The Accountant Gets Spanked

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Story: An attractive young accountant gets a public spanking at work for messing up the company's Christmas bonus payments.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Workplace   Humiliation   Spanking  

I was spanked at work today. It wasn’t the first time, but it was certainly the worst time. I’m the accountant for a small company. A couple of years ago the owner threatened to fire me because of my persistent tardiness. My husband had been laid off from his corporate job earlier that year and was struggling to land clients for the consulting business he started. If I lost my job, we would lose everything. I begged the owner not to fire me. I told him that I would do anything to keep my job. When I saw him grin, I thought he would insist on fucking me. I am nearly 30 years younger than him and reasonably attractive. He had something else in mind.

“If you agree to being spanked for your tardiness, I will agree to place you on probation for 3 months. You are doing a great job, but I need my managerial staff to show up to work on time. I’m thinking one swat for each minute you are late.”

It wasn’t like I had much choice. Being spanked was much better than being fired. At first the spankings were hand spankings over my clothed bottom. Those spankings weren’t much of a deterrent. Gradually the spankings became more severe. Apparently it took a belt to my bare bottom to change my behavior. Once he started spanking me like that, I stopped being late to work everyday. I never completely overcame my tardiness, I was still late to work at least 3 or 4 times every month. But that was never a problem again, I suspect my boss (the owner) probably preferred the chance to spank me once in a while.

Honestly, I liked the spankings a little bit too. Before you ask, I’m not aroused by the pain; I’m not a masochist. But my husband can be such a wimp, especially since he lost his corporate position, that I enjoy having a man take charge of me. Not all of the time, or even most of the time.

For the last 2 years nothing has changed about the spankings. Sometimes when I know I am running late I will take a couple extra minutes and put on something extra sexy. I’ve never told my husband about the spankings. My boss has always been very discreet, but a couple of my co-workers could have overheard one of my spankings.

That discretion ended yesterday. I made the biggest error of my career, by far. I messed up all of the employee’s Christmas bonuses. In fact, I messed up the entire pre-Christmas payroll. Instead of getting their normal paycheck plus a substantial bonus on the Friday before Christmas our employees wouldn’t be getting any pay until the Friday after Christmas.

You are probably thinking that the simple solution to this problem is to write checks that would essentially be payroll advances, and take care of the corrections on the Payroll run the following Friday. Normally that would work. Except I also messed up our cash flow. I wanted to pay everything I could before the end of the year to minimize our tax burden. Thinking that I had already considered payroll and bonuses, I basically emptied our bank accounts paying any balances that I could. After Christmas I would be able to contact our bank and use our credit line to cover paying all of the employees. But that couldn’t happen quickly enough to give them money before Christmas Day. I felt miserable. I knew that I should be fired on the spot for my incompetence. I dreaded going to the owner and explaining what happened, but I had to do it. He had just returned from lunch on Friday afternoon, I followed him into his office and closed the door behind me.

“I’ve made a giant, unforgivable mistake. I screwed up the payroll and bonuses.”

“I’ll decide if it is unforgivable. How bad did you screw it up?”

“No one will get paid this week. Not their bonus or their regular pay. It will be next Friday before anyone can get paid.”

“It may not be unforgivable, but it certainly couldn’t go unpunished.”

Being spanked was certainly better than losing my job. But I suspected that this spanking would be significantly more severe than the others had been.

“What did you have in mind?”

“I think that everyone affected should have the opportunity to spank you.”

“But that’s more than 30 people!”

“It is, but the real question is whether that is fair.”

“I know. It’s probably fair. But that doesn’t mean I like it.”

“You aren’t supposed to like being punished.”

“That isn’t what I meant.”

“Here is how it will work. I will gather the warehouse staff and the managers together. You will explain what happened and apologize the everyone. After the apology, I will spank you in front of everyone. Each person who wants to spank you themselves will come into my office one at a time to spank you privately. As each driver returns from their route this evening, I will show them a video of your explanation, apology and public spanking. Each driver will be invited to spank you as well.”

Ten minutes later the warehouse staff and other managers were all gathered together near the loading docks. 18 men and the only 2 other women in the company gathered to hear the important announcement. The men tended to be muscular minorities, either hispanic or african-american.

As I explained what happened and apologized I was looking out at a number of very angry faces.

“I considered firing Jennie, but we are more than a company here, we are a family. But just because she isn’t going to be fired doesn’t mean that she will go unpunished. I will spank her in front of all of you and then each of you who would like your own chance to spank her can do so in my office.”

“Jennie, please undress and prepare for your spanking.”

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