Buff B & B

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: The owners of a rural bed and breakfast search for a draw to get more business. When they realize that B&B can also stand for Buns & Boobs, they decide to adopt a nudist theme. Business booms.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

Although the facilities were just fine, the rural and quite private location for the farmhouse turned into a bed and breakfast got too little business to be profitable. More folks seemed to want the amenities of a town or city than sought a bucolic atmosphere.

The new owners had left their busy corporate jobs when Marsha inherited her grandparent’s farm. The surrounding hundred acres could be rented out for farming as her grandparents had done but she had other ideas for the five bedroom, two story residence sitting in a grove of trees, a common thing on farms to provide protection from storms etc. It was a pretty setting but they needed more of a draw than that. Some kind of destination thing, it seemed. Marsha scoured the web for ideas. One day she had an “Ahah!”. Summoning her husband Tony to the laptop she exclaimed, “Look at this! There is a place in Oklahoma that is for nudists. They are booked way out so it must work.”

His comment, “Good thing we aren’t in Arkansas where being naked in the mere presence of someone of the opposite sex that you are not related to is a crime.”

Marsha laughed, “Maybe that’s why there is so much incest in those hills since they’re not supposed to be naked with others.”

It was Tony’s turn to laugh, “Being naked doesn’t automatically lead to sex but it sure does make it easier. I do like this idea. How do we get started?”

Marsha was thinking fast, “Let’s try being naked around here ourselves to see how it feels. After all, as hosts we’d have to set the example. Their toddler didn’t even notice, still wearing his diaper and their three-year-old daughter thought it was great fun. Per Tony’s comment though, their spontaneous sex activity outside of the bedroom did pick up noticeably even if they were quick couplings not necessarily resulting in orgasms. Having a full-time view of Marsha’s trim early twenties body with rounded c-cups and trimmed pubic triangle had the same effect on Tony as seeing his dong and balls swinging did on her. Tony’s observation was that “B&B” in their case meant “Boobs and Balls”.

After a week they agreed it was worth a try. Copying many amenities from the other B&B, they included meals and wine tastings with a two-day minimum stay. They didn’t have a hot tub but that could be added quickly. There was an above-ground pool that needed some attention. Their accommodations were more old-style country farm than the other place so their price was less. They would offer a special introductory discount the first month too.

The web site was completely updated with the slogan, “A natural get-away.” It wasn’t twenty-four hours before they had booked five stays. They were delighted and got very busy with preparations.

Their first guests were the only ones on a Wednesday-Thursday stay. It was a good way to start. The couple were older and celebrating their fortieth anniversary. The woman gushed she was nervous but appreciated her husband showing some imagination. Marsha and Tony did their best to hide their own anxiety.

It went well and the guests got a big kick out of the naked children too. it was noted they adjourned to their room several times during the day and Marsha was sure she noted signs of sexual activity on the woman. Her husband sure stayed flaccid when around them even though Marsha was an attractive brunette.

There was no gap before the weekend guests arrived, two couples this time who knew each other. The hosts were more relaxed and enjoyed their contacts with these folks in their thirties. Tony noticed that they seemed unusually familiar with one another. After he was asked for a blanket to borrow he watched the couple that requested it head down a trail into the woods. He also noted that they weren’t spouses. The other pair seemed to disappear until he went upstairs where the guest rooms were and heard a bed thumping and sex vocalizations. Hmmm.

He shared that with Marsha as they coupled that night. She’d had some clues too. This hadn’t been anticipated but wasn’t their call to impose some moral rule or other on consenting adults. Their imaginations added to their usually active lust. Tony commented after they finished, “I guess my comment about nudity boosting sex was right on.”

Marsha countered, “I think that was going on before they got here.” He nodded in agreement. It was interesting for them to see the couples shortly after they had intercourse, rather difficult to disguise without clothing. Looking at a woman and thinking that both of the men’s parts had recently separated her lower lips triggered erotic thoughts. One side effect was Marsha’s libido wishing she could see the men erect to compare with her husband. She’d never seen other men naked before this nor copulated with any either. She struggled to contain her curiosity.

