The Stud

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2019 by Jehoram

Science Fiction Sex Story: In a future world where almost all the men are sterile, I'm one of the few that are still fertile. So my job is basically fucking women for a living -- thousands of them, and maybe a hundred times as many women made pregnant by my sperm. It's not a perfect life, but it ain't bad.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Group Sex   Black Male   Pregnancy   .

Hi. I’m a Stud. That’s not a boast. It’s a job description.

When I say “stud” I mean it in its original sense: a male kept for breeding purposes. That’s why we spell it with the capital “S” ... it’s a job title, and I look at it as a job ... a really great job, in some respects, but a job all the same.

My name’s Geoff, but that’s not important. In fact, most of the women I sleep with ... and those number in the thousands ... never learn it. And I don’t learn their names, either. I’m just the guy who squirts the sperm, and there’s no personal connection at all. That’s what a Stud does.

A half a century ago, they might have called me a sperm donor. Back then, there were plenty of fertile men, and some of them used to donate their sperm for money when a woman wanted a baby but their lovers couldn’t make it happen. That all changed about twenty-five years ago, when the Male Plague hit, and now there are only about two thousand fertile men on the planet. We’re the most important men on earth, in a way.

When the Male Plague came along, nobody knew the consequences, socially or biologically. That came later. Also, nobody knew what caused it, although there were a zillion theories, and they still don’t. They also don’t know why a very few men, like me, were immune to it. All they know is that, within a year or two, nearly all the other men became sterile. They could still get it up, and have sex, but they’d be shooting blanks. I was nineteen at the time, and got tested as soon as the birth rate dropped to nearly zero and everybody was wondering why. They looked at my cum through a microscope and when they saw those swimmers, that was the end of normal life as I knew it.

Well, you can imagine the social dislocation the Plague caused. Suddenly, people were fucking like crazy. Since venereal diseases had been mostly wiped out by then, there were no consequences to intercourse, and people pretty much fucked where they wanted, and when they wanted, and who they wanted. If they weren’t on the job, they didn’t even wear clothes half the time and if folks got aroused at the sight of each other’s naked bodies, well, they just fucked right then and there and got their rocks off. Remember how the people who invented birth control used to envision this kind of world? Well, we got that world, but the ironic thing is that it pretty much drove the birth control industry out of business, with one exception that I’ll get to.

So everybody was fucking everybody else, as much and as often as they pleased.

Everybody but us Studs.

You see, when word got around that I was one of the two thousand men who had viable sperm, I became what amounts to government property. I was a national resource like oil or water, and they rationed me. I wasn’t alone, of course. All over the world, men like me came under government control. Our sperm was too precious to waste on just anybody, so our sex life became tightly controlled. Don’t get me wrong. I still get to fuck. In fact, I don’t have any choice.

The first year or so, it was hell. I was just masturbating and ejaculating into test tubes, and I had no real sex life at all. Then they found that the Japanese were getting good results by having women trained to edge the Studs and give blowjobs and hand-jobs, and having the Studs ejaculate into condoms. (The condom makers are the only birth-control industry that survived the Male Plague, and this is why.) Those women made life a lot better for me.

But what really turned the tide for me was the news that the Swedes were giving their Studs a better deal, with the women actually fucking the guys. The result was that they were getting the highest fertility rates in the world. That turned a lot of heads, and the Swedish regimen, after a few tweaks, has become the standard one. Here’s how it works.

I live at the local Donation Center and fuck three times a day, like clockwork, with three different women each time. The job comes with a salary, a pension, a house with a private gym and a staff to cook and clean, and the same government insurance that everybody else has. I don’t have any other real job, although I write and paint pictures and stuff like that.

When I say “three different women,” I don’t mean the same three women all the time. The women come in two classes, the Collectors and the Breeders. There are a dozen Collectors who service me. As for the Breeders, I almost never fuck them more than once. In fact, once I fuck them, I know that I’ll probably never see them again. Not much chance to build a relationship there.

I guess I’ll have to explain how things work. The Collectors are girls who are trained to fuck me and extract the maximum amount of viable sperm possible. They’re professional women in the best sense of the word; they know what they’re doing and take pride in it. This morning, it was Alexandra, a thirty-something redhead with pink-nippled tits that have just the right amount of sag. She’s one of the newer ones, but she really knows her stuff. As usual, the first collection of the day was in the morning, after a light breakfast. As I stepped out of the shower, she greeted me in the standard Collector uniform, a close-fitting sheer dress that you could see her bra and panties through. After some preliminary greetings and necking, she let me pull her dress off and hug her, belly to belly. Did I mention that her underwear was sheer, too? You could plainly see her nipples and her bush through the fabric, and her panties had a center seam that really showed off her camel toe.

