Fair Trade

by Michele Nylons

Copyright© 2018 by Michele Nylons

Suspense Sex Story: Taking a shortcut to a wedding David Cashmore's SUV breaks down in an abandoned roadhouse. Two bikers happen on the scene and offer their help and fix the vehicle. David offers cash but the bikers want a fair trade for their endeavors - they want to 'borrow' David's wife in exchange for their time and effort. David is forced to watch while the bikers take turns using his wife.

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Wimp Husband   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Sadistic   Gang Bang   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   BBW   Leg Fetish   Public Sex   .

David Cashmore sat at the wheel of his Ford Explorer watching a geyser of steam erupting from under the hood; his wife Michelle sat in the passenger seat fuming. He imagined a similar geyser bursting from her ears; she looked at him contemptuously, what he saw in her eyes was beyond anger.

“You had to listen to your pals at the sports bar didn’t you? ‘Don’t worry Chelle, it’s a back road but it’s fine and will cut thirty minutes off our journey.’ Which numb-nut told you that? “ Michelle seethed.

David just cringed behind the wheel.

“And of course we are both perfectly dressed to make mechanical repairs or go for a romp through the desert to find help! We might as well be on fucking Mars! We haven’t seen a single vehicle since we left the blacktop back where we got gas!” Michelle’s anger was simmering but David knew that she was about to boil.

Michelle hardly ever swore and when she did he knew that there was no reasoning with her until she’d expended her fury and calmed down from her tantrum

David was dressed in an expensive Hugo Boss suit and Michelle was clad in a figure-hugging designer dress, nylons and heels, as they were en route to their friend’s wedding to he held that evening at South Lake Tahoe. Michelle had wanted to fly from San Francisco but David had insisted on taking his new SUV for a nice long drive. The only way he had convinced Michelle to travel by car was to promise her an overnight stay in a five-star hotel at Lake Tahoe hotel followed by a day’s gambling and another overnight stay in Reno.

Michelle rummaged in her purse and found her cell phone; she looked at the screen contemptuously, wound down the window and held it up to the sky for a minute and then threw it on the dash.

David cringed.

“Surprise! Surprise! No fucking service!” Michelle crossed her arms, fuming.

“I’ll have to get the Triple A,” David said, trying to placate her.

“You are a fucking dumb-ass! I just told you there is NO FUCKING SERVICE!” she snatched the phone off the dashboard and threw it at him.

“Maybe there’s a phone inside,” David said meekly.

The look of contempt that Michelle gave David required no words to be spoken.

When the engine had started to overheat they had pulled into an abandoned roadhouse service station. It looked deserted, the Texaco sign was faded and broken, hanging drunkenly from a rickety pole. The dusty driveway was choked with weeks, the ancient gas pumps were rusted; the hoses had been ripped off them likely by some scavenger. The awning over the gas pumps was equally corroded; holed and lopsided, almost ready to collapse, but at least it provided shade.

Not that the day was particularly hot; in fact out in the desert it was quite brisk.

David popped the hood and stepped out of the Explorer; he gingerly lifted the hood and waved at the cloud of steam, trying to dissipate it.

He stood there looking in the engine bay of his brand new pride and joy with a bemused look on his face. The collection of boxes, hoses, wiring looms and engine parts baffled him. He knew how to fill the window washer and check the oil and coolant and that was the extent of his mechanical expertise.

“Dumb-ass,” Michelle had stepped down the car and appeared beside him.

“I think it’s coming from that hose down there,” David pointed into the engine bay.

Michelle snatched his hand away from under the hood.

“Don’t get that fucking suit dirty David. You’re taking me to that wedding if you have to carry me there; and there is no time to change our clothes,” Michelle seethed.

David knew that telling Michelle that the chances of them making the wedding were about the same odds of them winning a jackpot in Reno would only infuriate her even more.

“Lets look inside,” David tried to sound hopeful.

Michelle looked at the dilapidated roadhouse diner and shuddered. It looked even more forlorn than the gas stand. The sheet-iron roof that had once been adorned with a Texaco logo was hitched and broke-backed, holed in places and corroded. The windows that were not boarded over were dirty and cobwebbed and most of them were broken or cracked.

