by John Demille

Copyright© 2019 by John Demille

Incest Sex Story: A lucky geek with an airhead for a sister. She has some interesting idea along with her best friend. They're about to make him very happy.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

“Can’t wait to feel a hard cock shooting cum inside me.”

I was trying to sneak past my sister’s bedroom door, but that phrase rang in my ears and rooted me to the spot at the top of the stairs.

At sixteen, my older sister Jenny was an annoying sibling. Shallow, nosy and a tattle tale; she seemed to revel in any trouble she could get me in. So I always did my best to avoid her. It wasn’t too hard for me to get away from her nosiness, but I always had to be careful.

The difference between our levels of intellect made my attempts to relate to my older sibling problematic. I was the smart geek in my class and Jenny was an airhead. Conversations with her were one sided most of the time. She could never understand what I talk about and I could never put up with the mindless blabber that came from her mouth.

But Jenny was hot. I know she’s my sister, but her looks had me drooling over her like an idiot. A perverted idiot at that. She’s my sister for god sakes, yet I could never stop fantasizing about her.

My parents work late and they’re never home before 6pm. So usually, between 3:20pm and 6pm, I’m either alone in the house or with Jenny.

Back to our situation.

“Can’t wait to feel a hard cock shooting cum inside me.”

I had to hear the rest of that conversation. Jenny had left her door open and from the top of the stairs every word could be heard as if you were in her room. So I stopped and listened.

“You want to feel sperm shooting into your belly?” Said Chris in an excited tone.

“Yes, I want to see what it feels like.”

“But you could get pregnant if you let a boy shoot his cum in your pussy.”

“You can’t get pregnant the first time you do it.”

The thought astonished me with its ignorance.

“Are you sure you really can’t get knocked up doing it the first time?”


I was getting a hard-on just listening to the two airheads’ silly discussion.

“My pussy feels like it’s on fire just talking about sex. I really can’t wait for my first time.” Chris said.

With their shallowness and very limited intellect, it’s a miracle really that no guy has yet managed to convince these two to spread their legs for him.

“Would you like a cock in your pussy today? My brother should be getting home soon. He’s a horn dog. I bet we could get him to fuck you just like that.”

“You think he would really do it?”

“I’m sure of it. If he hesitates, you can flash him your ass or tits or even your pussy and he wouldn’t be able to help himself. Boys are so stupid. We can make him do anything. I’ve caught him peeking at us few times already. It would be like feeding a treat to a dog. He won’t be able to resist.”

“But isn’t he a bit young for me?”

“Young? I don’t think so. Even if he’s not older, it means he has a smaller dick and it wouldn’t hurt as much for your first time.”

I thought to myself how I would love to fuck that virgin pussy. Chris is a hot piece of ass; not as hot as Jenny, but still very hot in her own right.

“He should be home any minute now. I’m sure we can get him to do it. I’ve heard him beating off almost every time we were home alone. I’m telling you that boy is so horny, he would fuck a goat if got the chance, let alone somebody like you.”

Hearing those words, I slipped out of the house and waited a few minutes before I went back in banging the door behind me.

I went into the kitchen to get a drink. I made enough noise to make sure the girls heard me. Soon enough, Jenny and Chris came down and were standing there looking at me in a funny way and seemingly holding back giggles.

“What’s up girls?” I asked.

“Can we ask you something?” Started Jenny.

“Anything for my favourite sister.”

“We were talking about sex and boys. So Chris wanted to know if you would fuck her.”

I looked at Chris who was standing there red-faced, but smiling at me. If I hadn’t heard the initial conversation between those two, I would have thought they were pulling my leg. I mean really, ‘wanna fuck my besty’? They sure don’t beat around the bush.

“I don’t know...”

“Come on, it’s better than beating off all alone.”

At that precise moment Chris lifted the front of her skirt flashing me her bush!

I almost choked on my own saliva. But I managed to retain most of my composure.

“Hm ... I guess I could, but on one condition...”

“Condition? What condition?” Jenny asked.

“I would fuck Chris only if you let me fuck you too.”

I could see Chris’s eyes go wide. I guess she was insulted, but with these two, I’m never sure what’s going on behind their foreheads.

“You’re my brother, we can’t do that. Wouldn’t that be —what do you call it— incest?”

“Let him fuck you. A cock is just a cock. We can both find out how it feels to be fucked and filled with cum.” Piped in Chris.

I guess she wasn’t insulted! This girl sure wanted to get fucked, she won’t let my sister’s hesitation about incest stand in her way. I could even see her squeezing her crotch after dropping down her skirt.

To my utter disbelief, Jenny agreed!

“OK I guess. Nothing to lose except my virginity!”

So much for resistance to the idea of having sex with your own brother. I guess I could have done this earlier if I only thought to suggest it to her.

