Sharon's Shame

by Second Edition Harry Lime

Copyright© 2019 by Second Edition Harry Lime

Erotica Sex Story: Sharon liked to think of herself as a good girl but she knew that she was much too willing to do almost anything for money except take it all the way up the ass. She had to draw a line somewhere. She was a pretty mixed blood girl with a passionate nature and a submissive attitude. Now she wants to settle down and be as good as she can be.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Rough   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   Prostitution   .

Sharon was one of those girls that seldom asked for anything. She was content to just make do with what she had and never gave the big ticket items a second glance because she knew they were not in range of her limited budget.

She was nervous at the moment because she had been tricked into making a silly deal with the rich old man from the school council for the little round roll of money sitting in her purse on the coffee table. There was a fifty dollar bill on the outside and she didn’t really know how much he had given her. Even if all the other bills were singles, it would still be over one hundred dollars of unreportable income. In the remote chance that they were all fifty’s, she would have enough to buy an entire new wardrobe down at the nearby mall on MLK Blvd. and have enough left over to take her kid brother Mike for a steak dinner at the new restaurant on the corner.

If you looked real quick at Sharon, you would think she was another of those rich-bitch kids from the white-man high school on Main Street, but a closer look would reveal the fact she was a definite mixed-blood youngster with hints of African and Asian heritage around her eyes and her full lips heavy with promise of pleasures most white girls only see in their dreams.

“Now that the deal is made, I expect you to follow orders, young lady!”

Sharon looked at the short, overweight older man with the big ears and the overly inquisitive fingers and nodded her head in compliance, because after all, a deal is a deal and she was not one to break her word.

“I understand, Mister Winston, but I draw a line at doing anything that involves putting your thing in my poop chute.”

The older man laughed at her frankness and playfully slapped her ass cheek to let her know he was willing to make that concession but still intended to have some fun with that key asset of her anatomy.

“Let’s get you down on your knees and see if you have mastered the simple rules of good oral “happy endings”.

Sharon was not a mouth virgin by any stretch of the imagination but her forays into the field of tongue play was limited by her tender years. She had just turned eighteen and only started down the road to perdition the previous summer.

Her lips were full-blown specimens of soft yielding flesh to hold a man’s stiffened shaft in a pressurized vacuum that tenderly drained his weasel of every last drop of joy-juice.

“Good girl, just like that. Please, don’t stop, continue until I am finished. Not too rough now, girl, or I will have to spank your pretty cheeks to teach you proper respect for your elders.”

Sharon had to slow down a couple of times because she was forced to gag on the man’s huge business but she made up for it by using her tongue to keep his thin man-stick nice and hard and then finished him off with a flurry of busy lips and lots of saliva to make him slide easily to the back of her delicate throat.

Sharon watched the older man pop one of those little blue pills that would restore his urge to poke her again without the need for an extended period of time to recover. She was asked to help him regain his hardness by inserting her humiliated tongue into his dark hidden crack and tasting the “old man” slickness of his heated rump. It was not something she liked doing even with a young handsome man but it didn’t go against her only rule of not taking it up her ass.

Mister Winston waved his narrow but hard dick in Sharon’s youthful face and told her,

“Turn around, Missy, I am going to do you from behind and don’t worry about your precious rear door, because it is your juicy cunt I am aiming for.”

Sharon was not amused by the man’s crudity and, in fact, she shed a tear or two letting her long hair cover her face as she thought about her shocking degradation with her ass up high for the man’s nasty fingers. He steadied her with his arms and legs pinning her down and soon she was rocking back into his groin to get his hardness in deeper. It was a slutty thing to do, but she was past that point where she could pretend innocence or distaste for her shameful treatment.

“Please, Mister Winston, don’t flood my pussy with your cream. You can deposit it all right on my crack back there and we can slide your dick up and down and even rub it on my tight little hole. Just don’t push inside because my ass is still cherry and I want to keep it that way.”

That seemed to placate Mister Winston and he carefully pulled out just before coming and left a huge puddle of white cream on her ass. Then, he played his skinny cock all over her ass cheeks and up inside her crack right on top of her tiny little puckered entryway.

Sharon actually regretted her rule about not taking it up the ass when she felt the way his bullet head stretched the tight rubber band of her untested sphincter muscle. On second thought, she seriously considered changing her rule on that prohibited area, but Mister Winston was unable to restrain his need any longer and he sprayed her crack with long streams of creamy cum that started to roll down the insides of her legs with the force of gravity.

She ran into the shower and washed all the shameful filth and guilty man-juice from her sweet young body and didn’t mind that Mister Winston was ogling her the entire time. In fact, she even bent all the way over and grabbed her ankles allowing the hard stream from the shower head hit her feminine folds and her defensive sphincter whilst she remained on the lookout for any sudden moves by the older man.

Sharon dried off, but had no time to put on any clothes.

It was probably good that she didn’t even attempt to dress because Mister Winston was waiting for her to stretch out across his naked knees and present her ass cheeks for his vigorous spanking. After only ten short minutes, her backside was glowing red and she was concerned that he would get carried away and actually draw blood from her exhausted frame.

“Stand up, girl, and spread your legs wide for daddy. Now, we are going to spank that pretty pussy. I bet you will like this, you little cock-tease. I want to see how much it takes to get you to start giving up your pussy-juice sweet stuff. Don’t pull away and tell me you want more.”

Sharon was totally mortified now. She had not expected this sort of treatment and she felt it was entirely uncalled for because she was perfectly willing to follow instructions right to the letter giving the ugly old man exactly what he wanted. She just hoped there was more than singles on the inside of that roll because this was a bit more distasteful than she had imagined when they first started.

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