As they approached the door, which hung drunkenly from its hinges, they passed a rusty old Coke machine with the faded decal bearing the image of a smiling woman in a bikini drinking an ice-cold beverage with the words ‘For Real Refreshment’ peeling off it.

Michelle looked at the decal with suppressed rage and sighed despondently.

“Right,” she muttered contemptuously under her breath.

David led the way into the ramshackle building and Michelle followed; both careful not soil their clothes and in Michelle’s case, snag her nylons.

Most of the furniture had been taken away or vandalised beyond use. The place smelt musty; a lingering stench of mildew, stale cigarettes, stale liquor and a faint undercurrent of ancient fried food. The filthy floor was littered with beer and liquor bottles, drug paraphernalia, cigarette butts and decaying used condoms.

Some joker has pinned a pair of lime green satin panties to the flaking dry wall like they was on display in the lingerie section of a department store. The same joker had scribed graffiti on the wall besides the undergarment ‘I fucked Stephanie here 05/12/18’ with an arrow pointing to the crotch of the panties. Whoever Stephanie was, she was long gone and sans underwear.

Beside the panties a series of nineteen-sixty era framed advertising posters had been hung from the wall, probably in an effort to provide cheap decoration and cheer up the baby-shit yellow painted walls. Besides the usual advertisements for cigarettes, beer, motor oil and other products one would expect in a gas station was an advertisement for Hanes Underall Pantyhose. It featured the buttocks and thighs of a woman clad in sheer pantyhose with the slogan ‘pantyhose & panties all in one’. Someone had drawn an ejaculating penis between the buttocks of the woman with a sharpie.

Michelle nodded at the lime green panties and then at the Hanes poster.

“A budding artist has been at work,” she said sarcastically.

David was just happy that her tone had changed from anger to sarcasm.

He checked behind the dusty counter and any hope he had when he found an ancient rotary dial handset dissipated when he saw the cord had been ripped out of the wall long ago.

Michelle continued to explore the decrepit diner being careful not to touch anything or step into anything unsavoury. In the corner she found an old mattress with a crumpled stained blanket surrounded by several used condoms, one or two of which seemed to have been recently filled. Her gorge rose and she breathed through her mouth to avoid having to savour the stench.

“David...” she said, her voice shaky.

“Can we please get out of here,” she turned her back on the makeshift sex nest and began to walk briskly to the door.

“Yeah let’s go Chelle, this place is a dump and it stinks. Looks like we’ll have to backtrack to the blacktop and hitch a lift to the gas station where we gassed up,” David said.

David knew that this edict would likely send Michelle into another rage but she was too occupied with getting out of the creepy diner to become any angrier than she already was.

Just as they got to the door that they both heard the faint one-note drone of an engine. They looked at each other hopefully and hurried out the door and back to the Explorer. The road they had come down dissected two low hills in a sweeping descent and they could just hear the buzz of the engine in the distance.

They look expectantly at each other.

“Is it getting closer?” Michelle asked.

“Shh!” David held up his palm, listening intently.

Michelle’s temper was about to flare when the indistinct growl became louder and settled into the rumble of a motorcycle engine.

“A motorbike?” Michelle looked questioningly at David.

“No. Two motorbikes,” David replied.

The grumble now clearly defined as two motorcycle engines was confirmed when two motorbikes crested the rise of the low hills and began to descend towards the roadhouse; two blurred orbs wavered like a mirage then solidified into two headlights.

David and Michelle both smiled. Hopefully one of the riders could ride back and get help.

As the motorcycles got closer Michelle’s smile turned to a frown.

The motorcycles were choppers, extended forks, custom paintjobs, ape-hanger handlebars and the two men riding them appeared to be members of a motorcycle club, dressed in jeans and leather jackets with cut-down denim jackets over. Michelle had watched Sons of Anarchy and knew that the denim jackets, emblazoned with emblems were known as ‘cuts’ or ‘colors’.

The two bikes threw up trails of dust as they turned off the road and into the gas station, the roar of their engines such that both David and Michelle grimaced.

The bikes skidded to a stop just short of the couple, the riders faces obscured by black visored full-face helmets. The riders revved the engines of their machines menacingly and then shut them down. They dropped the kickstands and leaned their bikes on them, the engines ticked as they cooled in the sudden silence.