The effect of all this, of course, was to arouse me and boost my sperm production. She then stripped off her bra and let me watch her breasts dangle as she bent over to drop her panties. After that, she lay on the bed, took a vibrating dildo from the nightstand drawer, and masturbated to get herself in the mood as I stroked my dick. That wasn’t strictly necessary, of course. She didn’t need to be turned on to collect my sperm, but we both enjoyed the process of getting her wet. And like most of the girls nowadays, she likes oral, so I gave her clit a lot of tongue, as much as she wanted, while the dildo was buried in her cunt.

I guess that’s one of the consequences of the new sexual landscape ... the women are as randy as the men, since they can fuck without worrying about becoming pregnant. Alex probably fucks three or four other guys a day. She’s got a steady boyfriend, too, and she tells me about how he likes to use his cock on her. Sometimes she comes in with bruises on her tits from the bondage games she likes to play.

And this morning was no different. After a half an hour of necking and hugging and sex talk, I was ready for release, so she slipped a condom out of its sheath and unrolled it onto my cock as I lay on my back. First she gave me a final tease as she let her wet pussy slide back and forth on the underside of my cock, and then she mounted me and I felt my cock slide into her warm, wet tunnel. (I love to fuck her cowboy style, since I can see those magnificent boobs bounce and sway and smash together.) And let me tell you, her cunt muscles were as strong and finely tuned as any girl I’ve ever fucked. It was practically like getting a hand job. It takes a lot of training and experience, and she’d certainly had that. When I felt myself on the brink of a climax, I let her know, and she gave me a final squeeze with her Kegels just as I ejaculated. My own cock gave seven or eight spasms, so I knew I’d given her a lot of jizz.

Then it was over, and she gave me a kiss and got off me. No cuddling allowed, because the sperm had to be whisked away to the lab next door, where it would be chilled, divided into about fifty portions more or less, and sent off to be implanted into women who wanted babies. Alex stripped the condom off my softening dick, taking care not to spill the slightest drop. Then she gave me another kiss and left the room without even dressing. All that was left to indicate that she’d been there was her dress, her underwear, a couple of red pubic hairs, and the smell of her pussy. That was all right with me, though. After a real hard orgasm, I’m not good for much of anything for a while.

Did she orgasm? I don’t know. Sometimes a Collector does, and sometimes she doesn’t. It’s no big thing. If she still feels unsatisfied after our session, there are always other guys and gals around who can ball her and get her off, or she could just take care of it herself, like any woman does these days. That’s only after she delivers the package to the lab, though. That timing is crucial. That’s one of the things they found out at a Donation Center in Asia (Singapore, I think). It really makes a difference to get the jizz chilled right away.

Think of it ... I had just made it possible for maybe four dozen women to become pregnant! Not that all of them would, of course. That didn’t happen even back when men were fertile. It often took multiple inoculations to fertilize a woman’s eggs in those days, and it still does. If my sperm didn’t do the trick, her next sperm would probably come from another Stud, to minimize the chance that the first failure might have come from some incompatibility in our sexual chemistry. That happens. Nobody knows why.

Here’s an interesting fact: when the breeding program started, the women would generally ask for Studs who matched them in race, on the grounds that the kids would grow up with people who looked like them. But after a few years, it became obvious that the kid’s dad was not going to be his biological father, anyway, so it became less important. Now women can still specify what race they want their Stud to be, but hardly anybody does. Nobody cares anymore. That’s another unexpected result of the Male Plague.

(Another thing you may find interesting: my immunity to the Male Plague isn’t usually transferred to the boys I sire. But they’re telling me that when these boys mature, there’s a higher ratio of them being fertile than there was ten years ago, so maybe my job won’t be there a few hundred years from now. But let’s get back to the subject.)

I’ll have another visit from a Collector sometime this afternoon. It will be pretty much like the one I had from Alex, except that I’ll have a little time beforehand to amuse myself, eat lunch, and let myself recharge. I might watch some porn. That helps a lot, although I get a little wistful when I see a guy jerking off onto a woman’s tits or face or cunt, since that’s never going to happen to me for all the fucking I do. My sperm is too valuable for that. I’m not even allowed to masturbate myself to orgasm anymore, even into a condom.

