How Naturism Changed My Wife and Life

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A tale of how a mistake can lead lives in unexpected ways that otherwise might never have happened.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   BiSexual   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Swinging   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

Marcie was a sweetheart which is why I married her. Coming from a much more conservative background than I had did present a few problems at first, like her wearing a cotton nightie to our wedding night hotel bed. She was stoic about my penetration and it wasn’t too satisfactory for me. I’d had three other women in bed before I met her and knew what an eager woman felt like. I’d respected her holding out for marriage but this was somewhat of a surprise.

It got better the next few days we were at the resort but she didn’t want me to watch her undress. Shit! I’d done some bible study and quoted passages about a wife’s duty to her husband and that opened her thighs more willingly. I began to give her orgasms with my mouth and cock which made her more receptive too.

We’d been wed six months when I had a vacation week to use or lose so I booked into an ocean-side place that looked interesting and not too far away. She’d never seen the ocean and bought a new one piece suit. I was disappointed by that because she had a rack and shape that was much better than I’d expected from the concealing clothes she had always worn.

Boy were we both surprised when the gatekeeper came to the car naked, his dong and balls swinging as he approached the driver’s window. Marcie squawked, “What kind of place is this? Why is he naked?” I told the gatekeeper I’d honk when we were ready to check in.

Turning to her I honestly said, “I didn’t know this was a nudist place. I had to pay a lot and it’s not refundable so let’s just try it out. From what I know about these places you don’t have to take your clothes off if you don’t want to. It’s not a sex place either. There are usually rules.” She reluctantly agreed to try it and I said I was proud of her.

Our cabin was well appointed and had a view of the ocean and a lot of naked flesh enjoying the ocean too. I insisted we put on our suits and go to the water. Marcie protested but I thought only nominally. She was a bright woman and had plenty of natural curiosity about other things, so why not about other human bodies?

I walked slightly behind her so I could see what she looked at. She was struggling to keep her gaze on the surf but I knew better as we passed all sorts of naked folks on the way. Many were sunning, their private parts on full display, others were walking with parts moving in interesting ways. A few were enjoying the water with some young ones playing Frisbee catch in the breaking waves. Those parts were really moving around!

We swam and her eyes kept darting to nearby people. I was enjoying the view too having never seen many naked bodies of either sex. Many were not what you’d see in magazines either but interesting nonetheless. After a while Marcie asked to go back to the cabin. I could see the flush of arousal on her upper chest.

We barely got inside when she reached for my cock and rubbed it, an initiative she’d rarely used. I gave her a wet kiss and both of my hands found her nipples. They were standing out hard and I made them feel even better. It was easy to lead her to the bed. At home we never had sex before bedtime but this was vacation so an afternoon delight was quite in order.

At dinner we were assigned to a table with a couple our age, an older greying couple, and twin youngish boys. They had to be at least eighteen to be here I knew. The food was good and afterwards we waded in the surf and walked the beach until the sunset.

As we lay in bed reading, I asked Marcie what she thought of this so far. She smiled at me and said it was more interesting than she had thought at the gate and quite relaxing too. We talked about the next day and I told her that Roy, the older man at dinner, had reserved a small sailboat and asked me if I’d like to join him in the morning. I’d always wanted to try it but never knew how to get started.

When I got back in mid-afternoon Marcie was at the cabin on the bed. When I came in she sat up and started to cry. “What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

She looked at me with a sad face, “I am a sinner. You have an adulterous wife!”

Of course I was puzzled as hell so I sat on the edge of the bed. “Tell me what this is about,” I ordered.

She blubbered her way through the story of being on the beach for the first time nude, sunning when one of the twins came up and asked if she’d like to go for a walk. With nothing else to do she went with him. They had gotten quite a way from the resort and there were no houses around, just out in nature which she was enjoying, when he stopped, put his arms around her and gave her a tongue kiss, pressing his body up against hers. It was sudden and she didn’t know what to do so did nothing which he took as cooperation. His erection pushed between her thighs and then he bent down and began sucking and biting her nipples. She’d learned to love that from me and her reluctance just melted. He laid her on the grass and she looked up at clouds as he entered and began moving. Her pussy began to glow like it did with me and she just let it be. She didn’t climax even when she felt his strong hot spurts deep inside.

They’d walked back to our cabin without talking but when they got there he came in, put her on the bed doggy, which we rarely did, and filled her with his cock and more cream. She stayed on the bed and cried and slept ever since, even skipping lunch.

“You must hate your sinful and evil wife who has betrayed you”, she began to wail, more tears flowing.

I felt compassion, not anger, and also arousal. I had to talk to her. Gently laying her back I got on the bed beside her. In a soft voice I began my response, “First of all I still love you. I do not think you are a bad person at all.” She opened her eyes and had a curious look on her face, expecting to be chastised and punished. I continued, my growing erection pushing against her, “You did not do this to hurt me. It was a new situation having a naked young man stimulate you like I do and you didn’t know how to handle it. Also I must tell you that I had sex fantasies for years before we met. There are things in sex stories and videos that I’ve wanted to try with someone. I did a few with earlier girlfriends but some had to do with a wife.”

I reached down to separate her legs and mounted her. She was wet and I wondered how much of that was from the boy. I showered her with kisses and told her how she felt as good as ever and maybe even better. That opened her eyes and she began to kiss me back as her arousal built. When she felt my spurts she came. After a few quiet minutes she said softly, “That didn’t happen either time with him.”

We showered together before dinner and the twins were there as expected. She couldn’t tell me which one had fucked her, they were so much alike. We acted like nothing had happened until the meal was finished. I had an idea so I strongly requested the twins accompany us back to our cabin. Marcie look at me in wonderment when she figured out what was going on.