Michelle shivered and hooked one arm through David’s and placed the other on his shoulder; sidling up to him in an unconscious act of defence.

David still had an imbecilic grin on his face; Michelle often thought that he was like a friendly dog that approached strangers looking for a pat and was bemused when he got kicked instead. He was too trusting.

The riders took off their helmets simultaneously. They both had long hair, one blonde the other jet-black and they were both undeniably handsome; Michelle once again unconsciously compared them to actors in the Sons of Anarchy.

“You folks look like you’re in trouble. You need a hand?” the blonde-haired younger of the two smiled and any fear that Michelle harboured, melted away.

“The engine’s overheated and I think there is a coolant leak,” David grinned.

He walked over and offered his hand to the blonde biker.

“David Cashmore. Pleased to meet you; this is my wife Michelle,” David smiled and nodded at Michelle who stood a pace behind David and to the side.

“Brin Sarsgaard. Pleased to meet you, and this is Kyle Shipton,” the blonde biker nodded at his companion and shook David’s hand.

“Please to make your acquaintance too ma’am,” Brin nodded deferentially to Michelle as did Kyle.

Michelle was taken aback by their chivalry, she expected them to behave boorishly being bikers.

The bikers climbed off their machines with practised ease; Michelle was impressed with how tall and muscular they were. She would describe them as ruggedly handsome in any of the books that she edited for a living.

The bikers rested their helmets on the seats of their rides and walked over to the Explorer; David followed like a loyal pet trying to keep up with their long strides.

“I was hoping you might ride back to the main road and to the gas station and get me some help, or call the Triple A on my behalf?” David said, struggling to keep up.

“Sure man but let’s have a look at your cage before we commit to having to backtrack,” Brin replied.

“I can pay you for your trouble,” David continued.

“Don’t worry dude; we’ll work something out,” Kyle Shipton turned and grinned at David.

David grinned back at Kyle but Michelle sensed something malevolent behind Kyle’s smile and she shivered.

Brin and Kyle bent over the engine bay of the Ford Explorer, prodding and poking at the engine as they muttered to each other. David stood behind them feeling useless.

“You popped a radiator hose there friend,” Brin turned to David.

“It’s an easy fix; we’ll have you back on the road in no time,” Brin smiled.

Both David and Michelle were relieved; the bikers were actually going to help them out of their jam.

“Where are you two off to all gussied up anyway?” Brin asked.

“Our friends are getting married at Lake Tahoe this evening; were dressed for the wedding,” David explained.

“Well you both sure are pretty,” Kyle grinned and looked them up and down; his eyes lingered on Michelle making her feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry; you’ll make the wedding. I’ll get Brin to get me my toolkit out of the pannier on my ride, fix this cage and we’ll be done in no time,” Kyle smiled and Michelle began to think that maybe she might have been unchristian and too distrustful of him.

“Like I said; I can pay you for your trouble,” David sounded relieved.

“No payment necessary partner; maybe we can trade later but let’s get this vehicle repaired and roadworthy; we all got things to do places to be. Brin can you get my toolkit?” Kyle said.

Brin was already on his way back to the motorcycles where he rummaged around in the pannier on Kyle’s Harley and came back with a small toolkit wrapped in oiled hessian.

Both Brin and Kyle took off their jackets and passed them to David and Michelle.

“Will you folks hang our cuts over our bikes while we work on this puppy, and stand back a little; don’t want you getting any grease on your Sunday going to meeting clothes,” Kyle joked.

“Don’t drop our colors or we will have to take retribution,” Brin guffawed, joking along with his partner.

David looked back and saw that the two bikers were busy under the hood. He lay Kyle’s colors over his Harley and held up Brin’s so that he and Michelle could see the back of the denim vest with the embroidered snarling wolf insignia in the centre. A rocker above the wolf insignia, emblazoned in gold letters on a black background read ‘Beasts of Burden’ and a similar rocker below read ‘Los Angeles California’. On the front of the vest an OMC 1% badge high on the right breast and below it, again in gold on black, was the patch ‘Original’ and another above it that read ‘Sargent at Arms’.

