A Shy Wife Spends Her Weekend on Display

by Another George

Copyright© 2018 by Another George

Erotica Story: True story. A modest wife, to please her husband as his birthday gift, tries to overcome her shyness and submits to partially revealing her body in public. Outwitted by him while negotiating terms, she succumbs to a plan that moves her way beyond her comfort zone. As the weekend progresses, and her exposure increases, Julie struggles to uphold her agreement, as it grows obvious to the crowds around her that her tits are being shown to them intentionally. Sexual humiliation without physical sex.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Heterosexual   True Story   Humiliation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

It was a dream weekend with Julie. My sexy but self conscious wife reluctantly agreed to let me “dress” her for three days while we attended concerts out of town together. It all began when I noticed that several music acts we both enjoyed were performing on three consecutive days in venues quite close to each other, but none of them near where we lived. Julie really loves live music so this was shaping up as an ideal situation. I had already been saving up small favors that she owed me, so I suggested to Julie that it would be the perfect birthday gift to me if she agreed to attend those concerts wearing sexually provocative clothing that I chose for her.

You see, we had been forced to cut financial corners all of that year, and had scaled way on the gifts we normally exchanged. The fact that Julie could now still give me something special that I really wanted for my birthday was a big consideration for my wife. And getting to take a fun but still inexpensive short vacation while doing so served as a tempting lure. This wouldn’t be the first time that my wife wore some risque clothing on my behalf. I had carefully, and slowly, been acclimating her to that for years (See “I stripped Julie on an Amtrak Train”) But I decided this time I wanted Julie to go even further.

I told my wife she could have a veto over my clothing choices for her, but Julie knew I would be really unhappy if she didn’t dress erotic enough for me. A deal was struck and off I went to look through the assortment of “special” clothing that I kept buying her that she never felt comfortable enough to wear. Knowing Julie, I scored some easy early points by not asking her to wear a really short or sheer skirt or dress, since I knew she thought that would make her look really trashy. That wasn’t anything I minded but she did.

Then I agreed she could wear a blouse to one of the events that she had previously worn out once in a different city. It was light gray with small dark spots, very thin and fairly see through except the pattern kept that from being obvious unless you looked closely. That aspect helped Julie not feel slutty while wearing it. The blouse buttoned part way down the front with a final hook type fastener which really wasn’t supposed to actually be opened; it was there mostly for show. Picking something she has already worn was a good way to break the ice.

So far so good, this was starting to feel doable to Julie. Next I pulled out a sheer black top that she said she felt nervous about wearing. Instead she suggested another blouse that was slightly less transparent. I said let’s think about that some more and put those aside for now. I then presented her with two white tops, both more sheer than the black one, and since these two were ostensibly white they would clearly show off the pink of her nipples clearly to anyone who looked. I asked Julie to choose which one she would wear without a bra to the concert being held in a nightclub where she could be certain no children would attend. My wife balked at that which is pretty much what I figured would happen.

So I counter offered that she could wear whichever one of them she wanted with a sheer bra under it, if she also agreed to wear that sheer black top we had earlier put aside without a bra to one of the other two shows. Julie wanted me to be happy and she didn’t want to seem too difficult, since I was making concessions to her feelings, so reluctantly she agreed. Julie chose the white top that was almost transparent from behind or the side, but which had thin stripes of ruffles down the front that might sometimes partially cover her nipples. She thought she had a shred more modesty with that on than the virtually as sheer white top with occasional small blue flowers that would have left her feeling essentially topless.

Once we had an agreement I asked Julie to pack up those clothes immediately to avoid any “confusion” later over what we had agreed on. I also figured: Out of sight, Out of mind. Hopefully out of hers that is. That way Julie would be less likely to back out of the deal. Those clothes were never out of my mind though; I couldn’t wait to see my wife wearing them in large public crowds. Anticipating those scenes sure kept me hot while we waited for the time to come!

Julie and I made sure we got an early start to our special weekend when the day finally arrived. As promised, there were no changes made to the clothes she had already packed. We checked into a Days Inn that I got using Reward Points. It was well situated for our attending all three shows. The sun was bright, the weather was nice, so I suggested we use the hotel pool before going to the first concert that night. That’s when Julie realized that she never added a bathing suit to her luggage. OK, time to check the hotel gift shop which had few suits left to offer since it was mid August. Julie didn’t like the selection and she refused to buy something she didn’t like for a lot of money so she could wear it once. We had time to kill so I suggested we go to a thrift store we knew of that was near there.

