The Final Throw of the Dice

by Marduk

Copyright© 2018 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A story wheret two lonely and desperate women are given the lift they needed to throw away that lonelines and embark on a sexual adventure in other words 'to fuck till the cows came home' - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

Beth sat studying the chat site she had opened; she was hoping that there could be someone that would take an interest in her and at least say ‘hello’; for she was a spectre of loneliness and wanted someone to give her some incentive to continue to occupy the planet, for she was on the abyss, no friends, not very attractive, a bit overweight and not that highly educated. She had been called a ‘dog’ because of her physical looks and ‘useless’ because of her education, in other words the constant ‘put down’ had reached the point of giving this communication site one last try.

Whether it was the atmosphere or the humour of one of the men who introduced himself she found ‘friendly’ and reading his profile she found encouraging but as he had introduced himself, saying his name; she responded, even if it was just to say ‘Hi’ and give her name. Within a couple of minutes she was surprised at the speed. “Good morning Beth, I’m glad you have given your name for the usernames are rather annoying and I have got very confused. You don’t give much detail about yourself, but this site is for conversation and maybe down the line if that continues there could be a physical connection. However, if you are interested and would like to communicate I will respond”. Signed. Rick, she nearly fell off the chair.

She hesitated because this was the first time she had ever received such an invitation; she didn’t quite know how to begin but finally managed to give some information about herself, not much for really there wasn’t much to say and all she could hope for was that what she said was enough for him to continue to engage her. “I would take what people say Beth with a grain of salt. It is the mind behind the façade that is important, I note your hesitation but don’t feel afraid with me you won’t be put down and I look forward to hearing what your interests are and what you hope for” he wrote. Again she gasped in disbelief but with that hesitation removed she did outlay her interests and as the weeks progressed she began to consider herself a different person and when it was suggested that maybe he could visit. her immediate reply was ‘Oh! Rick that would be wonderful’.

“I was hoping that would be your answer Beth”, he said. “However, we would be together both day and night so there is just one question for a stay would not just be for a single night; I would think about 4 days, so do you fuck? That is important Beth if you don’t fuck I am not interested and that also means your bum as well as your cunt. It has been awhile since I slipped between the cheeks of a woman backside and shove my cock up to my ball in their bum” The lines on the computer screen began to blur, she felt a cramp in her stomach and her breath came in short burst, no matter how hard she tried she could not recall the last time she ever was involved in a fuck. She may not be highly educated but at school she knew many of the senior girls were fucked especially if the senior boys won a game, a sort of reward, she was never invited. Now here was an opportunity that hadn’t been offered to her before. Minutes had passed since the invite, now almost with inner fear replied. “Yes ... Yes Rick I will fuck”, and then with a bit of a pause stammered. “I ... I will ... take it up the bum”.

From that moment on the relationship took on a more erotic nature much to her inner joy and amusement. He sent a photo, nude but with his cock sticking out, hard, long and very erect. She knew what was now required and took a selfie of herself, without a bra. and even managed to take a photo of her backside “Fuck you have lovely tits Beth and that bottom of yours already has my cock throbbing”. She felt a longing for this man, a longing she hadn’t experienced before for instead of ridicule, he offered phrase. A date was set, not straight away but for the following month it was now that she gave him her address and was surprised to get a message asking her if she was still on deck so he could book a motel. “Yes Rick I am. Thank you”. He never questioned the ‘thank you’ but as he stepped off the bus and found her waiting he then understood for really she wasn’t the woman you would really go out of your way to meet. But any fear that he may turn and walk away vanished as he gave her a smile, embraced her and kissed her at the same time giving her braless tits a feel for since the correspondence had become erotic he had said that with tits like she had wearing a bra was an insult; so this their first meeting was done to give him satisfaction, no bra.

“I know you gave me your address Beth”, he said as they got into a taxi. “However, as this is our first physical meeting I thought it would be best served in a neutral setting so that is why I have, as I said booked a motel”. All she did was snuggle in closer and give very soft moans as he travelled up her thigh, slipped under the elastic of her panties and began to prepare her for a fuck that was going to have her screaming. “More Rick, more”.

There was no examining the room, no ‘would you like a coffee’ from the items that the motel provided. Foreplay had already had her panting, without a bra and now without panties for they had been removed in the taxi, it took mere seconds to have her nude and when he uttered. “Fuck Beth you are one attractive woman” she almost tore his pants down for no man had ever said that but her next utterance was one long gasp as he rammed a seven inch cock up her, moulded her tits and sucked her nipple before thrusting again and Beth responded with a cry that would equal the howl of a wolf as the fucking began.

In and out his cock went till her backside was riding his every thrust. Her nipples were covered in saliva and it was dripping from her lips as her head rolled from side to side and her gasps and moans vibrated from every corner of the room. He held off as long as possible, burying his cock to his balls, but when his balls screamed for release, he pulled out and thrust and thrust again till cum was gushed up inside her with such force that she rose to receive it, at the same time locking him against her and clawing at his back with her fingers. He didn’t pull out. He was too far in to slip out and there they remained till again their sex demanded attention and this time they both let the muscles of their particular organs control the action so when he emptied his balls again, he just gave a sign and fell between her wobbling tits as exhaustion took over. It was well after five when he finally rolled off and lay for several minutes till he suggested a shower.

Soaping and touching had him again on fuck alert and it wasn’t long before he was rubbing his cock up between the cheeks of her backside while gripping both tits, squeezing and stretching her already hard and erect nipples; only soft moans came from her as he whispered ‘bend over’. Whether she suspected her bottom was the target he didn’t know or care, but he knew he was going to fuck it because it was large, smooth and very attractive. He didn’t tell her, just pushed the head between those lovely cheeks and shoved and this time she did erupt and this time her howl echoed around the room as he pulled out and rammed it up again and again she bucked and again her cry or gasp echoed. “Shhhh! You randy cunt”, he scolded her. “You will have every bloke lining up within a mile radius” Only grunts then came from her as she began to work her bottom in rhyme and when he emptied his balls his entire cock was buried between those lovely cheeks.

They enjoyed a pizza at the local restaurant and for the first time in ages she was on cloud nine, not only because of the sexual factor but also because she was in a restaurant with a man who wasn’t going to put her down but was showing delight to be in her company.

The days came to an end for Beth it was as though a new chapter had been written. She reckoned she could match any of the senior girls from those year in the subject of sex and when Rick left with the assurance that he would get in touch again she was determined to take his visit as an introduction to the world of sex and make herself attractive so that other men would be able to send her over the moon and have her gasping ‘more, fuck just keep shoving’ She introduced herself to the very sex page where Rick had appeared and she make it clear with photos that she was available and ‘fucking and sucking’ was what she was after.

For Rick she was just another available woman and her name would be added to the array in his note book for he as yet hadn’t met a woman that would mean the rest were deleted.

Time passed and although he did get in touch with Beth there was no date set for a revisit for she told him, much to his surprise that she now had a number of men who were interested in her and she had already been fucked by all of them. “Thank you Rick”, she said. “If it hadn’t been for you I may have ended my worthless existence, you were the final throw of the dice. You gave me a prize that I am going to exploit without care”. He didn’t hear from Beth again and gathered she was too content to engage him, he had given her another boost to exist and that was all that mattered.

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