“He’s a founding member of the chapter and the Sargent at Arms; in charge of discipline and keeping order in the club,” Michelle said, absentmindedly reaching out and stroking the vest.

“He’s what now?” David looked nonplussed at his wife.

“And that patch there above the ‘Original’ insignia, ‘Men of Mayhem’. That is a special patch worn by a club member who has committed violence against someone on behalf or in the best interest of the club; usually a murder,” Michelle shivered.

“Jesus Michelle you have some imagination! They’re good guys; they’re helping us, they’ve been nothing but polite. Not everyone who rides a Harley Davidson and wears colors is a member of an outlaw motor cycle club; you’ve been watching too many episodes of Sons of Anarchy,” David draped Brin’s cut over the handlebars of his bike.

“You’re paranoid; you ever hear about a gift horse?” David was a little annoyed with his wife and sulked off back to the Explorer.

Michelle followed David feeling a little scalded and petulant.

Kyle’s face appeared from under the hood; he had a greasy streak on he forehead where he’d brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“Hey David; can you take that old water can next to the pump there and see if this place still has a working water faucet? Give it a good rinse and fill it and bring it back. You’ve lost all your coolant but water will be a fine substitute until you can change it,” Kyle said.

David had felt pretty useless and was glad to be given a task. He picked up the old can with the rusty spout and wandered off to the diner in hopes of finding water. Michelle hovered near the SUV watching the bikers work.

She felt that she had been unfair judging the bikers as outlaws when all they had been was friendly and were repairing her husband’s vehicle. She decided to try and make some small talk as a conciliatory gesture.

“So are you a mechanic Kyle?” she asked as Kyle seemed to doing most of the work with Brin handing him tools when requested.

“Nah. But I was bought up on a farm and daddy didn’t have any money to pay mechanics so he did his own repairs to the farm machinery and I had to help. Learned a lot from that old boy when he wasn’t giving me a whupping,” Kyle looked Michelle’s way and smiled.

“This reminds me of one time when I was boy and we were all going to church dressed in our Sunday best and dad’s truck threw a fanbelt. He made mom take off her nylons and made a temporary fanbelt out of them; although I doubt those flimsy things you’re wearing would be up to the task.”

The biker scanned his eyes up and down Michelle’s long legs. It caused Michelle some disquiet that he would talk so solicitously whilst staring at her; she self-consciously smoothed the hem of her dress, pulling it down her legs. Kyle smirked and went back to the task of repairing the radiator hose.

David returned, carrying the watering can two handed; water sloshing over the side of it as he hobbled from side to side due to the weight of his burden.

“Well done my man; just in time. Kyle had re-attached and tightened up the clip on the bottom radiator hose, lets fill it up and flash her up,” Brin grinned.

They filled the coolant reservoir and Kyle climbed in the cab of the explorer and started the engine. It fired up right away. Brin and David leaned in the door and watched the temperature gauge. It settled down in the normal range and they all grinned at each other.

Brin returned to the front of the SUV and packed up the tools and closed the hood; he took the tools back to Kyle’s ride, packed them away and returned.

“Looks like she’s running good,” Michelle couldn’t help but notice how handsome Brin was when he smiled.

Kyle killed the engine and hopped out of the Explorer.

“I can’t thank you guys enough,” David’s grovelling was beginning to annoy Michelle.

“Like I said I’m happy to pay you for your troubles,” he held out his hands in supplication.

The two bikers looked at each other and smiled; they were both wiping their hands on rags.

“Like we said David; we don’t want your money. Maybe just a fair trade,” Brin grinned.

“Fair trade?” David looked bemused.

“What’s that?”

“A fair trade; you give us something of equal value for our time, expertise, and getting our hands dirty,” Kyle explained ominously stuffing the keys to the Explorer into the front pocket of his jeans.

“Ok sure; what do you propose?” David asked.

Brin and Kyle looked at other and then started to laugh. The laughing became infectious and David started to laugh along with them but Michelle began to feel wary.

“Well we’d like to fuck your wife for a little bit,” Brin had stopped laughing and looked deadly serious.

David paled and Michelle felt faint; she thought that her legs were going to give way.