When asked for a blanket again, Tony scouted out a couple of small secluded places of the main trail that were screened by vegetation. He mowed and rake the ground to make it comfortable and marked the side trail with a little red heart tied to a branch. Then he equipped each guest room with a backpack containing a small moving-blanket, more padded and easier to keep clean than a bed one, a small towel, bottled water and snacks, and some baby wipes. There were some condoms in a side pocket too.

Their bookings continued to grow at a nice pace, pleasing them and they were able to leave some gaps so they could have some relaxing space themselves. Almost all were couples, even including some same-sex ones of both kinds. That created some more curiosity of a somewhat different kind. The panoply of bodies was very interesting.

Then Roger came to stay for a week, all by himself, The first solo guest. As usual there were few guests on weekdays and on one he was the only one. It so happened that Tony took the kids to the doctor for a checkup and library for a program, thus being gone all day.

Marsha had been curious about Roger’s uncircumcised organ which seemed to be almost as long flaccid as most men were hard. She’d found a number of occasions to visit with him which the hosts often did with guests. He was twenty years older than she, fit, and interesting as a person.

When she went to make up his room he didn’t answer her knock so she entered. He had on earbuds as he watched something on his iPad. His hand was stroking the penis she’d never seen hard before and it was two hand-lengths long. Her eyes were riveted on it when he noticed her. Stopping the video he pulled out the earbuds and asked, “I didn’t expect you!” He kept his hand on his elongated shaft.

Marsha couldn’t speak for a moment, “I knocked.”

Roger smiled, “Now that you’re here come over and sit by me. I know what you are fascinated by and most women are. Some are scared and some are curious. How about you?”


“Go ahead and touch it. It loves a woman’s caresses.” He was speaking as if it was an entity in its own right rather than an appendage. She reached out and replaced his hand with her own. Proportionally it looked even bigger. She couldn’t touch fingers around it like her husband’s.

Marsha’s eyes glazed over as things progressed. She hadn’t even been touched by Roger as she straddled his waist and carefully lowered herself onto the second cock of her life. With care she took about two thirds of it and was having one orgasm after another. When she felt his flood of hot cream, as much as her husband put there in three fucks, she seemed to snap out of it and pulled off. Using the small towel she provided to prevent stained sheets, she headed for the toilet, showered and douched herself, and got busy fixing the evening meal. She looked at her pussy as her husband returned and it didn’t seem to be obviously used.

She declined sex that night saying she didn’t feel up to it. The rest of Robert’s visit she was careful to avoid being alone with him, feeling guilty and concerned she’d do it again.

People sure can surprise you as she had found out about herself. The next big one involved two women who booked a single-bed room. The hosts assumed that they were lesbian until they came on to Tony in the new hot tub when Marsha was napping with the kids. He had a hand from each side fondling his parts and putting tits in his face. He was a bit overwhelmed but curious. One was short and chubby brunette with oversize tits while the other was tall, slim, and sporting pointy ones.

They took him to their room and took turns riding him. The other one kept his fingers and mouth busy waiting her turn. All was going quite hotly when Marsha came through the door. She gave a little squeak which alerted the others but just stared for a little bit and then left. Figuring that the harm was done, Tony dumped a load in the short one, making sure it was OK first, and then went to face his wife.

Surprisingly, she was not angry but hugged him instead. He was flabbergasted. “You’re not mad at me?”

She dropped her eyes as she replied, “I feel better now that I’m not the only one in our marriage that succumbed to temptation.” They had a long talk punctuated by their own marital coupling. Neither one sneaked an extra piece again, even though there were numerous temptations.

Business continued to grow so the hosts hired Melissa, a seventeen-year-old neighbor girl, and Ted, an eighteen-year-old boy from a nearby farm. She helped Marsha with the housekeeping, cooking, laundry, and sometimes child care. Ted was a big help outdoors having many practical skills.

Marsha had sent Melissa to get some herbs from the garden and when she didn’t come back in the expected time went looking for her. She was eventually discovered in the barn with Ted happily pounding her twat. Marsha simply said, “I need the herbs soon and both of you adjust your time cards for this too.” Melissa appeared in the kitchen red-faced shortly thereafter.

