I'm Gonna

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Drunk wife threatens infidelity. What is going on?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Drunk/Drugged   Romantic   Cheating   Slut Wife   Incest   Water Sports   .

Marnie was a cheap drunk which I discovered when we were dating. It also seemed to affect her memory of what happened in that state. It didn’t happen often but when it did it could be memorable.

She’d first fucked me when we were drinking beer out at a parking spot overlooking a lake. I had a blanket in my trunk and she screwed me senseless. After that it didn’t take alcohol for me to have happy times between her thighs. She obviously enjoyed it a lot too.

We’d been married not yet a year when things got difficult at work for her and she started drinking more when she came home. One time that I’ll never forget, she was lying on her bed with my dick wilted in her pussy, oozing when I’d given her, when she looked at me seriously and said, “I’m gonna, you know...”

“You know what?”

She gave the most wicked grin I’d ever seen on her face, stared at me, and slurred, “Gonna fuck the shit out of your little brother!”. Then she fell asleep.

I knew she thought my two-year younger brother Todd was a hunk but never knew there was anything more than her compliments. This rather rattled my cage so I shook her awake and barked at her, “What the hell is this all about?”

She tried to grab my dick but missed as she blurted, “He’s just so cute and I love to fuck cute guys. I’m gonna too. You can’t guard me all the time and you’ll never know.”

I was getting a bit steamed, “I’ll be able to tell and you’ll be sorry.”

She stared back at me defiantly, “You never could tell about the other guys I fucked before we were married, so how would you be able to tell now? This talk is making me horny again so let’s see if you got the balls to do me a second time tonight.”

She came to a moaning orgasm and I dumped a big load in her, then we both slept.

As usual, she seemed to have completely forgotten the conversation then next day. It was a week later before it surfaced again on a Friday night. She came home and hit her wine pretty hard. I realized it was kind of like a split personality thing because she was one way sober and another way intoxicated. It was only then that she remembered the other things she had said and done in that state.

Her sex drive was also different with alcohol in her system. Remember, that was what got me in her pants the first time. Tonight she was extra eager again, just like a week earlier and aI was pounding hard and her hips were wiggling around under me. Her tongue was often deep in my mouth. She said between hot kisses, “Do you think I fucked your brother this last week? Do I feel any different?” I was almost to my peak and let go big spurts as she murmured, “Maybe his sperms are in there too.”

She wouldn’t say any more until morning. I laid there pondering her words and thought about her schedule the last week. There had been a couple of gaps long enough to get laid when she wasn’t at work and I wasn’t around her. Damn! What if she really did it? I couldn’t feel any difference, but would I anyway? I couldn’t get angry about something I didn’t know she’d even done. She had me by the nuts on this one.

I fucked her every day and she seemed to enjoy it the same as usual. Then it was Friday night again and she got into her wine and got naked and started acting wicked, talking trash to me. I was getting into my bourbon too so my inhibitions were dropped. I grabbed at her tits and ass whenever they were in range. She taunted me by coming close and wiggling them as she started saying things I’d never heard before. She was obviously inebriated. Could I believe them?

She asked if I’d felt my brother’s sperm in her that week. It was a rhetorical question, apparently, because she explained I’d never noticed any other boyfriend’s sperm in her when we were dating, had I? When I sucked her titties while I pushed my pecker in her, She asked if I could tell how many other guys had done that before me? Maybe there was one or maybe there’d been dozens who were as familiar with her body as I was. I might never know.

I was naked and sitting there with my cock pointing at the ceiling. She’d come by and lean over and kiss the end of it with the comment, “Cocks are so much fun. I love playing with them before they fuck me.”

I finally had all I could take and pulled her down on the carpet. Forcing her slightly resistant knees apart, I slammed directly into her cunt. That’s all it was right then, not a wife’s pussy but just a place to shove and shoot. She wiggled and squealed and pretended to resist as I pounded and bit on her nipples, not kissing her. This wasn’t love, just raw sex and treating her like a whore. When I blasted my balls’ load into her, her legs and arms wrapped around me and she pulled me tight while she shook with her pleasure. I pulled the throw from the couch over us and we slept right there.

Since I wasn’t getting anywhere trying to watch her reactions, I kept probing my brother’s. He had been over to the house a couple of times for what seemed like legitimate reasons but he didn’t seem to have changed his behavior around me. I figured he wasn’t so sophisticated that he could hide banging his sister-in-law.