“Don’t worry; we don’t wanna keep her; just borrow her. You can have her back in time to make that wedding,” Kyle made a show of looking at his watch.

“I ... I don’t understand,” David stammered.

“He don’t understand Brin,” Kyle mocked him.

“She understands; don’t you Michelle?” Brin looked at Michelle who had dropped to one knee and was shaking.

“Fuck this we’re wasting time,” Brin grabbed David by the arm and began to drag him towards the abandoned roadhouse.

“Come on bitch!” Kyle pulled Michelle to her feet and dragged her along in the same direction.

“Stop this! Stop this at once!” Michelle squealed but Kyle ignored her.

“Come on guys! Enough already! A joke is joke but really; this is too much!” David still hadn’t accepted the gravity of the situation.

The bikers forced the couple inside the dusty roadhouse and pushed them into the corner near the old mattress with the crumpled stained blanket. Brin dragged over two stainless steel framed chairs with ripped vinyl seats. He made a show of dusting them off with his rag.

“Don’t want you folks getting them wedding clothes all dirty,” Brin joked.

“And watch you don’t snag those sexy nylons on the leg of the chair; they’re pretty banged up,” Kyle sniggered.

“I have more in my suitcase,” Michelle replied.

Right after she had said it Michelle regretted what she had said. She knew that what she had said was dumb and that it was some sort of nervous coping mechanism because she was obviously in shock. She shook her head and tried to clear her mind.

“Do something David! For fuck sake do something! I’m your wife goddamit!” she screamed.

“Yeah do something David. Go ahead and do something,” Brin sniggered.

David was slim and fit; but gym membership fit, not weightlifter fit. The two bikers had packed-on bulk that was all muscle, no fat; they would tear him apart in a fight.

David bowed his head and choked out a sob.

“Just as I thought,” Brin chuckled.

“Hey David! See that poster there? Did your wife pose for that; is that her ass and legs?” Brin turned David’s face towards the wall where the fading posters hung.

He pointed at the Hanes Underall pantyhose poster featuring the buttocks and thighs of a woman clad in sheer pantyhose with the slogan ‘pantyhose & panties all in one’.

“I bet she’s got an ass and legs at least as good as that bitch in the poster,” Brin turned David’s head and made him look at the poster.

“Well have you Michelle? Is your ass that good?” Kyle had hold of Michelle by the arm and the neck and he shook her when she didn’t answer.

“Never mind; we’ll find out soon enough. Brin why don’t you make David comfortable,” Kyle said to his partner.

Brin kicked David’s feet out from under him and he fell hard on his ass into the chair.

“Oh god David please do something! Do something for god’s sake!” Michelle whimpered.

“We’re past that honey; just relax and this will all be over soon,” Kyle turned her face to his.

David sat in the chair shaking with rage and fear. He knew what was about to happen and knew that he was helpless to stop it; he wished they’d take him to another room or even knock him out. He didn’t want to witness what was to come.

“Ok lets get comfortable here, don’t wanna fuck up those wedding clothes too much now do we?” Brin took off David’s jacket with only a little struggle from David.

He hung it over the back of the second chair.

He reached into his back pocket and produced a handful of cable ties. David tried to fight when he saw them but Brin grabbed him by the throat and choked him until he nearly lost consciousness. David stopped struggling and Brin cable-tied his ankles to the legs of the chair and his wrists to arms. He took a boxcutter and put it on a table nearby.

He turned the chair to face the mattress.

“There, there. Now we’re all set,” Brin chuckled.

“Ok, take off the dress honey,” Kyle whispered in Michelle’s ear.

Michelle shook her head violently and began to cry.

“If you don’t take off your dress I’m going to get that there boxcutter. Then I’m going to start cutting off little pieces of David until I get bored and then I’m going to cut you out of that dress. Or you can step out of it, fold it neatly, put on top of David’s jacket and it will be nice and clean and unwrinkled for you after we finish,” Kyle spoke into her ear loud enough for David to hear.

“Don’t do it honey! Fight them; I can take the pain!” David cried.

Brin grabbed David’s ear and twisted it. David squealed like a girl.

“What do you think he’s going to do when I take to him with the boxcutter?” Kyle shook Michelle.