Business was brisk enough that improvements could be justified. A covered and solar-heated swimming pool was the delight of the youngsters who became like fish. Then Ted had the idea of remodeling the unused farmhands quarters in the bar. They decided on two guest rooms and a small two room apartment. All were served by a common bathroom with a group shower stall. A couple of the horse stalls were rehabbed so guests could bring their own if they wished to reenact Lady Godiva. :-)

It was finished just in time. Melissa was pregnant so the couple was wed in the little church at the edge of town. The newlyweds were given four week nights at the B&B at a greatly discounted rate and told they could work it off, thus saving everyone taxes. Although they had to change mental gears, it did give them an appreciation of what the guests experienced and they made a couple of suggestions.

Running a service business like this one is very demanding and allows little personal time although they stopped taking reservations for Sunday nights to get a bit of family time.

Melissa’s little boy was fun company for Marsha’s two kids as the younger couple learned more and more about running the B&B. Finally they told Tony and Marsha to “take a vacation”. It took several tries before the owners conceded the need.

Several ideas for a destination were presented by Melissa and the big, busy resorts were rejected. Finally she located an oceanside B&B only a few hours drive away. Off they went, shedding responsibilities for family and work.

The little place was an old cottage that had been remodeled to two bedrooms. The owner lived nearby and would have breakfast ready at 9am. They took a sunset walk along the beach, holding hands like new lovers. It would be a rejuvenation.

The first night they had the place all to themselves so stayed naked and took a nude moonlight walk on the beach. The next day an older couple checked into the other room. Of course, “older” to them was a wide range since they weren’t even bumping thirty very hard. The salt-and-pepper hair didn’t give much of a clue either. They greeted the new arrivals who wondered where to eat dinner. Tony replied that there were several family-run places within ten miles and that got nods. Both couples agreed to go to the Thai place together.

This couple, George and Maryanne, lived about an hour away from them and were celebrating their fortieth anniversary, the first time at a B&B. With some inquiries, Tony and Marsha revealed their business which made Maryanne blush but George was clearly intrigued. He asked a mix of questions from the business model to policies about un-dress and conduct.

The older couple excused themselves after returning to the B&B and Marsha noted that the walls of the old place were very thin. “They’re going at it already,” she commented, “Maybe they retire early.” They themselves were more circumspect in their copulation.

The next day at the delicious breakfast George asked if there were any hiking trails along the beach. The hostess brought a map of the immediate area and pointed out some to him. Maryanne didn’t want to go but Marsha volunteered to accompany him. She’d brought one of the special backpacks from home “just-in-case”. She took it along but with no ulterior motive.

The B&B was on the edge of a state-owned seashore and game preserve so there were no dwellings for many miles. When they were out of sight of the B&B, he asked, “I’ve always wanted to be a nudist but never had the right partners or circumstances. Would you mind if we did the rest of the hike sans clothes?”

Marsha smiled, “Of course not. I was wanting to do that too. All-over tan. Let’s hide our clothes. Oh, it’s ok if you pop a boner. Happens frequently at our place.” With a grin she added she might be insulted if he didn’t. “I know you are capable from what I heard last night!”

“We were THAT noisy?”

“The walls are THAT thin.”

He seemed embarrassed. “Don’t be,” smiled Marsha, “It’s reassuring to know I could have that many more years of sex fun left.”

When they stopped, George was interested in the backpack and Marsha explained it to him. That evoked, “Can I borrow it to take my wife for a hike tomorrow?”


That night as she told Tony about her day she smiled, “His wife said some suggestive things to me too. I think they want to explore what they didn’t when younger. How about we offer them a special weekday price and let them know when a couple they might be compatible with books?

Marsha laughed, “So we are matchmakers now too?”

That was kind of prophetic as it turned out. A week or so later Marsha got a call from a cousin Caiti who was close to her own age wanting to know if she could visit. Her parents were divorcing and she had to get away from them. When told there was plenty of room, she asked if her brother Josh, who had just turned seventeen, could come too. They were put in the room with two beds and sought out ways to help around the place since they were not there as guests.

Caiti greeted the next guest to arrive. Steve was a federal law enforcement agent who was ordered to take a week of personal time. His sister, a previous guest at the B&B had suggested it but didn’t reveal what the “Natural” in their slogan really described. A man who took on just about any situation calmly, he was amused and went with the flow.

Josh was fascinated by this real “man” and hung out with him as much as he could. Steve enjoyed the young company and found things for them to do together. One such was a trip out into the woods where Steve taught Josh gun safety and marksmanship with both his service 9mm and the .380 compact backup weapon. Hearing protection was explained and used.

