Ozark Oligarchy

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A family runs the holler like a kingdom and the women like a harem. Love can flourish everywhere though.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since Ah have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies, if you are old enough to know who they were, and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

Ah were born lucky. Mah Paw runs this here holler. He owns the general store, the only place to buy things for miles and operates the best still around so gets premium dollar fer his shine. His brother is the sheriff and another brother owns the sawmill which provides the best jobs around. You get the picture.

Our neighbor had borrowed a lot of money from Paw. He wasn’t good with it and he’d lost and now he’s got to pay it back. As they say, you can squeeze blood out of a turnip so we got a get-back in trade we figure. One thing he does have plenty of is daughters, four of them from age 16 to 20. We don’t have a Maw anymore so help around the house is something. They’re being offered $20 a day credit on the debt and double if they stay overnight.

They came over one at a time to be interviewed by Paw and me, Ah’m 16, and my brother Jeb is 14. We had them take off their duds and looked them over and ask questions. 16-year-old is a virgin, not too surprising, she’s kind of homely. The oldest one is married but her hubby is in jail for a while. She and the middle one seemed the best for us.

The two middle ones, Cindy Sue and Becky Jo, are going to come on alternate days with both of them on Sunday afternoon after church. Their duties are pretty simple, pick up after us guys, keep the house and our clothes clean, cook up some good vittles, and fuck us on request.

Paw and me knows what to do with a pussy but Jeb needs some breakin in. We ask them which one wants to do it and they both raised their hands. We’ll let them figure out the details. In the meantime we got lots of catching up to do and our peckers keep interfering with their other stuff although we don’t hear any complaints. The older one, Becky Jo, is trying to save up some money so she stays overnight the days that she’s with us. She starts out with Jeb’s lessons then comes to see me or Paw and then goes to the bed with whoever she hasn’t done yet.

That worked pretty good for a while but Ah got to thinking about them other two daughters with pussy just going to waste. The married one were just fine, and came over on Sunday to cook dinner and give her sisters a break and she were a real wild fuck when we pushed her buttons, kinda deprived with her husband gone and her paw fussy about who else she could spread for. She’d do all of us before she’d go home and seemed to like it a lot.

Then Ah got to thinking about Amy Mae, the virgin. Sure she weren’t as pretty as her sisters but nobody should be deprived just fer that reason. Ah insisted that she come over on a Saturday and help me with my schoolwork because she were pretty smart with arithmetic and such. We got to talkin and Ah were real polite to her so she were kinda relaxing around me. She knew what Ah done to her sisters and Ah think she were kinda scared.

It were a nice afternoon and Ah said it were too good to be indoors so let’s go for a walk on that path up along the crick. She were having me work arithmetic problems in my head which were good exercise for my brain, Ah guess. My little head were thinkin and so when we got to the beaver dam Ah told her it were a great day to go swimmin.

She protested she didn’t have a swimsuit with her and Ah said it weren’t allowed at the pond. She blushed, something Ah haven’t seen a girl do in ages. “God don’t give animals clothes and he only gives us them for when it’s cold and we need extra warming up. There ain’t nothing in the Bible that says gettin naked is sinful. Get your duds off and let’s enjoy the water.” Ah dropped my Big Jim’s, which were all Ah were wearing and turned my back so she’d feel more comfortable as she got out of her little dress and panties. Ah didn’t think that she wore one of them brassiere things because her tits weren’t real big. She got in the water before Ah turned around.

“Don’t this feel good?” Ah asked. She nodded saying she’d never done this before. Ah looked at her and said seriously, “You’ve missed out on a lot of things that feel good, Ah think. You can just ask your sisters about some of them.” She blushed again.

As she were swimmin her titties popped out of the water every now and then. Ah swum on my back so she could see my parts even though Ah wasn’t hard. Didn’t want to spook her, you know. After a while we got wrinkly and Ah said, “We need to lay out on the grass for a bit to dry off before we put our clothes on.” Just matter fact like that and Ah got out and laid down in the sun. Ah could see her get her courage together before she did the same. She had smaller titties than her sisters but they stood up real nice and she were slimmer. The hair above her pussy were not real long and kind of neat. Ah were looking forward to checking it out but Ah had to be cool about it.

When we got back to the house Ah got her some sweet tea and cookies and we had a little snack. Then Ah told her Ah’d like to see her the next Saturday and mebbie we could go swimmin again. That lit up her face so Ah knew she had a good time.

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