“Leave him alone! Leave him alone!” Michelle pleaded.

She reached behind her neck and took the zip in her fingers and unzipped her dress. It was a sleeveless and figure-hugging with a scoop neck. She caught the bodice it as it parted and held it in front of her breasts.

“Come on sugar; all the way off,” Kyle teased her.

Michelle sobbed as she lowered the bodice and stepped out of the dress; carefully keeping it off the dirty floor. She folded the garment and placed it on top of David’s jacket hanging on the back of the chair. She crossed her hands over her chest, crossed her legs and hung her head in shame. David was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Jesus!” Brin walked over to the wall where the soiled green satin panties were hung on display and snatched them down.

He stormed back to David and pushed them into his mouth.

“There! Now that hubby is gagged he won’t spoil our fun,” Brin lifted Michelle’s chin so the she had to look at him.

David nearly choked on the panties stuffed in his mouth; but with some effort he was able to control his gag reflex. The panties tasted of stale vaginal secretions and dried semen; even in the dangerous situation he was in right now he couldn’t help but wonder if Stephanie, the alleged owner of the panties was attractive. Had she been fucked on the mattress in the corner? Had she liked it or had she been forced? His subconscious summoned up the picture of a girl, her legs high in the air, kicking, high heels dangling from her feet as a man lay rutting between her legs; her green satin panties pushed aside as he fucked her.

“Ok. Let’s stop with the modesty now shall we. Put your hands by your side, lift your head and uncross your legs,” Kyle said to Michelle.

She did as she was told and uncrossed her legs, dropped her hands, and stared defiantly at the ceiling.

Brin and Kyle circled Michelle; appraising her.

“Goddamn David you got a fine piece of ass here; there is no doubt that this is a fair trade,” Kyle mocked him.

David’s eyes were wide with panic and terror as he watched the two rough bikers circle his pretty wife now dressed only in her lingerie and heels.

Michelle had worn fifteen denier flesh-toned sheer to the waist seamless pantyhose under her tight dress and transparent, whispy-thin, full-cut nylon panties over them to hide any visible panty line. She didn’t want to spoil the lines of her dress and had nearly decided to go to the wedding sans panties but decorum dictated otherwise. Her brassiere was equally diaphanous; being childless her breasts were still pert and needed little support.

“Nah! She ain’t as good as the model on the wall wearing those Hanes Underalls,” Brin jeered.

Michelle knew it was absurd, but she couldn’t help feeling offended that the bikers thought the saggy-assed bitch in the poster had a better derriere and legs than her.

“What do you think David? Nothing to say?” Brin teased.

“Well I’ll tell you her legs and ass ain’t as good as that chick ... they’re better!” he sniggered.

“So who’s going first brother?” Kyle asked Brin.

Michelle suddenly couldn’t breathe; she thought she was going to pass out.

“You go first Kyle; I don’t mind watching,” Brin spun the chair with Michelle’s dress and David’s coat draped over the back around and straddled it.

Kyle circled Michelle admiring her. She had a voluptuous figure, wide at the hips, slim waist, a little belly bulge, and pert breasts but her best assets were her legs and ass. Her buttocks were plump and firm and her legs long and shapely, accentuated by the sheer pantyhose. He stopped in front of her and forced her to face him; her face was beautiful, shoulder-length, bob-cut black hair with bangs resting above her smoky eyes. She’d had her makeup done professionally before setting out; long mascaraed lashes, manicured eyebrows, heavy black eyeliner, rouged cheeks and bright red lipstick. She wore an emerald encrusted choker necklace, matching earrings and bracelets on her wrists. On her left hand she wore emerald engagement and eternity rings either side of her wedding band.

Kyle lifted her hand and kissed her fingertips; Michelle shuddered.

“You probably shouldn’t be wearing that wedding band while we do what we do Michelle; pretty sure its against your wedding vows,” Kyle said sarcastically.

“Please don’t,” Michelle begged when he ripped the rings off her finger.

“Here David; look after these for your wife while I fuck her,” Kyle sniggered and dropped the jewellery into David’s lap.

David was still sobbing, tears running down his cheeks.

“Ok enough small talk,” Kyle made his way back over to Michelle.

