Fun$ Raising

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Breast cancer survivors raise money by raising cocks.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slut Wife   Water Sports   Prostitution   .

Bunny used to have two big tits. Now she had one and hoped to keep it. Those magnificent mammaries had helped her have a lucrative and enjoyable career as a professional corporate hostess. When breast cancer struck she retired to her home town and married her first love.

She was an action girl. Making things happen was very satisfying. In the past she’d arranged corporate retreat orgies and other sex parties so she knew how it was done. That wouldn’t fly in this small town but fundraising for a worthy cause would. These phony conservatives were just looking for a sanctioned outlet for their lustful desires and she figured she could get them to pay for the privilege of justified sinning. This applied to both men and women, she had discovered.

There was a monthly meeting of breast cancer survivors which kept getting new members. The subject of doing fundraising for a national group came up at a board meeting. Nobody wanted to run down the street and get all sweaty, so what else could they do? Bunny suggested an idea meeting at her house on a Friday night.

It was a dry county so she stocked up on wine and Margaritas. “Get them loose, then hit them up.”

After a few rounds she took the floor, “Sisters, we want to raise some serious money. We all know that guys will open their wallets for cars, weapons, and pussy. There are quite a few fundraisers that offer cars and weapons. We’ve got pussy. How about we leverage that as a moneymaker?

A hubbub ensued. Bunny finally got order and asked, “Any of you get laid too much, or even enough? Raise your hand.” No one did. “I thought so. At my age, banging for bucks sounds like a lot of fun. Here is what I’ve thought about.”

Bunny suggested auctioning off the chance to fuck a breast cancer survivor that wasn’t their spouse. Not only could it raise a lot of money but it could jump start their sex lives. She asked, “How many of you would NOT ‘fuck for bucks?’” One woman raised her hand, “I would love to participate but I don’t know if I can get my husband to agree.”

Another woman said, “Me too.”

Bunny replied, “Tell him he can’t bid if you don’t serve as a prize.” They nodded.

It took two meetings to plan how it would work. Not the fucking part, but the pairing-ups. They couldn’t figure out how to keep something that intimate both worth the price and anonymous. One woman, who was an attorney, said she would draft an agreement that participation could not be used as a basis for any later legal action. Both husband and wife had to sign for either to participate.

Only Bunny and the attorney would know who had won who, other than the pairings themselves, of course. Another woman, who ran a motel, offered a place for the winners to claim their prizes.

Most of the men didn’t know each other or the women in the group, so two social events were held. They were mixer style with the women wearing name badges that had their initials and a number. Free drinks and dancing but no exchanging of names.

Bidding was on line with each bidder having a number. Only the top bid was shown and you could bid on more than one woman but “claim” only your two highest bids. There was some serious discussion about how many times a woman could be won. A few seemed greedy!

One of the members, a double mastectomy, got a big laugh and a round of applause by saying she’d stay in bed all day and all of them could have her for $100 each. It would help make up for her sex life during the last year! It was agreed that a maximum of two matched the male limit.

Here are the other rules the group came up with: -All fucking would be done au natural. No prosthesis, no condoms. -If the woman chose she would be given the ID of any of her fuckers. Any further contact was outside the agreement and at their own risk. -Only Bunny and the attorney knew who won who and would make the arrangements for them to meet.

Two of the eighteen group members had to decline. One said her religious upbringing just couldn’t stretch that far, even for a good cause. The other’s husband was too jealous. She was regretful of that!

A bit of a dilemma occurred. Bunny got four bids in four digits while some wives got no bid at all. How to make everyone feel good about this was the question.

Bunny would fuck all her top bidders. Her husband was ordered to fuck the two women that had no bidders. He knew better than to argue, having had the pussy power card played before. Plus, he was getting some strange.

It (or should we say “they”?) went off quite well. Here are a few details:

One of the husbands Bunny laid had a cock with an unusual shape. The head was noticeably bigger than the shaft and did some interesting things as it stroked in and out of her vagina. He was long enough that it pushed against her cervix on full insertion and stretched her love canal just a bit when it hit bottom. Enough to feel good, very good. His balls were big. They slapped against her in many of the positions they tried. Bunny liked playing with and sucking them too. He came like a stallion so that was his nickname. The position most people call “doggy”, she called “horsey” with him.

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