I also wasn’t sure about Marnie’s claims of extensive sexual experience. I’d never known her to date much before we started going out and none of the guys had ever mentioned that she put out. That word usually got around. However, I’d had some damned happy times with a couple of girls who also didn’t have a reputation. Besides, the smart ones wouldn’t screw guys who went to their school, finding their fun in other social circles.

These Friday night breakouts seemed to be a regular thing. I guess I started to look forward to them because they always ended up in some really hot fucking, better than we managed the rest of the time.

The subject matter expanded also. When she pushed my face down to eat her pussy, I heard, “Oh, does your tongue like being where those big hard ones have been? Would you have liked to taste what they left in me? Maybe you’d have liked to lick them when they pulled out and maybe suck to make sure they were empty before licking me clean? And maybe you’re doing that right now with your own brother’s cum!”

I never thought of myself as having any interest in other guys sex organs but I sure was hard from this talk and we fucked ferociously. Just like after she described in some detail getting gangbanged by half dozen guys who took seconds and thirds. The next time she wanted me to watch, tied up in a chair.

I was sure as hell hoping this was all fantasy and wished we didn’t have to set it off with alcohol although I guess it loosened me up like it did her.

Our anniversary arrived and I booked a nice hotel suite with a balcony and a Jacuzzi. It wasn’t far away so we could go there on Friday, the actual date, directly from work. I had an idea and hoped it could be a breakthrough in resolving this double sex life we were leading. It was too damn good to stop but I also wanted to know the truth.

When we got to the room I ended her wrapped package and told her to go change. I got into some new silk boxers before she came out of the bathroom in the long sheer gown which made her look even lovelier than usual. She was pretty average physically in most respects, nothing that would cause you to stare on the street but awfully attractive when you could see the whole package. This covering gave some hints of what was underneath and did what it was designed to do.

I opened the bottle of bubbly and served, and we started consuming it pretty quickly. After our second flute, when I went to the Jacuzzi, she said for me to wait a moment before starting the water and just sit in the bottom. She got in and stood over me, saying she had a special present she’d been saving to give me on our special day. As her hot pee stream expertly splashed on my crotch, she laughed and said that she learned this from two boyfriends and was glad to finally share it with me, the husband she loved. She always had a big bladder and a strong stream and I was thoroughly tingling by the time it finished. She finished with, “I wish you could piss with a hard on like they could and spray my pussy in return!”

That was an interesting challenge but, I was just absorbing other implications. What we were drinking was sparkling grape juice, not champagne although she didn’t realize it. So far, my hunch that her needing an “excuse” for being a bad girl was proving correct.

She rinsed me off and I filled the tub and opened another bottle of the bubbly. She kept up the sex play in the water, dunking her face under to suck, and making ribald comments about past sexual adventures. When she moved up and sat down on my pecker, pushing her nice tits in my face and insisting I suck them like all of her boyfriends had done, she got me off by reasserting, “I’m gonna fuck him you know. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m gonna!”

Ever since this conversation started she had been a lot more flirtatious and visually teasing to him. When he thought I wasn’t looking, he would pick up on it. According to Marnie, he liked to cup her ass and tits and squeeze her pussy through her clothes. From what she could tell, he was hung about like me, and that I knew that was a fact.

We finished the second bottle and we were screwing a second time. In the middle of that copulation she exclaimed, “I have to go pee and I can’t wait.” Taking me to the toilet she made me sit down and she dropped her wet pussy on me and let go of her bladder. It splashed on my pubes and ran down over my balls into the toilet. I tried to let mine go but it just didn’t work. I told her I wished I could though, and she grinned, “I have an idea!” She started riding me hard and I shot the usual stuff inside her then she sat quietly, still on me.

That was my second cum so my cock softened quickly inside her. “Let it go now,” she ordered. I did and it was wild feeling the hot liquid running down around my shaft and over my balls like hers had. She moaned softly be entire time I was releasing and gave me a deep lip lock and tongue filled kiss when I finished. “I’ve never done that before!” Finally there was a first for me!

We got in the shower and she rinsed out before crawling into bed and dozing off with me. We woke up once in the night for a tender and loving coupling.

On the drive back home, her head was on my shoulder and our hands clasped tightly. I knew she was in love with me but what is going on? She clearly needed an excuse to let her wilder side out. I had to think on it a bit and wished I had someone to talk to who had more experience with how women’s minds worked.

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