Don't Give Me That Goody-goody Shit

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Husband confronts his virginal wife about her unrequited curiosity and helps her satisfy it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   .

Meredith, who I like to call Mary, was a virgin on her wedding night. I wasn’t and that was a good thing so we ended up having a pretty good time in bed. I’ve been teaching her both with “hands-on”, erotic stories, and videos on the Internet about the potential our bodies have for fun when naked with each other. I’d quickly learned that she was curious as hell about sex but had never had any opportunity to explore it.

She wasn’t working so I had her check out things online and make a list of topics that were of interest so we could go through them together. I also discovered that she was rather submissive. Her parents were very bossy and she’d learned to cooperate rather than fight what she was required to do. I thought that would come in real handy in expanding her sexual horizons.

We started with some of the things that married couples can do, such as light bondage, public exhibitionism, watersports, and fantasy role playing. Anytime she put up any resistance, I quoted the title of this piece. She sometimes looked at me with a mortified expression but complied. It usually didn’t take long before she got over that and started joining the new dimensions to our marital couplings.

The fantasizing seem to really get her going as she played the roles of wicked women in stories and videos. Her pussy lubrication and the number of orgasms was clearly greater when her imagination was actively working. Perhaps it was her upbringing, but the ones where she was forced to do naughty things seemed to be easier for her to get into. If it wasn’t her choice, then it wouldn’t be a sin, right?

So I started going with some scenarios where she was tied to the bed and I took advantage of her every way I wanted even though she pretended to be the innocent and unwilling virgin. Next I expanded that to the wife who a visitor is taking liberties with. Last was the use of a blindfold and earplugs so that she just experienced the raw physical parts. Of course she protested throughout but only mildly, still trying to act like the goody-goody girl.

Where I was going is that I had a friend who had shared his eager wife with me in the past when I was between women. It was hot for me and had apparently worked out well for them so that’s where I wanted to go with my wife.

Robbie was tickled to hear from me and had me come over for drinks and tell my plan to both of them. Abby made some suggestions and said she was fine with her husband participating but she wanted to watch too. She insisted on taking me to bed to finalize the deal.

On a Saturday night, I texted them it was a go and they waited in the garage until I had my wife all prepared and trembling in anticipation. They came in on bare feet and watched as I sucked her breasts and pussy to get her aroused and my fingers made sure she was open and wet. Robbie got on the bed between her legs and fucked her. She orgasmed twice before he shot his new sperm inside her.

We all quietly left the room and then I reentered, getting on the bed and entering her with my own hard shaft. She hadn’t expected this but began humping back and it didn’t take long before I put a second load inside her. That had never happened in the scenario before and she was moaning and thrashing in pleasure.

After removing all the accessories, she hugged me and said that had been a fantastic experience. I could tell that she was even eager for more but I was not capable of that for little bit.

During the next week she made a number of remarks that she would like to try that scenario again because she’d never had so many orgasms in a row before. I tried to dissuade her, saying that if she did it too often in my not be as much fun, but she begged for one more time. I laughingly agreed, with the comment, “What happened to my goody-goody wife?” She socked me in the arm but not too hard.

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