“So when do you guys want to do this?”

“How about now? We’re not doing much and quite bored.” Enthused Jenny.

Just like that, we went upstairs to Jenny’s bedroom where we stood facing each other. It was a bit awkward.

I didn’t want to take the chance that the girls back out, so I took charge of the situation.

Unbuckling my own belt, I suggested “Why don’t we start by taking our clothes off?”

Without any hesitation both girls started chucking garments off their bodies as fast as they could, as if in a race. I guess they were trying to get over their nervousness. I had barely gotten my pants off when both were already naked, giggling and trying to hide behind each other. The view of their firm tits and sparse bushes had me hard in no time.

Chris had substantial tits. They stood high and proud on her chest. They were definitely more than a handful each. Her dark nipple were large and each was surrounded by a big areola. At the moment, they were stiff and standing straight out of her tit-flesh. You could call her curvaceous. Her body was definitely all woman.

Jenny on the other hand was pear shaped, with a big round butt and even larger tits than Chris, her areolae were practically non-existent, but her nipples were huge! She had starred in many of my masturbatory fantasies since I hit puberty.

Both girls looked better than I imagined them when naked.

I took my time undressing. There was no hurry and I needed to hide my nervousness pretending that I knew what I was doing. It’s true that both were older than me, but they behaved as though they were few years younger which made it a bit easier.

I wasn’t very experienced. I knew a lot thanks to the internet, but not much hands on. I’ve got to third base with Amanda Black once and she gave me a reluctant hand job after. I’ve yet to lose my virginity or get an actual blow job.

Soon enough I was naked too. The girls were looking at me with a very unsure look. I needed to reassure them lest I lose the chance to dip my wick in pussy juice for the first time.

With a confidence that I projected, but not really possessed, I told them, “Let me look at you two. Chris stop hiding behind Jenny, you have every reason to be proud of that body. Come on, stand beside her and let me admire your beauty.”

The compliment helped. Chris moved to Jenny’s side and stood with her feet slightly apart, hands behind her back thrusting her tits forward proudly to display them to the most advantage.

Not to be outdone by her friend, Jenny too pushed her bust forward and up seeking my approval.

I had a hard time keeping my nerves under control and stopping my mouth from gaping and drooling. I was a virgin still and right here in front of me were standing two beautiful older girls, fully naked, displaying their assets to me and seeking my approval.

“My god, you two are gorgeous!”

I received a twin ‘thank you’.

I noted that both haven’t moved their eyes from my stiff cock since it was exposed to their gazes. Less than ten seconds had passed and I noticed that Chris’s tongue tip made a quick pass between her lips.

“Has any of you touched a guy’s cock before?”

“Not me.” Started Jenny.

“I’ve always been afraid of losing control, so I’ve never dared.” Shared Chris.

“Well, now is your chance. Chris, would you like to start?”

“Um ... yes.” Hesitated Chris.

“Nothing to be afraid of. Come closer.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Chris advanced towards me quickly and grasped my dick a bit too hard making me yelp.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt you. Oh god I suck at this. I’ll never get laid!” Stammered Chris while turning and heading for the door.

“Wait!” called Jenny.

“Wait!” I repeated. “Nothing to be concerned about. You surprised me more than anything.”

Chris stopped with her hand on the doorknob.

I went to her as Jenny was rooted to her spot and didn’t seem to know what to do or say to her friend. They were both too nervous to behave rationally.

Putting my hands on her shoulders, I turned her around gently. Tears were filling her eyes.

“I’m sorry. I get very clumsy when I get nervous. I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Nonsense. It’s OK to be nervous. But let me assure you that you’ll be fine. I’m fine. No damage done. I was mostly startled. Please?”

I pulled her back from the door until she was at her previous spot and left her there and went to my previous spot.

“Jen, how about if you start instead? Come here.”

Jenny came over, but didn’t touch me.

“You would have a better view if you were on your knees.”

Jenny knelt and looked up at me expectantly, then her eyes focused on my cock which was at her neck level and starting to soften after what happened with Chris.

“Put your fingers around it softly.”

“It’s hot!”

At her touch, my cock’s response was instant. Only a couple of heartbeats and it became harder than ever.

“It’s damn hard too, yet soft. Wow! Feels quite nice.”

“Move your hand slowly back and forth to move the skin on the hard part.”

She did. “Feels weird.”

“That feels good to me.”

“Oh yeah?”

“You have no idea. Tighten your fingers around it a bit more.”

As soon as she did, I couldn’t hold back a groan.

“You OK?”

“Hell yeah, you’re doing fine. This feels very good, I couldn’t help it.”

“Chris, come here. You should participate too.”

“I don’t know.”

“Come feels this. This is too neat.” Encouraged Jenny.

