Afternoon Wetness

by Interesseret

Copyright© 2019 by Interesseret

Erotica Sex Story: Astrid is enjoying her afternoon shower, as someone enters...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Water Sports   .

Warm water was cascading down Astrid’s back. Even though she still disliked showers, she definitely liked the warmth it brought to her after being out in the snow. Pretty, but God awfully cold. She could use a certain someone’s arms to warm her up instead though.

Right as that thought came to her mind, a noise came in through the bathroom door. What was that?

Icy adrenaline rushed through her veins. Oh god oh please don’t let me get murdered in the shower!

“Honey? Are you in the shower?” Came a voice through the door. “I got off work early today!”

Immediately Astrid relaxed again. Christ, of course it would be him. She should have known.

“Yeah, I’m in here babe. I’m freezing!” She yelled back. A few seconds passed before the reply came: “oh? Well I’m cold too. Make room for me!”

The door to the bathroom opened. She felt the cold air rush across her wet skin, as the vague outline of a man walked in. The opaque glass of their shower cabin made it hard to see anything, but she could still tell he was fully dressed.

Slowly he started dragging off his clothes. First went his shirt. Oh my, yes.

Next his socks, or at least what Astrid thought were socks. Could have been shoes. Difficult to tell. And then his pants. Very slowly and deliberately her Jake stood up, slightly showing his side to her. In a smooth motion he started dragging his pants down. The bastard knows I’m looking!

His pants finally came all the way off, and he started to saunter over to the glass sliding door. His cock bouncing with every step. When he arrived at it, Jake pressed himself up against the door, his mouthwatering manhood forced hard up against it. It was all she could do to not reach out for it.

“Fuck babe...” was all she mustered, before he opened the door. As the door opened, his cock dragged along it, leaving a trail in the perspiration. As it came into view, it was wet and glistening. Astrid had to drag her focus away from it, just so she could look at the face of her lover.

Jake smirked at her, his dimples showing. “Hey there gorgeous. Care to give me a hand with washing myself?” “Yes, please!” She breathed grabbing onto his hips as he moved closer. His lower chest pressed against her nipples, already hard from the cold rush of air earlier. Her mouth watered even more as the warm water washer over him.

She couldn’t help herself. She needed to taste him. Her mouth found his neck, licking and sucking on it, travelling down to his chest, lingering there to smell his heat and sweat.

Astrid could feel his hardening cock pressed against her stomach. Gods, she needed to feel it in her mouth. She quickly moved down, kissing and nibbling her way across Jake’s stomach. The smell of his unwashed body and sex hung in her nostrils. How anyone could smell so nasty and nice at the same time she would never know.

When she finally reached all the way down, she stopped to take in the view. Here, underneath the warm water of the shower, looking up at her man and his throbbing dick right in front of her. This is where she belonged.

With trembling hands she grabbed Jake’s thighs and moved in closer. A long lick from her tongue dragged up his entire length. The tang and salt from him made her blank out, while her mouth kept working around his shaft.

Jake’s hands wrapped around her head, filtering through her hair and grabbing her tight. He growled out as she took his cock in her mouth. His head, pre cum leaking out, disappeared quickly past her tongue. It was perfect. She loved every inch of him, and she loved showing him this.

Her tongue danced around him as she sucked and bobbed her head. Taking him as deep as possible into her well trained throat, she moaned and hummed. Jake’s twitching got wilder when she did. His hands now pressed her further in. She looked up to see the pained expression in her lover’s face as he started cumming deep in her throat.

She felt the first splatter hit, and quickly pull back a bit, making sure to get it all over her mouth. Never had she known any man to have so much cum. She loved it. The hot salty liquid coated her mouth completely.

Her pussy dripped while she listened to her lover’s heavy moaning and growling.

“Fuuuck Astrid. God yes!” Jake breathed out through clenched teeth. His breathing steadily calmed down, as he looked down at her. Astrid still hadn’t swallowed it all. She knew he didn’t want her to yet. Half being lifted, half standing by herself, their lips met.

Jake’s tongue moved Into her mouth, licking and sucking on hers. Feeling his hands on her tits and ass while he sucked out his cum from her mouth was almost enough to make her cum on its own. Her ass and pussy begged to be filled. She couldn’t care less which he wanted.

Their kiss dragged out as he mauled her body, playing with whichever part he desired. Pinching and dragging on her nipples, skirting around her breasts, massaging her thighs and ass, and letting his fingertips drag down her stomach and back.

“Fuck me, Jake. I don’t want to wait any more!”