Caiti had a more intimate interest in Steve but he remained quite polite and professional. His career had destroyed enough relationships that he was reluctant to get into any more.

He didn’t shun her though. One full-moon evening Steve and the siblings were walking down the road that led to the highway. A van approached so they stepped aside but it turned into a field and doused its lights. Steve’s alert went off so they stood quietly out of sight. Soon they heard the sound of a light plane engine and it could be seen circling the big field. Its navigation light were off, another sign that got Steve’s attention. The plane landed and the van moved over close to it. Giving Josh his .380, Steve told them to say put so he’d know where they were and shoot anybody but him that approached. He made a couple of cell phone calls and moved stealthily towards the van.

When the smugglers heard the approaching helicopter they finished unloading the plane quickly and the pilot started the engine and taxied to take off. He was rolling when a very loud gunshot was heard from the hovering helio. A fifty-caliber bullet makes an engine into junk real fast. The pilot managed to stop the plane and got out to run into the woods.

From behind the van, Steve called out “STOP! Law enforcement.” When the three men charged him a single shot took one down and the others went on the ground voluntarily. The local sheriff pulled in and the men were put in the transport truck. Other deputies worked with the chopper to track the pilot with an infrared camera and soon corralled him. Steve told the officers to stay away from the two other “hot spots” that showed up. Those were his companions. He didn’t want Josh to shoot a deputy!

What a story to tell when they returned to the B&B.

Caiti was so turned on by Steve’s bravery she took action and slipped into his bed after he turned out his light. Her lips reached for his and her hand had a tubular target. He was too smart to resist and explored her naked body as their tongues dueled. He was amply rewarded but so was she, reveling his skilled and powerful lovemaking.

Josh got to feeling left out when his sister spent so much time with Steve, cutting into his “manly” interaction. Tony picked up on that and spent more time with him as did Marsha. In their discussions she found out he was a virgin and wanted to “fix” that. She’d have to approach Tony, but how?

“That was it!” she thought. Tony had a lot more experience than she and she’d never had a virgin. Would her husband by it? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

He must have been in a good mood because he thought it would be a good experience for her. He’d look after the kids when she needed the time to spend with her “student”.

Steve’s time was up and he had to get back to work. Caiti said she’d love to accompany him on assignments when she could. Her job as a copy editor could be done from almost anywhere and she had the money to pay her share of expenses, probably food and travel although he knew ways to help with that. Away they went.

Josh really felt alone now so Marsha turned up the heat, asking him to help her every chance she could think of. When Tony said he’d take the kids to see his parents for a few days during a slow time, that was her chance.

Bumping or brushing her naked body against his got a bit of a rise from the young man who was quite accustomed to the presence of naked female flesh nearby. She was going to have to be more direct. OK...

At bedtime she came into his room to check on him. “Are you sure you are alright?” she quizzed.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Had a good day. Thanks.”

“I’d better check further,” she announced as she slid under the covers and pressed her body against his, especially her tits. Her hand found his equipment, “Seems functional down here but needs some exercise.” She knew from evidence that he jacked off frequently.

Josh’s mind was whirling as blood rushed south from his brain. “Was this a dream ... his fantasy come true?” When she gave him his first tonge kiss he knew it was real.

“Touch and nibble on my breasts. You’ve looked at them a lot so now check them out.” That got him distracted so her fingers fondling his balls and cock wouldn’t get him off too quick.

Neither one could wait much longer so she rolled on her back taking him with her. She guided him into heaven and he spurted with a loud groan in less than a minute. Keeping her legs wrapped around him she whispered, “Welcome to manhood. Now to get better at it. Keep moving slowly so your lovely tool will stay big in me and we’ll go a lot longer the second time. They did and even better the third bang in the middle of the night.

Work had to be done so a quick shower together and they got busy. Marsha tried to hide her smile as she saw his cock partially fill and then wilt as he struggled to control it. They had a guest arriving after lunch but she took him on the common room floor to “make a memory”.

The guest was an early thirties woman, Maryanne, who had just finalized her divorce and needed a getaway. Kind of chunky and plain, she seemed disappointed that there were no other guests, maybe feeling her oats after the breakup. She did seek Josh’s attentions, Marsha noted.

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