“One last thing. I’m serious about the boxcutter; if you try to hurt me or try to escape I’ll use it on David and make you watch. Got it?” he grasped her hair and lifted her face.

Michelle nodded.

“Good, lets get started,” Kyle took off his clothes and let them fall to the dusty floor.

His body was ripped and tanned with very little hair but his jet-black mane was long and well groomed. His eyes were dark and he had handsome chiselled features. He also had an enormous erection; at least seven inches long and with plenty of girth; it curved upwards slightly and a little dewy gobbet of precum had formed at the tip of the glans.

Michelle didn’t want to look at him naked but she couldn’t help doing so; when she saw the size of his manhood she trembled in fear.

Kyle entwined his fingers in her hair and pulled Michelle’s face to his. He began to kiss her, pressing his lips against hers and then forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Michelle did not fight him and didn’t try to bite him either; her mouth was moist and sweet and Kyle took his time kissing her, pulling her body close to his. She remained complaint but inanimate; she didn’t want to do anything that would enrage Kyle but she was repulsed by what he was doing to her. Kyle pressed his cock against her belly, enjoying the feel of his tender flesh against the gusset of her silky pantyhose. Michelle felt the heat of his phallus pressing on her stomach and her gorge rose; she forced it back which was difficult because Kyle was kissing her passionately.

Michelle’s arms hung loosely at her sides and Kyle took her hand in his and guided it to his erect penis, stepping back a little to make room. Michelle was relieved that Kyle had stopped kissing her but repulsed at the notion of having to touch him. When he placed her hand on his cock she reluctantly wrapped her fingers loosely around it.

It was hot and felt like it was throbbing; she was surprised by its girth. Kyle rocked back and forth letting his cock slide in and out of Michelle’s fingers.

“Hey David! Your wife is wanking me! She’s pretty fucking useless at it too but we will fix that,” Kyle turned to David, tormenting him.

“Ok bitch quit fucking around! You take that meat and stroke it properly!” Kyle hissed.

Michelle sensed the genuine menace in Kyle’s voice and to protect her husband and hopefully get the ordeal over with quickly she gripped Kyle’s cock between her fingers and began to stroke it. She worked the precum along the shaft as her fingers slid up and down the smooth shaft and over the delicate fraenulum and glans. Kyle growled with pleasure and took her other hand and made her cup his scrotum. He glared at her and shook his head warning her not to try to injure his testicles.

Michelle silently nodded her consent as a single tear fell from her cheek. She gently squeezed and massaged Kyle’s scrotum as she masturbated him, alternating featherlight strokes of her fingers with a heavy twisting grip to maximise his pleasure. Her vain hope was to bring him off in her hand and save any further indignity.

“Looks like your wife gives a great handjob afterall there David; she seems to have a calling for it,” Brin cackled and slapped David on the back.

“Go on look at her boy; ain’t she something?” Brin jeered.

David couldn’t help but open his eyes. Before him was a tall voluptuous, sexy woman standing legs slightly apart wearing sexy sheer nylons, whispy panties and bra, and high heels; her long legs, tight bubble-butt, slim waist and pert breast were a sight to behold. Her heavily made-up face was beautiful but tormented as she used her hands to masturbate the handsome tanned muscled biker.

Kyle narrowed his eyes and purred with pleasure as Michelle gripped his cock and stroked his scrotum; he rocked his hips back and forth, enjoying the feeling of Michelle masturbating him. He stepped forward and Michelle gasped as he began to nuzzle her neck while she stroked his hard cock. She expected him to bite her but he nipped and kissed her soft skin playfully and used his tongue in a circular motion.

She repressed the urge to respond; her neck was one of her most sensitive erogenous zones; but when he started to stroke her thigh she had to repress a gasp.

Kyle liked the feel of the woman’s firm thighs clad in the diaphanous pantyhose; he ran his fingers gently up and down them for a while enjoying the sensation whilst Michelle continued to stroke his cock. He worked his hands up further; right to the very top of Michelle’s thighs and pressed his lips against hers and began to kiss her again. The feel of her hands on his manhood, the scent of her perfume, her soft lips against his, the slinky tautness of her nylon-sheathed thighs were immensely arousing and he groaned with pleasure.