When we got there I offered everyone some wine and said there was something we needed to talk about. They looked at each other briefly and I knew that one had shared his conquest with the other. “This afternoon my wife had sex on the beach and on our bed with one of you. It wasn’t her idea and she told me about it immediately so she is not guilty of adultery. So that I can come to peace with it I wish to have the situation recreated which will let me be more a part of what happened. Which of you did it?”

One stepped forward and I said to Marcie, “Stand up like you told me when it started.” She stared at me and I threw her a kiss. Bobby reproduced his seduction just as she had described. I think she was a lot noisier when he plunged into her pussy this time since I was watching. Barry, the other twin moved next to me and reached for my rigid rod. I glanced down and his other hand was on his own. It felt good as he moved his hands in synch with his brother’s thrusts into my wife.

When that was finished I ordered Marcie to get on all fours and told Barry to take her that way. She moaned as he entered, clearly not as reluctant this time as she probably was earlier in the day. Having seen his brother’s hand on my boner, Bobby knelt in front of me and took it in his mouth, giving me sensations different than I’d had from that act before. It was a good thing she and I had fucked again before supper or he would have gotten a mouthful and that isn’t where wanted to put my load. I had to remove him after a bit.

Barry didn’t last long so I got on the bed and she knew to mount me. I whispered, “slider” so she dripped some fresh cum on my shaft and began rubbing her pussy along it. The boys looked at that, fascinated. Bobby offered his refilled rod to her mouth. She glanced at me and I nodded so she took it in. God this was hot. I fondled her lovely tits as she struggled to ride me and suck him at the same time. I was watching from below and when his balls tightened I told her to take it out and have Barry finish him. He quickly moved to catch a mouthful as I suspected he would. Marcie was once again startled. She came and I was up in her by now and added the maybe seventh sperm shots of the day.

With wilted willies and a well-fucked woman sitting there I offered more wine. Questioning revealed they were recently eighteen and bi-sexual from being so close as they grew up, sharing a bed their whole lives. They had tried a girl or woman only a few times and never a wife, complimenting Marcie strongly. She blushed.

We fucked again, slowly and lovingly, after they left. Marcie asked me, “I’ve never inquired about the sex I know you had before me. I’d like to know now.”

I was still between her legs in a comfortable scissors position. My cock was soft but happy in the soaking snatch. “I started with a neighbor girl at sixteen. We learned together and fucked as often as we could until she moved away. The last two years of high school I went steady and got laid maybe once a week until she left for college, a different one than I was going to. Sometimes we’d see each other on breaks and holidays and she was a good fuck. Not too long before I met you there was a married couple in my apartment building that seduced me into sharing the wife and having threesomes. That lasted for maybe a dozen fucks before they moved on to fresh meat. That’s it”

Marcie was moving her hips against me carefully so as to not dislodge my now somewhat firmer hose. She came from rubbing her clit that way and then we slept.

Both of us had a lot to absorb but, as I erotically thought, her vagina had a lot of absorbing to do. I’d read that semen is quite beneficial for a woman’s inner tissues. If so that her pussy should be damned healthy and ready for more! As I fell asleep I knew that she needed to be involved in the planning and/or decisions from now on.

We barely got to breakfast but didn’t see the twins so we just found regular activities for the morning. We still hadn’t talked about yesterday even though we’d screwed a hot one before we ate. I had an idea and grabbed a beach towel. “Take me where you went for a walk yesterday. She grinned, catching on quickly now. Once she found it I copied the scenario I’d heard about and seen and we screwed as much like it as we could. As we walked back she thanked me for being so imaginative which helped cut her still-lingering guilt. I put forth an idea for that afternoon and she stared at me for moment before saying, “The new sexy me will do it.”

The twins were there for lunch and I said I’d like them to come to our place afterwards. Marcie was having a private conversation with Roy’s wife. He’d asked if I wanted to go sailing again but I had to tell him that, as much as I had enjoyed it, we had other plans.

As we went back to our cabin, Marcie told me that we were going to get together with Roy and Melba after dinner. There wasn’t time to explain more.

The twins were right behind us and I invited them in. “We missed you at breakfast,” I opened with.

“We slept in,” replied Barry. I wondered if they’d fucked each other already today.

“I hope you have saved some energy for us because we’d like to have an ‘anything-goes’ afternoon. Are you interested?” Twin nods and erections filling. I looked at their crotches and added, “Glad to see you are ready for the games.”

Marcie continued, “We did a lot of regular fucking yesterday so let’s get imaginative this time. My husband liked you touching and sucking him besides the sliding in your cum. Just say ‘no’ if you don’t want to do something.

I asked, “Do you have any lube with you?” The twins looked at each other and Bobby said he’d go get it. When he got back we’d already started. Barry had his face in Marcie’s muff and I was sucking on his erection which was noticeably thinner but as long as mine. We rearranged a bit so Marcie could get a mouthful of Bobby’s boner and he could suck on mine. She ordered, “No cumming yet!”

After a bit of that I had an idea. I laid Barry on his back and Marcie mounted him lying on his chest. With some of the lube Bobby worked his shaft in on top of his brother’s. Marcie was whimpering in delight so I fed her my cock to keep almost all holes filled. I had some ideas for her other one later. The twins synched their thrusts and shot in my wife at almost the same time. Asking Bobby to move off, I pulled Barry’s dick out and buried myself in the twin loads of fresh stuff from behind. It was so slippery I just moved for a while and got her off again without losing my tension. Marcie’s eyes were closed and her breathing very deep.

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