That store also had moved swim suits off their racks to make room for more fall clothes, but we did find a bin with some suits thrown in it. Again the selection was minimal but at least the price was right, a few bucks at most. There was nothing one piece that would conceivably fit Julie, so she reluctantly looked at mix and match separate tops and bottoms. I say reluctantly, because the only bathing suits my wife wears normally are one piece and fairly conservative. There really wasn’t much to pick from. She found a red bikini top that looked like it might fit that had foam pads sown into it. The only bottom in a color that went OK with that top that was anywhere near to her size was a skimpy black one with a white design on it- and since Julie refused to wear a top and bottom that clashed with each other - that was the set we walked out with.

Back in the motel room it was time to try them on. The top fit awkwardly because of the shape of the foam pads sown into it. Since the red fabric wasn’t thin or in any way sheer, Julie snipped the pads out of it, which made the top fit more naturally and more comfortably. Except that it was now too big for her, holding her boobs only loosely. The best my wife could do to fix that was tying knots in the straps to pull the top in closer to her breasts. Even so it stayed delightfully loose on her, but all I said was “yeah, that works.” The bottom however fit fine - what little there was of it. To call it a low rider would be giving it too much credit for decency.

To be honest this part of the story isn’t leading to any great climax, my wife’s tits never fell out and no one that I know of got a good close look at them, but I’m including it but I’m including it because I took photos of Julie in it, and because it was an unexpected bonus outing that started our weekend with a rush. Julie was pretty embarrassed about wearing that “suit” outside of our motel room and only agreed to please me. She tied a wrap around her waist before we exited the safety of our room to find our way to the pool. I made sure our path took us through the hotel main lobby where Julie clearly stood out in her revealing bikini top, surrounded by men in business suits and normal families, and I loved every second of it.

Julie never was comfortable at the pool. Turns out we were alone there that afternoon - which might have been a relief to her but it also left her feeling uniquely under dressed, (for the record I wore relatively conservative swim shorts). She kept glancing across at a wall of the hotel with windows facing both the pool and her, and I know she was anxious about who might be inside staring at her body. Julie wouldn’t go in the water and we left after a short while. But our trip was off to a good start! To this day when I look at the photos of my wife in that Bikini I am amazed that I ever got her to go out in public wearing it! And all of her officially scheduled exposure still loomed ahead.

After Julie’s skimpy Bikini preliminary it was time for her main events to commence. That night we were going to an indoor Rock Club to hear a band that had a great hit record in the 90’s but later dissolved. Now it was reformed with mostly new musicians playing with the original lead singer and songwriter. Because of the line up change it was possible to see them now in a club much smaller than they used to play. We had been to that club once before so I knew the lay out; very limited seating with a large open dance floor and a wrap around balcony that had most of the seating available - a number of small tables set against the railing that overlooked the lower level (less than 100 feet from the stage) as well as open space to just stand around. Julie wanted to be sure we had seating so she wanted to get there a little early, which was more than fine with me. The more time she spent in public view the better.

Because we knew no minors would be present (since the club had a liquor license) Julie was wearing her near transparent white blouse with some vertical small ruffles on the front, over a sheer bra with tiny sparkles in the fabric. She also got to wear an open white cotton sweater at first until she got settled inside, but our deal was that the sweater would definitely come off, sooner rather than later. I took a digital camera with us to take photos of the evening and was bummed when the club would not let cameras inside (I didn’t have a camera phone ). Fortunately I snapped some shots back in the hotel while Julie was dressing, so I at least have those. Whenever I look at them now I almost can’t believe that Julie stayed that exposed for all of what followed.

We headed straight to the balcony when we entered so we could grab a table near the rail overlooking the stage. I immediately bought Julie a drink. Then, since the club was still fairly empty I told Julie it was time to give up the sweater and she did. From that point on I had a blast, and after a few drinks, and once the main act went on (who Julie loved) so did she. This all took place a few years back and I should have written about it then when it all was fresh, but I’ll tell you some of the highlights of the evening for me. Like many clubs the lighting was somewhat dim, except in the hallways and a few other areas, So as you can guess I loved every time we moved from one room to another because in the better lit areas it was pretty obvious that Julie was wearing clothes chosen to flash her tits. This led to a real stroke of luck for me.