Michelle stood still and let Kyle stroke her thighs and explore her mouth with his tongue whilst she slid her fingers up and down the shaft of his long thick penis and caressed his scrotum.

Brin had become excited watching them and had shucked out of his clothes; he sat naked, watching the show, stroking his own huge phallus.

David hung his head with shame but couldn’t stop himself from looking up now and then; watching his wife being molested by the biker.

Kyle’s fingers found the crease where the top of Michelle’s thigh joined her torso and the laced edge of her flimsy panties. His fingers continued on up to her waist and then slid across the waistband of her panties. Her panties didn’t quite come to the top of her sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and he enjoyed the contrast of tactility between the silky soft pantyhose and the feathery lace of the waistband of her panties.

Michelle flinched and frowned; Kyle was getting close to her sex and she unconsciously tried to pull away from him. Kyle smiled around her lips and held her still. His fingers began to slide down the front of her whispy translucent panties, the fabric gliding across the diaphanous sheer pantyhose gusset.

Michelle gasped when he found her pubic mound. She slammed her legs shut and Kyle sniggered.

He bit her earlobe.

“Open them bitch or its boxcutter time,” he whispered.

Michelle sobbed as she opened her legs slightly and Kyle found her sex with his fingers.

Even through two layers of flimsy fabric he could feel that she was wet.

Kyle pulled Michelle to him and held her close, driving his tongue into her mouth, crushing his lips on hers as his fingers stroked her mound through her underwear. He pressed his index finger into the folds of her vagina and found her clitoris and began to stroke it with a circular motion.

Michelle cried out in shame and humiliation and struggled to get free; releasing Kyle’s penis but she was no match for Kyle’s strength. He pulled her against him and worked his fingers in the folds of her cunt through the double-layer of satiny sheer material.

Michelle wailed as Kyle worked his fingers into the folds of her labia, expertly caressing her clitoris and sliding a finger into her vagina, pushing the sleek panty and pantyhose material inside her. She shimmied, trying to force his hand from her crotch but all that did was increase the delightful feeling that were radiating from her sodden sex.

Kyle smirked maliciously.

“The bitch is getting wet Brin,” he sniggered.

“Let’s get rid of there shall we,” Kyle roughly pulled down Michelle’s panties and threw them over to Brin who deftly caught them.

Brin sniffed them and then wrapped them around his cock and continued to slowly stroke it.

“Come here bitch!” Kyle growled. Keeping his hand between her legs Kyle dragged Michelle over in front of her husband.

“Check this out David; your wife is getting wet for me,” Kyle said, tormenting David.

He spun Michelle around and made her bend over.

“Open your legs honey,” Kyle kicked her feet apart.

“Check this out David,” he grabbed David’s scalp and forced his bowed head up.

David’s face was only inches from his wife’s nylon-swathed mound. As she was wearing seamless sheer-to-the-waist translucent pantyhose he could see how they encased his wife’s firm round buttocks and clung to her pubic mound. Around her sex the fabric was darker, wet, glistening with vaginal secretions.

“I’m so sorry David, please forgive me, I hate what’s happening to me,” Michelle wailed.

“Look at that pussy juice David. Sure don’t look like she hates it to me. I think your wife might be a whore,” Kyle sniggered.

The pungent odour of his wife’s sex assaulted David’s nose, his anger boiled but he could only grunt into the gag and strain at the bonds holding him to the chair.

“Whoa there fella! Don’t go giving yourself a heart attack,” Kyle smirked.

Kyle kept Michelle bent over; pushing down on her back while he worked his fingers into her sex; stroking her labia and circling the nub of her clitoris; Michelle’s legs shook and her knees began to buckle.

As much as she tried, she couldn’t stop the waves of pleasure exuding from her cunt. She bit her lip to prevent a moan.

“Look’s like this filly is just about ready to mount David; what do you think?” David shook his head violently and struggled so hard that the chair nearly tumbled over.

“Oh god no! Please don’t!” Michelle pleaded.

“Been as I got you all bent over and presented just right; I think I’ll fuck you right here in front of David,” Kyle cackled.

“No! No! No!” Michelle wailed.

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