely there too, and the fan on the floor kept blowing her lingerie up exposing even more when she walked past it. She had been on display for more than 2 hours when I arrived at the bar.

When I arrived at the bar the door was locked and the sign read “closed for private party.” After knocking several times they finally let me in. I was stunned when I walked in to see Michelle so exposed in that sheer lingerie. She kissed me and told me a few things about the evening while everyone listened in. She explained it was just harmless showing off and there had been no touching, but that she had promised good night kisses to the guys for being gentlemen. I asked her to get dressed and leave with me but I was talked into staying for a beer. The guys said she had been a hot little flirt all night asked me permission to at least get the hugs and kisses from her that they were promised. I gave them the okay but told her to get dressed first. When she left to get dressed I was bombarded with questions about her and if we swing. One guy asked me if it was okay to ask her out on a date. Another guy wanted to fuck her on the bar.

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