I think my Collector will be Suzette. She likes to watch porn with me and suck my cock to get me to maximum arousal. Or sometimes we’ll meet in the gym, where we can watch each other work out naked and flirt. She doesn’t have the tits that Alex has, but they’re big enough, and she knows that it turns me on to see them bounce when she’s on the treadmill. That really gets the old balls working on a load!

Or if she has a little time, she could come in early and do a strip tease or some other kind of erotic show. Or we could just fuck. I have to remind you again that the girls don’t need me for erotic excitement. They can get that from any number of willing guys or gals. I’m just the guy that makes the sperm, and their job is to coax as much of it out of me as they can. So I’m grateful that they take the time to make me happy. And I’ll admit that it’s a turn-on to know that they might have had another cock in them just a few hours ago, and that they’ll have another one in them later on.

Anyway, the Collectors are only the first type of woman that I fuck. The other type are what we call the Breeders. These are women who want to get pregnant, but the usual insemination techniques don’t work for them. It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while, it takes a good fucking for them to become pregnant. I’m not saying that women can’t get pregnant unless they enjoy fucking, of course. That kind of thinking went out with the last century, and there are thousands of women around with my babies, women I’ve never met and never will meet, and not all of them have active sex lives or even any sex lives at all.

Another thing about Breeders is that, unlike the Collectors who are picked for their ability to arouse me, the Breeders are pretty much the run-of-the-mill females of the species, and come in all shapes and sizes and colors. They’re generally young and physically fit, because that’s the type that makes for good mothers, but they usually don’t have supermodel bodies or any real training except for what they’ve learned from ordinary fucking. That’s fine with me, though.

And let’s face it. There’s a certain excitement in fucking a woman you’ve never seen before and will never see again. You don’t have any expecations, and neither does she. It’s all about the moment. And I like the fact that I don’t have to wear a condom, so I get every stimulus that a bare cock can feel. And then there’s the other thing: every time that woman has fucked somebody before, it’s without any expectation of becoming pregnant. So it’s just about the sex. But with me, she’s there because she wants a baby, and that gives some women a certain erotic boost that she doesn’t have with any other guy.

Needless to say, with only few thousand Studs around and millions and millions of women who want a kid, not every lady can be a Breeder, and the waiting list is pretty long. And as I said, when I fuck them, I know I’ll probably never see them again. If they don’t get pregnant by me, they’ll fuck another Stud ... that old mystery about compatible sexual chemistry again. I’ve only had two Breeders more than once. In both cases, they continued to be unable to be artificially inseminated for their second child, but since they’d hit the jackpot with me the first time, they were given permission to fuck me again. The ironic thing is that they recognized me, because it was a special night for them, fucking a guy that could knock them up, but I didn’t remember them at all ... they were just two of the many thousands of women I’ve screwed over the years.

Another difference between the Collectors and the Breeders is that the odds of a successful impregnation improve if the Breeders are in a high state of sexual arousal when I fuck them ... something they learned at a Donation Center in Argentina (or maybe it was Brazil, I can’t remember). That’s a problem, because while I’ve gotten to be a pretty good lover after all those fucks, it’s hard to know if I’m clicking with somebody I’ve never met before. So the standard practice is to let somebody else get them climaxing before I screw them.

Sometimes it’s an erotic massage that gets their engines humming. The masseurs and masseuses take their time and use lots of oil, and by the time the massage is over, the woman has been finger-fucked six ways from Sunday and they’re horny as hell.

But it’s up to the Breeders whether to choose a massage or something else, and sometimes they prefer a good fucking with lovers who know how to turn them on. Last night, for example, there was a Lesbian who wanted a baby and the usual insemination techniques hadn’t worked. So she and her lover got it on in a special room in my house, next door to my own bedroom. I was able to watch through a camera set-up that displayed the action on my bedroom wall. That wasn’t strictly voyeurism, although I admit that watching them fuck got me hard. The point was for me to observe my lover-to-be as she was getting pleasured, so that I could be familiar with her arousal pattern and the specific things that could keep her turned on. That’s part of my job, too, and I think I’m pretty good at it.

So I was looking at the pair and stroking my hardening cock as they undressed and started fondling each other. One was a tall blonde who looked to be in her early twenties, with short hair and an athlete’s figure ... strong legs, firm abdomen, and breasts of slightly smaller than average size, capped with very pink and fat nipples, and a neatly trimmed bush. The other woman was a brunette, probably in her late thirties, with ample boobs, a thick waist, and a very hairy snatch. I guessed that I would be fucking the blonde, since the Breeder selection process favors the younger woman.

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