As the club filled free empty seating vanished, and we noticed another couple, a few years younger than us, who like Julie didn’t want to stand around on the main dance floor all evening. When I convinced my wife to take a walk around the club with me (so I could move her into better lighting) I asked that couple if they would like to hold our seats while we were gone. They agreed and from that point on the 4 of us shared those chairs for the rest of the night - and we got to hanging out together for a fair amount of it. They were cool, nice people actually and they didn’t make a big deal out of my wife’s attire - or lack of it. Still it was obvious to me that the husband was showing as much interest in Julie’s clothing as a polite social meeting in the presence of his own wife would allow, while his wife seemed perhaps mildly bemused by Julie and was certainly not disapproving of her.

Having a pleasant married couple to hang with and make normal conversation with really helped put Julie more at ease - that and more drinks. Sure he was checking her out but he did it in good taste, while continuing to enjoy the company of his own wife, and he never made the slightest move on Julie. That didn’t happen to us until later, after the music was over. Seems the main act band was really pushing their CDs so they set up in a part of the lobby, which was VERY well lit. After you bought one you could stand in a long line to have the lead singer sign it, and of course that is what Julie - with my full approval - wanted to do. Might as well have shined a flashlight on her tits, they were that easy to see, and I loved it when Julie leaned over slightly to hand the rocker hers to sign, bringing her breasts within inches of his face as he sat at a table signing.

It wasn’t he who hit on Julie, that came from a completely unexpected source. When my wife returned holding her prize and had almost reached the wall that I was leaning against while waiting for and watching her, a tall woman with a semi punked out look moved up and stood directly in front of Julie. Looking down directly at her breasts, she reached out and took hold of the pendant hanging on a chain that my wife was wearing around her neck. Standing less than a foot away from my wife, this woman pulled Julie’s chain toward her while saying she loved the pendent, where had Julie gotten it?

The move was so smooth, and my wife was sufficiently buzzed, that Julie never fully got that her personal space, not to mention her body, was being sharply invaded by some woman she had never seen before. Instead Julie answered her questions about the pendent, about where and when she had gotten it. All the while this strange woman continued to finger the pendent, which remained attached to Julie by the chain around her neck. Not once did she stop looking down at Julie’s chest while Julie tried to answer her questions. Finally, after what seemed like several minutes of this but probably was less than one, she gave a small smile and released her hold on Julie’s chain, and melted silently back into the crowd. I was stunned and mesmerized but Julie just seemed clueless.

Before we left the hall at the end of the night we met up again with that younger couple we had been spending time with earlier, and the man offered to give us a short tour of some sites around the neighborhood the club was located in. We exited the club with them and took a ten minute stroll around the area. There were a lot of people still on the street, especially when we passed a popular bar. Julie had her sweater back on but it was unbuttoned and usually wide open, When we got to someplace with a lot of people around she would instinctively try to close it but instead I grabbed her hand and made her walk exposed through the city street beside me, under the streetlights that conveniently lit her so well for all the world to see. My embarrassed wife was already well exhibited. But much more still awaited her.

Next up on our three day music and wife exposing getaway was a Saturday evening concert at a large outdoor venue. Since there were two billed acts and a warm up, the show had a relatively early start time, which meant the sun would still be shining when we arrived. I knew daylight would make Julie a little more nervous plus, unlike the night before, some families with kids were certain to be in the crowd that attended. That too would put her ill at ease.

So this was the day I let my wife wear the top that I had already desensitized her to wearing in public - the mostly sheer very light gray one with hundreds of small black spots and some frill that kept its relative transparency from being immediately noticeable. When Julie wore this top no bra below it was allowed. The neckline of this blouse, though a bit low cut with the regular buttons open, wasn’t overly slutty unless the final ornamental looped button on it was also undone. Julie had worn it twice before in public, while playing tourist with me in the nearest major city to where we live. The second time my wife wore that top I made her unfasten that last ornamental button as well, but I let her wait for the dark of night to undo it. Julie’s cleavage promptly gaped wide and low when she did. All in all Julie could look almost respectable wearing this top if you didn’t look too closely at her, depending of course on how she was lit and from what angle, and yup, whether that last button was undone.

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