Donkey Dong

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A young man comes to "grips" with the nickname his own mother gave him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Cheating   Incest   Lactation   Hairy   Size   .

It took a long time before Doug understood why his mom sometimes referred to him as “donkey dong”. It was mostly in private or when she was talking to a girlfriend. Mom was an odd one, not much like the mothers of school friends. She’d had him when she was fifteen and her parents had helped her get through school and get a job. They’d raised him as much as she had.

He’d heard her talking on the phone to a girlfriend once. “My little boy has got a donkey’s dong.” They were farm people and everyone had seen how big a horse or donkey penis could get. In the same conversation he overheard her say, “Sally Ann says that she laid under a donkey once and her sister jacked it off. It made a big mess on her pussy and they both rubbed it in theirs.”

He wasn’t sure how that related to him until she came home drunk one night when he was a teenager. He heard the guy fuck her on the living room floor and she crawled to his bed. It was summer and he slept naked. She rubbed his cock and, of course it got even harder than it was from the sounds he’d heard. She used both hands to hold it and couldn’t get the head in her mouth. “Oh I wish,” she muttered. He was on his back and she mounted him. She couldn’t get more than part of the head in but the rubbing made him spurt anyway. She went down to clean him off and promptly fell asleep.

She was snoring in the morning so he made coffee, still naked. He took her some in bed. He told her what she’d done and she was a bit embarrassed. “Why did yo do that?” he asked in a gentle way.

She sipped her coffee for a bit, “I guess there are some things I need to tell you. I was a hot teenager in love with sex and screwing several guys when you were conceived. I didn’t know by which one so I stayed single since my parents supported me. Even when you were nursing I thought your penis was bigger than the other babies I’d seen. None of the guys I’d been fucking were much out of the ordinary. As you got older sometimes you’d get hard when I bathed you. Later I’d see your meat swinging when you came out of the shower. I’ve never stopped loving sex, as you must have observed. Tonight I guess I just gave in to the curiosity that has been building for a long time.”

“That’s OK Mom. I googled what you call me to your girlfriends and even though mine isn’t nearly that big or black, I get the idea. I’ve measured it at twelve and a half inches long and four wide. That’s without pushing it out so it stretches even more. What you did felt real good and you can do it any time.”

She smiled, “So I couldn’t get it in me? That’s a first although nothing like yours ever tried. I’ve got a girlfriend that might be real interested. She’d had four home births and says she can hardly feel her husband’s cock anymore.”

Two days later he met Tricia in his robe as directed by Mom. They visited a bit and the guest seemed to be fidgety. Mom asked her, “Is everything OK?”

She stared at me and she said, “I haven’t been thinking of anything else but his big dick since you called. When can I try it?”

He opened his robe, only half-hard and she gasped. “Can I touch it?”

He quipped, “That’s why you’re here, I think.” She knelt down in front of him and her fingers and mouth explored which filled the big shaft the rest of the way. Like Mom, she couldn’t get much in her mouth. He led her to the bed and laid on his back which Mom had suggested as the safest way. Tricia straddled his waist, her hair-trimmed opening gaping and dripping. She slowly descended in short ups and downs as she stretched to fit. Half way in she gasped, “You’ve hit bottom. Never had that happen before. Feels like I’m giving birth but without the pain. It’s great.”

He was moaning with pleasure watching his meat get taken in. Her pussy was too wonderful to describe except as warm and tight. She pulled his hands to her sagging mommy breasts and moved slowly on the shaft. Mom had shown him how to make tits feel good and it sure worked for her. Her head was moving around with her eyes closed and wails like Mom had never heard before. Mom was watching, fascinated, rubbing her own pussy. She was right next to them so her son reached over and took care of that, pushing his fingers in the place he was born from and teasing her clit with his thumb. She stared at him with lust and love.

When the huge rod pulsed its load into Tricia she laid on top of him, exhausted. He let her sleep there for a while, his hands on her mature buns. She was ten years older than Mom but why should he care about that? The big dong softened but didn’t exit her happy cunt.

When she did wake up she asked, “Can we do this again? How often?” We agreed on twice a week. Mom said how envious she was, incest issue or not.

Since then Mom has limited her fucking to the bigger dicked guys and is on the lookout for even larger ones. They’ve been stretching her with various objects and they test his penetration from time to time. Tricia is an accomplice and he can now get the head and two inches in Mom. She is thrilled with that and when he fills the rest of her pussy with cream she gets off every time.

He wondered, “I’m not sure how I’ll ever find a girlfriend my age to fuck. I’ve tried big ones but their pussies aren’t much bigger. Older moms like Tricia are pretty good so maybe that’s my fate.” In a fit of whimsy he thought maybe he should go to a farm and mount a female donkey for fun.

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