Yes...Yes I Fuck

by Marduk

Copyright© 2019 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A chap checks out a sex site, not that he needed to he had ample women, but they are ladies of the night he was just interested if he could find a woman to fuck and not have to pay for it. He does - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Big Breasts   Hairy   .

Yes ... Yes I will Fuck

Doug really had no need to join an adult sex site, he did have a number of women that he frequented, but they were mostly ‘ladies of the night’ and were a bit expensive, however, one in particular he had come to a price arrangement with, but on the other hand if he could connect with some randy cunt that would fore-fill what his present women were doing, it was worth a go with these sites, for he had heard that some were actually real.

“I would suggest you try this site Doug”, his mate said. “It is a site that deals with on- going relations but now and again there will be a woman that is there for sex. I came across one that wanted to be involved in a ‘threesome’. I did put my name down but didn’t hear any more. However, the ones that I found were more in favour of the ‘sex side’ were the ones that gave very little information on their profiles and also didn’t provide a picture. Just flip the profiles, especially the ‘computer image ones’, express interest and just wait for the fish to bite, click on as many of them as you can find, just go fishing”.

Following his mate’s advice Doug joined and despite what he had been told this site was free, no payments what so ever and because his profile had explained his preferences and age, all the profiles that were presented were in that age bracket. ‘Go fishing Charlie said’ he muttered to himself as he flipped through the array of women. He was surprised for many were quite attractive but the profiles that they presented were like reading novel, these he avoided he wasn’t after a permanent partnership, all he wanted was to find women that were sexual active.

His own profile could not say that he was just after a fuck but did say that he was interested in establishing a friendship that was then open to enlarge, whether it was seized upon, he really didn’t know; if it worked – great if not well he just reverted to the agenda he had been following for some considerable time.

He did get a few ‘look in’ but they only developed into chatter, which he didn’t shove aside for there was always the possibility that chatter could turn into a more physical connection. It was quite late when he received an ‘easy picking’ profile that was on line and added to his contacts; he bought it up and it was baring the green dot of being on line. There was nothing in the message box so he typed a ‘hello’. He waited and was about to run down the limited list that he had when the new profile gave an indication that a message was coming; it read. “Me Lim, you like me”. This did surprise him for he hadn’t read the profile however, he replied. “Don’t know Lim, I will have to read your profile but as you have approached me I would say that I do”, with that he opened her profile which of course had no photo. It was so brief that trying to gauge the woman’s interest was impossible for none were mentioned, just her age and that she was Asian. ‘Oh well’, he muttered as he studied what little was revealed. ‘No photo, no information she may be very interesting and like my mate said could be the one that is eager for sex. Wonder if she will reply?’

The reply came some time later. “Me, Lim like you”. He pondered that and then replied. “Thank you Lim but I have no photo of you and you have given me no information of your interests or desires to start a conversation, but I would like to have a photo so I would know who I am talking to”, he hit the send button. Again a long delay, long enough to get a supper and then a photo appeared. It showed an Asian woman, certainly in the mature age group, rather plump; she was wearing a black dress, quite low cut so a lot of cleavage was evident. Now he had two tracks to take make a sexual remark about the low cut dress and the fact that it showed reasonable size tits or just let it go and thank her for the picture. ‘Fuck!’ he muttered. ‘Let’s go for broke’. He thanked her for the picture and remarked that it was a pity the dress hid what seemed like a nice pair of tits and added. ‘My profile says I like well-developed women and I don’t mind women that are a bit plump’ for the photo did give an indication of Lim being a bit overweigh.

This time he did expect a long delay but the answer came almost immediately ‘You like Lim’s tits’. There was no need for hesitation the ball was in his court so he delivered a serve that he hoped would open the conversation to what he desired a physical fuck. ‘I would say I did, if you dropped them out’, he typed. “I could really judge them”. Whether she had on file topless photos he had no idea or whether she took a selfie of herself and sent it across, again he didn’t know, but the photo was what he longed for, large and slightly sagging tits but the most noticeable part was the nipples hard and extended. ‘She is on heat’ he muttered as he replied and told her how great they were. ‘You meet Lim, you like Lim?’ was the next line she sent.

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