Beach Balling

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young woman's pussy is well used at the seaside and that's just what she wants.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Cheating   Hispanic Male   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Nudism   .

She loved going to the beach. Playing in the water was fun and parading up and down the sand was fun too. She didn’t mind if her light brown Latino skin got a little bit darker from the sun although she tried to avoid tan lines and it was legal to be topless here. The little marks from the thong could be avoided by moving it around from time to time as she lay on the beach furniture. Didn’t want to burn her pussy tissues though.

She got her boyfriend to bring her there quite often even though he wasn’t completely thrilled with her exhibitionism. The vigorous fucking he got when she was all wound up from showing off for other guys was pretty good compensation though.

At age 26, Didi was in her prime with her nicely shaped body sporting firm breasts with dark areolae and prominent nipples. She was an early person but her boyfriend was a night owl type. This particular morning she got him awake enough to ride his morning wood and he crashed after he came. After letting some of his cream drip out into the toilet, she put on only her thong and headed toward the water.

She liked the feeling of walking on the wet sand but she started by sipping the coffee she took with her as she watched the waves steadily crashing on the beach. They were just nice ones today.

A young man stopped to talk to her, introducing himself as Sam. She saw him on the beach almost every time and knew that he offered paddleboard lessons. It looked like fun but where was she going to put any money in her outfit? So she tried something else. As they were visiting and he was making his sales pitch, she spread her legs wide enough that the thong didn’t cover her pussy with its neatly trimmed hair. “I didn’t bring any money but do you ever barter for your lessons?”

The young man smiled, this not being the first time he had such offers, “How about we take a little walk and, um, go over the details?” He led her down the beach around the rocky outcrop that jutted out into the ocean and gave privacy from the rest of the beach. They came upon a couple on a beach towel getting it on. As the woman bounced on her partner, she smiled at them and then turned back to focus on her man.

They didn’t have anything to lie on so Sam bent her over a rock ledge on the outcrop and knelt down and began exploring her pussy with his tongue and lips. She wondered if he would taste her boyfriend but there was no comment. It sure felt good! Then he moved up and slid his hard white dick into her juicy cunt. His hands came around to cup and fondle and tweak her breasts as he moved in and out, quite pleasurably she noticed. She bet he’d had a fair amount of practice. His titty technique got her really going and she came noticeably and then he let go with his hot spurts in her already spermy snatch.

Didi turned around and knelt down and cleaned his cock so she could get a better look at what had just fucked her. It looked as nice as it felt. Without any words they walked back down the beach to where he kept his paddleboard and they went into the water for her lesson.

She was pretty athletic and caught on quickly as he was on the board pushed up tight against her ass. Her boyfriend had recovered consciousness and come down to the beach looking for her. He smiled when he saw how close the boy on the board was and he certainly couldn’t fault the young man trying to get a piece.

When the lesson was finished and she found him on their beach chairs, she told him that she was feeling kind of tired after all that exercise and needed to go back to their room to shower. He decided to stay at the beach since he just gotten there recently.

She was having a “ball”! Just as she got to her room there was a somewhat older man in the hallway who had been a very good dancer with her at the bar last night. They visited for a few minutes and he made her pussy twitch so she invited him into the room. Of course his shorts were tented, which was perfectly normal for standing next to a beautiful bare breasted woman who had just a tiny thong over her crotch. She was direct, “You were a very good dancer last night and that is often a sign that you are a good fucker. If you wouldn’t mind a salty pussy you can have me right now.”

He reached for her breasts and started kissing her neck before going down to suck on them. His hand was next in her thong and feeling her pussy. She spread a towel on the bed as he stripped and he was between her legs almost immediately. Although she liked being on top, she was tired from all the earlier exercise so let him expend the energy. He obviously worshiped her breasts and wouldn’t leave them alone as his long uncircumcised cock stroked deeply and made her pussy tingle. He didn’t last long but she didn’t need any more because she came when she felt the warm seed surge from his cock.

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