Lund Lessons

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Desi housekeeper offers to teach teenage son about sex. Then she offers her daughter as a "companion". (Lund is Hindi for cock)

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   First   Indian Erotica   .

The one-year contract position in Mumbai, India seemed like a very interesting assignment in addition to the money. I had a teenage son who hadn’t traveled outside the United States like I had so I took him along. We got a little apartment where I could walk to work and he would attend the American school.

Since hired help is so cheap over there, I found a woman housekeeper who was middle-aged and a bit plump but had reasonable English. She had come with good references from another employer.

After a couple of weeks, Leela, the housekeeper, asked if I had a “woman”. When I admitted I didn’t, she offered to be my “woman” several times a week for a modest increase in her pay. It was very tempting since she was attractive, and her plumpness enhanced her bosom, plus I was horny. I asked if she had a husband to which she replied that he was long gone. Her price was reasonable and we consummated the agreement shortly thereafter. I was delighted to stroke in her snug pussy which was well trimmed with black curlies. I liked that much better than bald cunts. After our first fuck, she explained that she could have charged more but I was attractive to her and she had needs also.

It was damn nice getting laid while my son was in school and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she asked if he was familiar with women. I suspected he was a virgin and told her so. Without any shyness, she said that she would teach him about women and quoted a price to do so. I laughed and said, “So you would fuck a father and his son both?” She gave a big smile and said it would be a treat for her as well as for us. I decided my son was old enough to learn this and this was a terrific opportunity.

Although he acted as if nothing had changed, she filled me in when I was next pumping in her welcoming pussy about how his lessons were coming along. When I learned that he had put his sperm in her it was a real trigger for my own release. I decided that there were three happy people as a result of this deal.

That went on for a while and then she mentioned that she had a teenage daughter. Wanting better for her than she had been able to obtain in their culture, she wished for the daughter to learn western ways and seek opportunities. Would my son date her daughter? It would be a good way for them to learn more about each other’s backgrounds. I didn’t see why not so we arranged it.

David was delighted because, although fucking Leela was good, it was secretive and didn’t get him out in the rest of the local world. Mira, Leela’s daughter, was a younger image of her mother, blessed with nicely rounded breasts and a little bit of extra padding on the rest of her body. Her English was quite good and she was delighted to spend time with David. I had not asked Leela if she’d explained that she was fucking this young man.

When I queried David after several dates he said he was having a great time with this young woman. “How great? Is she getting naked with you?”

He dropped his eyes and said, “Yes. She is the one who wanted me to do it. She is on birth control, in case you were concerned. Something that is a bit different though is that she has a Desi boyfriend as well so I think she is fucking both of us. That’s kind of hot, don’t you think?”

Even though I was screwing her mother, I began having fantasies about this young woman that was diddling my son. Hell, if we were both fucking her mother why couldn’t we both fuck her too?

Leela told me that she was no longer having sex with my son since her daughter had taken over. “They seem to be getting along very well and I am quite pleased,” she told me one day as she was riding my hard cock and I was playing with her big saggy tits as they swung with her humps.

A question occurred to me, “My son says that your daughter has a Desi boyfriend as well. Do you have any other men that you do this with?”

She smiled at me, “I hope it does not change anything with us but I do. I have another cleaning client like you and I enjoy him when I am there. I do not think you experience any reduction in our pleasures.” I had to admit she was right but the thought that I was sharing her pussy, the first time I ever knowingly had in my life, was a bit of an erotic kick.

My mistress, Leela, thought it was too. She confided that this other man was nothing special, just a “customer” who stuck it in and did his thing. She had a lot more fun with me and my son.

Then she surprised me, “My daughter is interested in fucking you. She wants to see if an older man is different like I told her about. I know your son cannot object since you have both shared me so it is really up to you.”

What a fantasy come true! She was a cutie and, as I mentioned above, I’d fantasized about getting naked with her. Of course I agreed.

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