Hesitantly, Chris moved to her knees beside Jenny who let go of my cock.

“Go ahead, wrap your fingers around it softly.” Instructed Jenny.

“Not that soft. I can barely feel anything.” Chris tightened her grip some more.

“Perfect. Now move the skin back and forth.”

“Oh my god. This is so cool. Feels really nice in my hand. It’s big, how is this going to fit inside me? I don’t know, it’s starting to scare me. I think it will hurt a lot.”

“Don’t worry,” I assured her, “you’re made for this. Your pussy should stretch easily. But let’s not worry about this yet.”

Chris kept stroking me and it was having a strong effect on me. My ass started flexing, pushing my cock into her hand. I couldn’t help it.

“Just so that you would know girls, you’re making me feel great and I won’t be lasting very long the first time. So don’t be surprised if I come soon, before we get to the fucking part.”

“But if you come, how will you fuck us?” Inquired Jenny.

“Don’t worry, I will probably stay hard, and can come again soon enough.”

“Oh good. I would hate to waste a load of cum.” Said Chris a bit too seriously. She was very promising indeed.

“It’s not good to waste cum. Every cum load should be put to good use. The hormones in cum makes girls happier when you absorb them.” I reinforced. Hopefully, I can convince both girls to do this on regular basis.

“It’s my turn.” Said Jenny as she put her hand behind Chris’s on whatever room was left. Chris removed her hand and looked a bit dejected.

“You know, you can kiss the head and lick it while she jerks me off. Might as well start learning to suck cock now, since it’s something you’ll have to learn eventually.” I suggested.

“Ok.” Chris answered and simply put the head between her lips and started sucking literally.

The feeling was overwhelming. I was on the edge of coming a mere two seconds after she clamped her mouth around my glans.

“My god this is so good. I’m gonna come right now. Don’t let go!” And I put my hand behind Chris’s head to stop her from pulling away when I started coming. I didn’t want to come anywhere but in her mouth at that moment.

“Oh god. Here it comes.” I yelled as the first squirt blasted its way through my cock and into her mouth. “Faster Jenny.” I urged.

Chris squealed as the first jet hit her tongue, but didn’t try to pull back. On the contrary, she pushed forward taking more of my cock in her mouth. She took so much that Jenny’s hand couldn’t move anymore. I pulled her hand away and pulled Chris in with both hands and practically fucked her mouth. She didn’t seem to mind! She even put her hands around my ass and helped pull me in more. It was a fucking glorious orgasm.

Even though I let go of her head, Chris held on and kept me deep in mouth for as long as I wanted. It was so good, I kept twitching long after the last squirt was ejected. At some point I felt her swallow, and she sighed. I loved hearing that sigh, and yet she kept me in her mouth.

“Nice! That looked intense.” Jenny interrupted the silence. “When is my turn to do that?”

“Soon enough. You’ll have to get me a little harder so that we can fuck properly.” I said and I started to pull my cock out of Chris’s mouth. Amazingly she followed it enough that I had to put my hand on her head to stop her.

“I love the feeling in your mouth Chris. It’s absolutely heaven. But we need to move on to even better things.”

Chris looked up at me with heart-melting puppy eyes. Her look told me she would repeat her performance anytime I wanted. I couldn’t help myself. I moved my dick back to her lips and she smiled and opened her mouth and took me in until she started gagging. It was heaven indeed. I didn’t really want to take it out anymore, especially after Chris’s tongue started massaging the under side.

“Oh I love your mouth. My god.” I said pulling my cock out again to give Jenny a turn.

The look on Chris’s face was priceless disappointment. I couldn’t help returning my cock to her lips. They opened instantly and she took me in all the way with immediate tongue action. I could really get used to this. To have somebody so willing to suck my cock is a beautiful thing. But Jenny awaited. So I, very very reluctantly, pulled my cock out of her heavenly mouth and before I got weak-willed again, I pointed my cock in Jenny’s direction.

“Your turn. Want to try sucking it? Chris liked it.”

Wordlessly, Jenny opened her mouth and went for it with gusto, taking it all the way to the back of her throat and then some. She gagged, but she resisted it. I couldn’t believe it, but Jenny was trying to outdo Chris! She reached behind me, put her hands on my ass-cheeks and pulled me in. Strong gag reflexes showed on her. I thought she was going to throw up any second, but she surprised me. After trying for few seconds, a calm came over her face and she pushed herself forward, her throat relaxed somehow and I felt my cock going impossibly deep into her mouth. She didn’t stop until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

If I hadn’t come few minutes ago, I would have blown my load right then and there.

But it didn’t end there. Jenny kept me buried deep in her throat for few seconds, then pulled back all the way taking my cock out of her mouth. She was drooling wildly.