“Oh yeah? Turn around, hands on the wall.” He growled in her ear. Her heart hammered as she faced the back wall and spread her feet further apart. A fist closed around her hair, dragging her head back and exposing her neck. She felt his hot damp head pressed against her pussy.

In one smooth motion, he bit down on the side of her neck and pressed himself into her. His cock dragged through her lips, sending mind numbing sparks through her body. This was what she needed. Only half of him got inside of her before he had to pull out and ram back inside to get all of it buried.

His free hand moved to her hip for purchase. His mouth kept up its work of teasing and biting her as he fucked up Into her with wild abandon. Every pound was like being lot on fire. Heat spewed from her as she peed down her and his legs.

The feeling of release rushed through her body. With a long ragged sob, she started cumming on his cock. Her nails dragged down the tile, trying to find purchase while she cried out wordlessly. Seating white pleasure coursed throughout her body.

Far away she started noticing the sensation of warm water cascading down her body. Her focus was still on Jake’s meat buried inside of her, and on his trailing kisses and nibbles on her shoulders and neck. She turned her head to look back at her lover.

He was still rock hard. The show was far from over, as Astrid knew perfectly well. Her mouth opened slightly, begging silently for the feel of his lips on hers. One of Jake’s hands lifted from his hold on her hips to caress her face as he locked their lips together.

Icy hotness flew through her spine as he pulled out and slowly dragged her down on the floor of the cabin. He kneeled down as she slid down his body. Chest against chest, Astird reached under herself and steered Jake into herself. She let out a long sigh as she slid all the way down his perfect length, until she rested her ass against his thighs.

Sighing out into his mouth, she started grinding her clit slowly onto him. Her hands ran through his hair as his wrapped around her back and ass to keep her steady. They both moved back and forth, grinding into each other. Their moans and sighs combined. Astrid pulled her face back so she could look at her lover. She was getting closer again. His cock scraped through her insides, messing up her mind with each hard throb.

Jake ran his hands down her back, trailing her spine down to her ass. His hands grasped her firmly. The thrusts from below slowly became more and more erratic as he, too, was getting closer to release. The tell-tale twitching in his legs was all the sign she needed.

“Fuck babe, I’m going to cum!” He yelled, which only drove her closer. Her pussy spasmed rhythmically around him, as he started to pump in and out of her with his entire length. Astrid watched her lover’s face scrunch up in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as his first cramps shot through him. Her hands grabbed onto his arms as he started to unload deep inside her.

Her hands grabbed around his arms to feel the steely muscle inside of it. Gods how she loved feeling the raw power in her lover as she came. As she felt Jake shudder out and flex his body, she crashed around him. Her sight became nothing but stars as her body convulsed in throes of orgasm.

“Aahh, fuuck me, Jake!” She screamed out. No one had ever made her cum like he could. Her fluids rushed down his cock, mixing with his cum as she ground her whole body into his.

“Yes! Cum for me, my good girl” He said, making her shudder in ecstasy. Her legs shook as she fell back down onto him, letting him support both their weights. Their breathing was quick and shallow as they looked into each others eyes. Jake’s dark grey eyes peered back into hers from behind his wet messy hair. Astrid reached up and ran a hand through it.

“I love you.”

“I love you back.”

“Now get dried off, we aren’t done yet.”

After a quick drying session ... well, a drying session of the things that were able to get dry right now, the pair quickly moved into the bedroom. Astrid was basically dragging Jake after her. She immediately climbed onto the bed and kneeled down at the edge. Her ass presented In all its glory. She bit her lip as Jake’s hands slowly dragged over her cheeks. His hot breath washed over her as he got down on his knees behind her.

He bit into the soft flesh on the inside of her thighs and cheeks, eliciting small yelps from her. Impatiently, she pushed her ass further back. She already knew what was coming, and she couldn’t wait. Bowing to her will, his tongue dragged over her exposed clit, running all the way through her dripping wet lips. A long moan escaped from her as he continued to lick her folds. His tongue flicked in and out of her cum-covered insides. Her lips were dragged into his mouth one at a time, and sucked on.

Gods, he is going to make me cum again from this! Was all she thought before her clit came under attack. Another, although shorter, orgasm pulsed through her, covering Jake’s face in her juices. She moaned loudly and pushed further back on him as she did. Jake’s hands kept massaging her ass, as he moved further upwards. Strong fingers pulled her apart, and exposed her, as his tongue ran past her pussy to deposit the mixture of cum and her lube directly on her asshole.

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