“Holy shit!” She was breathing hard. “I took it all. I almost choked, but I took it!”

A look of determination came over Chris’s face.

“I can do that too. Let me show you.”

“Later. It’s my turn now. Let me enjoy it like you did.” Replied Jenny competitively, pulling me back towards her face.

It was easier for her this time. I guess she somehow found control over her gag reflex because I slipped down her throat without resistance from her. He throat was tight!

As she kept me embedded in her throat, Chris shoved her face between Jenny’s and my thigh and started to lick my balls. Fuck I was about to blow again.

However, Jenny didn’t seem to like competition and she pushed Chris away. For about a minute, Jenny fucked my cock with her mouth and throat. At one point she stopped moving and when I didn’t move she gave me a little tap on the ass. I guess she wanted me to fuck her mouth like I did Chris.

I didn’t deny her. I grabbed her head and started moving in and out gently. No force. No force was needed. I would pull out until my glans brushed by her teeth and would push again all the way in. It was crazy. Crazier than any of the porn that I managed to watch on the internet.

I mean here was my own sister, deep throating me with ease in what was supposed to be her first time. Maybe she was an airhead only because her talents got diverted to something other than regular intelligence and towards sexual gifts.

I didn’t do it for long. I knew if I did, then I won’t be fucking anybody today. I would blow my second load down Jenny’s throat and I would be done for a while. No, that was not the plan.

I finally pulled out of Jenny’s throat and took my cock out of her mouth. Jenny protested. I can’t believe that a girl would protest when you pulled your cock out of her throat after a whole minute of deep throat fucking. She did. She matched and exceeded Chris’s enthusiasm for my cock. I loved that. I loved my sister at that moment more than ever before. Her annoyances and all the trouble she caused me in the past were instantly wiped from my memory when she forced my cock down past her gag reflex and into her throat.

“I’m sorry babe, but we have to do other than oral sex. Remember you asked me to fuck Chris’s pussy?”

“But I was enjoying myself. I never felt this way before. It was awesome on some weird level.”

“Come on Jen. Kevin is right. I want to do other things. I want to fuck.”

“Before we fuck, I want to taste you.”

“Taste me?”

“Yeah, you sucked my cock and tasted my cum, I want to taste your pussy. Do you really have a problem with that?”

“No.” Said Chris blushing. Only an airhead blushes after taking my cock in her mouth and my cum in her belly.

“On the bed. On your back and show me that pussy you flashed me down stairs.”

Chris jumped on the bed and spread her legs as far as they go, and they go pretty far. Amazing to see a non-skinny girl do the splits like that. Her crotch stretched open, but her fat pussy outer lips remained closed. The hair was very sparse and fine on her lips, unlike her pubic bone. I could see everything. I could see the shine of the copious lubrication seeping out of the thin, tight crack. There were no inner lips sticking out.

I situated myself on my belly in front of her. I would say between her legs, but her legs were more towards her upper body than towards me, yet straight and flat on the bed. Bendy!

Despite tasting pussy before, this would be the first time my tongue or mouth came near a pussy. I had put my finger in my mouth after fingering Amanda Black and tasted her juice, but it was not direct.

Inhaling, her heady smell filled my nostrils. It was so arousing, I felt my cock get even harder, trying to poke a hole in the bed.

With the tip of my tongue, I licked from the bottom of the crack, almost near her anus, all the way to the top of her crack. She tasted sweet and clean. It was marvellous.

I went back down and with the flat of my tongue I licked the same spot, but exerting much more pressure. I felt her lips separate and my tongue came in contact with a much silkier-feeling set of lips. When I reached the top, I could feel the hard nub of her clitoris scrape across my taste buds.

“Oh my god!” Squealed Chris and somehow managed to push her crotch up towards my face.

“Right there. Oh my god. That feels so good. Don’t stop.”

I wasn’t about to stop. She tasted so good and I really, really liked the way she behaved when I did what I did. I repeated my action few more times with Chris reacting stronger and stronger with each pass. I could feel her crotch vibrate as she strained to stay in the same over-exposed position. She was obviously resisting closing her thighs around my head.

Since she was reacting the strongest with each contact with her clit, I decided to concentrate on that. I clamped my lips around the top of her crack where her clit was located and applied strong suction, pulling her clit out and exposing it as much as possible, then started flicking it quickly sideways with my tongue.

She broke down. She finally couldn’t hold on anymore and brought her feet down to my sides, clamped her thighs around my head cutting out every noise and pushed her ass, and me off the bed. I knew she was coming and I held on. I kept flicking and flicking until my tongue got numb.

Her ass dropped back down and her thighs separated. I could hear again.

“Holy shit.” I heard Jenny say.

I looked up to see an amazed look on my sister’s face.

“You knocked her out. She’s passed out after that hellish scream.”

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